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Does this story sound like a reasonable approach to you veterans?
  • Please forgive my rampant postings. I promise to slow down. I found the following story on the old Aneros Forum while searching for more information on using my Aneros produucts (out of respect for the members and Aneros I edited the name of the product, the original poster did not):

    "After you are finally able to crest the peak and reach that first "O", you will find that everytime you try thereafter you will be "in tune" with your body, you'll know what sensation that your searching for and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th will come that much easier. As such, you must do whatever you can to reach that first magical orgasm.

     Here is my suggestion, and I'm hoping that the fine people at Aneros don't edit my post of block it. I think Aneros makes the finest quality prostate massagers on the market today. I personally own a Helix and I use it every other day. But this is not the tool I used to reach my first Super-O.

     I used a R****-*** Dual Stimulator made by a different company. Now in the interest of full-disclosure - I do not work for the other company, I do not endorse this other company and I truly believe that over the long haul you must buy an Aneros for your maximum pleasure - but for the first Super-O I belive that it needs to be "forced" out of you.

     As I said, I am straight and new to anal and prostate play - so I had no idea what to expect or what would feel good. The available anal stimulators simply didn't do enough for me, but the R****-*** did. It has a vibrator attachment that "buzzes" both your perineum and prostate evenly. As I put on the "vibe" for the first time I found that my squincter muscles would contract involuntarilly and spasm quite naturally.

     After 10 minutes or so I didn't need to any longer force my rectum together as it had spasmed shut and was now clamping down on the toy w/o and action at all on my part.

    I had my first Super-O with the "R****-***", while the vibrating mode was activated. Here is the "kicker" though, once I had my first Super-O - I now knew exactly what I was searching for and my 2nd came much, much easier. I then turned off the vibration mode and had my 3rd and 4th just as easy w/o any vibration at all!

     After having experimented with the R****-***, which is a well designed toy, but is made of cumbersome rubber and I woudn't advise for long term use - I switched to the Aneros Helix. The Helix is a very well made and high quality toy.

     Now that I am more "in tune" with the workings of my prostate and more comfortable with the sensations as my body begins to build up intensity, I can now use the Aneros Helix as an everyday sex toy!

     I think the most important Super-O is by far the FIRST! I think it is important to get your body to that point of orgasm, in any way possible! Lay on a bed, on the floor, sit in a chair. Start with your legs apart, or together or crossed. Lie on your stomach, or your back or your side - but do whatever feels good untill you accomplish that first Super-O! Then you will finally understand "it" and how "it" works.

     Using whatever kind of assistance you can find to get you there for the first time -is the key. I fould that the R****-*** Dual Massager was the toy that finally put me "over the top" Then it was time for Aneros and their fine line-up of products to take over. But the Aneros stimulators didn't work for me until I knew what exactly I was searching for. Its an amazing "floor thumping" convulsing experience and worth the search!"

    I know this process is individualized, but soes his experience have some merit?

    I am on a quest, not necessarily for the "Super O" alone but for that and other benefits many of which I have achieved. I have also found some really nice and helpful people here. I have gotten a lot of subtle pleasure from my Aneros device. But I am looking for the next level.

    I want to add, that when I use my Aneros, I am not always super horny. I get aroused by using it, but to the level I get with my wife.

    I have been super sensitive to things that interfere with the re-wiring process and have read the warning about vibration and penis contact, etc.

    I am just wondering what you all think? Thanks in advance.


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    "I know this process is individualized, but does his experience have some merit?"
    Obviously it had merit for him but whether it has any merit for you is difficult for any of us to say. While the author believes that after attaining his first Super-O his subsequent Super-O's became easier and easier because he knew what to look for has some validity it is not universally true. There have been many members who have reported early Super-O success only to find themselves struggling in subsequent months to replicate the experience, thus that first one didn't make subsequent ones easier. The massager referred to in that quote has gotten mixed reviews by many members here, some even finding it a painful toy to use.
    The pursuit of elevated sexual pleasure/orgasms has been a driving force in human culture since before recorded time. Aneros use is not the only pathway to the Super-O but it may be the most efficient.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    I agree with @rumel. For me, 14 months of good times, pretty tuned in, then everything stops. 5 week long dry spell. Then everything starts again. Who knows why? All I can offer is the experiance is very personal, and it changes. That's also why it can be so engaging.

  • Thanks for the info. It is what I suspected n
  • FYI - I tried this approach as an experiment ... I used a chepy vibrating massager and I used manual stimulation of the penis, when I got close to orgasm I indeed had some intense sensations, super intense. I refrained from following through but went to the edge. Each Time I got intense contractions. After about 15 minutes of this, there was a change (it made me seem to understand what he meant by going over the edge) and I had a massive contraction of what I think was my prostate and a feeling that lasted about a full minute, hard contractions and quite pleasurable.

    But it resluted in full ejaculation and it was quite powerful and the volume was more than usual. Afterward I was sexually spent. I laid there about 5 minutes before I could or wanted to get up.

    It was good, but I actually feel physically better having a session that doesn't result in ejaculation. I find that the overall feeling of being generally aroused rather than fully spent, has positive results on energy, mood and alertness.

    I don't know if this is useful. I think I may have identified some subtle trigger listening to my muscles and nerves through the loud noise of pebile stimulation. I doubt I will use this method again. It is simply not as fullfilling as my regular sessions.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    the messager in the story you posted is the first toy I learned on also.  it was definately eye opening, but left me wanting more and hence landed in the land of aneros!.  Ejaculation BAD! lol  The toy in question doesnt stimulate your penis at all, only the prostate and perinium.