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Taoist Breathing Techniques / Microcosmic Orbit
  • Hello Guys,

    As part of a multi-faceted approach to spiritual development, I recently started using the Syn and also started reading/applying some taoist breathing techniques (universal healing tao). I'd be grateful if any of you who have experiences with opening the microcosmic orbit (to circulate sexual energy) could contact me so I have someone to talk to and potentially help me in achieving this. I have looked around but it seems this is not something which is really being taught publicly.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi openguy89!! :D :D

    I have a mixed Aneros/KSMO/Tao practice and achieved microcosmic orbit in early 1990s just with Taoist practices. I would be very happy to help in any way I can chatting about this. I also do some coaching and can explain more when we can chat here and/or Skype (artformed) and/or same on YM.

    Imho, this is the the very heart and soul of the true potential of the Aneros practice and full prostate awakening.

    all the very best full prostate awakening and complementary practices enriching all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • Hi opengu89 and artform.

    I started join Yoga Classes a couple of years ago and learned how to practice Yogic Breathing and Deep Relaxation Techniques (Shavasana). So I decided to give a try, joining aneros with breath techniques and it was amazing.

    I also find now that if I deeply relax with those breathing I can feel a great state of excitment, very close to the orgasm.

    So in my case, this works and this should be the right path everyone here have to follow !
  • SoftySofty
    Posts: 4
    hey folks

    this topic has always interested me.  I have tried the Taoist approach in the past (from M. Chia), but I abandoned it without ever really getting any results (I also had a partner who was unwilling to try).  No surprise that I had to get an aneros...
    I am still a bit confused about how these two practices intersect.  Obviously I would love to learn both of them.  I am already aware that "awakening the prostate" is what the aneros aims to do (while also enabling you to have non ejaculatory, super Os), but how is one to integrate this into their love life with a partner, which involves primarily penile sensations?
  • impimp
    Posts: 95
    "... love life with a partner, which involves primarily penile sensations?" Me thinks thou is too focused on your Johnson, lesbian couples have love lives that don't have penile sensations at all, you can surely see other ways of play beyond your dick.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Softy - you make a good point, that also perplexed me for a year of so.  During that time I thought of my aneros activities and the sensations these provoked, as solo, and  I couldn't see how sex/masturbation could relate to this without ultimately turning it into just a Super-T (good, but not the same thing), since the point of aneros activity was to leave one's penis out of the process.

    In "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" Chia illustrates that it is possible to multiple orgasm in sex or whilst masturbating.  I'd had lots of good sensations with the aneros, but learning how to reach multiple orgasms through masturbation via the Taoist route did several things:

    • First it showed me what a dry orgasm was, and that I'd been having them for about a year already in my aneros sessions (without knowing it).
    • Secondly, the act of getting to multiple orgasms via the Taoist route (without the aneros, and via my penis), meant that when I had sex (also without the aneros), I started to dry orgasm with that as well.  I now have potentially hundreds of dry orgasms within sex that includes my penis - and I am NOT complaining about that.
    • Thirdly, my Taoist practises now feedback on my aneros sessions, which are getting progressively more intense.  In many respects the "dry-Os" I thought I was having, now fit with the definition of super-Os, and I am prepared to consider that I have been having these for some time without knowing it, as well.
    • Aneros sessions for me occur largely without an erection.
    • Being with a sexual partner (without the aneros) always involves an erection, but I don't have to ejaculate until I want to, and so don't have to spoil the multi-orgasmic fun, even though my penis is involved by default.

    imp - I see and understand your point, although you should try telling that to my penis during sex - lol. So long as the penis isn't the entire focus of sex, I have found that it is possible to combine some of the sensations I get with my aneros activities, with sex and masturbation.
  • SoftySofty
    Posts: 4
    thanks Linum.  A few questions:   

    -Do you give the aneros most of the credit in enabling you to bridge the gap between prostate pleasure and penile stimulation/seminal retention?  How much of this is about honing and directing your mental faculties inward in order to initiate your internal pleasure circuitry and/or for seminal retention? 

    -Do you have any specific practices or techniques that helped you achieve dry o's/prostate sensations through penile stimulation?  

    -Did you mostly read Chia or have you come across other advice?

    in regards to imp's post, I should have said "penetration with a partner," not "love life."  Obviously there is WAY more to a love life than penile sensations, but I was mainly wondering how I can integrate aneros/taoist practices during penetration/penile stimulation.  
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Softy - A few answers (I hope).

    Without a doubt the aneros was instrumental in me being able to feel any prostate pleasure, but I think that the Taoist practises enabled me to bridge the gap between prostate pleasure and sex/masturbation.  As I implied in my previous post however, there is now an ongoing interaction between these 2 practises. 

    Taoist ejaculatory abstinence definitely feeds my aneros sessions, and these sessions in turn get progressively more intense, which feeds back into the Taoist masturbation/sex.  A huge part of this is about being aware of what is going on inside you - sensations previously too subtle to register when the penis was also in on the act.  I think the aneros has altered the way I think about sex, and sexual interactions - it has made sensuality and tactile sex a necessity, not just desirable. My sense of the erotic has dramatically grown. Sex (and masturbation) is now more about the journey, than about arriving.  Rumel refers to aneros use as "erotic meditation" with which would agree 100%, and as such my aneros use has laid the foundations for "bridging the gap", for creating the circuit. although it was the Taoist practises that were the switch that finally allowed the energy to flow in sex and masturbation.

    Edging is something I have done for years. I think that being able to edge was key to me learning to dry orgasm via Taoist practises, although as I stated above, my aneros use was an essential first step. I do some PC muscle kegel exercises, though not religiously. Being able to control when you ejaculate is obviously key to getting as close as possible to ejaculation, so that you can relax back into the dry orgasms (aneros breathing techniques work for this too). Now, and with a bit more experience, I find I can dry orgasm just touching my nipples (for example), and that my partner with very subtle touches can initiate a myriad of dry orgasms. I now have to warn potential new partners that I am not having fits during sex, just having lots of dry orgasms.

    Yes - Chia was the main source of information, along with this forum of course.  I read a bit about tantric sex, but found it a bit too "NEW AGE" for me.

    Problems that occurred were "blue ball syndrome" and also an erratic and dramatic flow of sexual energy, so that I would get SO horny that I would ejaculate.  I learned to do retrograde ejaculations which preserves more sexual energy, for those times when I hadn't intended to cum.  I am learning to regulate this sexual energy more as I go on, and retrograde ejaculations are now something of a rarity. Blue ball syndrome is less of a problem, and if I feel it coming on, I have learnt a way of having extremely pleasurable non-orgasmic ejaculations that relieve the situation, and this rarely involve loss of sperm - just precum, or something similar.  Sometimes, I get non-orgasmic ejaculations of something like precum whilst masturbating or having sex, which my partners love.  I am still learning - I get the impression this an ongoing experience, and not something one ever comes to the end of.
  • I just started reading The Multi Orgasmic Man. I am curious, do the non-ejaculatory Orgasms feel as good as a regular orgasm?

    I know what he describes, but I am wondering about real world experience from veterans. Do you keep your boner through the process or does it cycle?

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    xtimedt69 - non-ejaculatory orgasms via the Taoist and aneros routes, feel quite different to me. Quite often they feel just as strong, and sometimes stronger, but of course, without the refractory period they go on and on. However, there isn't that sense of resolution that one has with a refractory period, and this key difference also makes them feel different too - no sense of relief, and for me, no pulsing as if I was ejaculating, although I hear from others on here that they do have this.

    As with aneros sensations, dwelling on whether they are as good as an ejaculatory orgasm, actually diminishes them.  One must accept them for what they are, and this way they seem to grow and become stronger as a result. If you haven't ejaculated in a while, there is no problem with finishing with an ejaculation - you can have the best of both worlds.

    Once your dry orgasms wash over into sex and masturbation, there is no standard way that the dry orgasms can happen.  I can have them without being erect sometimes, usually at the beginning, but if it is sex and masturbation we are talking about, then by definition I am hard at least some of the time. However, there are  periods where I masturbate to almost the point of no return, and relax back into the dry orgasms, which come rapidly and repeatedly many times, over say a period of 5 minutes, and at the end of that period, I will have lost my erection.  This is no matter - I just start again, for another cascade of dry orgasms.  I like to not solely concentrate on your cock though, since other areas of the body make it more fun, and more intense.

  • I appreciate the info. I was just wondering. I am just starting my journey and wondered what is down the road.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    You are welcome xtimedt69 - I am sure it will be an interesting journey you are starting, but one cannot say with any certainty that yours will be the same as mine, although there may be parallels.  I like the fact that aneros and the Taoist practises complement each other well, and have heard other guys in this forum who say that their aneros sessions are enhanced by other practises - for example KSMO etc.

    Good luck - let us know how you get on.
  • This is such a good thread, with Linum's replies, that I feel compelled to make my first post in the forum.  I have been reading for nearly 6 months.  I started with MultiOrgasmic Man a few years ago, and have had some success with dry orgasms, and good succes with semen retention.  I have conbined aneros with the Tao practices and find them complimentary.  I agree, this journey never truly ends.  Thanks, many thanks, to all the great posters on this forum. 
  • Thanks for making this thread. I have read an e book called loving sessions by keep it up johnson which uses a lot of same ideas as multi orgasmic man. I have been focusing on channeling my sexual energy to where ever I want it to be and last night I put all on my prostate and anytime I could feel more energy I would also channel to my prostate and I could feel the prostate pulsing like crazy. For me Aneros caused me to experience prostate Os which have turned on my sexual energy which I had thought I lost. Now I can feel the energy in my body and I can't wait for the time to put what I am learning into sex with my wife. No matter how tense my O's get though I have yet to ejaculate from not stim my penis. No matter what and amazing super O's I have and that my penis pulsates like it is spilling semen it does not happen unless I stimulate my penis. Linum I have some Q's for you.

    When your having sex and trying to channel the energy away from your penis and into navel or brain etc do you stay hard?

    If your having sex and your about to ejaculate have you tried the method of burying deep in your girl and asking her to grab you with all her might with her pc muscles to stop ejaculation as I am wondering if this works?  

    Or do you have to stop stim with your girl and pull out completely to stop from ejaculating or can you leave inside but just have her not move and wait for the ejaculation feeling to subside?

    I know my wife hates it if I try to prolong sex by just stopping all the time. She would get close to an O and then I have to stop and then she would have to start back up again and frustates her to no end so I am wondering if any method works that you can control-stay hard and continue to satisfy your woman?

    Sorry for all these Q but this is a new found fascination with me on sexual energy and my ultimate goal is to please my wife completely at this point.

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Clubhard - thanks for your input.

    On your first question, I would say there is a tendency for a loss of hardness if you lose focus by concentrating on your own pleasure for a bit too long - this can be a way of carrying on for longer though. Losing hardness is less likely to happen if you and your partner are wholly into each other, and are keen to please each other - the energies seem to flow back and forth between you.

    I have to admit having a hard time answering the other questions since I am gay, but as I understand it, the answer to your 3rd question on stopping and starting, is that if your partner feels how excited you are, this can be a turn-on in itself.  The stops for me are largely about having dry orgasms, and that sensation and that energy then seems to pass to your partner.  If it is a dry orgasm-less stop, then I can see how this might be frustrating.  If that is the case, then I can't yet offer any suggestions.  When I fuck a guy, I can leave my cock in place, I don't withdraw.

    Perhaps Artform could add considerably to this - wise thing that he is?

    Good luck in satisfying your wife and yourself even more - that is a very worthy cause.
  • Hello!

    Sorry for starting this thread and then not coming back that quickly...

    I just started it but "Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy", written by Eric Yudelove, the first Mantak Chia-trained Taoist Master, seems like a great study guide, offers lots of illustrations and a very clear progression. I practiced the healing sounds and general awareness and will now move on with the techniques. The explicit goal of this book is to have you master your sexual energy, and I think it is a lot more comprehensive and clear than Chia's book on multiple orgasms.

    I only had the precum-like ejaculation once, the second time I tried the aneros (and I had some THC in my blood). I find that directed awareness and letting(!) yourself relax is key to achieving pleasurable sensations. I will simply keep practicing with this book and have regular sessions with my Syn... :-)

    I also believe that the reason why many "spiritual masters" could go without sex is their ability to have orgasms at will, eventually entering a permanently orgasmic state. As explained by the Taoists, an orgasm is nothing else than the relaxation/pulsation(!) of a specific organ - and I believe this is the state we are actually supposed to live in. I find that meditation on the concept of paradoxical differentiation in all-oneness actually causes a feeling right below the navel very similar to what the aneros can induce. I see Spirituality, Creativity (as in creative/sexual energy!) and Eroticism as sides of the same triangle.

    To all of you who read this - please don't underestimate the profundity of learning to love yourself and achieving this state of completeness within yourself. I just started myself - I enjoy the journey and know that this is most fundamental to healing not just myself but humanity as a whole. If we can be abundant within ourselves, there is no more wanting and we can love and enjoy as we are supposed to.

    Best wishes,
  • Well said, openguy


  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 748
    Bump for great subject.
  • EhmEhm
    Posts: 245
    I ejaculate every month/2 months but I masturbate every other day for about an hour. I lose approximately the same amount of (pre)cum over this time as I used to when I was a teenager and masturbated excessively. I can't remember Chia mentioning anything about losing precum coz especially when you lose as much as I do, wouldn't that amount to a considerable loss of your male essence as well?
    I use my pc muscles in a different way from how Chia recommends coz I started experiencing premature ejaculation because of it....I do use the microcosmic orbit to circulate the energy away from my groin into my bellybutton, this gives some pleasurable sensations and makes my 'tan tien' warm, the flipside is when on this circuit I tend to lose my erection so then I use my pc muscle to get back on the (premature) ejaculation circuit. Balance is key here if I do it too much then I have to stop or I'll ejaculate otherwise I'll be good to go for at least another 20 minutes before I have to use my pc again.

    I've only been using this method for a few months, but the best sensations I still get towards the end of the time I've given myself, at the end I get the balance just right and I could probably go on for hours at this point I'm using the pc muscle but instead of driving me to the point of no return I'm getting continous dry orgasms while circulating the energy as well.
    Perhaps it's just practise, but the excessive precum leakage suggests to me I might be doing something wrong?
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 748
    @Ehm I'd be thinking precum doesn't qualify and what you do is good. Also I am not sure semen or precum is the problem, the numbing hormone rush acompagnying the traditional ejaculation is what we usually try to avoid.
    But I am no expert on this.

    Anybody more knowledgable to answer here?