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My first dud. Hmmmm
  • In addition to othe improvements with me and my wife, I have met some really good people here. It is a great experience super o or not.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    @braveneworld, thank you. It is good to be encouraged on our individual journeys. I appreciate the Aneros family for this very reason.
    On the lighter side: in thirty years time (when I am 104) I wonder if I will remember "what" it is and what "it" also did! (Triple meanings).
    But I am progressing on my path. I have noticed an increasing response from my prostate. After a short time it responds to the Aneros, and engorges itself. This engorgement is increasing and I feel an increasing tension waiting for release. That release has not yet happened, however the increasing response is very pleasurable. I also notice that if my BC is really relaxed any non PC movement will generate a single BC involuntary. Then of course there is a muscular tightening that I need to relax. Sometimes the spasm (?prostate) is very strong and very nice. I think the prostate is in much better condition with its ability to engorge and disengorge, I have BHP and the Aneros sessions have been of great benefit.
    So really its all pretty good when I think about it. Thanks for reminding me to count my blessings and appreciate what I have got.
  • Well the PX New came today and I had a completely different experience. I think because  the P Tab is stiffer than the Syn it change something.

    I just started out reading a book. After about 15 minutes things were different, i got an intense sensation from that P Tab. I actually felt like I was going into a trance or something I laid the book down and just closed my eyes and drifted off. For the next 90 minutes it was pretty good. The way I can decsribe how it felts was as if my muscles and prostate were a chicks mouth and she was teasing and licking at the device and then every now and then without warning she would slowly take the whole thing in her mouth and then slide it out and kiss it and lick it for a while. Maybe that visual in my mind helped, but that is what is reminded me of. Everytime it drew in it took my breath away. If I think about it right now I have contractions even now.

    The wife and I had abstained from sex since Tuesday but had teased each other at night and with texts all the time so we were in each other minds.

    No Super O  I don't think it was Min O's but is was something and it was friggin nice.

  • That sounds like progress to me.
    I have always wondered how people say the syn is so good when it is not ridged plastic.
    Maybe my thoughts are right.

    104 years of age is not unheard of! We are all living longer....... :)
  • I mistyped it is the PS-New it is essentially
    MGX Classic. It is the same company.

  • Sorry buddy for the sake of argument nope it aint the same as the MGX.
    Please look at exibit A. :D

    This picture is from HIH.
    PS-New HIH only, PS-2= MGX classic, PS-X= Helix classic.
    Side by side you see it is a very different beast altogether!

    Close just almost completely different! >:)

    I like the look of the p-tab on theses they are bigger that the helix.
    How are you finding the ribbs on the shaft?
    I think they might feel nice if they slide in and out a bit.
    500 x 208 - 42K
  • @braveneworldloser inspection you are correct .... The ribs are nice but subtle. I find it very fullFILLING.

    Yesterday I had a short session with The PS-New and it was nice, not Supers ot Minis but nice. Later I was doing some stuff around the house and for fun I inserted the Syn and while walking around I got some interesting things going on. When I stand up straight it feels pretty good.

  • I suupose I will just stick to my experiences and leave the comparisons to the ecperts.
  • :P you know what they say. If you do it to much you go blind! Do you need your eye site checked?

    Yours sincerely

    mind you (Sven is using a magnifying glass as he has been using all three toys since 11pm last night and is still going 10am next day) 8-}
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    @braveneworld, great comparison pictures.
    I have just ordered a PS-New. Might just be what I have been looking for. I am much happier with the narrow neck models. I just wish HiH and Aneros could sort out their names - e.g PS-New is very old!
  • @braveneworld @isvara I am BLIND! PS-New may be old, but it works. I really like it.
  • @braveneworld I want to add that Friday with the PS-New, I had that sensation that the device was in my penis like you describe with the Progasm.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    @braveneworkd, a slight correction to your summary copied below:

    "This picture is from HIH.
    "PS-New HIH only, PS-2= MGX classic, PS-X= Helix classic.
    "Side by side you see it is a very different beast altogether!

    HiH has no equivalent to the MGX. This model is unique to Aneros.
    The PS-2 is the same as the Aneros SGX Classic.
  • Indeed @isvara you are correct although they look the same it would seem specs would say it is the smaller SGX. I stand corrected.
    @xtimedt69 it was the eupho that does that. Its a really weird but nice feeling would you not agree?
    CT has hinted that there is a syn eupho in the making, Not sure it is really worth it because it is so skinny it really never gets uncomfortable.
  • @bravenewprld It is very interesting indeed.
  • Very interesting evening last night. The wife works late on mondays so I had the house to myself. 

    I went home, got prepered and had a very good session where the PS-New was teasing me quite good. After about an hour, things settled down so I started practicing my Multi-Orgasmic Man Excersises of reaching the point of orgasm and then clamping down, deep breating and pauses, I did that about 10 times and then stopped without ejaculating. Felt very energetic.

     I cleaned up, had some dinner and then did a project I had planned to surprise her when she got home. She called and said she would be about an hour later. I had nothing better to do, so I went in the bedroom, prepared and laid down and put the PS-New in and just relaxed. It wasn't a minute and the thing started involuntary movement that felt like heaven. I just layed there enjoying it, I didn't have to do a thing. It was building up and feeling better ... The the phone rang ... she was on her way home, she got done earlier than expected ... Well things shut down so I quit ... No big deal, I don't sweat this anymore. (many of you know she is on board, but it just wouldn't have worked)

    When she got home she was delighted with the project I had completed and was very sweet. When we went to bed, she asked me if i "Meditated" i said yes and I explained my Multi Orgasmic Man progress. She was quite interested. She suggested she give me a BJ, but I told her I would not come.

    After a little bit of that sweet stuff, I started to builf up and I clamped down, started deep breathing and got a friggin awesome result, but no ejaculation .... It was quite different, not whole body, but great. I told her to stop, we kissed and went to sleep.

    I am on the verge of something here. I have discovered that my sessions are much better in the evenings, rather than during the day. Sometimers a short session, then a break, then another can prime the pump.

    She has the day off today and indicated she wanted me to do a session when Igot home with here there. She is curious. Plus she now takes time on her day off to do some exploring herself. So ... Cool Joruney here.

  • same situation ... I did a short session, then ate did some chores and went back and put the Aneros back in ... as soon as it hit home it started on it's own. It was building again and then she called again on her way home so I had to stop.

    Anyone had experience with having multi sessions and the second one working better like this?

    It was bulding really good, I had that Prostate twich thing starting ... HOLY S^&T that was nice and wasn't even a real super anything.

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Yes a lot of us take a break in between the first aneros session and then a short time later (a hour or so ) start again.