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Involuntary movements
  • Hi Everyone,

    Whenever I use the aneros, I always seem to get involuntary movements that go in the wrong direction (if that makes sense).
    I always lie on my right side when using the aneros, and get in voluntaries that pulsate from and away from my perineum (north to south) rather than east to west (creating the tug of war effect that has been described).
    The North to South involuntaries/vibrations are a nuisance and do not create any pleasure at all, what causes this and how do I stop them?

    Also, I am using the MGX and wondered what be the best model to move up would be as I am pretty sure it is not hitting my prostate.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    North, south, east & west directions are not very helpful without a point of origin or reference point. From the illustration below perhaps you could better explain these movements in terms of an X (front to back),Y (up/in, down/out) & Z (side to side) axis. image
    Perhaps the solution is as simple as changing your position of usage. Before you go chasing after another Aneros model (which may not help at all), I would suggest you try experimenting with some other body positions, practice doing kegel exercises daily and work on practicing relaxation techniques as well. I suspect you're simply trying too hard to make something happen.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image