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My first dud. Hmmmm
  • I was motivated I had looked forward to it all day, horny and relaxed. I had skipped a day. Put it in and nothing. I read a book for a few minutes and just closed my eyes and relaxed further. Nothing. My little friend was silent. I have read this happens.

    I excepted it and moved on. Is this just a dud? A part of me wants to go put it back to reassure myself. Any encouragement?
  • By the way, this is only my third week.
  • Oh bugger your bum is broken! Trade it in on one of those new fancy bubble butts. I hear they are quite wobbly!
    Or maybe you should go to the doctor and ask for a assectomy.

  • @braveneworld you are always so helpful!
  • Haha! Seriously wait 12 hours and try again. A session that is, not trying to trade your butt in.
  • @braveneorld Wow! Great idea. Seriously. I slipped it back in for a few minutes and got the tingle back. Is it possible to have too much lube? I am serious. I got that probe thick and rich and I used my normal process of squirting some in first, might have been too much.

    A few minutes ago I jus used some vasopine and lubed the Syn and the old familiar spark was back. I am learning here. I have a vacation day Monday. It is gonna be fun.
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    Yeah we all have duds once in a while.  I've actually found that sometimes the best sessions happen when you least expect it!  Though really good things can happen too when your extremely aneros horny  :D
    I doubt too much lube could ruin things, but thats my opinion.  Good luck on Monday 
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    @braveneworld: you made my day!!

    Funniest damned thing I've read on the Internet and I can't forward it to the whole world!

    Mine's been broken for three weeks. My wife has been very supportive of Aneros, but I don't think she would approve of the trade.

    Thanks for fixing a broken day!

  • Yeah he is a funny guy. LOL!
  • :D You can never have too much lube! If you do not empty out and have a snag in there that will stop the aneros action real quick! (If you know what I mean).
    I have never tried the gel type lube yet so I guess it could but I dont think it would stop the action.
    The normal size aneroses are not so picky about if there is something lurking in there but if you use the progasm ice you have to make sure you are very empty.
  • @braveneworld I have a serious question. I just finished a 90 minute session with my Syn. Early on I had some really good subtle feelings. The best feelings are when I get really hard contractions and the Syn is drawn up inside deeper, then I get the send you into ecstasy feeling.

    As I progressed they kind of dropped off. Toward the end, I got out this other cheapy prostate massager that is about an inch longer. Put it in and WOW! it was hitting in the sweet spot. I laid there just feeling it, but the cheapy one doesn't have the same feel as the Aneros. Without going to the butt busting Progasm, is there one that is a bit longer?

    Is it possible the Syn is just a little short?

  • Hey I know you didn't ask me but the answer to your question is "yes" there are longer models than the Syn. Side by side comparisons I've done lead me to believe the Eupho is the longest of all the Anreos models, including the Progasm, which seems bigger rather than longer. The Maximus is about as long as the Eupho and of course, it's body is thicker, giving a more robust massage than the thinner but still excellent Eupho.

    The other model that is in fact longer than all these is not sold on the Aneros site but its still produced by the company and sold on their High Island Health site that's more focused on massage for the prostate health benefits. It's called the PS New and it has a couple of nubs on the tip of the device facing the prostate that give a really nice, different and intense rub to the happy gland.

    Personally, I think it helps to switch out models from time to time. I always ramp up sensations as a result of this and I liken it to the muscle memory effect you develop when working out (I enjoy lifting weights/body building). If you don't change up your weight routine every couple of weeks, your progress levels off. I think prostate massage and the muscles involved in the erotic experience respond the same way, which is why mixing it up always results in improved sessions. At least that's how it works with my body.
  • @newguy8762 I am only in theis 1 1/2 weeks. The Syn has been the only one I have except for the cheap one I bought at a local shop.

    I may buy the PS New I think a little longer one might be the ticket. Your comparison to workouts makes perfect sense.

  • @newguy8762 How come the specs on the Syn, Eupho and Maximus all say "Stem to Perineum Distance: 1 3/4 and Insertable Length: 4" If the Eupho and Maximus are longer?
  • For variety I wonder which I woould do better with? The Maximus ot the PS New? I like the idea of that PS model.
  • @xtimedt69 @newguy8772 is incorrect about the Eupho being the longest, side by side the eupho is the same length as a helix. You are correct about insert able length, BUT.

    If you use the Eupho it will seem heaps longer! It even feels some times like the head is part the way up inside my dick! No I am not joking, thats just the way it rubs me up so to speak.
    The eupho is a awesome piece of kit. A must have when you really get into it.
    Because it is so thin it moves way more this creates more pleasure.
    However I am sure you know the story of King Arthur and the round table of knights.
    More to the point Excalibur the sword!
    Not just anyone can weald the power of the magical sword, only the chosen one who is worthy.

    Same too with the Eupho although it has many masters around the world you need to be worthy to weald its magical powers!
    QUESTION: How do you become worthy?
    You need to keep practicing for many more months so that your PC muscles are strong enough to work this little wand of pleasure.

    I am no Jedi Master but the Jedi Masters on this forum will all tell you the same that it is not for beginners but is a great wand/sword none the less.
    I nearly bought the PS new but ended up with the helix classic to start my journey.
    I think it was about 6 months until I got the Eupho.
    The Jedi Masters say it is a good idea to learn with one model to start with and I would have to say they have a point when it comes to rewireing.
    You are trying to teach your body to recognize the feelings and then associate them with pleasure.
    So teach nerves to be receptive and connect with the brain.
    If its the same all the time this is repetitive learning. Dont worry you wont get board, you notice different sensations all the way along the journey.
    Read my blog I got addicted to the session in a major way for a long time there. I did have too much time on my hands coz I was in bed 24/7 due to injury.

    Its up to you of course get a PS new of eupho if you like, the thing is the money will not be wasted as you know the Aneros works so you have nothing to loose.
    Changing up the model works in the fact that when one model seems not to work another sometimes does. But this is only true if your body/brain knows how to use the aneros somewhat ie (you are somewhat along the rewiring process).
    Remember you are only 1.5 weeks in, Dont rush it or you will fail over and over. There are guys on here that have been going 5 years and get nowhere. What they are doing wrong I do not know but I suspect it is trying to hard, expecting results now, not listening to every little feeling.
    Whenever I get new results they happen when I least expect them! It is a hard concept to get your head around but you will get there as long as you practice. Nothing comes easy in this world or its not worth having.

    If you are going to get another model then I would suggest the ps new. Why because it is not large in girth, it is not small in girth but just right.
    The smaller the device the more muscles you need to work it, the larger it is the less it moves so less pleasure. SO in the middle in size is good. There will come a time when little, large makes no difference ITS ALL GOOD.
    I can do that with the eupho but only sometimes with the progasm Ice. I am getting there God its huge I swear it is getting bigger! :D
    Hope this has helped you in some way.....
  • A thought occurred to me tonight that it might be helpful to others here and maybe the fine Aneros folks might want to consider...a side by side comparison chart of all the different models on a graph that shows size relative to the other models.

    I will try to mock this up myself Monday using the models I own...Maximus, Progasm Ice, Eupho, PS New, MGX, Helix, some kind of sizing chart and my iPhone camera.

    The weekends are not a good time for a project of this sorts...putting all my anal toys on the kitchen table and photographing them in front of the kids. Know what I mean?

    I may be mistaken as Bravenewworld says but I could swear in the eyeball comparison I did the other day, the length is exactly as I said in my previous post. I don't think the Maximus gets much love on the forum and the PS virtually none. Both are exceptional Super O producers for me. But, I tend to run in cycles. The Helix is my all time favorite. Progasm Ice only when I'm really horny and adventurous but it has provided some very memorable experiences as well.

    It's like anything else in life, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.
  • @newguy 8762

    IwNt something different and a tad longer. I seem to like aggressive massage. The ps new is looking good.
  • @newguy8762 No disrespect was intended towards you dude. :)>-
    Just going on specs on this site and my own side by side comparison. Think what you are seeing is a optical allusion because it is so skinny.

    I agree the maximus might be a nice one too but money is a issue for me. 
    @xtimedt69 the ps new is made for blokes 5'11'' tall or more just for your info. I could not find how long it actually is.
    The maximus would certainly stretch you out but you may have trouble with it popping out. It will depend on your anal and pc strength. Since you seem like you are going to get another anyway.
  • Found the specs for the PS New its the same size as the helix in lenght
    Product Dimensions:
    Tip Width: Diameter 3/4" 
    Mid Ridge Width:11" Diameter.
    Stem to Perineum Distance: 1 3/4"
    Insertable Depth: 4"

    Length is not the thing to look at its the shape and knobs that make the differance

    If you want longer you have to go progasm ,progasm ice or go progasm classic red. Its cheap at the moment at only $25 vs $60 for the others.
    Remember if it is like cars the "red ones go faster"
    Progasm will give you a whole extra half a inch longer. Prepare to be stretched to the limit though!
  • I am NOT ready for the Progasm, I can tell you that. I am wondering if the really intense sensations I got were because it was new and now I have progressed to a more subtle thing or I maybe need a different device for change. Don't get me wrong I still love this. The MGX looks more like the PS New, but I am wondering about the bumps on the PS new adding a bit more stimulation.

    My wife is all on board on this, but she is asking a couple of good natured and I must admit funny questions about how much money I am gonna shove up my ass! LOL!

    Also, can someone enlighten me? In some posts I have read to induce contractions and to even hold them in order to kickstart the involuntary movement, I bought the HypnAerosession and she even directs contractions (although I find her talking for me to add mind noise) Yet some posters have said that they resist adding contractions.

    When I start getting the contractions I want more of them and then I think I add more and disrupt the cycle. Now I have gotten relaxed and drifted into a haze between sleep and awake and had powerful contractions that actually brought me back to awake and took my breath away.

  • @newguy8762 @braveneworld I really appreciate the help and input, i enjoy these conversations and the support. I am looking forward to Newguys comparison. I am leaning toward the Maximus, MGX or PS new and haven't decided yet.
  • One more observation ... Yesterday I put the Syn in and sat on the couch. I wasn't sitting directly on it, but slouching kind of. After about 10 minutes I started getting relaxed and and started getting some really interesting feelings. After about 30 minutes, I just wanted to lay down, I went to the bed and lay on my side for about 20 minutes and the feeling would not come back.

    Maybe a clue her that experienced users can advise on.

  • @newguy8762 @braveneworld This from higland health about the PS new:
    "Our original model can be used by taller men. Bigger and more aggressive than the PS-2, the head can extend beyond the prostate gland to apply additional downward pressure and to massage the seminal vesicles."
    Even though it appears to be the same length, it must get deeper penetration. The PS X looks kind of like a Helix The PS New looks like an MGX with the additional bump.
  • @xtimedt69 Yes the PS X is the helix classic.
    I dont think it is the overall length that is the key, its the contact point that makes the difference.
    See arrow in picture.
    I am no expert, this is just my take on it seeing as they are all the same length.
    Your wife is right how much money are you going to stick up your ass?
    I have 3 aneroses and always want to try another but where do I stop?
    You can see a pattern with my models.
    Eupho - smallest
    Helix   - middle of the range
    Progasm - the largest.
    Peridise is the next to get I think.

    The HypnAneros cd did nothing for me. Too distracting.
    I can point you to better ones if you like for free.

    You hold your contraction at a percentage of less than 100% say 50% until you get involantary contractions start.
    Once the involatary contractions start you relax and the contraction keep going by themselves and start to build on each other to orgasm. In theory!
    It is very hard to  learn the relax and let go part because your body/mind is wanting to take control. It will take months to learn and years to master correctly. Its a constant struggle.

    My involuntaries just start even before I put the device in sometimes.
    I put lube in and the involuntaries start to push the lube around :)
    It took a lot of practice to get there.
    When I was addicted the involuntaries kept going almost 24/7 but no one else seems to have experienced this. This was caused by the ghosting effect and my learning curve was a intence one coz I had nothing better to do. I slept with it many nights too.
    I agree the progasm is not the way to go for you yet, its a tool for latter. I dont know how some people start with it some times. No wonder they have trouble.

    Most important when the rythmic contractions start. You stop! LET them go, the more you can let go the better it gets.
    All good in theory now just got to get the practice happening. :D
    300 x 339 - 16K
  • I was able to get 40 minute demos of some Halosyn and ones you suggested elsewhere The Erotic Audio Challenge - Aneros Mantra and The Erotic Audio Challenge - Shhh.

    If you have any other suggestions I am interested. My biggest problem is relaxing. I have this neck thing you microwave and it gets warm and that helps a lot.

    I am on a vacation day today and looking forward to an afternoon session later.

    I tried the halosync one Saturday and got some good results. I am ordering the PS New today.

  • Theres heaps more 
    dubstep is a music one which is cool. Your butt contracts to the base beat.
    Musical butt! :)
    Autopilot is good
    there are heaps.
    I have found these to be the best so far that I have found (and free) free is good
  • Everytime I got to that media fiew site my anti virus goes nuts.
  • Okay guys...finally had the house quiet and settled and was able to complete my little experiment. Actually, this is something the Aneros folks should provide...a little side-by-side comparison chart of all the can thank me later Aneros with some gratis supplies lol!

    Anyway, I used Keynote to create a little graph marking off each inch up to 7" and then I laid these bad boys out and snapped the pics with my iPhone. The challenge that became immediately clear is that measuring the length is somewhat subjective, I freely admit, based on how far in you estimate each Aneros will naturally (i.e. without an anal sphincter contraction going on) settle in your rectum. This could vary greatly from man to man and I suppose there could be several factors that influence how far in each of these goes, including:
    • Overall body fitness/lack of body fat (I'm in great shape for my age with lower body fat)
    • Sexual arousal (which can vary greatly), general relaxation and confort level/experience with anal play and being able to relax sphincters (see below)
    • Room temperature (you might have less relaxation in a colder room or if you're cold)
    • Body position
    • The circumference/girth of the unit where it meets the horizontal p-tab portion of the unit (the smaller the base, the deeper it goes...the more flared out the base, the less it goes) and stops from penetrating your anus any deeper
    • Muscle tone and general fitness of the inner and outer anal sphincters (which can be improved with PC exercises) and how deeply you can pull the unit with voluntary and involuntary contractions
    So, with those caveats and probably five others I'm not thinking of, I humbly share my size comparison chart. I've used my best recollection of where these things stop penetrating me when I'm relaxed fully and not contracting and set each at the 1-inch baseline for the comparison. 

    You'll note, again I know this is highly subjective, that the rank order, from longest to shortest is:
    1. Progasm (clocking in at almost 7-inches)
    2. Progasm Jr. and PS New, both look to me to be around 6 1/4-inches (the PS New may have a slight edge...I'd have to do a side by side photo of both, to be sure)
    3. Maximus and MGX are both just a tad over 6-inches
    4. Eupho (just barely breaking 6-inches)
    5. Helix and Syn (both right at 6-inches, although the Syn does look a tad longer)
    I have had great orgasms with all these and as I've posted earlier, I think it helps prevent muscle memory by switching out models from time to time. 

    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this and take it for what it's worth. It was an interesting project and I think the Aneros folks would benefit themselves and the community as a whole in providing a professionally drafted version of this, using the design schematics of each unit.

    Have a great day!
  • @newguy8762 Ver informative! Great info. I just ordered the PX New. Man you have $1000.00 worth of fun there. How do you ever choose ONE?
  • I don't think it's $1,000 worth of Aneros products but it might be close. I purchased them over a number of years. Been using since 2007. I guess I pick one based on my mood. The Helix and Maximus are kind of my standards. I turn to the Progasm when Im very horny. I just got the Progasm Jr. and haven't used it but once so only time will tell. There was a time when I was exclusively using the Eupho. They are all good and all different and as I've said, I think it helps to change them up from time to time.

    Anyway, I've had some incredible feelings and a lot of fun and I wished I'd have had Aneros as a teen. I think I would have had a lot more fun and could have avoided a lot of feelings of guilt over some of what I've done with others sexually....not that I'm wracked with guilt now, mind you, but I do have some regrets about my youthful sexual indiscretions.

    Hope you like the PS New. Be sure to share your impressions.
  • I was just joking. I think this experience is greater than what is first thought.
  • Well done @newguy8762 nice comparison sheet. It was different than what I was expecting but better! Sorry to hear your regrets about youthful sexual indiscretions. I did not have any because I got none:(
    I too wish I had had the aneros through my teens too.
    @xtimedt69 I have never had a problem with the mediafire website I just click download and it works. never had a virus problem yet?????
  • @newguy8762 I hope this helps. In my experience regrets are way less valuable than the less
  • Lessons you learn.
  • Sorry I accidentally posted before finishes.
  • @xtimedt69 look next to the time you posted. there is a edit! You can edit/add to what you said at any time
  • @braveneworld holy crap how modern you can edit posts!
  • @braveneworld, glad you like the comparison chart. @xtimedt69 I'm not living in the past but I appreciate your sentiments. There was a time when I beat myself up over some of the sexual things I did as a teen but over the years I've grown to appreciate all my experiences in life, good and bad, make me the man I am and that I'm actually better for it. And, yes, we can learn from our mistaktes. Have a good day guys!
  • XilehXileh
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    @rumel - the chart created by @newguy8762 should be considered for preservation in a "sticky". This is a nice piece of work!

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I appreciate the effort @newguy8762 expended creating his chart illustrating the relative lengths of each Aneros model and then ranking them by length. Unfortunately, the comparison illustrated only the overall dimensional relationships and not the more critical effective insertion distance i.e. the perpendicular distance from the model tip to a line tangential to the P-tab through the centerline of the natural anal sphincter rest point (narrowest portion of the stem body). These dimensions create a unique triangle for each model which affects the prostate attack angle. I think when you take these into consideration the ranking order becomes quite different.

    The geometry of that triangle is quite varied and is equally responsible for the relative feel and action of each model. It is not just the effective insertion distance which affects the Aneros action but also the relative attack angle which when powered by the sphincter and PC muscles causes each model to interact differently for each man.

    My apologies @xtimedt69 for diverging far afield from your titled posting but in response let me say "dud" sessions will inevitably occur when we are not sufficiently aroused beforehand. Our ego's often drive us to engage in actions of which our bodies are not equally desirous. This too is part of the rewiring process, learning to listen to what our bodies want, letting our body lead the action and making our egos become back seat observers.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • I agree with your point about the geometry/angle of pivot/massage/attack @rumel, which is why I prefaced my PDF posting with caveats. I also think their are some assumptions being made about length of Aneros unit, effective insertion distance, angle of attack AND universal location/position of the prostate inside the body.

    Although there have to be relatively common characteristics between men on these variables (or else, each unit would need to be custom designed for each man to produce a desired result) I find it difficult to believe that the prostate is located EXACTLY 2 inches inside the anal sphincters (or where ever it is) of EVERY man. Wouldn't the location (i.e. distance inside the body from outer anus) of the prostate vary from man to man based on the length and circumference of his torso, determined in large part on the size of his pelvis/pelvic skeletal structure and the resultant musclature?

    What's the possible variance from man to man? An inch? 2 inches? It has to be relatively small otherwise doctors could never consistently perform digital prostate exams. But there must be a possible variance of at least an inch...maybe two. This variance along with your other variables must inject some amount of trial and error in the Aneros unit selection process, with different units having different intensities with each guy, no? Any anatomy experts want to comment on this?
  • @rumel @newguy8762 rumel no need to apologize I am finding this fascinating. I feel that my prostate is about a half inch higher that what the Syn can consistently reach, it seems to only hit the sweet spot when drawn in quite deep. I understand the idea of being aroused, but I find a different kind of arousal and much relaxation and a different kind of pleasure from my sessions.

    I am trying to learn and rewire.
  • isvaraisvara
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    Excellent PDF, thank you.
    Two clarifications. You start the measurement from one inch rather than zero, so the scale is one inch out. You are quite correct. The penetration does depend on the individual. Also it will depend a bit on the angle the 'P' tab creates.
    Nevertheless well done and it is very appreciated and will help me with further purchases.
  • Isvara,
    Yes, thaks for pointing out the baseline numbering error. I would correct it and repost but I deleted the original file. I should have started at 0. My bad.

    Glad you appreciate the effort anyway.

    Have a great day.
  • I can never quite figure out whether my sessions were duds or not - there were cases before where I swear there was some pleasure that couldn't be felt outside of the session, but then they were so brief and somewhat rare.

    Generally, though, most of my progress happens outside of sessions and a lot of the time where I think I finally 'got it', it was something else generating sensations other than the model. Maybe different models may work, but not sure. Most of the time (70% of sessions) Aneros just sits there doing nothing, and focusing on it does nothing either. Probably just timing.
  • I get something from each session. Probably if I didn't know about the possibility of a "super O" I would be happy as a clam. My overall life is better. Sex with the wife is better. But I must admit I want to experience it.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    I agree. I am quite happy with what I get most of the time. And my life and relationships are much improved. I do get frustrated by feeling I am failing to make the grade!
  • @isvara I suppose we just have take what we get a keep trying! :-)
  • @isvara Mate, you are not failing to make the grade.
    If you are having pleasurable feelings and your relationships are improved then by definition you are a winner!
    It is not a test or a competition.
    Each and every guy on here is different and their overall experiences will be different.
    Frustration is a enemy.
    Just keep surrendering to the moment  and enjoy it for what it is at the moment.
    In 30 years when you look back do you really think you will be at the same place?

    My situation is I love my wife but she has slept on the couch for 5 years. She is extremely obese through no fault of her own.
    Our sex life is nil now but I am the sort of guy that will never cheat.
    Aneros gives me a sex life while staying faithful and of course giving me health benefits as well.
    I dont know where this journey is really leading but one can only enjoy it along the way.
    I know in thirty years when I look back I will not be in the same place with my sessions and I wont be frustrated either because, it is what it is, and not what others say it must be.
    Hope this makes some sense.
    I have had many super Os (I think) (You never can be sure) I would class them as not so super.
    Maybe I am still getting to the point when they become super who knows.
    All I am trying to say is dont put the super O up on a pedestal as you maybe disappointed just enjoy it all as it comes. 
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    well put braven!  :)  I'm in a similar situation with my wife, though we have sex every month or two months.  I think my wife's problem is just a lack of desire.  Though i shouldnt complain, but realistically I could go for once a week at least.  Either way our lack of sex has lead me here, and im kinda glad it did, as I may have never discovered it.