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Are these Super O's after 4 days?
  • Hello all. I never thought that I would ever be posting something like this, but I have to know. I just have to know!

    So I am looking for some opinions from you all please.

    I'm hetero, 60, I usually masturbate with an erection to orgasm. I have never tried to orgasm while flaccid. I've played with a few toys anally over the years. Not a  lot. Just a bit.

    Anyway, somehow or other on the web, I'm not even really quite sure how it came about, but I became aware of the existence of the Aneros. I checked out their web site. Checked this forum. Read LOTS of the posts. I have to say that I was interested to say the least.

    It sounded to good to be true. As I said, I've played with a few toys anally over the years, but it never occured to me to try any contraction routines or breathing routines while doing it. I never knew anything about that until now. And I have NEVER had any kind of activity like what is occuring now.

    I'm saying to myself, come on, how can that really work. But after reading all these posts, I had to admit that there must be something there. I decided to investigate.

    So I bought a Helix-Syn a week ago. Got home and prepared everything I might need; towels, lube, gloves, etc.

    Started reading posts again just for some last minute triple-checking.

    Everything I know about the aneros and what to do is information I just learned solely from these posts in the last week by the way.


    OK. I was ready. I pre-lubed with I don't know, about 2-3 teaspoons of KY jelly, then I smeared the Helix-Syn with some.  Laid down on my bed on my left side in sort of a fetal position. Gently inserted it until it pulled itself the rest of the way in. Then I pushed a tiny bit more gently to ensure the abutment tab was contacting the perenium well.

    So, the first time... I'm making sure I'm breathing like the posts say, I'm trying to get a handle on exactly what I'm supposed to be doing with these contractions, etc. I am not really sure how to feel the difference between an anal & a PC contraction though. OK, so I'm holding about a 50% anal contraction. After a little while I start to get some slight involuntary clenching of my sphincter pulling the Helix in each time. Played around for about an hour. Felt good, but not mind-altering or anything like that.

    Over the course of a week I have used it every day at least once. The last 4 days, twice a day, about 90 minutes each time.

    Also over the course of a week, I have steadily made (I think) a good bit of progress. I hope you good people can help me understand what is happening here (thank you very much).

    As it stands now, here is what I have found that works well for me, and here is what is happening the last 4 times.

    This afternoon, I pre-lube me and the Helix. I lay down on my bed on my left side in sort of a fetal position. I put a pillow between my knees & lower legs for comfort. I pull my legs up about halfway between touching my chest and the position I would be in if I was sitting in a chair. I tuck my lower legs in a little bit too (not quite touching my ass). I insert the Helix, make sure the tab is touching my perenium correctly and that it is firmly in. For the most part I just let it seat itself where it wants. I did not really have to do any anal contractions at all (and haven't for the last 3 times I've used it). I just lay there and started slowly breathing deeply trying (that's a laugh, you'll see why later) to make sure that I was breathing with my lower abdomen.

    After about 1 minute I started to feel some small anal contractions occuring all by themselves. Irregularly spaced, just random really, no pattern to it.

    So I lay there changing my breathing pattern, mixing it up a bit, doing some panting (15 rapid, hold a deep breath for a couple seconds then let go, wait a couple seconds, do it again a few more times. then go back to slow deep breaths.

    After just a few more minutes thing are starting to get serious down there. My anus starts clenching (contracting, spasming?)

    ALL BY ITSELF and they are getting strong and really starting to suck the Helix in. They are different strengths and irregularly spaced.
    Sort of like:

    So I stop trying to control my breathing. Intead what I do is let the spasms control the way I breathe. By the way, when this thing takes off, I can't control my breathing anyway!

    They are getting STRONGER now and as far as breathing control is concerned? FUGGETTABOUTIT! 

    These involuntary anal contractions are really getting strong! And some of them are starting to last for long periods of time!

    In a matter of minutes, even though the strength and length of some these contractions is different, they are all very strong! Every time a contraction hits, my toes curl in and tighten, my lower legs tighten up, my knees try to move up toward my chest a bit, my lower abdomen gets sucked in, my arms jerk a bit (not quite as much as when Harrison Ford shot Darrell Hannah in Blade Runner though, LOL).

    Basically my whole body tightens up like a guitar string and since my abdomen is getting sucked in I am forced to take a breath. We are talking some POWERFUL contractions here. Just like an E-Stim contraction, but not electrical in nature, more physical. I don't think my body is capable of squeezing any harder! Thats how strong they are! And I cannot stop them!!!

    Let me tell you, when things get rock'n, I'm really squeezing that f****** pillow with my knees! I Just can't help it!

    I end up laying there tensing up and jerking and panting in time with the contractions! Sometimes they come at a speed and a pattern sort of like Morse Code! They are ranging anywhere from about once every 3-4 seconds to a 20 second long continuous anal contraction with that Helix really sucked in there. And I'm panting like crazy the whole time the contraction lasts. Sometimes these long spasms are 1/5 second apart. I mean as soon as the contraction is over, almost immediately after it is another one. Sometimes they come in a string of 15-20.

    Sometimes they come at 2-3 times (STRONG) per second. And they come in a string of 50 or more! It's like my body is trying to milk me by squeezing my prostate. With some of the slower stronger contractions I can feel pre-cum getting pumped out of my penis. Not a lot, but some. The contractions are unpredictable and the pattern can change quickly.

    Sort of like the contractions I get from an E-Stim box. But when I use that, I get an erection, no problem.

    Here, my penis doesn't seem to want to get erect.

    Occasionally they slowly die down to some mild ones about once every 3-4 seconds while there is some slight Helix twitching going on down there.

    But that only lasts about 10-15 seconds and then the ride starts again. I was trying to just relax and not do any contractions of my own but I didn't have any choice in the matter. That Helix was in there, so I was going for a ride!


    Finally after they started to die down again, I reached around, pulled the Helix out, AND SHUT THAT THING OFF! LOL

    I got up on my hands and knees on the bed and stayed like that for a GOOD 30 seconds just saying to myself repeatedly "UNBELIEVABLE! - UNBELIEVABLE! - UNBELIEVABLE!.

    So would someone please tell me what I am experiencing? If these are not Super-Os, then I don't know if I could handle too much more.


  • I have only been at this 2.5 weeks. But Next Time I am trying your method! Was there any other things about today that made it different? Were you extra aroused?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums, Congratulations,Clapyou seem to be one of the lucky few to achieve Super-O's practically from the beginning of your journey. I think if you look at the Aneros WIKI definition of the Super-O you will see how well your description of events falls within the scope of that definition.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • Hi all. I'm back. But only for a minute really.

    I am a blob of jello right now! I strongly recommend using self-bondage to restrain yourself while using the Aneros! This was the best ever! JERKING AGAINST THOSE STRAPS REALLY RAISED THE AROUSAL LEVEL, LET ME TELL YOU!!!

    Part of me was afraid to do it for fear that it would get too intense! And I would be powerless to stop that devious device from doing it's thing until the ice cubes released me!

    And part of me was literally dripping with anticipation at what it was going to be like!

    I strongly recommend it!

    It just kept getting better and better! When those ice cubes let go, I just laid there jerking around for a while till things died down.

    After I removed the Helix, It was still happening for about 1 minute after. Then they stopped. That was a solid hour of really intense...You know, the best way to descibe one of these powerful involuntary contractions, is like this: With a normal orgasm when you are just about ready to cum, That powerful spasm that is THE VERY LAST ONE BEFORE THE ONE WHERE YOU START CUMMING.

    THAT is what all of these involuntary contractions feel like.

    It's almost like you start to cum, but a billionth of a second before you do, everything just 'freezes' that way for the length of the involuntary contraction.

    xtimed69, Yes, I was aroused, because just by having the last 3 times be so good, I sort of knew what could be in store.

    Thanks rumel. You have made me feel good about my sessions, and I am glad I am lucky.

    I have some observations and some thoughts I'll share that I hope might help others. But right now I have to take a little powernap.

    I'll check back later tonight. Right now I'm a little wiped out! WOW!

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    What's this about restraining straps and ice cubes?  Where did I miss that?
  • @Badger I missed that too.
  • Hi xtimed69 and Badger. That's because I just did it after my first post.

    I have a piece of, ahem, furniture that I made that has 1" wide straps for my ankles, knees, upper thighs, and upper chest (not too tight of course, mainly just to prevent me from sitting up at all). These I manually tighten first. There are 4 more straps for my 2 elbows and wrists that tighten up automatically. I put my arms into the straps, and when I pull 2 trigger strings, that allows 2 bungee cords to release and tighten up 2 rope ratchets that pull the 4 straps tight. There are 2 mesh bags into which I put 1 ice cube each (gives me about 1 1/4 hours). These get threaded through 2 big eyehooks on the frame of the furniture and they hold the rope ratchets. When the ice cubes melt enough, they pop through the eyehooks and release the rope ratchets, which releases the 4 straps.

    I gotta tell you. it really AROUSED ME KNOWING, I mean REALLY KNOWING, that no matter how intense (and good!) it got, once I pulled those trigger strings, I was a prisoner of the Aneros, because there was no way out until the ice cubes melted.

    I was (pretending) looking at it as if some Dominatrix had tied me up and was REALLY teasing me and I had NO WAY TO STOP IT from happening. All I had to do was close my eyes and It didn't take much imagination to pretend that was happening.


    Anyway, I'm going to post this now while I think of what to post next. I had some thoughts that might help other people out there who are not as lucky as me in achieving Super-Os.

    I am a newbie. I am not an expert at all. I'll just tell you what works for me. maybe it will help others.


  • I have some thoughts on my being lucky enough to be able to achieve Super O's within a week.

    I can only tell you what works for me and what I feel. Do with the info as you see fit, and good luck.
    So... from a lucky newbie, here goes.
    I have a sneaking suspicion that having used an E-Stim anally in the past MAY have helped my anus become susceptable to being controlled by the Aneros. I have used a bipolar anal plug before, and the sensations (anal contractions) feel very very much like the Aneros.
    But, the Aneros is really tricking your body into continuously kick-starting ITSELF down there to keep these IC's going (involuntary contractions. IC is less to type). I'm not a scientist, but I believe that now having experienced this, I think I know how it works now. And the secret has got to be the perenium abutment tab.
    You know... (just for an example). Say for instance you are in a club, and you pick up a woman early. She is soooo fine! She is the finest looking woman you have seen in a long, long time! YOU ARE SO LUCKY! She is actually with you all night long. You're getting soooo aroused and you know she is too. You KNOW she likes you a lot. The club closes. She invites you home with her! Hot Damn! You almost cum in your pants when she asks if you want to come home with her.
    So you're at her place. Things are starting to steam up. You KNOW you're going to get lucky tonight! AND SHE IS SOOO FINE! She starts to take your pants off, and right there...
    Does everyone know what I'm talking about? Sure. OK. You just did that to yourself with nothing more than your thoughts of fun to come.
    When you are highly aroused, I believe the feedback loop between the perenium tab and the stroke of your prostate that it causes, is strengthened.
    When I'm aroused, if I poke my perenium (even moderately), my anus clenches once.
    I believe that you have to be up to a certain level of arousal before the chain reaction is self-sustaining. Like reaching critical mass slowly.
    I lay on my left side with my legs tucked in a bit because I think you are able to squeeze your prostate better like that, especially when you're breathing a certain way.
    I believe in that position, when you take a breath, especially a lower torso type breath, it really has an impact on your prostate. So in addition to the perenium tab stimulating you, when you breathe you are really causing pressure on your prostate too; Because you are curled almost into a ball, and your prostate is trapped in the middle of that ball of different muscles that you're using to try to stimulate it.
    And when you pant, or do a ratcheting type of breathing, you're really pumping and squeezing your prostate a lot! And if you do some vibratory breathing, It works real well too. I can sometimes breathe at a certain speed and control (somewhat) what the pattern of the spasms coming from the Aneros will change into in the real near future. That is to say that I can somewhat influence the rhythm of the Aneros.

    But sometimes when things are really happening, I have no control over just breathing period!
    Anyway, all I can say is that it gets me off. It may work for you. Good luck!

  • Part of your post got me thinking... much of the Aneros experience is tied to the PC muscle and you mentioned your contractions being as strong as an eStim contraction. I can't help but wonder if that eStim usage toned the muscles to be able achieve that Super-O so quickly.
  • I would not doubt that at all. I sort of think that might have 'primed' my prostate to 'learn' that sensation. Or not, I just don't know.
    Just for the record, the first few times when I was just getting started last week, I didn't start off having successful sessions.
    At first,I was just trying to learn what do do with these anal contractions I read about that I was supposed to be making. And to breathe like I read about here, slow and deep, and a panting type (see my first post).
    What I discovered that works for me was to hold a real light continuous anal contraction. Wait a few seconds to see if I feel any quivering down there. If I don't (I didn't) I increase the strength a very little bit. and wait a few seconds again to see if I feel any quivering yet. If not, I increase the strength just a very small amount. At some point there will be some quivering that starts to happen. I've learned that the best thing to do is (as quickly as I can) lessen the strength of my contraction just enough, JUST ENOUGH, to try to make it stop. As soon as it does (you gotta be quick), I increase the strength of my contraction just enough, JUST ENOUGH, to try to make it start again. And it will. I think it's like a see-saw, or a balancing act, and you have to make it keep tipping over one way and then the other. After a while (like 4-5 sessions), I started to have a few very mild involuntary contractions occasionally. They slowly built up in speed, and sometimes a little bit stronger every so often. And they slowed down, and sped up, and slowed down, and so forth. BUT, I would have to continually pay attention to what was happening and keep adjusting the strength of my anal contraction to make it keep happening. That's the experience I was having during these sessions.
    THEN IT HAPPENED. My 6 session, I was doing what I just spoke of. I was starting to have a few very mild involuntary contractions occasionally.
    They slowly built up in speed, and sometimes a little bit stronger
    every so often. And they slowed down, and sped up, and slowed down, and so forth. Just like the previous times. But this time, they also started get stronger more often. And the weaker ones didn't seem to be getting as weak as before. And there would start to be little strings of mild ones, a few close together.
    So I stopped trying to hold my own contraction at all. A few seconds went by with the same activity all on it's own now. I remember thinking (in the back of my mind), "Wow, I think this is really doing it just like they said!". All of a sudden I got hit with a strong one, the strongest one yet. I think I got hit with 3-4 more strong ones about 2 seconds apart. Then it really started to take off on it's own!
    The activity really starts to increase in speed and strength and variety. I started to laugh at the fact that YES!!! IT WAS WORKING!!!
    As soon as I laughed, something happened and the rhythm of the contractions changed and started to get wilder. And stronger, and more strings of them. And then about 5 minutes later the whole thing just seemed to take off!
    Just like I said before, like Morse Code man, like Morse Code.
    Anybody see that movie Runaway Train?
    I'm starting to pant like crazy, not because I am still practicing a breathing technique, But because I'm starting to jerk around and I'm quivering and shaking and my abdomen is getting jerked in and out and I'm panting like crazy, and, HEY, I'M JUST TRYING TO HANG ON!

    Maybe this info will be helpful to someone else. Anyway that was my first successful Anerosession.
    It's like my prostate has a new friend now and can't wait to see him again! LOL