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What did i feel?
  • hello,

    yesterday was the first day i finally felt something with my anderos helix. It was the 7th time is used it.
    I was watching some porn, and layed on my back.

    then i shut down my television, and layed on my left side with my legs bent. And then it started.
    First i felt sparkling on my penis. And with contractions i got a realy pleasant feeling. It also felt warm. (i don't know how to describe it)

    Also the contractions felt different. Normally i feel when i put preassure on it that it slides in a little. But now it felt like something was blocking it's way. It was harder to perform contraction. but it felt good. And i had a little bit the feeling that i had to pee.

    does anyone know what i felt? and if it is the good thing that i felt?

    and also a other question. Is it good to watch porn while using the aneros?, or is it better to concentrate on the contractions and the feeling?

    Hope you can understand my text, and sorry for my bad english 
  • @leandertjee - Congratulations!  You just described your prostate awakening to the Helix's stimulation!   

      The hardness was probably your prostate and the pee feeling your prostate being massaged.  Always good to make sure empty bowels (front and back) before Aneros Session so when these feelings come, you can just let it ride and not worry.

      Watching porn is personal preference, some find it arousing, some distracting.  As I worked through re-wiring process I found it good to get going, but needed some focus time to develop sensations.  Nw that I'm fully re-wired anythings goes!

     - V