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Sounding...massage from both ends...?????
  • Will try to be brief and to the point...first, am so glad I stumbled across this site.  It has taken me about a week but I finally decided, via information from this site, to purchase the Helix Syn.  History, 60 year old, pretty much brown bagging it until a couple of years ago and I stumbled across e-stim.  Few months ago I purchased some Hegar sounds and have tried them and found out, what I thought, was the ability to massage the prostrate.  Not really keen on the sounding thing...really have to be careful about cleanliness to thwart off infection.  But....the sensation I was getting from touching the prostrate was amazing.  Kinda of a tingle...almost soothing type of feeling.  Since I stumbled across this site and have read about the muscles and such I am looking forward to my first session with the Syn.  Question...anybody familiar with sounds...maybe working in conjunction with the Aneros Massager?  I have read a little on here about the e-stim and WILL after some experience behind me probably give that a whir with the Syn. For now I plan to just focus on the Syn and get it to where its functional with my wife and I's sex life. Although the thought of massaging both sides of the prostrate is kinda inviting but the multitasking could end up being a challenge,

    Anyway, just food for thought.... once again thanks to all for opportunity to read your thoughts and opinions in regards to the Aneros.

  • I'd never heard of sounding until I stumbled upon this forum, where there was a post about it some time back. I can tell you the thought occurred to me for years before every knowing what the term meant that it might feel really good to insert something into my penis when I was hard. I guess we all share common thoughts and ideas regarding sexual pleasure and experimentation. I'd even contemplated going to a hardware store and buying a slender metal rod, polishing it smooth, lubing it up and inserting it down my urethra during masturbation to see what it felt l like but it seemed like a lot of work and the concern about infection has always deterred me. The risk doesn't seem worth the reward. Is there really a safe way to do this?
  • @newguy8762 - I happened across this DVD when I was looking for one by the same studio on prostate massage.  I had never heard of Sounds, and the use of them in the manner described sends a chill through me, but it may answer your question of whether there is a safe way to use them.  I'm guessing the answer is a very qualified 'yes'.

    (There are also links on that page to large images of the front and back covers, which may contain helpful information for you.)

    I have not viewed the DVD, so cannot comment on its content.  I'm just aware of its existence.
  • F#ck that! even the hospital is reluctant to stick a pipe in your penis.
    I had to have it done while in hospital and only highly qualified persons can perform it!
    My penis became quite inflamed while I had this pipe in.

    If I can help it never again! NEVER!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    There were several threads generated on this back in 2008 and 2009.  The link for the original thread doesn't appear to be working, here is what I wrote at the time. 

    • : Mon Oct 20, 2008 10:11 am Post subject;

      To All,

      While I know that this practice is common in some circles, this will be a bit of a stretch for most people (pun intended). With sounding, you really have to know what you're getting into. The fact is that
      there are some real risks associated with this, i.e. irritation, tearing
      and infection of the entire urogenital system. Understand, the urethra
      is normally a sterile environment, so introducing a foreign object like
      this can be an efficient way of contaminating the area. I know that
      most practitioners will say that they "clean" the instruments prior to
      insertion, but bear this in mind, even doctors and surgeons who perform this procedure for medical purposes have difficulties in this regard. This from the Journal of the American Medical Association:

      are numerous conditions that may arise as a consequence of sound
      infection. The most important of these are: (1) periurethral
      folliculitis and phlegmon; (2) plastic inflammation of the corpus
      spongiosum with resultant cordee; (3) exacerbation of pre-existing
      urethritis; (4) Cowperitis; (5) posterior urethral inflammation, which
      inevitably extends to the glandular tissues of the prostate; (6) true
      inflammation of the vesicle neck; (7) acute or chronic follicular
      prostatitis; (8) prostatic and periprostatic abscess; (9) seminal
      vesiculitis; (10) true cystitis; (11) urethral chill and fever of
      various grades of severity; (12) orchitis and epididymitis......

      the potential problems that can arise from this, it occurs to me that
      it's going a bit far in order to stimulate oneself. Frankly, I prefer a
      more natural path. That said, prostate massage and anal play can carry
      some potential for cross contamination as well (albeit to a much smaller
      extent)...e.g. from handling a used toy and then handling ones penis.
      The difference there is that there is no direct introduction involved
      and that the situation can be more easily managed with simple

      Each to his own....but I would advise against this.

      BF Mayfield

  • rumelrumel
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    'B Mayfield' mentioned this topic has been discussed before in these threads sounds and aneros use together & Anyone using sounding rods?. I would suggest you read those threads to get additional thoughts about the practice of 'sounding'.

    I agree with 'B Mayfield' "Each to his own....but I would advise against this."
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  • to make it clear....

    I did do a search prior to making a new thread and came up with nothing....thus the question.

    I concur, to each his own.