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Erection after 5 yrs
  • I had great pain in the prostate the last couple times I had sex with a woman. However,the pain never showed up during masterbation even though I could still orgasm.

    My main goal with the aneros mgx is to massage the prostate in hopes of getting back the ability to get an erection at will,  if super o comes that's fine too.

    I've massaged the prostate 6 or 7 times and actually got an erection the 4th time. This blew my mind and excited me to no end. Although I have been unable to achieve this momentus occasion again I now have hope or more hope than ever before of having sex with a woman again.

    I insert the aneros while lying on side. It seems that aneros moves very little while on my side. Almost like the coconut oil is not providing enough luve. However, when I stand up it feels like the aneros slides up and down a half inch or even more. Very slippery.

    Does anybody have ideas as to why the aneros gets so much more slippery when I stand up vs lying on side or even getting on my knees? Is standing position too aggessive on the prostate I get such wild movement on prostate? Thanks for any help.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @tryharder12 - Welcome to the Aneros forums. :)   I think you may just be experiencing your anal muscles clenching more when you stand up to walk. I don't think it is standing with the Aneros is dangerous. But I also don't think it is what you are looking for in terms of relaxing and progressing in your Aneros journey. You're still early on in your Aneros practice so you are not likely to feel a whole lot. Give it time and continue practicing either laying on your side, or on your back with your knees up. Also it's really a good idea to make sure you are aroused prior and during the Aneros session. Be patient and keep at it, you will get both health and pleasure benefits from this.
  • Sorry I may not have been clear. I am actually standing stationary as part of my session. I contract the muscles while standing just as I would lying down. There is a huge difference in movement of the aneros when I contact while standing. Of course I am not as relaxed standing as I would be lying down but the sensation of aneros moving is much greater while standing. Am I wrong to think that it is good to get sliding action or massaging action against prostate.

    I guess that I don't understand if the aneros is suppose to move up and down when I contract muscles. That's why I asked if it was too aggressive. I have lied back down after standing in my last session to see if the aneros would move and I still don't get the movement as I do when standing.

    my primary motive in all of this is to get the old penis working again. I feel that I have wasted 5 yrs of doing nothing so time is of the essence. At the same time i understand the need for patience and relaxation.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @tryharder12 - Nope, not wrong at all. But what you are doing is conscious and intentional contractions. Where as by relaxing you are trying to coax involuntary anal contractions, which are much more pleasurable. The Aneros will move up and down and massage your prostate with any contraction of the anal muscles. Are you doing any pre-lubrication?
  • Thanks for your help and yes I do pre lube. I understand that involuntary contractions will come in time.

    My anal muscles may be clenching more as you say while standing vs lying down but the difference in massaging action while standing is worth the uncomfortable position. It seems that I would get more action while lying down but just not the case. I feel little movement or massaging while lying on side or on my back.

    I can get almost same movement on my knees and arms on bed as Mr Mayfield talked about but that position is too painful for knees even if I use pillows for cushioning.

    I insert aneros from lying position and usually stay there for a half hr or so then finish off in standing positon for 15 min or so. I thought maybe the lube got warmed up more during last few minutes so last night I started off standing and tried lying down after a while. Same results. Teh aneros was sliding right from the beginning.

    Also the old pecker got a little woody last night so I must be doing something right. Man if I can ever wake up in the morning with a woody then I would probably reach a super O just from the sheer excitement of the occasion.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    You are so welcome. Ultimately you have to do what works for you. And make your own exploration in this Aneros journey. And it sounds like you are doing just that. :)