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Shutting of that traditional ejaculatory response
  • Hey guys

    I already spoke about this with a couple of members in the chat and i
    found two people who had the same issue as me so i decided to make a forum
    post to see if other people went through the same thing and maybe can chime in
    on how they dealt with it.

    Anyway here’s the problem: I’ve been having good sessions for a while
    now and they are very pleasurable, but right when I’m getting in a zone that I feel
    will lead up to something big, my body seems to work against me. What happens
    is my sphincter will start to push involuntarily and the aneros will be pushed
    out with it to the point where it’s completely out and it’s almost impossible
    to control/relax. If I try to remdy this by positioning myself against the bed
    so the aneros can’t esape, I seem to get into a traditional reflex and after a
    minute or 2 I wil have a (pleasurable) HFWO.

    The thing is, it’s not only the sphincter muscle that is working hard,
    it feels like my while body tenses up, my abdominal muscles tense up and I get
    pretty sensitive, like I can feel every inch of my prostate. I’ve seen a lot of
    users talk about plateau’s and the next step so I thought maybe that this
    situation is the advent of a super-o and maybe It’s walking this line that
    brings you to that next level of pleasure, but I’m not sure.

    If this is the case, is it bad conditioning, doing something wrong due
    to the traditional frame of mind? How do I shut of that traditional ejaculatory
    response, or how people here would say: relax and ride the wave, because it’s
    very pleasurable, but the aneros being pushed out negates the thing I’m leading
    up to i feel. Or does this have nothing to do with it? 

  • just noticed that i wrote of instead of off in my title :/
  • I assume you are laying on your back. The other day that happend to me.
    The progasm Ice just worked its way out, this has never happened to me before BUT...
    My muscle just pushed by them selves without my knowledge.

    All my sessions are done laying on my side. The feelings are way more intense on my side. I just tried on my back as a experiment as I do every now and then to see if my rewireing has got to the point that it does not matter the position I am in.
    Alas I am still not there.
    I have to say on your side give so much more control. 
    Maybe give it a go for a few sessions and see if it will work for you.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Tripjacks - Well you certainly don't want to get into the habit of constantly doing hands free wet orgasms with your Aneros. I suspect you need to practice relaxing all of your pelvic, anal, and rectal muscles during your Aneros sessions. Sounds like far too much tension going on. And also practice taking deep breaths. See where that gets you.
  • Hello Tripjacks,

    Had the same thing happen yesterday. Was having a great session than reach a point of just being there, calm seas I think it is reffered to. I just laid on my back with my butt flat to the bed and legs strecth straight out. It took about 10 minutes for the orgasim to build up, But when it hit it hit with a vengence. I ended up pushing the Jr out but it just gave me a different feeling. For me it felt great, and was a good way to end.
    For my two cents this is just a bump in the road on your journey. Take it feel it and grow from it.
    Hoping your next ride is better than your last.