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Aneros: The Essential Mind State
  • Gentlemen, welcome.

    If you're here, you're curious and interested. Your curiosity and interest may be leading you to a desire for a powerful experience. Let me first say, enjoy! Enjoy the journey and experience that you seek.

    This thread is dedicated to the journey the mind takes during Aneros practices. The aspects of physical pleasure are great and enticing, very tempting. As such, it is easy to dismiss the importance of the mind in the journey of Aneros.

    One may be wondering, why is the mind important if I am physically stimulating myself? If my body is being stimulated, won't the pleasure come? This is true to a degree. Manual and physical stimulation of the penis causes great sensations that lead to an ejaculatory orgasm. However, there are other types of orgasms as well.

    One such avenue of pleasure involves the mind. Let me restate that....the mind must be involved.

    In the posts that follow, an outline for esoteric and meditative practices will be given in order to fully incorporate the mind into the body and total enjoyment of Aneros. When the mind and body align, a harmonic convergence occurs releasing a fantastic energy and orgasmic sensation.

    The key concepts that greatly assist in Aneros enjoyment stem from a meditative state where the mind can relax, be free, and fall in tune with the body. Once in tune, stronger links can be created between the mind and body, allowing for greater sharing. This greater sharing in turn allows for more sensation and enjoyment.

    As you read the posts and information to follow, you have already taken the first steps in the mind's involvement in Aneros.

    You have an open mind.

    Please remember this as you further your progress.

    Have patience. Have a sense of excitement. Let go. Enjoy. Have fun.

    It is the hope of this section to offer a key and insight into the mind's powerful and active role in the Aneros journey.
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176
    Thanks rikaaim for this thread and for the companion thread where a long time poster linked similar threads into this discussion.

    Your thread is timely in my journey as I know the relaxing required is a mental discipline. Looking forward to more installments from you.
  • Rikaaim, you are so right ! My problem when i reach orgasm through prostate massage is i tense up so much it stops the orgasm leaving me so bloody annoyed. I have tried to but just cant stop tensing up. Have you or anyone else got any suggestions ?
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    This has the makings of a good thread! :-) It is said that the human brain and/or mind is major sex organ. Horniness is certainly associated with one's gonads, but it is so easy if you are red-blooded male to have sex on your mind. I have been very fortunate in recent weeks to have some amazing sessions with my Helix Syn, each one unique, yet wonderful! In a way, I have developed an intense Aneros fetish! Now a sexual fetish is certainly rooted in one's mind, would you say? Also in my case, in my sessions with my Helix Syn, I have "sexualized" it. Just thinking about my Aneros put me in the mood for a session for it, even on my days off from it! I have discovered very recently that just thinking about my Aneros produces that sweetness in my prostate and I can even induce a chairgasm or bedgasm if I wish.

    As regards the super-O, it will come in its own time. I am still an Aneros newbie because I have been using it for just longer for two months. I am here for the journey, enjoying and experiencing each session for what it is.

    rikaim wrote:

    "When the mind and body align, a harmonic convergence occurs releasing a fantastic energy and orgasmic sensation."

    How true! Something to aim for and aspire to!

    When I thick about all this, it is easy for me to fall into Aneros trance! That is how I try to approach all my Aneros sessions now.

    I too have been experiencing a type of tenseness or rather tightness in my prostate during my most recent Aneros sessions. I am not sure if this is your experience, but this tightness and swelling in my prostate is certainly pleasurable. Perhaps in your case, deep, slow and rhythmic breathing when you use your Aneros may help you relax.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    This is a very good topic.  I have been at the aneros now for about a 1 year.  I have recently had been making very good progress but i think my mind is not "aligning" with my body and whats going on.  For example just today i started getting p waves and mini-o's, then things started getting very interesting, it felt like my helix was getting sucked into me really hard and far, im pretty sure i didnt tense up and clamp down but in the heat of the moment, who knows? lol  Anyways i could feel some immense waves of pleasure and heat radiating from the prostate but nothing mind blowing, and i think its because when this happens for the first few times(and correct me if im wrong) the mind tends to not be able to enjoy the feelings as much  because they are so new and strange.  I new something good and wonderful was happening, but i was also kinda scared too, lol.  Anyways im sure over time the body and the mind will sync up and nothing but good things will happen.  So i think there tends to be two hurdles to overcome here, the challenge of using the aneros and getting used to it and the awakening of the prostate, then the challenge of the mind and body coming into an alignment so the feelings/pleasure  being produced by the aneros can be enjoyed and interpreted by the mind. 
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    "Have patience. Have a sense of excitement. Let go. Enjoy. Have fun." - Wise words young man.

    I'm sorry I'm so late responding to your thread and I agree with all you've said above. I've long maintained the Aneros learning journey is more than 90% a mental exercise to get to the Super-O level. While some users seem fortunate to grasp and employ this understanding almost intuitively and therefore progress rapidly, others may become frustrated when they discover the Aneros massagers are not 'Plug n' Play' into immediate Super-O's.

    Right out of the box, these massagers often provide enhanced orgasms and more intense ejaculations without much thought or effort. For many men this is reward enough but to get to the Super-O experience requires a paradigm shift in thinking. New users are encouraged to read the Penis, NOT thread by 'Cockadoodle' and 'rook's thread Whole Body/Whole Mind - the mental side for a little insight.

    When you become aware of your Helix being sucked in very hard and being held there without apparent tension or conscious contraction, just wait patiently to see if the P-waves build and take you directly into the "Calm Seas of Orgasm" bypassing the shaking/quaking and dry-O phases.
    I agree the first time we encounter these new sensations can be unsettling and even a bit scareyTerror, but you need to trust that your body won't create painful or harmful sensations while simultaneously creating pleasurable ones. The acceptance of this trust is part of the mind / body (attunement, integration, alignment, connection or whatever word you want to call it) to which 'SteelColdiron' is referring, part of The Essential Mind State
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    @ineverknew, your experience of your Aneros being sucked in, did you have a drilling sensation of your Aneros against your prostate? I am curious because that has been my experience of late.

    @rumel, I have been reading comments with great interest during my two months plus on Aneros Forum.

  • i certainly agree that deep breathing is the key to relaxation.  i have been doing 7 count breaths in, hold for 7, and slowly out for 7, not only for aneros sessions, but frequently thruout the day, even while taking my brisk walk for exercise.  i simply don't analyse my aneros experience during or after.  i experience my whole self absorbed in it, and simply enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the pleasure.  the 7 breathing technique has different feelings with all 3 stages, but all terrific when done deeply.  Each one astounds me, and intensifies the pleasure.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Honestly dont remember what happened.  Things were pretty intense, and now that i think about it, i did kinda feel some calm waves, but dont really recall a "drilling" effect.  The wierd thing for me is, that some times i can really feel the helix bouncing around, but other times i dont seem to feel anything, but that is usually when something good starts happening, i can feel it building up kinda from outta nowhere.

    Another thing i would like to point out also, is that i would normally masturbate about once a day, i have since tried to limit that to once every 7-10 days after reading someones post.  Its obviously helping with my dry streak so to say in the aneros department.  Im 38 yrs old, so its obviously very difficult to abstain this long, but hopefully once ive learned the path to the super O, i can maybe resume.  Happy Blue Balls to y'all, lol!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    B Mayfield coined the terms "Super-O" and the Aneros massagers as "Tantric Training Wheels", as they indeed are. I think we now need a new word for this essential mind state of which @SteelColdiron speaks.

    This state of mind is an altered state of consciousness similar to traditional meditative states, but differs in its focus on bodily sensations. In the past I have often referred to my Anerosessions as erotic meditations, enjoyable even when I don't achieve Super-O's. In fact, forgetting about Super-O's altogether has enhanced my enjoyment of my sessions even further. In my most enjoyable Anerosessions (as well as Anerosless sessions) I have entered into this altered state of consciousness where the mental focus has been on the pleasure sensations regardless of their origin in the body.

    I think henceforth, I'll call this mental state zoneros, this is a contraction of the word "zone" meaning (definition #7) "a temporary state of heightened concentration experienced by a performing athlete that enables peak performance" and (An)"Eros" meaning (definition 2) "the sum of life-preserving instincts that are manifested as impulses to gratify basic needs, as sublimated impulses, and as impulses to protect and preserve the body and mind". So what are the characteristics of this "zoneros"?

    Zoneros must first be free of 'mind noise' (or at least absolutely minimized), personal ego needs to be suspended (just let him chill out and observe the happenings, you can take him off the ice after your Anerosession), lose expectations of any nature (adopt the child's viewpoint of experiencing this adventure anew because each session is a new opportunity to experience something new), focus your intent on nurturing even the subtlest pleasure sensation and lovingly accept your body's response (even if no pleasurable sensations are forthcoming). When I'm in the zoneros it doesn't matter what happens body wise because the mind has already made it a successful Anerosession, not a "Dud".
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • @Rumel, I LOVE this post from you.  This is a beautiful, succinct, and very accurate definition of the feelings and sensations.