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How Often do you use Aneros?
  • I am into this thing now about 10 days. I have used it about 8 of those days. I have a feeling I will slow down. Everytime I use it it feels incredible and I have gotten close to something big.

    Should I force myself to slow down, does this hurt long term progress?

    Couple of observations and concerns:

    1 - I have had an increase in gas and some stomach cramps from the gas.

    2 - Sometimes the gas just pops out without warning? So far no embarrsment

    I have read this can be a side effect of the lube. As I explained in other posts, my wife is on board and she is supportive, but when I started this she was concerned about me losing sphincter control and not being able to hold things. I assured her not to worry. She is now interested in exploring her anus, but if she thinks that I am losing control or that this is causing nasty side effects then it is over. Her acceptance and openess is greatly enhancing this experience so I want to keep it going.



  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @xtimedt69 - I don't think it will hurt long term progress. At the worst it may just take longer to achieve super-O's.

    Regarding the gas and cramps. You must be using a water based lube that has glycerin in it to have that reaction. Change to a lube that does not have glycerin in it. I react to glycerin to, it's no fun and ruins the mood. Have a read here:

    I'm pretty sure your wife's concern about losing sphincter control from anal play is a myth. If there was such a problem it would have shown up here in the Aneros forums long ago. I've been using Aneros prostate massager's for just over six years now, and inserting dildos anally in me for about three years. And I have no such problems. It's actually my understanding that the Aneros toys strengthen and tone the anal muscles.
  • @Love_is Thanks for the info. I was rather concerned about the gas and cramps. Any recomended readily available brands?

    I have noticed that my butt muscles feel stronger, yet more relaxed at the same time.

  • Hi,
    I can make a couple of recos regarding reducing gas.
    1. Use a rectal rinse to make sure your trunk is clear of the junk. In the U.S. both CVS and Walgreens drug stores sell rectal bulb syringes that are used for enemas and rectal douches. A couple of flushes with warm (body temp) water should do the trick.
    2. For internal lube, the best solution I've found for me is called Probe Thick and Rich. You can sometimes find this at retail stores and it's also available online. It's made from plant-based extracts and has no chemicals (I believe it uses citric acid as a preservative). It has an almost identical consistency to pre-cum, is completely odorless and I have never had either gas or a purging effect from it. It also doesn't seem to get too absorbed.

    I use warmed-up to body temp Probe internally with a coating of Vaseline and Alboline on the Aneros of choice.

    Others on the forum swear by almond oil, olive oil, unrefined shea butter or coconut oil. I've tried all these except almond oil and although they all also worked well (and the coconut oil also has a really pleasant coconut smell to it) I stick by Probe.

    I can also tell you what did give me gas and make me have the purge feeling...Maximus lube, Astroglide, KY Jelly...anything with glycerin in it does both these thing with my anatomy. I also don't want to use anything with silicone in it in my rectum. Too many unknowns about long-term effects of that substance.
  • @newguy8762 Thanks, I am going to try that, because this other stuff is not working for me

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    I got this great new lube that contains no chemicals at all! It sucks a bit, though. I think it's called vacuum.   ;)
  • I had problems with both glycerin and polypropylene water based lubes. I've been happy with olive oil and I'm now trying walnut oil, seems about the same but it's got omega 3's, other threads also like cocoanut oil.
    Congrats on having a supportive partner, her concerns seem to be for your best interests, even better!
    You didn't tell us what model your using, I use a Syn, it's very comfortable for me, I can't use the progasm as long or. Walk around comfortably like with the Syn.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @xtimedt69 - There are lots of options for glycerin free lube. The majority of the time, what I use is 100% unrefined shea butter. The Now Foods brand particularly. You can often find it at your local health food store in the body/skin care care section. As it is marketed as skin moisturizer. Or all kinds of place online. You can read about shea butter in this main thread:

    The big advantage I find with oil based lubes is that they do not dry out or get absorbed internally like the water based ones do.

    You also might want to check out this recent thread:
  • @GoodVib Just plain extra virgin olive oil works? Really?? I have a Syn and it feels incredible. Right now the only lube I have is JO H2O Water-Based Lube. It works for me, but last night she finally allowed me to play with her butt, I bought a little bitty butt plug a massaged her butt with the lube and then the butt plug the thing is tiny (Li'l Vibro Gumdrops Smooth) as soon as I applied a littl pressure it popped in I was trying to go slow and she immediately complained that it burned, so I took it out and resumed regular duites.

    Last night was the first time I used my Syn with her DAMN! While I was going down on her and during sex with me on top the thing felt incredible! But during the the final approach, as I was reaching orgasm it slipped out. I still had an amazing one, but I bet had it stayed in it would have hit the spot.

    Afterward we talked for a bit and I was kinda appoliging that the thing popped in so fast and she said it wasn't the plug it was the lube and that it started burrning her ass ass soon as I applied it and she went and got personal wipes and cleaned it up. I hope this doesn't close that door.

    I read about people who wear these walking around. How does that impact the rewiring aspect of this whole thing?

    I have also read about people saying that the Aneros doesn't make you horny, but it does for me?? I find it erotic in that it tickles a spot that seems to increase my arousal. I have also had a bad long day and came home and even without ejaculation or complete arousal found the experience to relax me. That could be because I kind of focus on that little tickle spot and it is like meditation. Twice last week I felt like crap, tired and run down and after an hour I was rejuvinated.

    But after Friday with that episode, I think the lube kinda made me ill for a while.

  • @Love_is I may try that but am considering  Probe Thick and Rich first because it seems convenient. I know lazy.
  • I wonder if anyone locally has the  Probe Thick and Rich? I don't even know where to beging to look
  • I wish the Syn went in all the time like it did last night. Man, when I was going down on her, thet thing was hitting a place it never had before! Moving like crazy. I used the condom method with it last night. I had done that before, but not with this kind of success.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    Just an observation.
    Oil lubes - sweet almond oil, walnut oil, olive oil and castor oil don't seem to create any reaction. They just lubricate. That said my favorite in sweet almond oil as it is colour less. Shea Butter and coconut oil are also well favored. The water based lubricants from what I read on these posts seem to be problematic for anal play. The down side of the natural oil lubes is they weep a little, but then you don't need much. Even so some oils may feel better than others.
    @xtimedt69, re wife's reaction. I have tried many water based lubes and they have all reacted with me in one way or another. I have not found an anal neutral lube
  • @isvara I want to make sure I have this right. I can go right in my kitchen and get the extra virgin olive oil and use that with my Aneros Syn? Can I combine it with vasoline? I have found the vasoline makes it wiggle easier.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    As far as I know, yes. Use good quality olive oil, and Vaseline as you suggest. Try it out don't use much oil about 1ml to start with. You may need to use something to get the oil up to and over the inner sphincter. Olive oil is yellowish and may leave marks on the sheets. Vaseline may help to stop the seeping. There is a bit of a learning curve as the oil does not wash away with water, all being well you will not even know the oil is inside.. Other senior members may correct some of this.
  • Is a ml about an ounce?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    One ounce is about 30 ml.   Frankly 1 ml is a VERY small amount material to use for this purpose. 

    When I've used natural oils like these in the past, I've gone with anywhere between 2 to 4 ml injected internally as a prelube (with a children's medicine dropper) followed by a thin coating on the Aneros. I've also used it in conjunction with Vaseline applied externally and on the surface of the massager.  

    High quality extra virgin olive oil is known for a certain pungency (a peppery sensation in the mouth and on the tongue) that is delightful for cooking.  I find it an inappropriate choice for an anal lube however as it can produce irritation of the anal and rectal tissues.   Sweet almond, walnut and grapeseed oils would be my methods of choice.  

    BF Mayfield
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    Slippery Stuff Gel is one of the best water-based anal lubes:  it's super-slick, super-thick, super long-lasting, and it's one of the few that's been tested anal-safe.  I use it inside with an injector, and rub a little vaseline on the Aneros; that seems to work quite well.  Everything is still slippery after removing it, even 8+hours later (sleepover).  I just ordered some Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly to see how that works.

    Probe is good lube, but it does have some glycerine in it.

  • FYI, last night I used the Aneros Marksman and some vasoline and so far not negative side effects. I went to bed with it in at 11:30PM and had a wonderful time until about 1AM when I decided I better go to sleep. I was nearing it though. Felt full and I alternated between the Kegel and sphincter muscles with great results. I started massaging the "tube that runs under the scrotum area and got some awesome sensations. It is weird how it will build and then just vanish.

    My wife and I discussed Saturdays experience and she wants to try the butt plug again with a different lube. But she laughed and said that I am not squirting Olive Oil up her butt!

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @xtimedt69 - Your wife's burning sensation reaction is another typical symptom that some people can get from glycerin in lube. Which your JO H2O has in it. I get the same response. A burning sensation on my inner anal sphincter.

    One note regarding shea butter...
    While it can stain materials it comes into contact with, although less so with the lighter/whiter colored shea butters, laying down an old towel under your buttocks that you don't care about takes care of this problem. On top of that, it rarely runs unless there is a large amount of shea butter in your crack that the towel rubs off during a session, as the shea butter is quite thick in viscosity at body temperature.
  • I may have to try the Shea Butter. I usually don't have the time that others seem to have. I can carve out about 1 to 1.5 hours a night a couple times a week and maybe two hours on Saturday.
  • I find that for me, if I turn off the light, shut the curtains and have dark quiet ... I have a much better session, i can concentrate on that little tickle spot and soon I am getting unexpected contrations in a rhythm. During these moments, I am quite content. Porn and the meditation tapes or music distract me. Afterward, I am usually very rested and vibrant even though I didn't sleep or nap. I will have involuntary contractions for hours that feel damn nice all on their own.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Just a quick observation!

    Apart from the introductory question posed by xtimedt69, there has been no further mention of the title subject. This has thereafter been almost exclusively a discussion about lubricants!
    @xtimedt69, Did you get an answer to your original question?
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    Your question: I use an Aneros most nights. Sometimes twice in a night. Sometimes it acts as a pacifier, sometimes I get some nice feelings. Most often either a Tempo, a SGX or a MGX. I think people who have real trips would find they would not get any sleep, so they seem not to sleep with it and regulate their sessions. I guess as I advance I would also need to govern its use. I have been using an Aneros for 13 months. I use a SGX for trad sex and I am going to try a MGX again soon.
    Re gas not sure if this is diet as the gas seems to be generated well away from the anal canal.
    Re sphinters, Aneros use should tone them up, especially with some Zegel exercises (recommended for girls as well). I may be repeating myself, if so sorry.
  • No I didn't really. I have been using mine about 4 times a week. I have seen 2 to 3 suggested. I am new to it so I wondered if too much is bad for long term progress in the rewiring process.

    I am feeling my muscles getting stronger and the prostate feels better more sensual.
  • When I started 9 months ago I used it every day at least if not more and soon I was sleeping with it too.
    Now at about 8 months I just stopped and am using it about 1 to 2 times a week.
    This seemed to coincide with the introduction of the progasm ice into my sessions.
    It must satisfy my body more as I just craved it all the time before I had the progasm.
    The progasm really does stretch you to your limits!
    The other models i have are helix and eupho
  • I have the Syn. I would use it everyday if I could. I can't sleep with it. I like it but I do not sleep. Does the Progasm produce stronger better massage and results or just a fuller feeling.

    Another thing I have noticed is less interest in traditional masterbating and porn.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Whoops! Guess we got off topic. Sorry about that. The main question was in the title and I missed it. I use my Aneros as often as possible. Which can often be daily when I'm in a good cycle. I just love the pleasurable sensations I get even if they are not orgasmic yet.
  • @xtimedt69 I can hear your cogs turning! I would recommend waiting until you are at least 8 months or so into you journey maybe more.
    I have been bed ridden for most of that 8 months so I have put in many many more hours than the usual aneros user in that sort time.

    The progasm is a different beast altogether! And changes yours sessions and feelings etc.

    I am a straight 40 year old and I would have to say that once you have had a big one inside you nothing is ever exactly the same again! 
    Yes it certainly did pop my cheery! :x
    I mean this thing stung when being inserted the first few times but now I have got insertion down pat.
    It really stretches you open and fills your anal canal to the hilt.
    The girls must be lieing! Size does matter. Once they start enjoying (after the pain) a big penis inside them they will aways crave having a big penis inside them. IMHO
    All the sensations are held in tight. Squeezed if you like. Its very different to the smaller aneroes.
    I suspect the maximus would be a happy medium but have never tried one.
    This is not to say the small ones become no good after my body got used to the shock of the progasm size the eupho and helix started to work again and are still great.
    Some times you just cant stand the thought of having the progasm inside you because of its size, so the smaller devices are great to just pop in. But there is away that nagging feeling now of wanting to be stretched to the limit.
    Its big, its uncomfortable some times and it can make you sore because every thing is pulled tight and it sort of bruises you inside.
    Your inside muscles have to be strong enough to move it around and even though I thought I was ready, it was a big shock to my system.
    So summing up your question better massage? Hard to say but certainly very very different bordering on painful sometimes. Fuller feeling? Hell yes with bells on! I am glad I did not buy one for my fist aneros as it would of scared me off I think.

    I used the progasm for about 3 hours last night the put in the eupho to sleep with.
    I slept the whole night (since 1:45am) until 7am and woke feeling tiered and wrecked but then I slowly awaken a bit more and concentrated on the feelings and the eupho started to work and fairly soon I had a super-O. I tense up and it feels like stretching and afterwards I felt refreshed and ready for the day and not tired at all. I removed, peed and fed the cat and should of started my day but, well bugger I inserted the progasm again and started on this thread. Who would have though a 40 year old man still needs a pacifier to keep him happy. GooGoo Gah! ;)
    When I only had the small aneroses I used them almost every day but now with a progasm I uses every three to four days but still have aneros orgies if you like when I am in the mood.
  • @braveneworld I am into this Syn right now, I wish it was about a half inch longer. Damn when you get it going it is wonderful. I had planned to try my new lube that came today. The wife had a day off, but she got HOSED by a family member who drew her into an unexpected and long drawn activity that pissed her off and ruined her day so I just kinda let it go. But she works late tomorrow! Yowza.

    Somebody on the forum the other day wrote "it is hard to believe we get this much pleasure laying around with a piece of plastic up our ass!" I chuckled but had agree.

  • Whats going to happen when we are real old and in a nursing home?  8-X
  • We will be the horniest old fuckers in there and go coming.
  • I got the new probe thick and rich yesterday. Just had it on the nightstand. The wife just texted me at work and said she tested it and it doesn't burn. She did it on her own. This is the woman who threatened to have do not enter tattooed on her butt.

    @pommie please note my original question also included an inquiry about negative reactions like gas and cramps that led to the lube discussion. I originally was worried about what was causing the discomfort
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    @braveneworld. Not a happy thought. A few 'homes' understand their 'inmates' are sexual creatures but not many. I am sure Viagra will not be available but perhaps if I grow a longer finger. You know something like Jelqing a selected finger! I am not sure what may happen to my Aneros girls. 'Disgusting' may be the most polite response. Perhaps this is why many seniors become devious. And will I be able to have a bidet- I can't survive without one. Might be better to go out with a 'bang'. Seriously, not happy thinking for someone my age.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    From the sounds of it your wife is on the program!  Good man. 

    Keep us posted!  ;-)

    BF Mayfield
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @xtimedt69 - That's awesome! Sounds like you and the wifey are in for some good times together. :)
  • My wife is so cool, she texts me to have a good "meditation." Then asks me about it later. But our sex has improved, so she benefits. Plus I am always about half horny, like a kid again.
  • Me to. The old fella is like a kid again but I cant say anything about the sex as my wife is broken for the moment. Maybe one day if she ever gets off the drug she is on.
    I woke up 3 times early this morning with a rageing hardon and when I did eventually wake completely a anerosless session started. Mind you I went to sleep last night after my helix session, I removed it and a anerosless session took me to my slumber.
    The great thing is a hardon is not like my old hardons now there is major prostate action at the same time so things are way more intense.
    At 40 I never thought I would ever get the rock hard hardons like I got in my teenage years.
    My PC muscles were very weak but now I find I can almost lift my ass off what I am sitting on just by flexing my PC muscles.
    @xtimedt69 so glad your wife is into it for you. Enjoy and encourage it while you both can. Very happy for you both.
  • @braveneworld it has opened a whole me area of intimacy. Am surprised. We had valentines sex I was hard as iron. She was talking dirty. After she said she wants to try her butt plug again Saturday. She is keying on my experimenting and success.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    @xtimedt69: good for you that you communicated with her and are enjoying the benifits of a new and shared experiance!

  • @xtimedt69 thanks for that, that made my aneros speed up just reading your last. :D You really are on a roll dude!  enjoy!!!!
  • @braveneworld she is a special woman. We have been married 20 years and I adore her. She is still hot! Has the nicest round butt you ever saw, I would compare it to any younger girl. But over the years, inadvertently we had cut off certain sexual topics shutting down whole areas of possibility and fantasy play.

    The doors are now back open. We have discussed things and she sees changes and I see them in her. She is now bringing up things previously not discussed. She is getting in touch with herself, I find that sexy.

    Now these things have enhanced our relationship.

  • As I discussed when starting this thread, there is a change in the intensity of the feeling I am getting. When I first started it was electric. It is now way more subtle. I don't know if this is normal, temporary, or I am overdoing it.

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I'm truly impressed. So pleased to see that things are working so well for you. You are indeed a fortunate man.