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checking my progress
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    well its been a while since lve started and feel like lm at a sort of road block at the moment.

    while l have been able to produce some interesting feelings from the foetal(sp?) position but its been hit or miss to reproduce any kind of feeling l had. however l have had other results from standing if l wait long enough l leak allot more clear fluid than l would usually it virtually pees out.. somewhat like lm going for a pee but not urine. just wanted to check my experiences against others at this point or who have been at this point.
  • @Auroken interesting, so you say you just stand there in a normal stance and this fluid starts cumming?

    1.What model aneros are you using?
    2.Does it feel like the aneros is moving or is it just the constant pressure on your insides that seems to cause this?
    3.How long roughly do you think you have to wait?
    4.Do you have a erection or just flaccid?
    5. Does it feel good while the peeing is comming out.

    It sounds like copper fluid. (male squirting)

  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    thats what l was assuming, however it mostly happens with the helix when standing on occasion.. however lve never really had a great session in the 2yrs lve been trying so to speak.

    lve pretty much got most aneros's but tended to use the helix/MGX more than the rest.. tho l am planning to try the Progasm Jr when it becomes available on lovehoney.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    It sounds like seminal vestical fluid or "male squirting". It's fun and enjoy your capability. For some reason, the Helix is the only model that I can do this with. And, I can produce a lot of it. Get a large towel.

    It's a good indicator. Keep at it. Focus on relaxation and trying different muscle contractions and nipple stimulation. Trying different things and accepting the subtle feelings as significant is a good way to learn about yourself and reach greater enjoyment.

    Good luck and keep sharing,