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Sperm color
  • PhilipPhilip
    Posts: 18
    Not sure if there is a connection but mine has mostly been thick with a yellowish tint but the last few times it has been a bright milky white and the taste is better, this has changed since i have been using my Helix and alot of pegging.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,009
    Hi Philip. Please don't take me too seriously. It sounds like the Helix has given the system a good clean out. There is an old saying "the proof of the pudding is in the eating". What you say sounds good but there some really wise senior members who may say more useful things.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Sperm is pretty much colorless.  However semen is made up of several constituents,   bulbourethral/Cowper's gland fluid (1% -clear), sperm (2-5%-clear),  prostate fluid (25-30%-milky) and seminal vesicle fluid (70%- clear to yellowish).  Semen may vary from one individual to the next and may vary in consistency and color over time and with age and diet.   With respect to pegging having some connection to the color of your semen,  it's conceivable that the vigorous massaging and stimulation of your prostate was responsible for a greater proportion of prostatic fluid in your ejaculate which may have altered the color somewhat.  

    BF Mayfield


  • tairytairy
    Posts: 51
    Mine used to be thicker/whiter, but the last few years has been more clear and watery. I haven't been tested but I worry sometimes this is the result of having a lower sperm count. I know it's probably perfectly normal but it concerns me anyway, not that I'm looking to have children anytime soon, but you know.

    If only for clean-up purposes alone, it would be nice to have some thicker loads for a change! And visually I think they're more impressive that way. Oh well.