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The beginning?
  • I used this for the first time last Wednesday. It was net resting but nothing much happened. But later I had sex with the wife and it was awesome.

    So Saturday I was excited to try again. I just put it in and laid there. Stayed very still. After about 20 minutes it started. Pulses holy hell all by itself ir felt good. Soon, it started building like the feeling when you are getting a BJ and it is just over the hill. I started contractions and then I think I messed it up I started chasing it. After a few minutes it was gone so I just laid there for a while it slowly started again. I chased it again..

    So I stopped. But there was a feeling of satisfaction that lasted a whole day. I have never done this before but I am hooked. I have to say even without the super O I find this quite remarkable. I was so excited I even told the wife. She was surprisingly supportive.

    I have not finished with a regular orgasm afterward. I feel great after.

    The only downside was Saturday night I was a little underwhelmed having sex with the wife. I may have expended my sexual energy.

    I have been reading everything i can and I can't wait to do this again. I know if I relax and let it happen something good will happen.
  • xtimed. How long have you given for your sessions. It sounds to me if you just give it more time you will hit the Super O. My trick is I just put the helix in and use a very slight contraction with pc muscle until it feels tingly then I just let go and let the Helix work on its own., And there are different flavors of Super O after that!  
  • I gave it about an hour and 15 minutes Then I was out of time alone. I am aching for another session!
  • I would like to add that this thing feels good just being there in a subtle way, when it starts moving it feels better. Supe o or not, it is addictive and nice. I kinda hate to take it out. Then I feel great down ther for hours after,with tingly contractions that happen involuntarily through the day.

    I explained this to the wife she was intrigued. Asked if she could use it. I don't think she has the right wiring. But this comes from a woman that until now threatened to have a "do not enter" tattoo on her butt. Now she is asking about it.

  • I have read this from others here. I think I am addicted to this! LOL!
  • Thats one thing why I have not rushed into buying and Aneros.  I think I would become too addicted to this which I dont think would be good for me at all. I know what I can be like
  • It reminds me, I feel stupid saying this, like when you fell in love. It just stays with you. You think about it. You know really sex is about anticipation. This is the best feelings I ever had that didn't involve stimulating the penis. It just feels good.
  • One more thing. It is like a trance if you just let it happen. I am no expert, but so far that is my observation.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    xtimedt69 - I love your enthusiasm and the manner in which you are making progress.

    If you don't ejaculate after a session, then I doubt that your aneros activities could account for you feeling underwhelmed that Saturday night.  It just happens I think - stress, being tired, being preoccupied - all can stand in the way of good sex too.  I find that as I go on with my aneros experiences, the more like this sex becomes.  The good is REALLY good, but there are the occasional dud sessions too.

    "Trance"-like is a good explanation of how I feel too.  Rumel referred to aneros sessions as being like erotic meditation, which is an alternative, but equally good way of describing it.

    Enjoy the journey
  • I don't really care about the Super O at this point. The experience I am having is Euphoric all by itself. I think it will get there. But for me relaxing is the key. Then I have this warm feeling all day and if I contract it still feels good.

    You are probably right about Saturday night. I was a bit tired.

    I am thankful to have this forum with people who understand it.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums,

    I am happy to hear you are receiving good sensations from the very beginning of your journey. You've already learned a couple of valuable lessons -> chasing the sensations only chases them away & getting your wife involved in a supportive manner! Both of those facts will help you now and in the future.

    "I explained this to the wife she was intrigued. Asked if she could use it. I don't think she has the right wiring. But this comes from a woman that until now threatened to have a "do not enter" tattoo on her butt. Now she is asking about it." That's great she is interested, you should encourage her to be part of your journey. While she doesn't have a prostate so the prostate massagers may have little effect on her, you can certainly introduce her to the uni-sex Aneros models, TEMPO or PERIDISE which are far less intimidating anal penetrators than the standard massager models. see A Woman in "Peridise" by 'lynn2694' . Of course you should also consider the new EVI model designed specifically for women.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • I was looking at the peridise, would it be too large? she kept asking about vibrating types. She was very interested to see mine and was visibly relieved it didn't look like a "dick!" Then she had me explain how I felt. Afterwards she started becoming intereste in playing. She has a rabbit vibe she loves and she has massive orgasms.

    Right now she is ready to experiment, but fearful of the full on anal sex. I think it is great, but I really want her to enjoy whatever we do.
  • I will let her read a woman in peridise!
  • For me I don't hit the best Super O's until about 3 hours into a session. Maybe it takes a long time for me but I enjoy it so much I don't care and by 4 hours I will have every kind of O you can imagine. I don't usually get the full body O until atleast 3 hours into a session,
  • 3 hours! You are a trooper. I hardly ever have 3 hours.

    Well today was interesting ... Not what you think ... but interesting ....

    .... Last week I ordered the Helix Syn. This afternoon I got the notification it was delivered. I swear I got faint. This afternoon I bought HypnAerosession and loaded it on the iPad. I got off work early so I was jazzed. But, I was tired and I had a tad bit of a headache. I came home opend the little box lookat it and got all excited. I got rather stirred up, but not "horny" in the tradistional sense.

    I got everything ready, laid down put on the headphones and turned on the HypnAerosession intro. I started out OK The syn knows me better than I know me .... I was listening and breathing and MAN on those exhales WOW! Here is my problem. The Aneros only feels super good whan I lay on my side, but my damn neck started hurting, then when I adjust the pillow, I am out of the trance. So I moved around trying to get comfortable, now I have ro relax all over again. The I realize I have to pee .. it was not the "SIGNAL" Even though I went before I started .... I HAD TO PEE!

    I laid back down .... it started to move a little and I decided to just finish this one off solo and the old fashioned way ... (I took the advice of experienced users and decided to have another try another day) ... Any way, I must have built up something because when I came ... HOLY S^&T! That baby dug in and I friggin had an orgasm that lasted about 45-50 seconds and about 2-3 times the amount of liquid as normal.

    Afterward I was spent ... about an hour later ... I am already missing my new friend.

    I have a plan .... I sometimes go and get a massage (a real one, from a licensed massage therapist) afterward I am like JELLY! aches, pains cares washed away. I can then go home and lay down and just vegitate .... Doesn't that sound like a divine time to just let Syn have it's way?

    I am in NO WAY an expert, but I can tell already that this is counterintuitive, working at it makes it not work as well.


  • For me during my long sessions I will have to get up to pee 2-3 times during a session.
    But right after I pee I just do a slight contraction till spasms start and everything starts back up. 
    After a mssage would be perfect for relaxing.
  • Couple questions.

    1 sometimes we take a break in the afternoon and lay on the couch and read, then dose off for about 30 - 45 minutes. Can you put the Syn in and then put on sweats? Is it bad to do these short sessions? My intention is to not have the thing be its own purpose if you understand.

    2 I think I need a better lube, ever feel like it is stuck? Like it is not moving much?

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    If it feels as though it's getting stuck, give it a thin coat of Vaseline or similar before adding your normal lube.

    Wearing it under sweats is OK as long as there's no pressure on the device forcing it up inside you.
  • Thanks I was afraid gasoline was not water based?
  • Vasoline. Damn autocorrect!
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Vaseline is not water-based. It's very heavily purified petroleum-derived oils and waxes. You don't need much to give the device a non-stick coating, on top of which you can put your preferred lube.
  • Ok the Vaseline kicks ass! So to speak! Lol! When you add the other lube on top it gets even slicker.
  • Is there any benefit to short sessions, say 45 minutes with just letting it be there, not even pursuing to super o or any expectations?
  • I feel like when I was 15 and discovered my dick and couldn't stop playing with it.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    ive never tried any short sessions, i usually have high expectations lol.  But that being said I usually have the most pleasure in the first hour.  So if you have no expectations, dont see how it could hurt anything.
  • Does using this during sex with the wife undo the rewiring process?
  • sskerrsskerr
    Posts: 16
    "xtimedt69 February 7
    Posts: 32
    I feel like when I was 15 and discovered my dick and couldn't stop playing with it."

    I know the feeling. After a session I walk around the house in a daze.  Now I am addicted and she won't leave me alone. :)
  • What condoms do not have silicone lube? How can you tell? Trojan just says premium lube?
  • @sskerr I am now in a constant daze!
  • Aneros use can certainly be addictive. I was hopelessly addicted for about the first 7 months and at the worst time I was sleeping with it every night as well.
    Month 8 and I bought a progasm Ice. Things changed? I do not crave it all the time. I some times think it is not worth the effort. 
    But every night when I put my head on the pillow a aneroless session starts.
    You can bet that another progasm session will be soon though or if it is too much trouble then a eupho or helix session instead.
    I think once you have had GOOD aneros butt action you can never go back!
    Like penis masturbation once you have done it once its got you for life!
  • @braveneworld Yes it is addicting. I have had no big stuff but the euphoric high from it. One thing that concerns me is I am wondering about the lube. Seems to be irritating me a little.
  • Well I gave in. a lazzy sunday afternoon session with eupho!
    Oh yeah!

    @xtimedt69 you have the power. If the lube doesn't do it for your tube then change your tube lube.
  • @braveneworld I am going to change lube! Gonna try  Probe Thick and Rich