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I broke the rules .... Slept with my Syn
  • I started with Aneros a week and a half ago. I was open and up front with my wife and she is supportive. So much so that we have set aside about an hour at night to talk about sex and what we like and don't like what our fantasies are and such.

    She worked late yesterday so I went home prepared and did about an hour session by myself. It was quite nice all in all, nothing big happened.

    So we watched some TV and I kept thinking about my Syn. We then prepared for bed and our fun, sexy discussion. While she took a shower I lubed up and put the Syn in and layed there on my side reading my Kindle and waited. She comes out, I don't tell her it is in, if she discoveres it so what? She knows about it. But I didn't tell her. Everytime she talked about something erotic I had a rather nice contraction. She suggested trying some new things she had never shown interest in before.

    So, finally we laid down and I left the Syn in and hugged and spooned her and fell asleep, I know it is not recomended.

    About 2AM I woke up with the most delicious feeling. Not a Super O, no giant orgasm ... but these waves. They felt good, only lasted seconds, it didn't mayyer what position I was in. Then after a few minutes I fell asleep again ... woke up again at 4AM with it happening again. After about 20 minutes I decided I better stop and go to sleep, I took it out had a monster pee and went to sleep.

    After I woke up, the involuntary contractions stopped and I did them myself to get the feeling.

    This was very pleasurable, I imagine I won't do that again for some time because I am tired as hell today. But damn that felt good, plus the naughty nature of me doing right in front of her and her not knowing and the chance of getting caught. It was like that thing you get when an orgasm is right over the horizon you don't want it to stop.

    How could I have better capitalized on this experience to perhaps have gotten more out of it?

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    i recently started using my helix at bed time, my wife doesnt know about my aneros use.  Never discussed it with her, probly should someday though.  But it was kinda exciting the fact that i was using it and could have gotten caught.  I have had some wonderful dry O's in those situations.  I usually use it for two hours then get up and take it out, though one night i fell asleep and woke up in the morning tired as hell.  I think its hard to get a restful night with something up your bum  :)).
  • I was laying there talking to her while she was asking about a vibrating butt plug for her and the damn thing sucked inside me so hard I thought I would wince. She has NEVER shown any interest in this butt play. Now she is curious.
  • Tired as hell today. But satisfied in a weird way.
  • I promised to stay away from it today ... but I couldn't .... glad I didn't ... I was so tired I just melted into bed .... slowly these nice little twiches .... as I went along I would have them that made me physically gasp. As I lay there I would concentrate on that faint little "tickle" soon a contraction. Different than any before. They started getting harder and holding longer. I concentrated on that tickle .... My legs and belly started tingling .... then I got this one contraction that made me shake .... then it subsided and did it again, it felt like I was on a ledge ..... But it wouldn't go over .... I had to go so I stopped ... But I was so refreshed and my privates felt great.

    This tells me a pathway to gtet there. I may be wrong, but I think when that big one hits I should try to relax even more.

    This will bring me back for sure, but in a more thoughtful way.

    I know that there are a lot of jokes around about us sticking something up our asses, but gents this is the biggest "MIND FUCK" i have ever been involved in.

  • One more thing. I didn't even notice it at the time, but there was so much liquid that came out of my penis that it soaked through a doubled bath towel on to the bed.
  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    Thanks for sharing, sounds like you are definitely on the right path here. Keep updating us all, relax and enjoy
  • @ineverknew - "I think its hard to get a restful night with something up your bum".  I have had a restful, or normal, night of sleep, every night I've had an Aneros device inserted.  Probably because there's nothing happening, and thus nothing to stir me from my slumber.

    @xtimedt69 - It sounds like you're well on your way.  Well done.  Can't answer your question except to repeat to you what many others have told me, which is to enjoy whatever happens and have no expectations.
  • It showed me it is possible. But I sure had action at night.
  • If this ends up feeling as good as I think I may go pro!
  • One more thing. All day my butt hurt. After tonight, it feels awesome, relaxed and erotic. I really don't get this at all. But I like it
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Great stuff!  You're definitely on the path my friend, and with the progress that you're making and your attitude, things should present themselves for you shortly I'd say.   How terrific that your wife is on board as well.  I'd hit while the iron's hot on that one.  Sounds like a trip to a local "toy store" might be in order.   If not,  I'd suggest you both check out some online resellers together.

    Experiment, explore and enjoy!

    BF Mayfield
  • spyegspyeg
    Posts: 24
    Sleeping with any of the Aneros isn't exactly a "sin". In fact, if I have a session it will usually be right before bed and I fall asleep with it in. You just have to be careful to have enough lube so that it doesn't dry out in the middle of the night. I'll usually use a 50-50 blend of water and synthetic lube (about 2-3ml total) pre-lube, and a thin coat of Vaseline and water lube on the tool itself. Haven't had any (tool related) problems with this setup.

    However, I don't wake up with it inserted, so I actually get a full nights sleep. Some people are constantly woken up by the pleasure, so they end up being exhausted the next day, which is why it's not a good idea to sleep with an Aneros. It all depends on the individual.
  • sskerrsskerr
    Posts: 16
    I too beak the rules, not on purpose, but because I fall asleep because of the length of the sessions.  If I start a session at night when I retire for the night, the session will go until I fall asleep some where around 3-4 AM.  Then a wake call around 5-6 AM.  Think I may be addicted. 

    She won't leave alone.  Help :)  :)
  • @sskerr how long have you used Aneros?
  • sskerrsskerr
    Posts: 16
    I Started in mid Dec 2012.  I didn't need much rewiring as the circuits clicked in on the third outing.  To give my butt a break I have a Helix SYN on the way.
  • @sskerr I just started a week ago Wednesday. How often you use it?
  • Well .... My wife usually works late on Friday so I was all in the mood for a long session. I even told her ...

    I get all warm and relaxed and the contractions are rolling and I am in the zone/trance and bammo ... she decides to come home early and surprise me and take me to dinner.

    She is supportive of this and everything, but HOLY CRAP to be startled from the trance to this unexpected knocking on the door was unsettling.

    Once I came to my senses and cleaned up I was relaxed and fuzzy.

    Afterward she was cool about it and we went out to eat and had some good sex, but damn this caused something that gave me cramps and gas I had never experienced before.

    I wouldn't mind her coming in and gently joining me but damn! This was startling, for a few seconds I had no idea what was going on.

  • sskerrsskerr
    Posts: 16
    The first week it seemed like morning noon and night actually twice a day.& night, I have settled down to about 3 times a week but that is not a fixed schedule. If I let the Mistress call the shot's it would be morning noon and night. A guy has got to sleep sometimes! ;)