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I could not stop Orgasms! 3 Super O's
  • Before I get to the most amazing orgasms of my life I will tell you a small bit about me so maybe someone can help me understand what is going on with me lol. I am a 30+ yr old hetero married male and love women. I am addicted to watching naked women on TV. I had read about Prostate orgasms for about 6 months and was addicted to try to figure this out. But I also suffer from some type of prostate issue because my pee doesn't flow like it used to so I also like the idea of health benefits. I tried my finger and feels amazing but could not really get anywhere with that. I tried things close to a dildo and didn't really like the full feeling people describe and didn't really seem to hit the prostate except to make me go pee. I wanted to try Aneros but local stores did not carry and since my wife is taboo on this subject I could not have one shipped to me. I had started using womens gspot vibes with nice size ball on the end and a thin shaft. I would put on some naked ladies on my computer and just let the vibe massage my prostate. I had some nice orgasms people described and even orgasms where I felt like I could bust a load but never did. Although many times I will have to stop and go pee but half is pee and half is prostatic fluid because it smells like Urine and Semen together. But I would have maybe 2-3 orgasms at most and I thought I had a super O but after last night I know I never did. The issue though is wow would my prostate be sore from so much direct stimulation with a powerful massager so I had to figure something else out. I asked a local adult store to get some Aneros Helix Syn and they ordered me one.

    Now I have the syn and used it once during the morning and had some nice P waves but that was about it in 3-4 hour session. The next night I decided to try at night and I tried the do nothing approach and immediately I could feel the Aneros just slightly moving inside my body without any contractions at all it was doing it on its own. After about 1 hour I had my first dry O but I could feel the perineum contracting hard and felt good but not the same feeling as an orgasm. These type of orgasms continued off and on for about 3 hours and did not one voluntary contraction and I had times I would get extremely hard but wasn't as pleasuresome as some other P wave orgams I have had. After 4 hours I pulled it out and went to sleep. The next day I tried using the vibrating massager again but didn't really get anywhere cause it felt kind of sore so I stopped. That night I decided I would work on my Kegels while watching some naked women on TV.  I never really did Kegels much but noticed I had pretty powerful Kegels that I could hold for a minute or longer at full contraction. I did this for 30 minutes off and on and felt some nice sensations when I stopped almost like small orgasms but I didn't think much of it and went to sleep. The next day I just took a day off completely.

     Now here is where I had the most amazing night of my life and I would like to share so you Pro's can tell me how this happened and also maybe someone else might be doing the same thing. Again at night I laid down on my bed and watched some  of my usual TV lol and did some Kegels. I read somewhere about holding for 10 seconds, breathing and releasing for about 3 sets of 10. Which was easy for me. I felt some nice sensations afterward. I really wanted my Aneros but did not have it handy so I tried holding a very minor contraction for a few minutes and release to try to cause the involuntary spasms and did this a few times and would just hold it till the pleasure became like a numbing sensation then I stopped. The rest is nothing short of amazing. Somehow my body kept producing involuntary spasms and I had nothing at all in me and was doing nothing at all except laying in my bed watching some beautiful naked girls on Tv. The spams never stopped and was like I was being massaged inside my body and noone was there! Orgasm after Orgasm, Precum coming out of me like crazy. Every 5 minutes or so another O and another O and another O. I am not kidding when I say I had atleast 30 most powerful orgasms of my life  and then all the sudden the P waves got amazingly stronger and I didn't think it could get better but my leg went numb, my arm went numb, I felt the amazing wonderful P wave sensation but super strong and the Pwave went outside of my groin area and went into my whole body like a numbing/tingling sensation. I had precum everywhere but even though I felt like I wanted to cum so freaking bad and the orgasms were ALMOST too much I still did not touch my penis and even though it felt like I would bust a load I never did. I could not stop orgasming even wanting to stop and I had 3 Super O's before I couldn't take it anymore and got up and walked around and went to the bathroom just to try to stop the orgasms. Eventually this did work and I stopped orgasms but had blue balls like HECK. I never did touch my  penis so wondering now if I had an Aneros in if I would have eventually had an ejaculatory orgasm completely because when you have that many orgasms at some point you want to bust a load!  I am so horny today and gonna try my Aneros but can someone please explain to me how the heck did this happen to me and will I be able to reproduce this with the Aneros or possibly even better!
  • Ok, I had  session with the Helix Syn. 3 hours- Again wonderful O's. This time I am a bit worried as the 
    O's caused violent shaking so much so it seemed as if I was in a seizure. Still did not ejaculate no matter how strong the orgasms are.  Can this be dangerous when the shaking is so violent?
  • Great stuff! 

    Don't worry about the shaking.  It's a bit like turbulence on a plane: you just go through it and it calms down eventually.  I find once the energy from the shaking has been released, you're thrust into a new and deeper world of Super O ...
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    Well I'm no expert by any means, but from your use of vibrators and dildo's over time i think that had helped awaken your prostate.  Once the prostate is awake, I think pretty much anything is possible and certainly some people advance quicker then others.  What you described is what we refer to as aneroless orgasms.  This is when you have all the same positive sensations and orgasms of a prostate massage without your aneros inserted.  Having orgasms without your aneros inserted is a very good sign your prostate is definately been awoken.  As for the orgasms going on and on, I'm sure that might calm down a bit with time and usually an ejaculatory orgasm can help them subside.  I know where your coming from when things seem to go on and on, sometimes I find it best to busy myself to get them to go away, if thats truly what you want, LOL.  Anyways I'm glad to hear you've made such quick progress!
  • Thanks for the posts. Ya anerosless orgasms must be exactly what is happening. It continued and continued even past points where I felt so flushed that it felt like I went outside my body. With the aneros today I had convulsing super O's but did not get the feeling I was outside my body. Kind of cool how we can have different kinds of multiple O's and I never even knew anything but a normal ejac could I feel. Unfortunately this is making me want this more than traditional sex lol.
  • Another amazing night last night for my blog.. Although the anerosless o's were not as strong so I put in my helix and had another amazing night. Rory I took your advice and after the convulsions I left in  the aneros and I did go into the O that makes the whole body tingle and barely could breathe so thanks. Now I am so sore from my prostate orgasming so many times so I am gonna have to atleast take a day/night off but this is addicting for sure!
  • Ok, This experience last night was not good at all! I was planning on skipping any play last night because my prostate was sore from so many continuous spams. But when I went to bed without any stimulation at all TV or otherwise and did not contract pc muscles or anything and just wanted to sleep and help my body recoop but my prostate started spasms all by itself. It contracted all night long and took me through all the O's and Super O's however this time I could tell what O's were happening from previous O's but they all felt numb because my prostate has obviously been overstimulated and it sucked cause they lasted all night and through the day today and finally finished at bed time. So many contractions had caused me to be so sore and get pains that did not feel good at all....Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    What you've described is a totally normal albeit disconcerting phenomenon associated with what we refer to as "rewiring".   Rest assured that things will work themselves out in time.  This is simply your body becoming accustomed with a different arousal pathway.    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your progress!


    BF Mayfield
  • Thanks B I  def was concerned a bit. I skipped last night and made sure not to watch anything stimulating etc. I still could feel slight spasms but was able to sleep however in the morning I woke up to anal orgasms which felt pretty cool. Tonight I am trying to skip. I watched a bit of stimulating TV and it seems jut watching naked girls I feel the feelings starting and spasms so I hurried up and turned the channel. I want to give it a break for atleast 3-4 days so when I am not sure I can feel all the pleasure again in full force from the O's. Thanks guys for all your support
  • Well to add to my blog still not good. I gave it a break from Sat night to Wednesday night but still no good. Almost like I can get good feelings but kind of numb. The feelings are no where near like they were and I think I must be swollen or something and need to rest for a few weeks? Any thoughts on this happening to anyone else after really activating the prostate?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    I guess its possible you over stimulated your prostate.  Eventually you will know when its ready, it will let you know with pleasureable feelings eminating from your prostate, at least thats how mine is.  They call it being aneros horny.  Anyways I wouldnt worry about it, maybe a little break and see how it goes, two weeks seems a bit much, but you'll know when its ready.  Everyone is different when it comes to their prostate, i usually have a 2 hr session every 2-3 days, anymore then that and I end up with dud sessions.
  • I remember having my first Aneros-less orgasms, far more powerful than anything I had experienced with the device. It may be scary when you're having orgasms that you can't stop. If you don't need the device to super-O, what stops you from having one at work? crossing the street? while driving? As you go deeper with this practice, you are awakening an energy of incredible transformative power and potential danger. Not least of which is the danger of losing interest in the ordinary sexual encounters that form the basis of other incomparable joys, such as love of partner and family.

    When I got to the level of pleasure you are describing, I realized, "This device is more than just a toy. This practice is more than just a game. I need to understand what's going on here." Fortunately there is wisdom passed down to us in basically every spiritual tradition about this extraordinary internal energy, which is nothing other than the spark of the divine within us, the essence of spirituality itself, whether it's called the Holy Spirit, Shekinah, Kundalini, Shakti, Chi, Energy, "The Force"...

    If you haven't yet, check out "The Multiorgasmic Man" by Mantak Chia, in which the author, a master of qigong (the ancient Eastern science of cultivating and manipulating Chi), relates ancient Taoist wisdom on how awaken, circulate, and ground sexual energy. "The Multiorgasmic Couple" is another great book that may be perfect for helping you integrate the experience of energetic ecstasy into lovemaking with your wife. David Deida also offers some great teachings on these subjects; his "Enlightened Sex" and "The Way of the Superior Man" are excellent resources for understanding how energies work in the context of relationship and intercourse.

    You may find, as I have, that the greatest challenge with being super-orgasmic is not with intensifying the energy (the body already seems to know how to do this), but with grounding and releasing it. You may want to look into studying one of the arts people have used since before recorded history to balance, channel, and ground their energies, such as tai chi, chi kung (qigong), meditation, or yoga (prayanama and kundalini yoga are specifically concerned with energy). If you learn how to cultivate the pleasure gradually, never summoning more energy than you can subsequently ground and release, you can avoid the unpleasant effects of energetic over-stimulation. To understand more about the risks, you could google "kundalini syndrome," a collection of uncomfortable symptoms that arise when people stimulate too much internal energy without properly grounding or releasing it. To be on the safe side, have an acupuncturist on speed dial. Acupuncture helped me out several times when I was experiencing uncontrollable orgasmic spasms (at work!) in the soles of my feet and my diaphragm. A Western doctor would never have understood what was happening, but my acupuncturist understood perfectly and knew exactly how to help me.

    Maybe it's not just your prostate that needs a rest, but your whole nervous system. When you're experiencing full-body super-O, every nerve in your body is lighting up like a Christmas tree! Learn about nutrition that best supports nervous system health: magnesium, calcium, B-12, fish oil. I also take a supplement called Neuro Optimizer by Yarrow Formulas. Good nutrition should help you experience better orgasms and help your system recover more quickly and completely between sessions.

    Yes, you will be able to reproduce this (roughly) and much, much more. But only if you continue to let the experience flow and unfold naturally. Focus on surrendering your conscious will and letting your body figure out what it wants. Don't make the mistake of consciously trying to recreate something old, so that it's impossible for something new to come through. Even after 8 years with this device, I often have a session that blows all previous experience out of the water. You've found the stairway to Heaven... and it just keeps going and going. No need to race to the top. Trying to force the process will only slow it down. Take your time and enjoy every step of the journey. Study Multiorgasmic Couple, and when the time is right, share this ecstasy with your wife. Gradually integrate it into your life. And please keep coming back and sharing your experiences with us.  

  • Private this is great info. I never heard of the energy thing before and not exactly sure that is what is going on but definitely interesting to say the least. I definitely have developed a quick side effect of using aneros and mind you only after 1-2 sessions I was awoken but now just watching stimulating TV it puts me in full orgasm mode just like I was using the toy. If I just barely hold a pc contraction my orgasms take over and just watching stimulating TV it will continue through the night and to the point of being difficult to stop. I guess I should feel blessed for this. Another point if I stop watching stimulating TV then the orgasms subside so it is something with my brain stimuli that pushes my sessions along.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Wow!  Thats great Private!  I'm glad i read your post, even after the short time i've been using, this gives me hope that the journey is much longer then anticipated.  I thought I was coming close to the end of the journey so to speak as far as rewiring, but know I understand there may be no end.  Smiles!
  • To add to my blog. What an amazing experience yesterday. The night before I had done some slight pc muscle contractions and felt some nice o's but never really hit a good one even though the o's went all night and the pressure inside felt sore still. I did not let myself ejaculate and then about lunch time I was super aneros horny so decided it had been a while so felt maybe it would benefit me health wise to actually have a massage instead of just the contractions with no toy. Well as soon as the helix syn was inside I was already experiencing involuntary spasms and just let it ride. Within 10 minutes I had already had a dry o which has never happened so fast. But these feelings continued and I had so many wonderful O's and Super O's it was pretty amazing. The only problem was it felt so friggin good that I didn't want to stop lol. I ended up having a session of about 6 hours and got no work done lol. Well at about the 6 hour mark I had my best Super O ever and literally it took my breath away because I was at SUPER O for 10 minutes. A 10 minute long super O you got to be kidding me. It peaked so much I thought for sure I was going to ejaculate but then just a squirt of clear fluid shot out and that was it. This O was so powerful it actually changed my whole mood. I usually suffer from depression but after this session I was so happy through the night and still in a good mood today. So thank U Aneros for healing my depression LOL. 
  • @clubhard Bragger! Just joking seriously great story!
  • Lol xtimed. What the heck. I wanted to give myself one night break so not to make sore again but right now I was having a full aching in my pelvis. This ache was on the side of groin not where the prostate is but on the side so Def not my prostate. Then the pain turned to pleasurable feeling in my side pelvis. My leg above my knee is spasming and prostate is now pumping. I do not have access to my helix but man I'm betting it would be amazing session although it feels like one is going to happen anyway without it lol but can't be as good as best with it can it. Well I guess we'll see I can't write anymore cause the pleasure is taking over wow lol

  • Adding to my Blog another amazing night that out does all previous sessions. When will this not peak to better and better sessions. I would think at some point it can't get any better. Last night's anerosless session started at about 11 pm. It took a while for first dry o but sensations were a bit different this time. There was a constant warm feeling in my pelvis that never subsided... The super o's were so powerful I really expected I had to ejaculate but no matter how powerful ejaculations was just not gonna happen. This session went on till 7 am which is my longest session for sure. But at about 6am I had constant super o's one would come right after another. They were so powerful I was begging to ejaculate but for some reason no matter how powerful or how many super o's I have in a row I just will not ejaculate it seems. So at 7am I just barely touched my pens and had an awesome super t.... Now tonight I'm already anero s horns so might give the toy a try tonight but kind of missing sleep and don't want to over stimulate either. Well see where my mood takes me
  • Well I did go for a session. This was good and bad however. I did hit a new super O which felt like a worm was crawling around the head of my penis for like 10 minutes it was a very powerful O. But definitely my prostate and pc muscles are sore and need to take a rest but the buzzing feeling continued throughout the next day and into the night last night. I am going to try and rest a few days and recoop. 
  • Since starting Aneros, I now have a sensitive spot on the head of my penis to the left of the opening. It kinda feels like a mix between a bruise and a tingle??? I haven't been messing with it or anything to cause a bruise or anything?? Not a bad sensation.

  • Xtime ya this is pretty crazy what prostate awakening can do to us. My best O so far was this worm like feeling that was a super O and felt like I was ejaculating with penis pulsing etc but constantly also had this worm like feeling in the head at the same time. Mind you this O happened after I was done with my session-Pulled out the helix syn and right after I pulled it out this O hit me.
  • @clubhard I haven't had a Super O yet. But I have had a couple of great sessions. Unlike what many have described, my best ones have been when I was kind of tired. I rarely get hard during a session.
  • @clubhard In retrospect, we're there any signs you had that you were on the right track to this awakening? Did your first Super sneak up on you?
  • Xtime. I have just been very lucky but another poster told me that he thinks I became very prostate awoken quickly because I had started using vibrating toys for a few months before I found aneros. I had generated some very nice sensations with the vibrators but was very frustrated because I didn't get anything but maybe 1 or 2  dry o's and assumed my goal of getting hard on super orgasms without penile stim was just not for me. But I then got my helix and everything changed. With me after the first couple sessions as soon as syn was in I could feel it moving on its own. I guess the first sign is that I could feel it working immediately. I then shared that a few days later I just started doing very strong kegels and I must have already had strong pc muscles because I could hold at full contraction for 60 seconds or longer. But I found pleasurable sensations when I released which was interesting for me. Then I posted about doing this again and this time I had my first Super O. It really seems to me exhausting the PC muscle for me atleast is what brought on major O's along with the fact that my prostate was already awoken from the vibrating toys. Also I pointed out most times I do not hit the best o's until right at about 3 hours into a session. Once 3 hours hits for me it seems to be a magic number and from 3 to 6 hours holy crap things go nutz with more O's and Super O's it is ridiculous. But I have to say xtime definitely for me when I have strong dry O's and always on Super O's I get to a full erection probably harder then I have ever had even with traditional sex. My erections get so amazingly hard when I have these O's that it feels like my penis would blow up and the erection builds right along the O. So my first Super O snuck on me in a sense because my first one was with no toy at all and just exhausting my pc muscle and then holding a very very slight contraction and the entire night it was crazy for me. I have been addicted to aneros ever since!
  • Damn That sounds incredible. I read somewhere that exhausting the PC muscle was part of it.
  • Private, I have explored Multi Orgasmic male on internet and also found a book called loving sessions by keep it up johnson. I can tell you Im extremely intrigued now. There are excercises that prove the energy is real that your talking about and I am now fully understanding what is going on. I also am learning to try to channel the energy so I can get good at it to make the energy leave my body so that I don't ejaculate but rather expel my energy into my wife. This at this point now will be my ultimate goal. I can then have hours long sessions with my wife and knock her world upside down sexually. She can have many many multiples but I was always one and done but harnessing this energy seems to be the next dream and thanks for leading me to this path!
  • This is so cool. Its so neat to think that the only thing holding men back from what you have described is where we put our focus. Even though my prostate is most deffinitely not awakened, and I have extreme difficulty staying aroused during my sessions, its still so cool hearing about how awesome it is from others. 

    Quite a bit different from my 7 second traditional orgasms that I can have about 4 or 5 in a 20 minute period. Keep it up! I hope to join you some day! 
  • @MMO_RPGlol my experience so far is that with my Anero I am not aroused in the traditional sense. It is much different. Deeper in some ways.
  • MMO/Xtime. Try an experiment like I did. Get yourself to feel horny or like when you get a rush or tingle down your spine try to picture that tingle(energy) and then try to picture it somewhere else on your body. I being addicted to my penis sent the surge to my penis head but try just transferring it anywhere and you will be amazed that you can actually do this. If you send to your forehead for example you will feel your forehead pulsing. The key is finding your sexual energy/horny feeling or tingle and reroute it where you want it to be. Because of Aneros I can now feel things I never thought possible...One other note though is got to go a few days without ejaculating for this to be easier because a lot of energy seems to be in our sperm. Good luck guys
  • I am adding to my blog just so that I can keep track of my own progress. I have been experimenting with sexual energy now and moving it to other places of my body and last night was another night I can say I hit my best O's yet. I am wondering how long I will say this time was better LOL but again this is the story for me and the session complete was 4 hours and once again my best O was at about 3 hours. This O was different then any others but I will point out how I got there first. I got myself real horny which at this point is easy because I am not ejaculating. I felt the energy strong from being horny and then I focused on the energy being just exactly on my prostate and then just let it ride. I did no pc contractions or anything else but lay there focusing on my sexual energy in my prostate. I had so many wonderful O's and a couple Super O's but I am gonna call the last one for me at 3 hours a Super Duper O. I started to have a brain O and felt my brain pulsating like a penis O, Then I could feel it in my penis at same time and wow felt so good, Then when that subsided I could feel an orgasm in my spine which then directed to a penis O at same time and again wow, Then finally my legs were both pumping and arms were pumping, brain was pumping, back was pumping, belly was pumping and at same time directed to my penis and this O was so powerful and amazing feeling it felt like my O went to the sky. I actually cried from this O and then giggled because I could not believe how I again just had the best sex of my life LOL. Only time will tell if this session will be overtaken. But I can say from these types of sessions I experience no soreness at all and can do it everyday it I want to but seriously my life is being taken over by this so I have to ground this at some point.
  • @clubhard dude, your dick is gonna vibrate loose! I can kind of understand how this takes over a bit. I haven't had a Super O and I dream about it!
  • clubhardclubhard
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    Adding to my blog. I have continued seeing what I can do with Anorosless sessions and last night was another doozey. I will have to again rest for 3-4 days because my muscles are all sore inside from so many spasms every day just about. But last night I experienced new O's I had not discovered before and this last O was very powerful not in the sense of feeling good in the penis as usual super O's do but that it felt like my body was literally floating and I was seeing flashes of colors in my eyes. So it is exciting to know I really have only begun my exploration of what can eventually come from Aneros. I will continue to explore and see where the waves take me as each time seems to be a bit different. On another note I have had convulsing O's etc and could not control shaking but I have never jumped out of bed with the O's like some of the xtube recordings. I did notice last night after the last O my hips were bouncing without control, Maybe this will take me to the next level of my body getting thrown around in bed so much it jumps me out of bed but I dunno and just happy to get where I am.
  • clubhardclubhard
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    Just adding to my blog. I have been continuing again to have wonderful Anerosless sessions since my last Aneros session. Last night was another night I can say I hit a new Super O that felt quite different and got there within 2 hours and for me that is good because Super O's usually don't hit till 3 hours for me into a session so I must be getting progressively more rewired so I can soon hit Super O's much quicker. Also, As a side note I am easily able to reach an erection now when my wife even just holds me which she thinks is pretty cool because due to prostate issues even while having sex I would lose my erection so for me to achieve one with just the caress of my wife it is pretty cool and I have decided to leave ejaculations only to sessions with my wife and keep my aneros session ejaculation free which I think also helps drive the erections.
  • TurnrowTurnrow
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    Thanks for the note on how the super O has affected your erections with your wife.   That is the number one reason I want this rewiring.   Second would be to celebrate my male sexuality which is all about orgasmic feelings that last and last and last. 

    What about nighttime and morning hards?  Have they been affected in your rewiring?  Those make us feel like such men and are an encouragement to the male psyche.    Thanks

  • clubhardclubhard
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    @Turnrow  Night time erections hard to tell because it seems I am always having orgasms because I am addicted lol but as far as morning erections yes it most definitely has increased those and just about every day I wake up with morning wood again which previously was harder to come by any more. 
  • clubhardclubhard
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    Ok, I have not posted for a while. I went through a very dud session time. Everytime with or without Aneros I could not have a pleasurable session. Iactually thought my wild Aneros times were over for me and I lost feeling or something.  I remember reading on the forum somewhere that instead of doing nothing at some point try holding a pc contraction the same time as an anal contraction and so I tried this in an Anerosless session. I was able to figure out how to do it and it made my prostate bounce back and forth almost immediately. Held it there for as long as I could and then it built to pressure where I didn't need to hold it anymore. Finally it felt good again. So I kept doing this and had reach once again the best O's ever at about 4 hours. The next day I was friggin crazy Aneros horny so I tried an Aneross session and the session was so amazing I lasted the session 6 hours before I had to quit and had best Aneros session ever ending with A Super T cause I couldn't take it. Then the following night I was super Aneros horny and didn't have toy so had an Anerosless session. This session was best ever. I actually hit a new type of Super O 6 hours into session that was so friggin amazing I am horny right now just thinking about it. This Super O made me cry with tears running down my face and my whole body was shaking and I could not stop shaking all over. The feeling you get when your ejaculating was so powerful it felt like I was holding cum for a year or something. The pleasure and pressure was so amazingly intense I would have screamed if I wasn't afraid of getting heard lol. Now again I am so Aneros horny I may give in to another session with toy and geez becoming addicted again!
  • inhopeinhope
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    Your stories @clubhard make me super turned on and also super jealous/angry that after 4 years i got nothing like this, no orgasm yet just a brick wall that i can't get over.

    One thing that puzzles me is this; what the hell lube is it you're using that lasts for 6 hours??