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Albolene as lube?
  • Does anyone use albolen as alube and does it work for them?
  • I have in the past, and I've always liked it. It lasts a long time, and makes for a great lube for masturbation too, unlike Vaseline, which remains too thick for my taste. These days I mostly use grape seed oil, but I will probably get some albolene if I want to use a dildo for thrusting or something like that.
  • ok thanks for the info i also like it for masturbation and it does last a long time
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Albolene has been the staple of the porn industry for over 40 years.   It's cheap, won't dry out (it's oil based) and in so far as many people are concerned... is fairly benign.  Albolene is composed of 3 things primarily: Mineral oil, Petrolatum (Petroleum jelly..which is really a thicker form of mineral oil) and paraffin.  Personally I prefer products that are more naturally derived, but each to his own.

    BF Mayfield 
  • Like the albolene cleansing cream?
  • Yes