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Any recent experience with Slightest Touch? Is the vendor still in business?
  • What do you think about e-stim and the Slightest Touch? Do you recommend it?
  • Hello, thick.

    There have been a few long threads in this forum about e-stim. Try searching on "e-stim" using the box at the top right of this page. E-stim for sex is interesting and entertaining if used carefully. Some guys here have used it with Aneros or even electrified their Aneros device.



  • Hi @thick75

    You might want to have a read through:

    It details a very recent attempt by forum member @johntrevy to purchase one of these units, and my attempts to simply communicate with the company selling them.  The results were very underwhelming for the both of us, to say the least.

    My suggestion is that you tread carefully and first try to establish communications with them.  Then if you receive anything resembling acceptable pre-sales customer service, make up your own mind whether you'd like to proceed with purchasing from them or not.  Who knows, they may have finally got their act together.

    I assume you've read the section in the Aneros Wiki at:

    and found the link for the product there.

    Let us know if you have any success with them, either communications wise or purchase wise, as others here will appreciate that too.  Let us also know if your experience is similar to ours, as that is just as appreciated.
  • I am new to this site and still learning how to use chat and discussions. I just read these warnings.. But a little late.  I had just ordered the slightest touch an hour ago.  So I am committed to seeing this through. I will let you know what experience i have with this. It seems that i may have been screwed. Maybe I get lucky. 

  • @thick75  Unless you sent cash through the mail, I don't think you're screwed.  Both Paypal and your credit card company can be contacted after the transaction has occurred, just remember not to leave it too long after the purchase date (I recommend no longer than a month).

    If you're in the USA, the package should arrive well before a month has passed, and if you're not in the USA, it shouldn't take longer than a month (considering the amount you paid in shipping).  So sit back, relax if you can, and wait the appropriate amount of time to see what happens.

    It would be appreciated if you kept the forum membership informed, as all information is useful information.  It seems that the product is still a good product, just being marketed by boneheads at this time.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    if you manage to get the unit, here are my suggestions:
      1) when not in use, remove batteries to prevent leakage which could ruin your precious device
      2) place pads on very lower back, in the typically hair- and fat-free area above cheeks.  (wash the area first to remove body oil)
      3) use on extremely low setting, like a 1/4 inch from off.  do not expect to feel anything.  if you do, it is too high.
      4) with luck you will find your arousal increasing subtly and you ride that.
      5) as always relaxation is key
      6) i recommend stopping after an hour no matter what.  you don't want to fry your nerves.

    this is not a standard e-stim where it knocks you over.   it is a very subtle p-wave generator but when it starts working, look out.

  • I purchased one from them some time ago.  It came in the allotted time, but, unfortunately, it was DOA...had no output.  Contacted their service team, took a few days, but they had me send it back and a replacement arrived within a week or so. 

    It works as advertised, and I enjoy it.  Darwin's directions are good, one may also wish to apply pads to the backs of your legs behind the knee...that works well, too.  Experiment.


    I have no complaints and I believe you'll get your order. 

  • Just nn update... Still waiting for shipment.  No notices via email etc. I located what may be the phone number by googling. I will call them tomorrow to see if contact is possible.  This guy seems to be real adverse to customers contacting him. He seems to be a one man shop.  Hopefully he is just disorganized and slow to respond. Because the "promise" ot the device is so great it makes me be more patient before pulling the plug.  If this guy is legitimate he needs some counseling of customer service.

    Personal aside.. I am a relative newcomer.  I am making progress but it is REAL slow.  I have to be really committed to this program to get success.  I am getting involuinaries and a very low grade of P waves.  I can insert and remove much more easily and I can wear the device for hours at a time (e.g. 8 hours or more). But I seem to be very slow in progressing.  I am hoping that the ST device will hasten my success.  It may be noteworthy that I am 76 years old which may be a factor.  Having said that I am amazed at ,my sexual acheivements. I thought that at this age I would start having to start accepting a real slow down.  Not true.. my orgasms are as intense, if not more, that when i was much younger.

    Further note (since I am rambling on).. I had ED and had an inflatable implant installed.  THis is the very best decision I have ever made in my life (well at least one of the best). I get hard and stay hard for as long as I want... even days at a time.  I never have to worry about going soft.  I am always ready for action.  No loss of sensation.  Unfortunately I lost about an inch in length and some width.  But I have enough left to do the job. Women like what they see. Size is important, but being hard and able to perform is much more important. If a woman want to have multiple orgasms over a sustained period I can stay with her as long as she wants.  I am telling you this for those out there with an ED problem.  I almost deleted this last comment but I figured someone might have some interest. I am willing to discuss this with anybody who has an interest. .

    Back to the ST.. I will keep you posted.  Maybe the damn thing will arrive eventually.



  • @thick75 , thanks for the update.  I'm interested in seeing if the "damn thing" will arrive for you as well.
  • @thick75 , I sent you a PM if you haven't already seen it.  Thanks.

  • I believe the vendor has going out of business. I contacted pay pal and they're going to give me a refund, so they say. what a shame because this device had great promise . since ordering the slightest touch I become successful in achieving my super O. So my need for the slightest touch maybe less now
  • Thanks for letting us know the outcome of this.
  • I tried to order a ST a few months ago and no word from the company.  Paypal did a refund eventually.  I would not advise.  On the estim topic, I purchased a $60 TENS/EMS unit from Amazon.  I tried the pad placements but no increase in excitment.  I ended up trying to estim the progasm using leads and smooth copper  tape with a laquer polish for the edges.  It was amazing!  It can be quite overwhelming if turned up to much but if a very low setting will just augment the p-waves.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    As some of you know, I
    originally posted on the Slightest Touch here in the forum back in 2005.   I wrote a
    lengthy evaluation and recommendation of the product.  In fact I was so enthusiastic about it and its potential for Aneros users, I authored a PDF on its application for men (it was originally designed for women).   Unfortunately,  within several years customer complaints started to surface, i.e. undelivered product, quality control issues and more.   As I believed in the device at the time and was in contact with the owner of the company, I attempted to assist forum users in getting their complaints resolved.   Within several years the company downsized and relocated to Austin, TX.   Shortly thereafter I lost contact with them and in light of persistent complaints I began discouraging users from buying the product.  (I try to create a post in every thread on the Slightest Touch that I see).

    Just to be clear, this company should be avoided.   You can find their BBB report here. (F rating).   I will shortly be removing my original post about the Slightest Touch from the forum, as it has continued to attract interest in a product that is no longer available.

    Best to all,

    BF Mayfield
  • @soquest - Thanks for the latest info.  I guess the best that can be said for this company is that they've been consistent.  Consistently bad, but consistent nonetheless.

    @B Mayfield - If I might make a suggestion, rather than removing your post, amend/edit it instead to reflect the current situation.  I think it's just as important to know that this product was previously well received.  I purchased one recently from a seller on ebay, and think that if others are lucky enough to find an operational unit, they shouldn't reject it out of hand.  Based on the latest info, I stand by a statement I made in another thread, which is that it seems as if the Slightest Touch is a good device being marketed by boneheads.  It was primarily your words that moved me to acquire such a device, and I think those words are very important and shouldn't be lost.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I've removed the post for now.  While I'm delighted that you managed to acquire one from another source, I'm terribly concerned that others might have read it, ignored any possible warning that I might have provided and have proceeded to the Slightest Touch website nonetheless. 

    Thanks for your support.  I will give your suggestion consideration. 

    BF Mayfield
  • CTCT
    Posts: 75
    If anyone is interested in doing some testing with this technology, please send me a PM.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357

    you guys SO have to acquire this company and merchandise the ST.

    i own an ST.  feel free to send me questions you might have. 

  • I bought a ST. Found the same exact product for sale on Amazon for less than $20, so I asked for a refund (no questions asked, they said). Receiving no response, I submitted a dispute to Paypal and got a refund.

    As for the device itself, it is fine, though maybe not as awesome as they make it sound, although practice will probably improve that. Although it felt exciting, I have not yet orgasmed from it.
  • @justben - Just out of curiosity, how long ago did you buy the ST from the manufacturer?  Did you actually receive the unit before you requested the refund from them, or did it never arrive?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Your post puzzled me as well.  My read on what you were saying is that you ordered the Slightest Touch from the Slightest Touch website, but when you saw "the same exact product for sale on Amazon", you requested a refund immediately.  When that was not forthcoming you filed a claim through PayPal who refunded your money.

    My question is, this product that you found on Amazon for $ this an actual Slightest Touch unit manufactured by the company of the same name, or is this a similar device, with similar features?   If this is the S.T.  was it used or new?  

    BF Mayfield
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i have seen them on ebay but never amazon.