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want to try prostate massage
  • Ok it may sound a bit weird but after the Dr checked my prostate the other week I have been thinking about trying massaging my prostate. I found the experience of having the Dr touching it made me get erect even though at the time this was embarrassing it felt great. So eas wondering where and how I should start to stimulate my self this way
  • Welcome to the forum @nighthawk.
    Maybe look at the Helix as a good starting point.
    I found this model to be a great starting point and is recommended for beginners too.
    Helix classic or helix syn would be fine.
    I started about 9 months ago and am very glad I did.
    If you order from this website they are fast and the package is packed discreetly so dont worry.
    Hope to see you anerosing soon.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @nighthawk - You could try having your partner stimulate your prostate with their fingers. If that is not an option, buy yourself an Aneros. Although I might add to Braveneworld's post that the MGX, and SGX is also considered a beginners model. The SGX used to be considered a model for shorter men. But I no longer see any text on the product page or WIKI stating that. So I'm not sure what the official company line on that is at this point.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    @nighthawk - I've had that feeling too during a prostate exam, but just briefly when he first hit "the spot" inside.  After that, of course to do a good palpation exam internally, he presses so firmly and sweeps his finger over the gland to feel all its surfaces, that the feeling isn't pleasant any more and so no erection results.  I'd start with the newer more comfortable Helix Syn.  I have one and it gets right on "that spot" inside and gently tickles it as the involuntary anal contractions start building resulting in dry orgasms that are just fantastic.  I do get an erection with these, as contrasted with the urologist's exam, because they feel so good inside.  Can't get my sweet wife to go anywhere near that area so the Aneros is the way to go for me.  Does wonders for your urinary flow and prostate health too.
  • I just started last week with the Syn. It is awesome apart from any expectations all by itself. My wife used to threaten she was going to have a "keep out" sign tattooed on her butt. But I told her about my experience and now she is asking questions about toys for her too.

  • @nighthawk - Definitely recommend looking into Prostate Massager, whether toy or partner.  You can stim yourself, but it's tough to get it oh so right!
  • DBAnuserDBAnuser
    Posts: 2
    I had an interesting experience at my recent Dr visit. The urologist whom I normally see annually for a DRE/PSA check up was tied up in emergency surgery, so I was assigned to the new lady MD at this urology clinic. At first I was apprehensive, but did not want to wait 6 more months for an appointment. So I was led into the exam room and asked to strip down to my shorts. After 30 mins. the lady MD, probably 35-40 came in with the nurse, also female. She started with the normal battery of questions (including "how are your erections ?") and then said she would perform the DRE, take blood etc. The DRE itself was non-eventful, but apparently she wanted to "massage"  -  at which point the nurse handed me a paper towel and said "you might need this". The massage started slowly, but soon became very intense, and extremely arousing, I became as hard as a rock, but the feeling though was far different from a normal orgasmic feeling. Then I literally shot my wad (that's what the paper towel was for !) and it seemed like volume was 5 times a normal load, and shot out with far more power. I was a little embarrassed, but yet proud as I leaned against the exam bench with a solid hard-on and two women checking it out. The MD said I quite a bit of build up and should consider having prostate massages. I am now looking for someone, a nurse or whatever who can do these rather than going to an MD and paying more etc. So far, no luck in locating anyone.  
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    i am having trouble believing this.  completely outside of standard urological practice.  what kind of "build up" might she be talking about?

  • DBAnuserDBAnuser
    Posts: 2

    May I suggest you do a little research. You can start here

    The procedure has been used for many years and even though it has somewhat been replaced by drugs etc., it is still extensively used in the orient.
  • evergreenevergreen
    Posts: 32
    My family Dr. noticed a very small nodule when he did a dre. He sent me to a uro. this past wed.His dre lasted 20 to 30 seconds at most.My psa is 2.4.I have to recheck in 6 months.The only exam that would even come close to what is described above is a pca3 test where the massage would cause some prostate fluid to show up in a urine sample which would be taken afterwards.This test is only done when a high psa score raises a red flag. Posts like the one from this individual could cause a guy to avoid getting checked with deadly consequences.He should be totally ignored.     best wishes      Evergreen
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140


    Not to speak for Darwin, but he is quite knowledgeable on the specifics of prostate massage and it's use as modality in the treatment of prostatitis and CPPS here (in the U.S.) and Asia.   I'm guessing that he was taken aback by your description of the episode inside your doctor's office.  While it is not unusual for some physicians to provide this service,  it's extraordinary that it would be performed without some discussion beforehand.  In a doctor's office one would expect for this to be treated like a true medical procedure.  In addition, your description makes it sound as if the doctor had some intention of making you ejaculate.  While some milking of the prostate may occur under these circumstances, the goal behind this treatment is not an orgasm for the patient. 

    With respect to the "build up" ...I'm assuming this was a reference to congestion of your prostate?

    BF Mayfield

    p.s. In all my years I've never had a urologist ask about the quality of my erections.   Where is this doctor located?  ;-)
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    At my Uro's office (Southern Calif.) most new patients in the "over 70" league start their initial visit with short questionnaires.  These are used to choose diagnostic approaches and help the patient express his complaint(s).

    The "International Prostate Symptom Score (I-PSS)" may point to further  diagnosis to measure the amount of Urine retained in the bladder.  "Urodynamics" testing measures stream volume and ease of starting/stopping the urine stream.

    The "International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF)" yields a numerical assessment of one's capabiity to initially erect, penetrate, and sustain an erection.  In cases where an oral PDE5 inhibitor has not been effective, an injection of "BiMix"  (papavarine & phentolamine) combined with bi-directional ultra-sound imaging can help to diagnose the underlying causes of the dysfunction.

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    I've been shopping for a new uro after mine retired. Two of the four I have visited have had questionnaires asking about ED and quality of erections and satisfaction. I appreciate thie interest since I believe the quality of a man's erection is a good indicator of health, mental and physical.