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What in the world was that?
  • After months of giving this a try, for the first time I felt a buzz.. A scratch in my lower area, so I popped in the MGX.

    After only 10 minutes, I got very pleasurable sensations, so I concentrated on breathing and tried to make something out of it. Suddenly within 10 seconds, my hands and feet got tingly as if they were falling asleep.. Immediately after that, my hands went completely numb, and the rest of my body was tingling. After 30 seconds of this tingling, it slowly faded back to normal.

    I know this wasn't an orgasm because I know what an orgasm feels like and this wasn't pleasurable, but not painful of course. It felt amazing, it just didn't have that orgasmic kick to it. I just got completely tingly and all my limbs went numb, but that was it. I ended up feeling so hot and heavy I went and had a super T because I have to be somewhere soon.

    Anyone want to explain what in the world that was? I don't know how to judge this.
  • Sounds like it was "progress".  Good for you.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 602
    Agreed. A milestone has been passed.