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My First Super Orgasm...
  • Phew!
    Hey everybody, I've been using the Aneros Helix for several months now off and on.  When I got the Helix, I had never tried prostate stimulation before but was very interested in it.  After hesitantly browsing the web for prostate massagers, I found the Aneros site and decided to buy one.  

    I read a lot on the forums, various testimonials, how-to's etc. and want to give a quick shout out to the various experienced users who have shared their advise!!  Also, thank you to all of the forum users, new and experienced, dunno if I ever would have made it here without you! My sessions up until this point have been very gratifying but never really achieved a "Super O" until today.  I had experienced a lot of P-Waves, some very nice sensations and even some Mini-O's I think.. but nothing like today.

    So when I began my session today, after having taken a break for about a month, I decided that tonight would be an exploration session.  No expectations, no real effort, just having some fun and seeing what sensations I could experience.  I went with the traditional position on my right side with one leg tucked up. After getting accustomed to having the Helix inserted I decided to do absolutely nothing except maintain a contraction at about 40%, which I've seen recommended from multiple users.  Instead of doing any contractions beyond that, I just layed there and focused on any sensations, regardless of how small.  Within a few minutes I could feel the Aneros moving on its own, very very slightly.  A few P-Waves later and the sensations and movement subsided.  I kept telling myself "Don't get impatient, its okay, this is just about experimenting". 

    About 10 minutes later I decided to try again, this time on my elbows and knees tucked under me.  Very quickly I started feeling the movement, sensations and P-Waves, but again, nothing unlike what I had previously experienced and this continued for about 15-20 minutes until it once again subsided.  

    Finally the last round came (I wasn't expecting it to be the last round, but WOW).  Once again I went back to the traditional position and rested there holding at about 40%.  15-20 minutes went by with absolutely nothing happening.  Again, telling myself to not get impatient or frustrated and just relax and enjoy, I decided to play with my nipples.  I have NEVER been a fan of nipple play, it has just never done anything for me, but I figured... time to experiment!  I started just lightly playing with my nipple and immediately the Aneros began moving on its own like it had for me many times in the past. To clarify it moving on its own... well I can't, it didn't seem to be going with my pulse, and I absolutely wasn't contracting, it just was very very slightly seeming to faintly move around.  This time though, there were some new sensations that I had never felt before.  This sensation was that "itch" that you can't scratch on the prostate... I never really knew what that meant until I felt it, so if you don't understand, don't worry, you will.  To me, it felt more like a pinpoint something-or-other on my prostate that the Helix was rubbing against and it came with an interesting "tingle".... best way to describe it..This was the first time that I started having a feeling of kinda needing to pee with relatively powerful P-Waves in my lower abdomen.  I stopped playing with my nipple to focus on the new sensations.  Again, this entire time and through the remainder of the session I never intentionally contracted except to find the 40% mark.  I felt the sensations build and subside several times but never fully go away.  I finally decided to basically think to myself as if I were explaining to someone exactly what was happening and what I was feeling as it was happening, helping me to really internalize and focus on the sensations.  From here it was up and up.  

    I knew I was rolling now and the P-Waves were coming very consistently but slightly more intense each time, about 10-15 seconds apart.  I had never had P-Waves come consistently before this session, they seemed much more random before.  Now, I'm not sure if this was due to fatigue from holding at 40% for about an hour now or genuinely involuntary contractions, but the Aneros started to "bounce" in and out relatively rapidly (about two or three times per second) but very slightly, not much at all, millimeters even.  This didn't actually give me any new sensations, but certainly kept the build going.  I became VERY aware of the fact that my prostate was becoming engorged and I could feel pressure building inside of me.  As the P-Waves began to become more intense they started to spread upwards into my chest and into my anus.  Just a general "good" feeling, like endorphin's were being released directly into those specific areas (from my anus all the way up to my upper chest) for a few seconds at a time.  I kept telling myself to breathe and relax. I had read that it helps sometimes not to TRY to have a Super-O but to attempt to maintain and continue enjoying the sensations, which at this point were INTENSE! More intense than anything I had felt before with my past months of sessions.  By the time I couldn't keep myself from beginning to tense up, and breathing much more heavily, the Helix was moving much more drastically, but the same speed as it was before... kind of like my muscles were too tired to maintain the 40% and were fluttering trying to maintain.  Again, the goal the entire time was to purely maintain the 40% hold.  Well, that's when it happened.  I sort of started whimpering and moaning lightly but I couldn't control it as my body started slightly thrusting as if I were having sex... and I couldn't stop it or control it, it was just happening!  I even remember consciously thinking "uhhh I'm not trying to do this, but DAM it feels good!" This went on for a solid 5-8 minutes increasing in intensity over and over until it finally felt like the endorphin's exploded all over my body centrally from my prostate... as if it were emanating from there to the rest of my body.  Body tense, shaking, the whole nine.  It got so intense I finally decided it needed to stop cause I couldn't really take it anymore, so I completely relaxed my anus to let go of the 40% hold... Weellll, obviously my body didn't care at all cause that shot the most massive P-Wave through my body that I had ever felt and I couldn't help but contract again and it happened all over again for another few minutes.  Finally I had to have it stop because it was just too intense and I NEEDED to ejaculate so I rolled on to my back and finished myself off traditionally... Holy crap... 

    Needless to say, I am SO glad that I decided to pick it up again after about a month off.  Absolutely unreal.  It almost feels like it didn't happen, I'm kind of in shock about it.  Anyway, I thought I'd share my fantastic session with everyone. It almost scares me that from everything I've read, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Lol I don't know if I could HANDLE more.  But I'm gonna try .  

    Thanks again to everyone on this forum and I hope this will be my first post of many more experiences throughout my journey!!

  • rrunnzrrunnz
    Posts: 18
    I have a Helix, Progasm and recently bought a Eupho.  I never had any success till about two months ago when I started using the Helix when I was tanning in the nude. I had some success with it and wanted more but the best I got was a few P-waves and involuntary spasms.  I persisted each day and was achieving more and more spasms and P-waves, it actually felt as if my penis was masturbating itself.

    The big breakthru came with the arrival of the Eupho,  the little dancing machine.  Today I started out with the Helix for a morning session and bang, I was off on a ride I had been longing for for years, 
    my first super-o.  It lasted  for about ten minutes, I slowed down and it began again slowly and was at a frenzy the first one achieved.  All in all about 3 in that session.  I had to stop and go do some work.  I came back about one and a half hours later and put in the Eupho, it was if there was not minute lost between the first session.  I was lost in two super-o's in a 30 minute session, it wained and the bright idea of trying the unsuccessful Progasm.  Again every thing started up as if there was not a break between the other two but the feeling was that of a strong p-wave preceeding the super-o session that lasted about fifteen minutes leaving me exausted  and with anal wave of pleasure holding on for dear life and my prostate throbbing from the pleasure. I guess my body has finally synced with the aneros devices and has generously granted me the long awaited pleasure.
  • After one month of getting my first Aneros (Helix) I am starting to have my first successful sessions.

    I think the key is a combination of relaxation and "manual" contractions.

    The first weeks I did it very "manual", I incited the contractions. I was pleasurable but at the same time it did hurt as it was all tensed.

    The other day I just relaxed, I tried to avoid any contraction. I let the arousal to grow up very slowly, with very soft contractions and stimulating my nipples. I let the body to adjust to the aneros, and the anal muscles to loose. And after while (maybe 60 minutes) I just let it go and enjoyed the ride. It was amazing. For sure, it can be improved, but it seems my first proper steps.
  • The
    main reason why I selected the Helix Aneros was for medical reasons.  I
    have chronic prostate inflammation and my doctor recommended I have
    periodic prostate massages to improve its health. Self massages with my
    hand was too cumbersome for me, so research on the Internet took me to
    the Aneros.  Although all the talk was about the sexual benefits,  I
    figured this would work. 

    After reading all of the instructions form the web site and blogs, I
    gave it a try.  Lubed up per instructions and used about 2 ml
    extra with a syringe.  Laid on my back, knees bent....did the sphincter
    contractions etc thinking that was all that was needed. After 30
    minutes,  I got a good medicinal massage,  plenty of pre cum seminal
    fluid, but that was it.  No big sensations like I anticipated.

    Days later I tried again.  This time I entertained myself with some
    porn thinking that would get things going. After about 45 minutes of
    trying, no fireworks and  I 'took care of myself' with a very
    extreme ejaculation orgasm .

    Next time I thought I would try something different.  I am 57 years
    old and at my age I usually need a little help to get thing hard down this time I popped a Levitra before hand.  Watched the porn
    again for about 20  minutes focusing on the contractions while lying on
    my back.   And then,  things started to happen:  With my knees bent,
    both legs started to quiver and shake back and forth by themselves. 
    Thats weird... just thinking it was a leg cramp or something, and then
    the movements & sensation moved to my groin, hips and lower
    abdominal area.  Wow...this must be it!  So, I thought I
    should concentrate more on the porn, but that proved to a  wrong move
    because the sensation stopped. 

    So that's the key: the porn was the distraction, so I
    turned it off. Laid there, knees bent, with steady deep breathing.  A
    few minutes later the involuntary quivering began again with the legs
    and then my groin and hips and eventually in a violent bouncing
    .thrusting up and down motion as though I was making love to someone on
    top of me.  I had to put a small pillow under my hips because the
    pounding was hurting low back/hips against the floor.  The hardest part 
    was letting it do its thing on its own.  You don't control it, it
    controls you, so enjoy the ride as it cum's, so to speak......I just let
    go and my entire body would quiver and shake at times.  The
    sensations were nothing like I ever felt before.

    OK, now I am ready to try something different I read about.  Moved
    on my side with knees bent.  Again the lower groin was thrusting  in a
    slow smooth rhythmic motion...wowed again.

    OK, I now I try rolling over  on my hands and knees, wow...entire
    body shivers as I get into this position.  And the next thing I know my
    entire pelvic area  begins thrusting again back and forth violently with
    you know what, hard as ever, flapping in the wind.  Another Wow
    factor!!  It was as though I was making love to a ghost in this hands
    down doggy position. It was fantastic, uncontrollable,  euphoric, and

    Moved to my back again for more pounding and thrusting thinking
    this feels sooo good.  After about 20 - minutes overall I had to stop
    because I was literally tired and exhausted. I guess that was the super O
    everyone was talking about. I had a total of three sessions like
    that in about an hours time.

    You know, when reading the articles and blogs I was really skeptic
    thinking someone is making these stories up just to get something in
    print. And even if they weren't lying why would they tell the world? 
    But for some reason after having this experience, I feel I've got to
    share it as well.  Weird huh?  

    As for my prostate, it's only been two far so good... no
    antibiotics taken...knock on wood,,,Looking forward for more euphoria
    and and a healthy prostate in the future.
  • I'm a 30-something year old, single, straight male. 11 months after getting my Aneros MGX and occasionally experimenting without any real plan or "effort"... just trying it out while masturbating and soaking in new feelings... last night I finally hit the neurological pleasure jackpot - the Super-O experience!

    Oh man... it is awesome, mystical and fierce. The orgasms and physical sensations (including some very good ones) I've had having sex with a woman completely pales compared to this.

    Here's how it went down: 

    Lying on my bed, I lubed up and pushed in the Aneros extremely slowly, taking a good 5 minutes to fully get the P-tab pressed up against my perineum. This extremely slow insertion helped open me up and tune into the subtle sensations... and into the 'meditative trance' that blew open the Super-O portal.

    I was lying on my back and making muscle contractions... slowly contracting and pressing the Aneros into my prostate without hands...  while firmly massaging the heel of my palm into the perineum. I continued breathing deeply and feeling my root chakra... soothing and relaxing my entire body... and rubbing my fingers around the the plastic stem where the Aneros goes into my body (massaging around my anus with a "peace sign," index and middle finger).

    I gently teased the top of my penis a little, but mostly rubbed the perineum... and then focused on rubbing the lower 1/3 of my penis especially - near the base.

    After 20 minutes or so of very slow, unrushed, subtle stimulation of the lower third of the penis and anal area... with some gentle "taps" with my fingers on the base of the Aneros to stimulate the prostate...  while deep breathing... suddenly I could feel a 'kundalini' like bolt of energy shoot up my spine and cause the muscles in my face to shake.

    The experience that unfolded was so freaking intense and unexpected, I can't remember every aspect of it, but here are...

    Some of the characteristics of the Super-O that I can remember:

    • Body parts shaking and twitching, particularly the face... similar to what yogis describe as a Kriyā 
    • A primal, animalistic desire to cry out, moan, and growl 
    • Wave after wave of FULL BODY energy rushes - similar to kundalini or psychedelic experiences
    • Glowing body sensations so powerfully intense that I was slightly startled or alarmed
    • A desensitisization or "unlocking" of the penis... where the 'ejaculation threshold' where you end up squirting semen and "game over" was dialed way down... so I could stimulate my penis and keep it at the intense 'threshold' of orgasm for minutes at a time.
    • The BEST EFFECT: You know those overwhelming sensations that tempt you to ejaculate... the warm, juicy, insanely pleasurable, tempting-you-to-spill-your-seed delicious sensations that you typically experience for about 5 seconds before blowing your load? Well, I was able to feel the same creme-de-la-creme sensations that directly precede an ejaculatory orgasm for at least 5 to 10 minutes solid! WOW!!!!
    • Additional, delicious and new deep sensations in the anus and prostate area, just as good as the incredible feelings in my penis.
    • Just slightly moving the Aneros with my muscles or hands... or stimulating my penis directly... could keep the intense rushes and waves going for another round...
    • After perhaps 30 minutes I felt so throughly "mind blown" and deeply satisfied... that I decided to take out the Aneros and stop the experience... although I could have kept going.
    • Did not ejaculate or release fluid, although I think I could have if I wanted to... with direct penis stimulation and concentrating on doing it. 

    Wow! This little toy has completely redefined my sense of sexuality and opened many new horizons. Coolest little piece of plastic ever!

    The 'vanilla' kind of sexuality I experienced in my previous relationships won't cut it, and neither will any woman who isn't open to such depths and experiences (prostate / anal play). It also makes me feel 'independent' and it makes things like porn and even conventional sex with a partner seem like secondary diversions that I can enjoy... but if I don't have them, I can still take myself into a very deep place.

    I felt very peaceful and satisfied after my experienced, slept well, and the experience was so intense... it wasn't the kind of thing I was "rushing" to do again the next morning.

    I felt like I need some time to integrate it.

  • RELAX.....

    That was the main thread I could find throughout the forums I read.  After purchasing first the MGX and later the Helix about 5 months ago, I was wondering if I needed to order the Progasm because I didn't seem to be getting the same feelings that I had with previous tries at anal play.  I had experienced prostate massage in a limited capacity in those other tries and had forced out some precum also.  But until I was able to get off work early and the wife was still at work and kids at school was I really able to completely relax and enjoy each feeling.  The other change was using petroleum jelly at the base of the Helix because other lubricants seemed to be drying out before I was done.  The feelings were best on my back with a pillow beneath my ass and feet flat on the bed.  I was just enjoying the feeling of contraction..relaxation..swaying my hips and focusing on the feeling of the Helix inside me and the P-Tab hitting just the right spot when all of the sudden, I decided to raise my hips and begin partial continuous contraction......the feeling that began to build inside was incredible and I was hoping it would continue....and did it ever...and grow.  An internal feeling of tingle, tickle, absolute pleasure. As my hips began rocking seemingly on their own, I began to push down on them.  I knew something fucking incredible was about to happen.  I began to moan like never before and then my hips took over... bucking up and down..side to side..  bouncing all over the place.  I began to feel it move inside me all by itself and I kept moaning, then laughing, then swearing.  This continued for I think about 5 to 10 minutes before I had to stop and catch my breath.  After about another 5 minutes of trying to calm things down, I decided to see if I could start it up again...and could I ever.  After about another 5 minutes, I decided to finish off by masturbating and it didn't take many strokes before my cock exploded in what seemed to be a more liquid cum.  I just lay there enjoying the afterglow and wondering if I forced all the movement myself.  The past several attempts have not repeated the same I know it wasn't forced.  I'm afraid of becoming frustrated by not being able to repeat those sensations, and have decided to take a little break until I can put aside the amount of time needed to achieve those incredible sensations again....I just hope I don't have to wait too long.  Once was freaking great...but not's to hopefully an incredible continuous journey!!!  
    P.S. - I think I now know what my wife goes through when she is right on the edge of a G-Spot orgasm and hopefully it will help me get her there more often!!
  • 1st super o, inserted helix while not particularly aroused, used minimal amount of lotion as lube then statred checking out lots of porn videos of women masturbating.

    After about 45 mins started getting those shivery waves. I clamped my legs together and started thrusting my hips up off the bed in time with contractions. Started to feell that internal itch feeling people here report- kept working through it until felt like Helix got a mind of its own and started wriggling about in my back passgae.

    I changed my thrusts to work in with the Helix autocontractions. Felt the flush of a big O washing over me, but also felt the need to pee / let go, so I did.

    Man o man the ejaculation (all toally handsfree) was profound in quantity and force, on my face, in my hair, on the headboard of the bed and on the floor beside the bed, not spurting, my cock was literally spraying and the ejaculate itself was noticeably thinner and very white. Not the usual dry Super- O that people write about here but I'm more than happy with what I am getting but make sure now I have a towel draped over me :) nothing like the quantity of ejaculateas the first time, but big wet handsfree orgasms each time.
  • So I've read a few of the stories on here and I'm not exactly sure what I may have experienced the other night, but after weeks of on and off prostate stimulation (that was very pleasurable, if not ever productive of a Super-O) I had a very interesting orgasm. I think it was probably a dry O, but I'm not entirely sure. I haven't used the Aneros, I use a curved glass dildo that looks like a series of connected balls about an inch thick each with a larger ball at the base. I insert it so that if I'm lying on my back the curvature points to the ceiling--I reasoned that this would allow the length of the dildo to rub my prostate as involuntary contractions occurred, though I doubt it really moved very much.
    Anyway, the other night I lay down and wasn't even thinking of trying to have a prostate orgasm. I had been horny for some time and was having fun watching porn and not touching myself, really trying to work up a handsfree traditional orgasm. I got a little farther than I ever had with that, and noticed my prostate was giving me a tingling feeling that was beginning to grow. I seemed to be hitting a ceiling of sorts, so I figured if I put in the dildo I might be able to help myself along. I did, and the feelings did grow. But I hit another ceiling. I couldn't seem to pass over the new hill into what I was sure was a Super-O. I had had some good experience on my hands and knees with my back arched and ass in the air--a position that I figure pushes the prostate out towards the perineum and thus has it come into more contact with the dildo. What happened next was incredible.
    It felt as if my perineum and ass were seizing up, almost an uncomfortable cramp. My penis got as hard as I've ever felt it, and sensations of the apex of orgasm ran like spiderwebs through the head and down my shaft. My ass twitched uncontrollably, and I discovered I could actually urge the orgasm along with conscious contractions of my PC muscles. I'm not sure how long this lasted, this hesitation at the peak of orgasm, but it felt like minutes. I'm not sure if it's a dry O or a Super-O (I think probably dry, because from what I've read of Super-O's it seems there is a total loss of control). All I could do was sit there and breathe, abdomen tight, the sounds of porn on my phone in my ear. I was in simultaneous bliss and awe. I regret it didn't last longer. I did notice that I was not particularly inclined to finish traditionally--my penis seemed done after that. I brought myself to orgasm anyway, however, and my semen was quite watery. I think all the prostate stimulation causes elevated excretion of Cowper's fluid that dilutes sperm from what we may be used to. I've read some similar accounts on these forums. Anyway, the orgasm was fantastic and I've been trying to experience something similar ever sense. It's only been a few days, but I feel like I get close, hit the ceilings again and this time can't cross over.
    I know a major component of the Super-O is relaxation and careful manipulation of the PC muscles. I'm going to experiment along this route. I think I also should wait until I'm more sexually aroused, which means holding off masturbation a few days. I'm also seriously considering purchasing the Aneros, because the abutment tab might be helpful and the size of the dildo seems more appropriate (I think too much insertion into the anus can actually detract from the control necessary to continuously orgasm). Things to experiment with!
  • EmanEman
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    Just think I had an Super O I think This is my second time with any Aneros I decided to go big or stay home bought the Progasm My whole body start to shake uncontrolable (This was about 45 min inot the show) and the Progasm started moving on it own, in and out of my ass long hard stokes I could feel it rub my prostate. (Christ is was like a jack hammer and slid halfway out ans still trobbing) had a ton of Prosatic fluid - It made suds when rubbing it between my fingers. What this just a strong P wave or the real deal?? Seams like it lasted about 45-60 secs.
  • After using the Aneros for 4 or 5 sessions with very pleasurable results I finally experienced the Super-O I was looking for...

    I started with a shower to help me relax and get into the mood. The girlfriend was out of town so I had plenty of uninterrupted time to myself. After lubing "inside and out" I inserted the Aneros, allowed it to settle in and laid in bed just relaxing. Like I said I used the device before and it always was pleasurable to have it inserted but, this time it just felt better.
    I was lying on my side with my knees up tight to my chest and just relaxed while concentrating on breathing and anal contractions. I was able to distinguish inner and outer anal contractions that allowed the device to begin working inside of me.After about 10 minutes my toes began to twitch and my breathing became heavier. I thought to my self "I must be on the right track here". The P-waves began to build inside an I soon found myself convulsing uncontrollably on the bed. Wave after wave swept thru me for about 3 different times in 5 minutes.
    I moved onto my knees and the P-waves came again only stronger this time, Then I was hit with the most intense orgasm I ever experienced. I thrashed, moaned, grunted and groaned almost animalistically. It was as if I was being lifted out of my own body with pleasure. It was as if the Aneros was moving in and out on its own which I guess it does.I was able to come down but, only briefly as another Super-O swept over me causing me to literally "dry-hump" the air. After the last of the waves subsided I laid in bed saying to myself WTF was that?
    Still not sure but, I love finding out everytime I use the Aneros. 

    To those still seeking the Super-O, lubrication inside and out,relaxation and concentration is very important in allowing the Aneros to "float" inside your body. 

  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I've been trying for over two years, with a lot of really nice pleasure along the way, but last night tops any session I've ever had.

    It was a typical session, lying on my back, legs out flat, with the (tailless) helix inserted.
    I was 100% focussed on the pleasure and ignoring movement, or rather,
    not thinking about it. I'd also read a thread where someone made the
    comparison between driving a car and being carried by a hot air balloon, so I
    had that in the back of my mind during the session.

    For the first time with the aneros, I reached what I'd call an actual true-blue orgasm, rather than my usual subtle, ongoing, orgasm-like pleasure. This was an intense peak, like the most intense second of a strong traditional orgasm, but it kept going for 2 or 3 minutes. As the pleasure ramped up to the peak all I could think was "Oh God, this is it!". I wouldn't even say it came in waves, it was more like someone turned the pleasure dial up to 11 and left it there, pulsing and rushing.

    What amazes me is how short a distance I had to travel between where I had been for months and this peak, the buildup was short and subtle. The usual ongoing pleasure increased slowly, in a straight line, reached an "Oh God" peak and then stayed there, humming. Which is not what I was expecting. I expected muscle tightening and big involuntaries in the lead up, but maybe this is just traditional masturbation thinking.

    I'm excited to see where I can go from here, I got a little distracted when I was in the moment, maybe I could have sustained it longer or had it reach yet another level, but I feel like I've broken through a long plateau.
  • I’m still pretty new to all this and I thought I’d better get some advice because I had an “event” the other day that scared the hell out of me and I want to know what others here might think.

    First, if you put me on a hetero-homo orientation scale of 0-10, I’d probably come out at increment 0.5 on the hetero side. I’ve only felt sexually attracted to another man once in my entire life, whereas a couple of my gay buddies will comment appreciatively on nearly every damn guy who walks by (probably mostly just to amuse me). I only mention it so you’ll know that getting into anal masturbation was not at all a natural step for me. In fact, it was a big step into a strange place that I was really unsure about.

    The only reason I was willing to give it a try is because: 1) I came across a blogger while cruising the net who was rhapsodizing about the Helix Syn and having explosive orgasms he called Super-O’s. What he described as a Super-O reminded me of something that happened to me when I was 15 and that I always remembered but never experienced again (until now – I’m 58). 2) After menopause, my wife’s desire for sex totally tanked, leaving me a little isolated and more than a little restricted. I’m not the kind of guy to screw around behind her back or who could go to prostitutes (too much respect for her and for women in general, I guess), so that leaves just me and “Mitt” – which ain’t very satisfactory.

    I read a lot of the commentary here before taking the plunge and buying a Helix Syn and trying it. While doing my research on this site, I thought some of the descriptions like “mind blowing” and “transcendent” were probably over the top. Now I realize they are simple truths. I’ve always been a little anal-erogenous, e.g. I like having my anus pressed like a doorbell just as I’m about to orgasm. Also, I’ve always found it easy to slip into a calm meditative state without too much trouble. So I’m guessing maybe I was pre-disposed in a of couple different ways to finding the Super-O, because I had very little trouble getting there.

    Still, the first time it happened (or was likely about to happen) I chickened-out. It was the third or fourth session and while I’d had some nice P-waves, etc., previously, maybe some mini-O’s (not experienced enough at the time to really know what they were and to identify them as such) I’d had no inkling of anything remotely related to what someone might call a mind-blowing, transcendent Super-O. I was sitting on a patio chair on my deck with my legs up on the patio table just watching the last light of day turn into night, not paying much attention to anything (I enjoy the calm and peace of early evening, what the French call l’heur bleu, watching the stars come out), when something seemed to “take hold” down there. It came on so suddenly and so forcefully that I grabbed the arms of my chair to hold on because it felt briefly like falling down.

    I read here on the forum that “pleasurable sensations trump all” and this was certainly pleasurable and I remembered admonitions not to fight it, not to try to control it, to just let it come on sweetly and naturally without forcing it, but to try to support it with a little boost here and there as necessary. So I didn’t try to fight, and I didn’t try to control, but brother this thing needed NO help of ANY kind in terms of support. It was more like THIS boy was GOING to have it’s WAY with me and I’d better just try to hang on and enjoy the ride. Well it built and built and built until I was shaking and grinding in my chair like someone having a spastic fit and thinking it can’t keep going then a big jolt of pleasure caused me to grab the top rung of my chair and arch backward and at that point I got too scared and shut it down.

    You’ve heard the joke about the Australian outbacker who visits a hooker for the first time and as she begins to remove her clothes he starts piling the furniture against the walls. She asks him what in the bloody hell he’s doing and he says, “I don’t know much about women, but if they’re anything like kangaroos we’re going to need plenty of room.” That’s how I felt about that first occasion when maybe I had a Super-O coming on, and I was a little afraid of blowing a head-gasket. It takes some nerve to take those curves at speed.

    Since then I’ve learned how to let go and enjoy the ride and relax into it so I’m not at risk of a stroke. Relaxing into it was the hardest thing to learn, because when something really intense is happening we want to communicate the intensity of what’s happening with intense reaction displays. I think we are fundamentally communicative beings and need to express in every moment to others what is happening to us in one way or another. But it’s not really necessary here, since no one is listening anyway, and even if they were they still wouldn’t know what you’re trying to say. So along with the “re-wiring” of orgasmic response I’ve learned how to re-wire my physical response and simply relax into it and let my body have what it wants without adding any editorial commentary. And I’ve had some truly “mind blowing” and “transcendent” Super-O’s that I really wish everyone could experience because there really is nothing like them. Then add to that the fact that each time the route getting there is different from the time before and the character of each Super-O is different from any other – sometimes similar, never the same – and you have something that is endlessly entertaining. There’s nothing in the world like it.

    I’d even say that if the ancient Greeks had developed the Aneros line, this would be a far different, far more peaceful planet today.

    Okay, so down to brass tacks. I chickened-out again a couple of days ago. I was in the middle of a Super-O that kept ratcheting up another step … relaxing, going with it … up another step … relaxing, going with it … up another step … relaxing … >>>> and suddenly I lost all sense of body presence.

    It was like I was floating in space. My perceptions became like a constellation of “sense-images” (the only way I can describe it) that ticked around me in synch with my heartbeat (which I “knew” more than felt). At the center-hub of my being was a bright spot of intense light, like molten metal in a crucible (see my avatar image). The sense-images had a similar characteristic, or theme, that they spoke to of need-convulsion-death-renewal-orgiastic power-fulfillment-order (doing my best here, it’s really hard to explain). They interplayed over one another as they ticked around but they were all somehow inter-related in a way that made perfect sense at the time. There were hundreds of sense-images turning to each tick of the heart-clock but I can recall only a few. One was of a tall grass field thick with hundreds of milkweed plants where a hot, moist breeze shuffles through and milkweed pods start bursting and spilling their piles of urine-smelling seed cotton all over the place. Another was of a sky full from horizon to horizon of migrating waterfowl high in the upper atmosphere. Another was of a large Muskie seizing a smaller Muskie just below the surface of the water with the smaller fish convulsing into a C-shape under the force of the jaws and pain of the bite. Another was of squadrons of dragon-flies suspended over a clearing with each moving a few inches here and there to intercept swarms of winged insects drifting their way to snatch them out of the air. The only words I can use to describe how I perceived all this is ‘holy’ or ‘sacred’. During it all, I could hear myself groaning with pleasure as if the sound of my voice was coming from behind a wall.

    I’ve experienced each of the sense-images I mentioned above in one form or another at different times during my life, though in this case the sense-images were more “formalized” than as memory serves. Also, there were dozens and dozens of similar themed sense-images that are not part of my life experience, so I don’t know where they came from. I’ve never thought of the commonalities between these experiences before, but it’s clear that there were some commonalities revealed in this event. It was an incredible experience, but at a certain point I began to worry that I might slip away for good, drift away on a sea of pleasure – I might even have been “afraid” that I was losing my sense of “I-myself”– but whatever the case I lost my nerve and let go and drifted back down kind of filling back into my body like water filling a footprint at the beach.

    So that’s it in a nutshell. What I’d like to know is whether anyone else has experienced something similar and had the nerve to ride it all the way to a natural conclusion. I can’t believe there’s something much further beyond that point. If there is, it must be Bliss.

    I should mention that I wasn’t really afraid until afterward, sort of like a near miss by a truck. First you feel relief; then you feel afraid. In this case, first I felt grateful, then relief that nothing bad happened, then afraid that something bad might have happened.

    Finally, I have to say, I’ve become a lot nicer person since I started using the device. I seem to be laughing more and enjoying life more. People are less reticent around me. I feel less like challenging and more like dancing. If that’s a result of using this device, then it’s another added benefit because I’ve always felt kind of bad that people seem wary around me. Maybe is just part of aging but I don’t think so. I think the using the helix has made me a happier and nicer person.

    One more thing that I’d also like to know is if anyone feels more “feminine” on the day after a successful session with the device. I don’t know what having a female body feels like, but I can say that my body feels quite a bit different on the day after a session with a half-dozen or more Super-O’s and describing it as feeling more “feminine” seems apt.

    Any thoughts and observations are more than welcome. This was long read, so if you managed to plow through all the way – kudos to you.

  • brinebrine
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    These are my "first" experiences posts, re-posted from August 2010. I had a different user name back then. 

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      I had today off. My wife and kids went to school and work. I was given a whole day alone. Perfect time to take a LONG stride on my journey.

      I'm in my early fifties, married to a wonderful woman who is so supportive of my explorations with my Helix. Usually I put the Aneros in when I go to bed, it does its magic, then my wife does her magic and I have multiple, dry orgasms. We pleasure each other and I have a huge, tremendous traditional orgasm. We continue to cuddle and she knows what to do to make my mini-orgasms continue. Her touch is amazing. Well, you'd think that was amazing enough. Oh, no...

      Back to today. 

      I took my son to school and returned home about 7:30 AM. My wife was just about to leave for work and my daughter was spending a few days with a friend. I had the house to myself. Carpe diem.

      I did my weekly manscaping, shaving the important places nice and smooth - feels great, and my wife loves it. Took a shower and got myself cleaned out with a douche. Lubed up my ass and the Helix, slipped it in. I got a towel and my iPod/headphones. I selected an hour of sexual simulation music by i-Doser, put on the noise canceling headphones, laid the towel on the bed, completely naked. After the warm shower, I felt so relaxed. 

      The Helix began its job. I concentrated on my breathing and didn't do any contractions for a long time, about 45 minutes. I just allowed the Aneros to move on its own. The p-waves started up, mmmmm. I had a nice mini-orgasm about an hour in. That was NOTHING compared to what was to come. 

      I started the music selection over, so I knew it was an hour into things. About ten minutes later, my pelvis convulsed a few times. Then my legs began to tremble, my breathing became short, I contracted my anus. Then, like a tidal wave it hit me, HARD! I could not control myself at all, my legs were convulsing like crazy, then my pelvis would shake front and back, my dick was swinging back and forth, pre-cum flying, hitting me in the chest and face. Then the legs again, then the pelvis. The noise canceling headphones couldn't cover up my screams, yes SCREAMS! Glad I had closed all the doors and windows! The orgasmic wave came over my whole body, the bed was bumping against the wall and the metal frame squeaked loudly. I was pounding the bed with my fists and my mouth was completely dry due to the hyperventilating. This orgasm lasted for about a minute and a half. At the end, I felt like I shot my load, but I didn't. Slowly I calmed down, catching my breath, slowing down the muscle contractions and returning from the out-of-body experience. That was DEFINITELY one heck of a Super-O. I started to sweat. 

      I regained consciousness and relaxed. About ten minutes later, it happened again. This time lasting about the same time, but more intense, I thought my dick was going to come off of me I was flailing around so much. I noticed a lot more pre-cum this time. Same stuff, legs convulsing, pelvis contracting. 

      Okay, I thought, that was amazing. My body was drenched in sweat, my legs felt like I had run a mile, and my eyes were seeing images and colors I had not even dreamt of before. 

      So, two Super-Os in one session, cool. I thought that was it. OH NO!!!

      TWO MORE AFTER THAT. Four, really? They were mostly the same, but the last of the four involved my upper body more, arms, hands, chest. Awesome. 

      By this time, I was exhausted and VERY satisfied. My breathing returned to somewhat normal. I looked at the clock, I had been enjoying myself for two hours. That was great. I decided to remove the Helix and regain my composure and get on with my day. 

      That's what I thought!

      I slowly pulled out the Aneros. That in itself felt so good, just thinking about it right now is making me shiver! I laid back to relax. About ten minutes into relaxing, I felt a tingle at my was still awake! I thought to myself, "Damn, here I go again, I don't know if I can handle it." Sure enough, a Super-DUPER-O. It lasted about 10 minutes and came in three waves, never entirely going away. I was at a plateau the whole time. My body actually ached with the convulsions and contractions. I screamed like a banshee. My legs lifted off the bed, almost touching the wall behind my head. My fists pounded the bed, my ass bounced off the mattress, I almost fell off the bed entirely. I was at the point of hallucination, colors flashed, abstract shapes and images swirled in my head. After I thought I would go into a coma, this ultimate orgasm started, slowly, to subside. And I mean slowly. About five minutes of recovery time for this one. I could not believe it had happened.

      I laid in bed for about for about 20 minutes, touching myself (not my cock or balls). My legs, ass, chest, face, arms, nipples. Every inch of my body was on fire. I had soaked the towel with sweat and pre-cum, so much that the sheets were wet too. I honestly didn't know if I would be able to stand up. I had to pee like crazy. I felt like I was edging constantly. I wanted to come so badly. I finally got up the courage, drew what strength was left in my body and stood up. I immediately knelt down next to the bed and laid my torso on the bed, knees on the floor and trembled. After another minute or so, I stood again, this time with more stability. I took the towels to the hamper and had to hug the walls to make it. 

      Lots of heavy sighs and massaging my body to return to the land of the living. Finally, I made it to the shower (second one of the day). Turned the water on hotter than usual, and let the water wash over me. I felt so alive and sensual. I washed up, the whole time savoring the water and soap on my aroused frame. I stepped out of the shower and just stood for a moment, looked at myself in the mirror and smiled a big smile. I glanced at the clock. It was 12 noon. Three and a half hours of bliss, how wonderful. I still hadn't come!

      What a morning! Guess what, the wife and kids are gone tomorrow too. Hmmm......?
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      Four hours, four hours...
      Okay, so I took advantage of another day alone. Better than yesterday. Helix in - six or seven Super-Os. Helix out - four more. Helix back in - three more. The last one was incredible. After my whole body went crazy, the peak of the orgasm came and didn't go away for honestly, about two and a half minute. Ecstasy the whole time. The plateaus lasted for 15 to 20 minutes each. Again the towel/sheets were soaked with pre-cum and sweat. I felt a connection with my body and everything else so strong I wanted to fly. The whole session from shower and set up to final shower lasted about four hours. So great.

      The set up is essential. Make sure to allow almost limitless time. Take a shower, shave, get warm, get everything ready, towels, pillows, Aneros, music, lube. Don't expect anything, don't try to make anything happen, just relax and let it go. Today, the p-waves began immediately and a mini-o came in about 10 minutes. Then it was three hours of bliss. A cool thing was how the music affected me. It is pretty much new age-like with a single drone of a frequency that is supposed to heighten sexual feelings. Then some really cool instrumentals come in, some mellow, some playful, some dramatic. When the music would change, my body would react. The playful music had the most erotic effect and gave me some great orgasms. It was great. I made a mix of two of the songs on the album. Each one is about 15 minutes long. I made a mix that used those two fading in and out for about two and a half hours. It worked really well. The songs I used are "First Love" and "Extend" by I-Doser, available on iTunes. 

      I'd love to hear replies from you all.
  • First of all I am thrilled to finally be posting in this thread! Anyways, here's my story:

    After 17 months of regular use of the progasm I finally did it! Totally worth it! This was my first anal toy ever and it seemed like I would never unlock its secrets. It is only because of the promising accounts of experiences on the forum that kept me going, I always knew that is was simply a matter of practice and patience. It was only just last month that I began to coax great feelings out of my prostate regularly, it got better and better every session. I knew I was on the right track. Just last night I hit the milestone of getting dry orgasms, it made me very excited about my progress!

    Which finally brings me to tonight. I inserted my progasm, put on some porn, and laid on my left side with my knees up and together. I just relaxed and focused on any sensation I could get. I would clench my pc muscles lightly every few seconds in order to get things going. Soon I could feel the pleasure building. I assumed another dry o, but I’m glad I was wrong! Soon I found that this “ dry o” was lasting waaay too long, it dawned on me that I finally got the super :) I just laid there enjoying every bit of friction my prostate was getting. There is one word I keep thinking of when I try to describe it: “exquisite” I never use that word but I feel like it totally fits the sensation. After about 3 minutes I come back down, but instead of a feeling of “completion” I get from an ejaculation I am totally ready for more.

    I do a little bit more pc muscle flexing, being careful never to clamp down too hard or clench too quickly. I find that I am lightly clenching with about a two-mississippi gap between clenches, that’s my sweet spot ;) Soon, I get another super, and another, eventually like 8 more! They all varied in intensity and duration but they were all very nice! I was surprised how easily it was coming to me, like a light switch flicked on and was suddenly a master. Eventually I hit a lull my arousal level dropped under the plateau I was over for the last hour or so. I decided that was a good place to quit. I decided not to finish with an ejaculation, I knew I wanted to save my arousal for my next session :)

    It amazed me that my journey lacked very many notable milestones and then I happened upon this roller coaster of a month! To anyone else who isn’t having success: patience! You’ll be glad you stuck with it!
  • Hello all,

    I am new to this forum but have been reading for quite a while. I wanted to share my experience with the Progasm Black Ice which I used only once. I am no stranger to prostate simulation as I have manually given myself prostate massages using my fingers in conjunction with traditional masturbation which is an excellent source of pleasure for me. However, I have to say, the sensations I got a couple days ago from my first trial with the Progasm were out of this world.

    Currently, I own both the Helix Syn and the Progasm Black Ice. The Helix does not put enough pressure on my prostate I feel and I have had numerous sessions that have led to pretty much nowhere although I have only been at it for about a month or so with the Syn. My curiosity peaked though when I read that the Progasm models were bigger than the Helix Syn so I decided to purchase one. Let me say, money well spent!

    When I got the packaged delivered I was so excited to see the dimensions in comparison to the syn I could hardly contain myself. It really is a much bigger toy and the feel of it is soooo nice in my anus. I am not homosexual but the sensations I get from the Progasm make me feel really good.

    Now onto the session. I decided to take a nice warm shower prior to my session which made me feel relaxed. I  truly think that is the key to triggering the secrets of these devices and it is 100% truth. At any rate, I got out after about 20 minutes of showering, dried off, and I was ready to go. I lubed up my butt and put some on the Progasm and inserted. I instantly felt the pressure on my prostate which resulted in me getting hard very quickly. It was great. I began my contractions and in about 2 minutes I began to leak a decent amount of precum which isnt unusual for me in my sessions manually stimulating my prostate with my fingers. However, after about 20 minutes of lying on my side on my bed, I was getting a constant flow of precum which felt wonderful. I decided to switch positions and lay on my stomach and try to induce gravity to do the work somewhat for me as well as slow rhythmic inhaling and exhaling of various depths. The device felt like it disappeared after a while and I continued my contractions for a good 30 mintues or so with not much happening. I wasn't discouraged though. I told myself you just need to relax and let things go. Then I began to tighten my contractions and hold them for longer rather than releasing within seconds as I had been, in order to put more pressure on the prostate. After doing this for an additional 10 minutes, something happened that is difficult to explain. My anus started to tighten on its own and contract involuntarily it seemed. I was concerned for a split second and then it hit me...waves of sheer blissful pleasure hit me throughout my entire body. It was sooo intense unlike anything I have ever felt. I started to moan and groan so loud and my anus just kept on contracting away uncontrollably for 4-5 minutes. It was amazing. This happened twice in 10 minute intermissions during the entire session which lasted a good 2 hour total I believe though I am not 100% sure I was enjoying it so much. lol. I had a number of muscle spasms but nothing as intense as the ones that are seen in a number of vids on this site. I just wanted it to never end it felt so good. It was not only pleasurable but intimate at the same time. Its really hard to explain. I often wonder if I just imagined the whole thing or my mind tricked my body into this happening but I know it did happen and I loved it. I believe after what I read in some of these posts that my experience is not uncommon although I dont know what exactly to classify it as. It felt like a super orgasm to me but I wonder just how much more intense these things can be. You really have to be in a pleasure seeking mood and also completely relaxed to get anywhere I have learned quickly. My Syn experiences have been rather lackluster and I honestly was disappointed that it didnt put as much pressure on my prostate as I have hoped. I guess I am just used to having pressure on my prostate after manually massaging my prostate for many years prior to my attempts with any aneros models. The Progasm though, fixed that in a hurry. I loved it. If your on the fence about it and arent afraid with a decently large toy in your anus and pressed against your prostate, I would go for it. I am definitely glad I did so far and I hope the experience gets better...
  • I will post a full account of today but I simply wanted to announce I had my first SUPER "O" today.
    amazing.Its true.It works and I feel amazing.I could not believe the intensity or the pleasure or the feelings of fulfilment. It was superb.
  • I've actually had my aneros for several years, but in the past when I've
    tried I only had limited success.  I felt it didn't give me enough
    stimulation even though it did feel nice in my ass.

    Yesterday I decided to do some additional research on it and read up on
    several users accounts and instructions on how to properly use it.  I
    suppose I was expecting to stick the thing in my ass and feel immediate
    anal orgasms without me doing a thing to help.  Reading the descriptions
    explained the process by which you use the aneros to stimulate your

    My partner was gone for a class all evening so I had the house to myself
    for hours on end and decided it was a perfect time to experiment. 
    Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

    I started out getting myself in the correct mindset the moment I got off
    work.  I queued up some soothing music for my ride home (Jon Secada)
    and when I got home I immediately turned on the electric blanket in the
    bed to warm things up.  I gathered my supplies (aneros, lube, towel and
    backup mega prostate stimulator/vibrator).  I queued up the music and
    this time let Pandora create a playlist from "new age instrumental".  I
    had to turn the volume down a bit because it was too loud at first.

    Following the instructions I lay on my left side with my left leg
    extended and my right leg pulled up.  I lubed up the aneros and my ass
    and gently pressed the tip to my ass.  I'm a top, so not used to getting
    stuff inserted, so took it slowly.  I focused on my breathing, deep and
    slow, while gently keeping pressure on the aneros.

    Slowly the tip started to slip inside me, bit by bit and I had to stop
    at one point to add more lube.  Eventually it slid in with very little
    effort and I could feel it taking up the proper position.  My cock was
    immediately erect with a glisten of pre-cum.

    For several minutes I lay on my side trying to identify the correct
    muscles and contractions I needed to feel the aneros doing it's job.  At
    first I felt nothing, but slowly I started to figure out how to
    squeeze.  Holding the pressure for more then a micro-second was almost
    impossible at first, but slowly I started figuring it out.  It was a LOT
    more work then I thought!  I had to focus on my breathing and just take
    it slowly.

    I found that just simply moving my leg position drastically changed the
    feeling from the contractions on the aneros.  Some positions more
    subtle, others more intense.  I tried hard not to touch my penis or let
    it rub against the sheets of the bed.

    I tried shifting to all fours in a sort of "doggie style" position and
    found the gravity working on the aneros gave even more different
    feelings.  I had to really focus on the contractions to avoid the
    feeling that the device would "fall out" even though I thought that was
    highly unlikely considering it's design.

    I placed a pillow under me and shifted over to lay on my back.  I used
    the pillow because I was afraid the curved handle of the aneros would
    press against the bed if I lay flat and would totally mess up the
    sensations.  With the pillow under my lower back my ass was sufficiently
    raised off the bed and my legs bent at the knees holding my lower half
    slightly up.

    I found this position to really work well and could easily identify the
    contractions needed to work the aneros.  I was able to alternate between
    long, hard contractions, and rapid, shallow contractions.  Each had
    it's own pleasurable sensation but I found I tired quickly from doing
    either for too long a time.

    My cock was only semi erect at this point, still very moist but not
    really a focus for me at all.  Bearing the warnings in mind though I was
    careful not to stimulate it at all for fear of ejaculation.

    I did start letting my hands explore my body as I contracted the
    aneros.  I found my body reacting differently with my penis being a "no
    go" zone and the different stimulations on my prostate.  It was nice,
    almost like relearning my body from the very beginning.

    My nipples are always very sensitive and I usually like very intense
    stimulation on them, but right now they were extremely sensitive.  I had
    to focus my touch on other parts of my body instead.

    By this point the contractions on the aneros were becoming really
    intense, my hips rocking and my breathing very hard and fast.  I could
    feel the pleasure building and really wanted to go over the edge, but it
    was like learning how without losing the buzz.  There was definitely a
    feeling a frustration as I felt so close but didn't know how to get to
    that next level.

    I started massaging my testicles.  In the past I've always enjoyed
    forming a ring of my thumb and forefinger and pulling down on my balls,
    but this time what felt best was to use both hands, one gently caressing
    each testicle down and away from my body.  It was almost like giving
    myself a testicle self exam, but felt much better.

    The added stimulation of my balls brought me to a new level and I was
    vaguely aware of my cock squirting.  At the time I thought it was just
    the aneros pushing out more pre-cum, but my eyes closed and I rode the
    waves of pleasure over and over again.  I was really an amazing orgasm,
    but even now I have a hard time using the word "orgasm" because it felt
    so different.  It was more like a wave upon a wave of intense pleasure,
    slowly ebbing away.

    I found it impossible now to maintain the same level of contractions and
    felt myself coming down but still feeling very aroused and
    pleasurable.  Moving my hand up I found I had a large pool of cum on my
    abdomen.  I guess I had actually ejaculated without fully realizing it. 
    It certainly didn't feel like any ejaculatory orgasm I've ever had

    I felt like I could continue with the aneros contractions but I could
    feel the cum dripping down my side to the bed and knew I needed to clean
    up.  I got up and cleaned myself up and considered the session a
    "success" for today.

    I'm disappointed I ejaculated as I really did want to experience the
    continued, mind blowing orgasms without ejaculation I keep hearing
    about.  I figure it's possible when I was stimulating my balls that I
    was also stimulating the base of my penis and that's what put me over
    the edge.  Hard to tell, but I definitely look forward to experimenting
    again in the near future!!

    On a side note I discovered that right after my orgasm my entire body
    was HYPER sensitive to touch.  ESPECIALLY my nipples!  It was almost
    like an electric current if I tried to touch myself, close to painful! 
    After an hour or so my body went back to normal except for my left
    nipple.  Even this morning in the shower the water hitting it was almost
    too much to bear.  It's slowly returning to normal, but kind of strange
    feeling all hyperized like this.

    Has anyone else ever experienced this hyper sensation after an aneros orgasm?

  • TomasheenTomasheen
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    I believe I have had my first Super-O today...two in fact. Yesterday's session was a dead end and going nowhere. But this morning I was feeling more hopeful and lubed up and inserted my Syn. It began to work at once and was providing some lovely waves of pleasure. But then it faded away. I always lie on my left side and draw my right leg up as is common. I may have dozed off but woke to have one more try. Gentle contractions and at once I felt little surges in my penis and an erection coming on. At this point my legs began to quiver and shake a little and that with small light contractions combined with a slight pushing out, brought on the most intense orgasmic sensations.
    My penis became hard and the muscle around the prostate, began to pulse, not rapidly as in an ejaculation but longer and slower and sweeter. Three or four minutes and then a slight cooling off. I rested a few minutes and began again. sure enough, the erection, slow pulsing and I was leg shaking, laughing, sometimes wanting to cry. This went on for about five minutes. Even as I write, the thought is making me stiffen up! I realise now that my experience was an exquisite, prolonged orgasm without ejaculation. If this wasn't a Super-O, then I don't know what is. I am DELIGHTED and can't wait for the next time.
  • I shared in the blog about my first super O's. I have found the best way for me is to lye down on my back, with knees up Watch some stimulating TV and with my helix I just hold a very slight pc muscle contraction until it feels numb. Usually about 10 minutes I will just hold this contraction and just relax and breathe deep breaths. Once it feels numb I know my prostate has been activated, From that point I am DONE contracting. The O's and Super O's that take you outside of your body all happen to me over and over and over with just letting the Helix work on its own. Now one thing I would like to say and it might help many people is I tend to have extremely long sessions. My sessions usually go more than 4 hours and it seems once you get one Super O and even stronger Super O that feels a bit different will follow. Last night I had my second and most powerful Super O and I could feel the Helix autofing me but this was at the 4 hour level AFTER I had a convulsing Super O. I am no expert and seems I am just lucky to have activated my prostate very quickly but I would think it is possible people may have a Super O if they just let it continue to work for a few more hours! Because of Aneros my prostate is so activated I can have a whole night of O's and Super O's merely by just holding the pc contraction the same way as when helix is in. I love Aneros for my new found sexual energy. Thank U Aneros!
  • l17daysl17days
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    A very strange session. I started it as usual and I decide to use Rice Oil as internal prelube (instead of Olive Oil), and I found it amazing: it gives a great mobility to the device. On the SGX i used the Shea Butter. I used it also on the external ring of the anus.

    I was lying on the bed on my back and I completely relaxed. I breathed as usual, trying to never hold my breath during inhale and exhale phases. I could feel so clearly this time the action of the aneros on the prostate and this has caused a lot of leaking precum: that has raised a lot my excitement levels.

    During the higher peaks my breathing and heartbeat quickened. After more than an hour of interesting feelings I decided to stop and go wash: and this is where the journey begins.

    With the aneros inserted yet I sat on the bidet, I opened the water and began to wash the penis in a very sweet and without the intention of being a wank.

    My anus has started to throb and a series of convulsions began to prevail over what I did. I stopped and put right hand on the abdomen and the left on the right nipple, starting to caress me. Felt more and more strongly the prostate, throbbing and a sensation of hot and cold that spread along the thighs and over my back.

    The breath was deeper and I began to squirm and vocalize in an uncontrolled manner: first orgasm was slowly coming. With my eyes closed I collapsed forward, with my arms resting on the wall leaving me so long to go to a first orgasm. I thought I was over but a series of involuntary abdominal spasms and increased breathing rate led to a second and third and maybe even fourth orgasms. They were so close together or overlapped one to another which have not been able to feel them all. I was not even in a position to get a count: I was completely overwhelmed by what was happening to me.

    And after all this series went, I was exhausted. It was as if a tornado had hit me. I sat for a few minutes and I could feel my anus which continued to pulsate very strongly. The pulse became more spaced up to a complete stop.

    Looking back after a few days, I think this was my personal first experience of Super-O. And it was an amazing experience.

  • Just wanted to share a couple things.i have been used my aneros a few times the past i have used other types to enhance orgasms for myself and ex wife.. they dont compare or come close to the aneros.. the first time my fiancee an i used my aneros was great the feeling i got was out of this world my lady said i felt harder and bigger after awhile and some foreplay we had intercourse it did not take long for me to reach my peak and. We both had an orgasm like never before my body has never shook or had such a feeling. The 2nd time just as the first but as we finished and laid there my lady said see had never felt from me or her late husband such an explosive male orgasm she said she always feels some of it but this times was like a hose being turned on inside her as it was that strong.....the third time same as others but she gave ne oral she atopped once and remarked again on how harder an bigger i felt she continued with the oral as she loves to take it to the complete end always.. i was enjoying it as i was reaching my peak i tapped her to let her know it was coming no pun meant.. i hit my peak. As i shook an convulsed from a great great orgasm she slowed down finished up an laughed a little not a good sign in bed.. i asked why and she said that she had as much semen come out of her nose as she had swallowed...she said she had never experianced that and i had never heard of it happenig. But thats not the point...that being that since using the aneros i well weboth have had better and much stronger orgasms. And that has carried over to when we dont use it as well. I want to thank you for given back and helping with my sexual life an pleasure. Thank you. Excited62
  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 257
    Here is my lengthy (sorry) and delayed reflections on five months using the MGX.

    I had been attempting to learn the MGX Syn since obtaining it in late October, 2012.  After looking through several of the forums and the "Wiki", I modified my "training sessions"  accordingly.  Usually they have lasted 1-2 hours, which are difficult to find during my usual workaday schedule. Traveling for one week on work in December afforded me 1-3 hours of time to devote to my attempts to achieve the "O".  About  the 10th time I used the MGX, I went at it with the same cautious, patient attitude. On the recent two or three times prior to this, I had felt what I thought of as "twinges" and fleeting "nice feelings" which I couldn't maintain or re-create. Initially, I had been using water based lubricants, but found them useful for a limited time (perhaps they get partially absorbed from the rectum).  I had started using olive oil and either Vaseline, but have settled on a combination of a lanolin based ointment (A & D) and olive oil. In the last several sessions I have used the olive oil, administered a 10 ml syringe that was cut at the end and then smoothed with heat, but have also used a infant nose aspiration bulb.  I have not gone in for enemas: just emptying myself and cleaning myself well seems to be adequate. There are sessions in which I have to stop to urinate—it seems to me that the device is more effective with an empty bladder.  And a few times I have had to stop to have a bowel movement, but that's been unusual (add lubrication afterwards).

    So, on the night that marked my initiation into the group of successful users  , my session began as before, lying on my side with one leg flexed higher than the other.  Initially, I tried to regularly move as far up and down, using a gentle bearing down until I felt the device slip down a bit. Then reversing. When I started to feel something on the upwards movement, I began to do the process very slowly, halting at each stage and making very slight up and down movements at each level, about three or four stops along the way. After about a half hour, I lay back on a folded pillow with my butt actually hanging a bit over, tilted down—sort of a passive arching of the back. At times, I placed my hands under my butt and kept them there till things "got going". My legs were spread to the sides, gently. I noticed several "new" sensations. One was that the P tab suddenly started to intermittently contact the perineum and it felt intense and pleasant, but very fleeting and was difficult to make it happen. Then, the device inside, started to feel "bigger" to me as it slid up and down. My legs started to twitch (sometimes they were both down, sometimes flexed and sometimes one was down and one was up). That twitching increased and spread to my lower ab's and would come and go. When that began, I noticed an ability to get the device to start "rocking" up and down, on its own at certain locations.  This was accompanied by several erections that subsided, but left me "flopping" with the internal rocking. I tried to avoid contact during these motions (as has been written by others). I could feel the prostatic fluid coming out. This was about 1 to 1:15 hours "out". When the device would start rocking—this gentle rocking is actually a kind of clonus—a self perpetuating contraction of opposing muscles that you can induce at the knee, by raising your heel gently off the floor and slowly lowering it several times.  After a while, the muscles work in concert to keep it going, and I think that's what people have been referring to as when the device "does its own thing".

    Anyhow, I stopped a few times and relished the sensations, and then I found a new sensation that was strange. At the sites of contact (I think both at the P tab and inside), the contact points began to feel cool, as if the Aneros had been cooled (and not body temperature). This was accompanied by a more intense feeling in the prostate that began to radiate outwards and upwards, and I almost instantly knew that "something" was going to happen. I took my hands out from behind my behind and placed them on my chest and began to "strum" my nipples, very lightly and gently, sometimes together, and sometimes one after another. I should add that I did not "prep" myself with pictures or movies (I have an inherent distaste for that stuff). And though I like classical music, I turned it off just before this last phase had began, and I think it was a good move. Several times I consciously visualized the Aneros touching the prostate and a few times let out a mental mantra—"Let it happen". At about 1:30 hours, the prostatic sensations began to strengthen and spread, and then it began. I was only gently moving the device inside at the time and it was partially rocking itself and the most overwhelming sensation of pleasure spread. It sort of felt like a climax coming, but it just didn't stop. I did find myself moaning and vocalizing. I resisted the urge to see what time it was because I was afraid I might ruin the experience and I'm glad I resisted. But I can say that this kept going for at least 15 and probably more like 25 minutes, until I just quit. It had amazed me all along that with all my moving, etc., I didn't feel fatigue in the muscles "down there" or in my body (endorphins?).

    Well, after having thought before to myself when I started this journey, "how will I know when the big 'O' is here?", I certainly didn't need anyone to answer that silly question. If I hadn't needed to get up for work 5 hours later, I think that I might have not stopped (that's a bit of a scary thought,actually—see below). After I finished and cleaned up, I had little aftershocks and the wonderful feeling persisted for at least another 15 minutes. I was so excited, in all of the senses of that word, that I wondered if I'd be able to get to sleep—nope, I dosed off right away, and then woke up about 5 hours later remarkably refreshed, and still with a tantalizing tingle down there. I found it very interesting that I didn't have any need/desire to "finish myself off" with a conventional "O". What I had experienced was very different, and far surpassed any recent sexual encounter (well, except for the human pleasure of sharing with my partner). I was a bit worried if I would have rectal or urinary irritation, and I didn't.

    Since that experience, I have only had the opportunity for 8 more sessions (because of my work and travel schedule).  But I seem to have found the sweet spots and when I have been able to relax, I have had several sessions that were, if possible, more intense and "mind-blowing" than the first (I'm showing my age here with that '60's expression).

    I have made several observations about these experiences which I'd like to share (I know I'm not the first to describe some of these, but perhaps other "newbies" will appreciate what I have to say). First, each session seems to be different, in terms of the intensity of the Super "O" and where it manifests itself. There have been sessions in which I have involuntary movements, sessions in which I remain almost motionless, except for small "in and out" movements of the devices, at least some of which are not under voluntary control. During some of the sessions, I find myself "vocalizing" quite a bit, and others in which I am serenely quiet. I have found that near the point of the Super "O", there's a point where there are intense sensations that result in the Super "O" when
    I pull the device all the way in and then rock it gently or let it move on its own, and then there is a similarly intense sort of experience when I gently push down and let the device encounter what I believe is the inner end of the rectal sphincter. For that to happen, the device has to be very well lubricated, and I've found that the combination of lanolin ointment and olive oil is the best. I have put the device in on "off days" with my wife and have fallen asleep with it in, waking up
    in the middle of the night and having nearly motionless, very pleasurable sessions. Even those sessions without a Super "O" or even an "O", I have found very, very enjoyable. One of the reasons that I had been looking for a device like this was that I had noticed reduced pleasure and ejaculatory fluid during orgasm over the last few years. I had turned to herbal supplements (see below) with some modest results initially, but I wasn't finding the experience "rewarding" in the way it used to be (I know, I'm getting older, etc.) . Only in a few these sessions, including those with a bona fide Super "O", have I had significant volumes of prostatic secretions ("pre-cum"). One of these was quite notable, though. In this, too, the sessions I have had with the device have nearly all been different. I actually enjoy the variety of experiences, and the intensity of Super "O"'s, too. If they were all the same, it would become routine. My philosophy has been WWFY: whatever works for you. We are all different and thankfully so, and I think that what works for me may not work for you and I'm starting to think that what works one time may not work on a subsequent session, or at least not in the same way.

    Bottom line: I will say that this experience has certainly been worth the wait--and how! So, all you who are new to the device, keep trying.

    The success of my first "successful" session did raise several questions in my mind that any healthy (mentally and physically) man should ask himself. OK, I am not a "sex addict" and some of the discussions I have read in the forums seem to be in that direction. That's not where I am or want to be. I was successful , I think, because I was able to relax and disconnect, and that was easy for me away from home. I wondered (and I've read some other men's descriptions of the possible difficulties involved) how to integrate this with my day to day world, which sometimes has to begin at 5am and not finish till after midnight. I also have wondered (and this was stated at the end of the Wiki article) if this could become a bit of an obsession-- boy, I can see how that could happen!! And deriving such intense and holistic (is that the right word) pleasure alone, by myself, has created in me some concern that I think I shall have to deal with. I also initially wondered (there's that word, again), how this will actually affect my "normal" sexual encounters with my wife. From what I have been able to read, this seems not to be a real issue for someone with a good relationship. One of the reasons that I had looked into the device to begin with (see below) had been an overall decreased degree of pleasure that I was having with intercourse and I have been confronting some health issues (also, see below) which may be contributing to that issue). But my first impressions, after nearly six months with the Aneros MGX, are that using the Aneros doesn't result in a loss of interest in sexual intercourse, and it may actually be helping me. Even though the stimulation by the device seems to be separate from the penile stimulation of sexual arousal and intercourse, the use of the device appears to stimulate the gland to produce more fluid on a regular basis (BTW, as I understand the physiology of intercourse and orgasm from a "medical" point of view, the degree of pleasure generated by a penile orgasm is related to the volume of the ejaculate).

    Well, I appreciate that there is a forum where I can express these thoughts and write of my success, so that others might find bits and pieces from my experience that work for them and help them achieve this really
    wonderful experience. It's in the back of my head that I'd like to let other friends in on this, but I'm afraid I don’t have the "whatever it takes" to do that. So I'll just keep it to myself and the forum members.

    I should stop here and give some background. I am a physician, in my early 60's, happily married (42 years in February). My wife had a tough year and a half, since May of 2011, when she was diagnosed with breast carcinoma and had several months of chemo, then major surgery and then, to top it off, radiation therapy. As you can imagine, that had a major impact on our love life, which, thankfully, seems to be on the mend, to both of our surprise and satisfaction, I might add. I had been taking a nutritional men's supplement over the last several years, because of a sense of having lost the intensity of sexual sensations, with some modest success, initially. During this trial period with the Aneros, I made the mistake of adding two different nutritional supplements which were supposed to assist with weight loss (I have about 20 pounds that I've been trying to lose). I'll make a side point here and say, be very careful with all these "supplements" and their possible interactions. During this period, while trying to get things going with the device, I actually had a nearly complete collapse of libido, which, thankfully seems to have resolved after having stopped all of them. I had also noted a reduction in the amount of semen and prostatic pre-ejaculatory fluid (I don't like the slang terms for these). In my search for a remedy or aid to this, I happened on sites describing prostatic massage, and through these, the Aneros site, and after some hemming and hawing, ordered the MGX Syn. I casually mentioned to my wife that I had found a prostate stimulation device to assist with prostate symptoms of nocturia and reduced stream that I had noticed over the last few years (which of us hasn't). The fact is that some of the work I do as a physician is tied in with BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), but this is not the time to go off on a tangent. (I can fill in the details in the future to any who might be interested).

  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
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    My FIRST Super O happened this morning, May 17, 2013! At around 12:30AM, I awoke after having gone to bed riding my Progasm!

    Before falling asleep, I did several tent exercises, where I'm pushing energy down through my chest using my entwined fingers held over my chest. I also did as many kegle exercises as I could manage.

    It had been a long day, and I was exhausted! But I committed to this journey and I am going to see it through as much as possible!

    After waking, I noticed my Progasm was pushing nicely on my prostate, but I also felt a little different in my stomach and prostate areas than I remembered from previous sessions.

    I found an xTube video of a guy having orgasms using his Progasm and a vibrator simultaneously, which was causing him to make all kinds of sounds of pure pleasure!

    I had only listened for about 3 minutes, when a feeling hit me like a wave over my body causing my toes to curl spontaneously and spasm in and out of being completely curled, my breathing to become like an engine, patterned and deep, and then it just took over!

    It felt like I was a mind in a body that was along for the ride! I just let it happen! I was in total awe! I still am! Waves of pleasure continued for 2-3 minutes, which was incredible! I had NEVER felt anything like it before, and I was stunned!

    After it settled down, I jumped on the chat at related my experience to Twlltin, and everyone else I could find! I'm totally blown away that it came on the way it did! Such a great feeling and there is NO mistaking it for anything but a Super O!

    Guys...DO NOT GIVE UP! The cost of a helix or a progasm pales in comparison to the unique experience of a Super O! It took me nearly two months, almost to the day, to reach a Super O and it was time VERY well spent! You can do it guys! Have patience with yourself, and enjoy the experience along the way! I am a Super O believer! Super O's are VERY real! I could not have imagined how this was going to feel.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
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    Below is the text of my original conversation the morning of my first Super O! Enjoy!

    [2013-05-17 00:21:57] twlltin: Hi Theme
    [2013-05-17 00:22:25] Theme_Gasm: OMG OMG OMG
    [2013-05-17 00:22:56] Theme_Gasm: I did it...
    [2013-05-17 00:23:02] twlltin: You did it?
    [2013-05-17 00:23:24] Theme_Gasm: I thought I did it a couple of weeks ago!!!!
    [2013-05-17 00:23:24] twlltin: Do you think you'll get away with it?
    [2013-05-17 00:23:52] Theme_Gasm: But that was NOTHING compared to what just happened!
    [2013-05-17 00:24:12] twlltin: Go on...
    [2013-05-17 00:24:40] Theme_Gasm: my toes curled and pulsed...
    [2013-05-17 00:25:22] Theme_Gasm: and I didn't do anything but let it happen
    [2013-05-17 00:25:45] twlltin: Looks like you've learned the secret.
    [2013-05-17 00:25:52] Theme_Gasm: It was a wave that just flowed
    [2013-05-17 00:25:59] Theme_Gasm: and grew
    [2013-05-17 00:26:10] Theme_Gasm: and flowed more
    [2013-05-17 00:26:27] Theme_Gasm: i loved it
    [2013-05-17 00:26:38] Theme_Gasm: its true
    [2013-05-17 00:26:52] Theme_Gasm: its OMG true
    [2013-05-17 00:27:12] twlltin: A strict policy of non-interference.
    [2013-05-17 00:27:29] Theme_Gasm: it just came on without pushing or pridding
    [2013-05-17 00:27:45] Theme_Gasm: I am in total awe
    [2013-05-17 00:28:09] Theme_Gasm: and if that was my true first.. OMG
    [2013-05-17 00:28:21] Theme_Gasm: whats next!!!
    [2013-05-17 00:28:46] Theme_Gasm: i was worried I was different
    [2013-05-17 00:29:16] Theme_Gasm: but my body proved me wrong
    [2013-05-17 00:29:21] twlltin: Welcome to the club.
    [2013-05-17 00:29:46] Theme_Gasm: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
    [2013-05-17 00:30:29] Theme_Gasm: I was chatting with BigO, but fell asleep riding my progasm
    [2013-05-17 00:30:53] twlltin: Only a few sessions will be that good.
    [2013-05-17 00:31:11] twlltin: Certainly at the start that'll be the case.
    [2013-05-17 00:31:13] Theme_Gasm: and progasm and woke up about 15 min ago feeling like something was going to happen
    [2013-05-17 00:32:11] Theme_Gasm: so I put my headphones on and watched a video of a guy orgasming while riding a progasm...
    [2013-05-17 00:32:24] Theme_Gasm: that's when it started!!!
    [2013-05-17 00:32:44] Theme_Gasm: and it kept going
    [2013-05-17 00:33:11] Theme_Gasm: What's that mean only a few that good?
    [2013-05-17 00:33:42] twlltin: What I mean is... don't expect the next session to follow the same path.
    [2013-05-17 00:34:11] Theme_Gasm: Ok
    [2013-05-17 00:34:31] Theme_Gasm: just wait for it to happen?
    [2013-05-17 00:34:33] twlltin: It's usual for a good period to be followed by a lull and a run of dud sessions.
    [2013-05-17 00:34:44] twlltin: Yeah.
    [2013-05-17 00:34:59] twlltin: Don't think "It happened for me... why doesn't it happen again?"
    [2013-05-17 00:35:09] twlltin: The body continues to learn.
    [2013-05-17 00:35:18] Theme_Gasm: i totally get it!!
    [2013-05-17 00:36:03] twlltin: If you keep seeking the same experience, you may get it... and nothing better.
    [2013-05-17 00:36:30] Theme_Gasm: and I don't mind....the fact that I now KNOW that it CAN happen is all I need to know!!!! Wooopeee!!!
    [2013-05-17 00:37:16] twlltin: ‹@Theme_Gasm› I expect you'll be going round today with a broad smile that will get people wondering about your sanity.
    [2013-05-17 00:37:47] Theme_Gasm: Until just now, there was a skeptical part of me that wasn't convinced...NOT anymore! Damn!
    [2013-05-17 00:38:30] Theme_Gasm: A VERY BIG SMILE. I'm in shock!
    [2013-05-17 00:39:03] Theme_Gasm: i believed!
    [2013-05-17 00:39:42] Theme_Gasm: About 2 months to the day!
    [2013-05-17 00:39:52] twlltin: Hallelujah!
    [2013-05-17 00:40:01] twlltin: Where's my tambourine?
    [2013-05-17 00:40:18] Theme_Gasm: Since I started my journey in earnest
    [2013-05-17 00:40:27] Theme_Gasm: Wow
    [2013-05-17 00:40:51] Theme_Gasm: that is phenomenal!
    [2013-05-17 00:41:56] Theme_Gasm: Nothing compares to what I just experienced!
    [2013-05-17 00:42:24] Theme_Gasm: how long have you been able to have them?
    [2013-05-17 00:43:29] twlltin: I started to get them about 8 weeks in, same as you
    [2013-05-17 00:43:55] Theme_Gasm: Cool
    [2013-05-17 00:44:10] Theme_Gasm: its amazing how it just happens!
    [2013-05-17 00:44:20] twlltin: but then they faded a little... I had a run of duds lasting several weeks, then suddenly things started working again
    [2013-05-17 00:44:30] Theme_Gasm: does this mean that I'm officially rewired?
    [2013-05-17 00:44:45] twlltin: and gradually, it got better and obetter
    [2013-05-17 00:45:00] : Let's see what after-effects you have today...
    [2013-05-17 00:45:08] twlltin: rewiring is an ongoing process
    [2013-05-17 00:45:31] Theme_Gasm: do you still have occasional dud periods now?
    [2013-05-17 00:45:54] twlltin: yeah, a week or two
    [2013-05-17 00:46:23] twlltin: I don't think of them as duds now... more as periods of retrenchment.
    [2013-05-17 00:46:33] Theme_Gasm: but you don't worry about it because you know they'll return
    [2013-05-17 00:46:40] twlltin: yep
    [2013-05-17 00:47:03] twlltin: Oh, don't be surprised if you have aftershocks later on today
  • Here's my story.
    Like so many others I purchased an Aneros Helix a few years ago and had little success.
    And like so many others my helix didnt live up to the hype or so I felt at the time and so it ended up in the rubbish.
    It was okay but there was the added complication of my wife and what she would think.
    Lets face it some wives would not understand anal stimulation.
    Back in my student days I experimented sexually but then maybe I was just another confused uni student.
    Anal stimulation was enjoyable but it stayed in my youth until a few years ago with that Helix.

    So now I'm older and have been diagnosed with Benign Prostate Hyperplasia.
    Anyone with this condition will tell you there are different treatments available.
    Some are invasive and some are pretty barbaric and some belong in the annals of quackery but in amongst all the hype there was a reference to prostate massage.
    So I googled prostate massage and sure enough up came Aneros and thats how I came to purchase the Helix back then.
    Anyway I used my Helix for a few months and whilst it was enjoyable it didnt make any difference to my prostate or my sexual function or satisfaction.
    It was ok but it seemed to be a lot of hassle for little reward.
    So as I said it ended up in the garbage.

    Then a couple of months ago I had reason to see the urologist again.
    My BPH condition was progressing and not as I had hoped.
    As I sat there listening to the urologist and his advise re green light laser treatment I casually asked if prostate massage was of any benefit.
    I have no idea why or how I thought to ask him about prostate massage but I did.
    And to my total surprise he said it was certainly beneficial.
    It could be done with or without anaesthetic.

    So thats when my interests developed in earnest.
    And thats when I decided I needed to give this concept of prostate massage with an aneros another try.
    So two weeks ago I went to a retailer of Aneros products and plucked up the courage to buy another one.
    I bought a Progasm.
    I know its for experienced users but I thought why not besides I have a big prostate.
    The guy behind the counter who was my age even asked me if I had prostate problems.
    His comment was if it works then why not give it a go as he was giving it a go.

    So two weeks ago I began my journey of self discovery during 5 days on my own with no one to disturb me and my Progasm.
    I'd read about bowel preparation and enemas but having experienced such things in hospital enemas were a bit of a turn off so instead I took Psyllium.
    Psyllium is like a spring clean for your bowels and once you go you certainly go (to the toilet).
    It was the perfect precursor to what I was embarking on negating the need for an enema.
    Much to my annoyance when I was ready to begin I realised I'd run out of lubricant. I wonder why.
    All I had was hemorrhoid cream.
    But then I remembered "Armon-neat" had suggested olive oil so with a combination of hemorrhoid cream and olive oil I lubed up.
    With the heating turned up and the electric blanket on I hopped onto the bed.
    Yes its winter here.
    Laying on my back with my legs pulled up I slid the Progasm in which was no easy feat.
    Progasms look small in the box but the reality is they are big certainly bigger than I thought.
    I started my pelvic floor exercises of clenching and releasing.
    Pushing down and then pulling it back and the sensation against my prostate was obvious and enjoyable.
    Then something that Armon-neat said came into play.
    "Dont check how long you have been going for".
    So all I did was concentrate on the moment and the movement of the progasm in and out.
    As I knew I had all the time I needed and I was totally relaxed.
    I now know that was the key.

    Well I tried different positions even rolling over onto my hands and knees. I rolled forward and back on my hands and knees.
    As I rolled forward and then back on knees the action of the Progasm on my prostate was amazing.
    The reality is trying different movements promoted amazing sensations and pressures on my prostate as well as a lot of stimulation that I'd never experienced before.
    I lay on my side and then on my back.
    I touched my nipples in fact I did everything but touch my penis.
    I got back on my knees and then I realised something was becoming more and more intense.
    I'd had twinges and enjoyable sensations before but this seemed different.
    Maybe it was the total lack of any pressure to achieve within a given time frame.
    And I had all the time I needed.
    At one stage I tried vibrating the aneros simply with my index finger and the sensation was amazing.
    I tried lots of different techniques and everything seemed to promote incredible feelings but my journey was far from over.
    I didnt want it to end such was my enjoyment.
    In fact I didnt want to ejeculate. I wanted to see where it would take me.
    I even stopped to savour the moment and slow my progress.
    Then I'd push and pull my Progasm in and out again and the magic was amazing.
    Feelings and sensations would radiate down my legs and in and out from my rectum from deap within me and those inner inner regions.
    Then something totally strange happened.
    I began to gently thrust my torso back and forward but not consciously as I lay on my back.
    My penis wasnt totally hard but as I gently began to thrust forward my penis grew harder and harder and the thrusts grew more and more intense.
    More and more prostatic fluid came
    I got on my knees again just so that I could see and experience how much fluid I was capable of producing.
    I was amazed. It seemed endless.
    I had this endless flow of pre-cum.
    I rolled onto my back again and the thrusts grew more and more intense without the need for me to conciously make myself thrust.
    It seemed like my body was in control now.
    Where was I going with this and when was it going to end was furtherest from my mind.
    I didnt even think about a super "O" I was enjoying it so much.
    Well I didnt have to wait long.
    My thrusts upward with my rock hard penis were now out of my control.
    Then it hit me.
    I was thrusting and writhing and moaning all involuntarily.
    And all I wanted to do was pinch my nipples.
    My cock was rock hard and I had sensations in my groin and up my arse that I had never had before.
    I reached down to feel my Progasm and it felt locked in as if my arse muscles wanted to draw it in even further against my prostate.
    Sensations in my groin my balls my arse my prostate were ecstatic.
    I came and came without any need to jerk off.
    I simply pinched my nipples and the feelings were amazing.
    I have never produced so much cum before.
    I spent over 3 hours on that bed and although I came it didnt end with that final ejeculation.
    It ended as slowly as it had taken to get there in the first place.
    Does the Super "O" exist?
    There is no way to describe what happened to me.
    Guys have to experience it for themselves.
  • CTbearCTbear
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    I bought an aneros about 1 1/2 years ago, while I enjoyed it, I never
    got past some tingling and gentle whole body waves when using it as
    suggested (lying on your side and allowing the spasms to happen
    involuntarily) and drifted away from using it for several months.
    was the seventh or eighth day without masturbating or climaxing and I
    was feeling pretty horny. After watching various videos on xtube I came
    across some Aneros vids and having some time alone I decided to try it
    again -
    this time on my back and just enjoying the sensation , relaxing and
    letting the spasms start. I think the abstinence of several days without
    orgasm really had my sensitivity heightened and as the waves
    intensified I moved my knees up, legs spread like I was going to be
    fucked and experienced some intense waves which caused my whole body to
    shudder. Then I started to fantasize which I think had a lot to do with
    what ensued. To set the mood, I put on some soundscape type music you
    know like that which one usually hears when going to a therapeutic
    massage. For me , this music can be very relaxing and this also was an
    important element of the session- that is being very relaxed and not
    being distracted. I am a married man, but do have bisexual urges that I
    act on once in a while but it has been a long time. The subject of my
    fantasy for today was a gay massage therapist I have seen off and on for
    a session. He is a small framed guy, very gentle and calming, nice cute
    butt cheeks and a nicely averaged sized cock which always seems to be
    quite erect. Most times our sessions start as a traditional therapeutic
    massage with me face down but then he starts paying a lot of attention
    to my ass and balls, reaching under for my cock, stroking it, etc. He
    gets his nose in my crack, sniffing and smelling my man musk, licking my
    hole and really pleasuring me. After this he kneels on the table
    straddling me and while massaging my back, rocks his hips so his cock
    slides up and back in my crack,caressing my hole. He does want to fuck
    me, and though I do not bottom, for some reason I really want him to
    fuck me as well. He probes my hole with his cock but has never gotten
    past just the head going in. I think it is that I have never relaxed
    completely to allow this to happen though I have urged him to fuck me.
    Anyhow-I relate all of this because it is the imagery that really set me
    off today. And as things progressed the fantasy took off to include
    successful penetration and in my mind he was fucking me like I always
    wanted him to.
    Slowly moving my knees up and down got the Aneros
    moving in a fucking type motion pushing out and then getting drawn back
    in, just making me feel intoxicated with pleasure. My breathing, body
    movements and spasms of pleasure took on a life of their own and were
    not something I was controlling or causing.

    So with knees up and
    in a bottom position this rocking motion of the hips started which was
    was mind blowing. I achieved some intense whole body
    waves and shuddering quite early....did this a few times, resting in
    between these
    climaxes and seeing so clearly my fantasy man fucking me the way Id
    wanted him to.  After starting again the hip rocking ensued and it just
    got out of
    control and my body was shaking, hips got wild, my cock was flopping
    around and i achieved a huge orgasm and spilled a massive load from  my
    half hard cock. It was different than Ive ever experienced, cum didn't
    shoot in spurts but felt like it just flowed heavily, hard to explain
    but it was a different sensation.
    Once or twice in between i touched
    my perineum like it was a clit- rubbing in circles the way my wife
    masturbates her clit and that was incredible producing small intense
    waves and mini climaxes.
    In all, without  touch my cock once or
    achieving a full hard-on, the session produced a series of smaller
    climaxes and a huge orgasm and spilled a huge creamy liquidy load. very
    felt so damn relaxed afterwards- entire body tingling and asshole just doing these little spasms every once and again.
    seemed to be more like the way  a woman orgasms as compared to a normal
    orgasm from straight jerking off or fucking with the way it builds, the
    mini climaxes, plateaus and then letting go and breaking through to the
    big one. I will definitely be continuing to explore and experiment with
    this wonderful device.
  • dbrown822dbrown822
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    Experienced my first super O.
    I bought the Aneros Syn a year ago and have had some great experiences. At first, it did nothing for me and I wondered what all the fuss was about, but as my expectations reduced, the experiences increased! Culminating in my first super O on the 9th May. I Went to bed as usual and the P waves started immediately. There was a different quality to them compared to previous experiences. After 10 minutes or so, the waves intensified and extended to my whole pelvic region in a crescendo of orgasmic pleasure. It was as if the pleasure waves were coming from different directions and different types, but they were all incredibly lovely. Then, to my surprise and joy, I had a release of pure bliss. It felt like my prostate had broken open like an egg shell and cum liquid was flooding my body. It felt slightly cool which contrasted with the heat that was being generated throughout my whole body. The waves and cum liquid feeling lasted at least 10 minutes but the overall experience continued for another hour or so, at which point, I decided it was time to stop and continue in the morning. The problem was that my prostate did not obey and I had to lay on my front to suppress the process a little. Eventually, I got to sleep, but only for 4 hours and then I could not stand it any longer and lay there letting it happen. This time the experience was good, but of a different quality to the one earlier in the evening. Nevertheless, it was blissful and beautiful.
  • krissivekrissive
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    I did it!  I did it!  omg... this feels sooo good... i had no idea...
  • i had my very first super o just yesterday, ive had the MGX for about maybe 2 years or so maybe less, i honstly dont remember when i bought mine, ive had amazing sessions but they never have gotten me to the point where i'm in another world, i saw a user on here made a audio recording of himself and his session so i downloaded it and listened to it, as i had mine in and layed there, i listned for about 45 min, and i was feeling amazing things that i still havnt felt before, i really really tried to let go, but something switched and my whole body just went into a state of orgasmic pleasure, i was so shocked but i had t focus on what was going on, or i feel like it would go away. after going down, after 5 min i got another one and my body started spasming like crazy, it has before but this time it felt amazing, i am so happy i finally got a super o, i def cant wait to use it again
  • My first Super-O was over 45 years ago.  I had been going to sensuality seminars with .  http://Maxine Sanini (Rey Anthony) She taught that men and women could have enhanced orgasms by "pushing out" like bearing down in childbirth.  You might lose a few orgasms until you learned how to do it, but it was a really good skill to have.  You bet it was.  When I learned, an orgasm would blow my consciousness out the top of my skull, it would splatter on the ceiling, drip down the walls, and slowly flow back to me.  GOODIE!   A lady I taught it to started to have two-minute orgasms that would almost buck me off the bed.  

    Now, with Aneros, I am having long sessions of repeated super dry orgasms with the same intensity.  
  • it was about 6 months into the process of getting familiar with my prostate that i had a breakthrough. looking back i would always jump at the feeling of pleasure and pull myself out of the experience by seizing control. i would get caught in focusing on what would come out of the time i invested, rather than focusing on the pleasures of each breath. My favorite position is sitting but it i could never get the mobility i wanted. so i use 2 folded pillows to make a V, the two lines coming together near my genitals to give the helix full mobility. When i start to get into it i notice a seesaw-like effect with the muscles down there. Breathing in brings one side of the seesaw up, breathing out lowers it down. i lean forward slightly and rest my arms on the desk while i look at my preferred erotica. Minutes go by in the tens as the stories increase arousal. my eyes start to droop as my breathing increases in pace but not in volume. Swimming in the rhythm, i remember feeling this strange swirling ball where i pictured the prostate would be. the longer i swam the bigger this ball became, the swirling was almost audible. i closed my eyes and a rush of waves washed over me. i was lost without time as the ball enveloped my mind, swirling. after i regained awareness i started to get scared for some reason, i thought it was over but it just kept going. For as long as i swam, the waves kept coming until i was too tired to swim. Afterwards i felt high. like a euphoric, smiley high. Everything was awesome.
  • pcraypcray
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    I had my first Friday night.  I hadn't used my helix for a while due to lack of time.  I went through the same routine as before with lube and inserting in while on my side with one leg pulled up.  I relaxed and did some deep breathing  and in a few minutes it started.  It started out with a growing feeling of warmth and euphoria, growing until my legs started trembling.  I might have even cried out, I can't remember.  I'll try it again when I get home from work this evening for certain.  
  • So I decided to buy an Aneros product after having my first 'Super O' - which I guess is backwards?

    My girlfriend and I were having sex about a month ago and she was massaging my prostate with her fingers. I started panting, my heart rate elevated and my muscles started rhythmically contracting, starting with my pelvis and then radiating out through my body. My skin starting tingling and then it felt like a massive and liquid "warmth" exploded out from my core.

    Needless to say this was both unexpected and intense. 

    It was followed almost immediately with a second and if anything more intense 'Super O' experience.

    Afterwards I started searching on the internet to see if I could figure out what had happened and came across this site. Upon reading the descriptions here - it sounded like people were calling what I'd experienced a 'Super O' and there were tools and methods to experience this.

    So, of course, I bought a Helix Syn immediately.

    The first two times I used the device I had fun - but didn't experience anything even close to those first two Super Os. 

    Today, however, was a different story.
    The big difference was position. In the past I'd been trying lying on one side or the other or at slight angles to exactly on the side or with a pillow under the bended knee per descriptions. Today I tried lying on my back. I placed a couple pillows under my neck and head to give me comfort, and a pillow under by hips to raise them up off the bed and allow for free movement by the Helix. 
    After about 30 minutes of very slow cycles of contract and release I started to feel my body temperature rise. At that point I began to strain my muscles as tightly as possible at full contraction and focus on the rhythm of the contract / relax cycle. On the third or fourth strained contraction my muscles began to spasm. Starting with the next strain / contract I began to have a Super O on each of the contractions. 

    While these were not as powerful as those initial, partner Super O experiences, there were still completely amazing. Full body spasms, rushes of pleasure, tingling skin... the whole bag of wax.

    Thank you to everyone who shared lessons they learned - and to the makers and designers of this device.
  • Well it finally was achieved and it was if my body just wanted to get sending pleasure through my entire body. I had stated with the Helix but purchased the Progasm and it did not take long. 

    I had been noticing things with the Helix but for the first time when I put the Progasm in my erection was so hard immediately. 

    It had taken about two weeks with the Progasm and each time I could feel the intensity growing. 

    For today when I climaxed, and after I rested a few minutes, then another and another and even another pleasure shot through my body. 

    I had been laying on my back and had just started to hold in the Progasm for a little bit, when the quiver began. As I concentrated on the breathing, and not having high expectations my body began to react a little more intensely over the next hour and 1/2.

    I kept having many mini O's and I was dripping wet from all the precum. As I was laying there all of a sudden I could feel my butt starting move on it's own and within a few minutes after then my back arched and I could not believe the immense pleasure.

    I felt as if I wanted to just shoot my load, and if I had stroked myself the explosion would have been rather long and wet.

    I started to thrust and ride the bed for it seemed like a minute or two. Right after that, a few minutes latter as I was relaxing I squeezed a little again and the ride got even more intense. Each time it was surprising how fast it came on and how intense it was.

    I am looking forward to really growing from this point and looking forward to where ever this adventure now takes me.

    Simply amazing 

  • So far after a year of anerosing from level zero of anal play , I have regularly progressed towards P-waves and pleasant conscience of my perineal region although without any experience of autofucking or any lost of control. This is not anymore true as I went through my previous barriers. That's why I wanted to share my new experience.
    Yesterday a little bit before midnight,, I went to bed with Helix properly inserted. I relaxed carefully, started to raise my arousal and to concentrate on my perineal, anal and prostatic feelings. During around 90 minutes I felt P-waves, warmth waves and deep wellness sensations irradiating from my lower abdomen upwards along my spine. Slowly my pleasure came more and more intense although without any auto-fucking development. I needed to do voluntary very light contractions to keep my sensations going. I had too to push my popping Helix back inside several times when my feelings tended to peak. Rather exhausted by this more intense sensations than usual I felt asleep keeping my Helix inside.
    Around 6 o'clock I was awaken by familiar P-waves with something new so far for me. They were developping to unknown really high level automatically without any single action from my conscient side nor any need to keep Helix in as it was firmly clenched by my anus. Futhermore I was feeling clearly a pulsing sensation from my Helix on what I had to consider as my prostate. Most of those feelings were pretty new to me.
    In those new circumstances, I decided to adopt a new strategy and got my Progasm in place of my Helix. Done around 7 o'clock, within minutes my friend took me back where I was and pushed me across the roof as it took the full control of my pleasure. .
    Submerged by endless P-waves one after the other, I just concentrated on my feelings, taking care to deepen my relaxation as my pleasure took me higher and higher. I started feeling deep anal contractions which made my Progasm fuck me for the first time ever. I lost every bit of control and found myself moving uncontrolably as a snake on my bed. I lost my breath. Suddenly I came, I felt my penis exploding with endless spasms. I am totally unable to tell whether this moment lasted 30 seconds or 5 minutes. I felt such a wonderful orgasm that I thought I had a HFWO. Actually my penis was semi flacid and hardly wet. When I was regaining a bit of control over my breath, my Progasm kept doing its amazing job and threw me again in the bliss. Each sequence started as a P-wave stronger and stronger until my penis was sent into deeper and deeper pulsations.
    Once more I was unable to count anything. I guess I felt asleep but don't know when. I came back to reality around 9 o'clock.
    I want to thank everyone in this community whose questions, advices and numerous contributions were and still are very helpful.
  • It has been 8 days since I first started using an Aneros after having practically no experience with anal play. I had been working on the breathing and getting used to the various muscles down there even before the Aneros arrived. I had been reading a fair amount of this forum to get more mentally prepared as it became evident that the mental aspect would be key.

    Today was the culmination of a week of exploration, increased relaxation and a better understand of my inner self. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to have a session this morning, but there was still enough of a draw to get me started. Previous sessions had brought me to a point of having mini dry O's the last couple times. They didn't last all that long, but they were new and felt pretty good. Yesterday's session I actually fell asleep an hour into it and end up lying on my side when I woke up. I normally stay on my back the entire time. This session I decided to spend a little time on my side, but it was mainly just relaxing for a while. I went back to my back.

    Things progressed, I stayed relaxed. I didn't even realize pulsing or contractions were going on by themselves until I was well into my euphoric climb. I reached an obstacle that I had previously not recognized. When I would get a dry O I would react more like a traditional O and sort of lock down or clench as I felt the urge to lift my pelvis. I made a conscious effort to not clench this time and see where things went.

    I didn't immediately feel an increase in pleasure from not clenching, but I think I raised the ceiling to allow things to progress further. I started to vocalize more. It just felt like what I needed to do to express what I was starting to feel. I don't know if I've ever said "Oh my God" so much in my life. I felt a need to let my pelvis and legs shake. In the past I had let them shake, but it didn't seem natural so I stop trying. This time it was natural. Nothing really grand, but there was a need for release that I met.

    I think I had maybe 5 or 6 super O's all told, the longest lasting maybe 3 minutes. At times I felt like I needed to curl up on myself, reaching out with my arms and legs then curling inward. Every time I would have a new sustained wave it felt like my pelvis was getting heavy. The relaxation was pulling down in a sense. I was in tune with letting the sensations take over. It was beautiful.

    It wasn't what I was expecting, not quite like a traditional O. I had read that it's like the feeling right before an ejaculation and that sort of makes sense. I think I was expecting a sharp transition to immense pleasure, but it was more of a smooth arc that I followed. It was smooth like that, but also my body movements from early on in exploring the Aneros and myself have been slower and smoother (except when the involuntary movements took hold for brief periods this time).

    I got to a point where I thought "How long am I going to keep doing this?" I decided to try kneeling for a little while and rode the continuing pleasurable mental state for a while as I gently swayed. After a little bit I decided to get up and call it a session. I wanted to take a shower afterwards. As I walked and even continuing now it feels like I'm in some sort of medium besides the air that is slowing my movements. It feels like pure contentment.

    I guess I wasn't quite finished as a started stimulating my nipples again, still not having taken the Aneros out. I started swaying again and eventually had a mini O or two standing in the bathroom. I turned the light off for a little while to remove that outside stimulus. The shower I eventually took after removing the Aneros felt pretty good too. Still swaying a little, the water created a peculiar sensation as I got cleaned up. It felt more like spots of vibrations as it hit my skin. When I finally got around to washing my hair I felt like I had to lean against the back wall, I was so relaxed. I'm happy right here, right now, but I'm looking forward to the continued exploration.
  • In October of last year I purchased a Progasm after some research on Aneros.  It was reading in the forum that others had better luck with a smaller unit that led me to get a Helix.  Now I am into the third week of using the Helix, and life has improved.  On the first use of the Helix, I noticed that I was able to start with the contractions much sooner than the Progasm. The experience with the Helix has taught me to learn to relax more and more as the sensations build.

    Starting last week, on inserting the Helix I have noticed that my prostrate wakes up instantly, like it is hungry for the feeling. Laying down, legs up, porn playing lightly in the distance, and light contractions starts the process, after about five minutes I am shaking and riding waves of pleasure.  Last Friday I must have rode up and then shaking from head to my toes, over and over again for almost two hours, each with more intensity.  Well, today I took some time, lay back and bam the feeling took off, I must have been riding wave after wave of shakes for what seemed a long time,  when I felt like my cock was going to explode.  I was shaking my pelvis, my cock was shaking, and then all of a sudden I was cumming all over the place, this went on for a good long time.  After a settled down a bit, I started gentle contractions, it took five or ten of them, and bam, here I went again, heaving and shaking, in total joy..... then it happened, I felt like my cock was going to explode, and it did, was amazing.

    What I am noticing is that the more I ride, the more I relax most of the time, it is like I have less tension and am able to notice more of what is going on around me, from what others have written, this is just the beginning of a new journey.  Thanks!
  • I finally had my first true Super-O last night. I was using the Vice with the Muse vibe; trying to quiet my mind and just let it happen. I could sense it more last night just after insertion even. I was sleepy too, which I think might have helped a lot. The muse was on setting 3 of 9 (gentle steady pulsing). I could sense the tickle that everyone tells of and that slow building of warmth inside. It kept growing slowly as I kept my deep breathing going. My body jumped as if hit by electricity. My cock got harder than I thought possible. The sensation shot from the base of my spine to my head. My body convulsed and shook as the pleasure took me totally. I shook, moaned and felt what I thought was an ejaculation. I also sensed the contractions of my prostate for the first time ever. As it waned, I didn't want it to stop. I'm not really sure I could have stood another. My heart was pounding out of my chest, breathing so ragged and body so exhausted by just that one. A peaceful calm swept over me too. I tried to get another but I tried too hard, lost the breathing technique, thoughts invaded my mind, and the sensations slipped away. Checking myself, I ebbed some clear but nothing major from the event.

    I had thought before that mine were just minor or different totally. They were just p-waves with what I experienced last night. I never knew an orgasm could feel so good. Even my standard ones don't give me much pleasure. This one frightened me as I let it take me. It was so much physical pleasure.

    I think I've learned how I did it so now I can try again in a few days. The Vice and Muse are quite the pair. I still feel that slight inner calm that I haven't in ages.
  • llamallama
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    After reading so much about super "o", I took the plunge and bought myself a Helix. The first 3 sessions were uneventful, it was more of a happy feeling rather than orgasmic. I thought that was all the Helix could do to me. But boy I was wrong. 

    So the on the 4th attempt, I lied on my back with one leg up and the other crossed over. Soon I could feel something deep down was awaken. Waves of pleasure started to originate from there. So I held a weak kegel and soon I had involuntary contractions. Before I realised my cock started to twitch and I felt that I was cumming except nothing was shooting out from my cock. It wasn't super strong, I wasn't shaking that much but it lasted for a good 5 minutes. 

    In all, during the 2 hours sessions I had a few minor dry-orgasm and some huge ones where my heart rate shot up and I had to cover my mouth just to contain myself. The interesting part came after the session though. 

    I woke up at the middle of the night by the twitching of my prostate region (anerosless). Soon I had waves after waves of mini-orgasm, I had to jerk myself off to stop them before I could fall asleep again. So now, two days after I realised I could pin point where my prostate is even when I am standing, without the aneros. With a bit of kegel and focus, I can feel the bliss and my cock will jerk mildly, which I would say felt like a mini o. 

    One thing though, I am not sure whether those contractions during the mini o are generated by me or involuntarily, but it felt god damn good! Orgasm anytime I want it;) 
  • I may have had my first Super-O on Tuesday night. The experience was like nothing in the three years of Aneros usage - and left me with a shattered, wobbly feeling throughout the following day.

    Late into the session, after my prostate was buzzing, I got the idea of allowing Aneros sensations to fuel my fantasies, rather than vice versa. I just let go: pour everything out. Nothing is going to hold me back. This also meant letting my moaning get as loud as it had to, which was embarrassing.

    But in doing so, a huge full-body orgasm began. Images in mind were flashing by at a rapid rate, some almost surreal — I was loosing control, to my unexpected joy. My chest and abdomen was overloading with electrical pleasure, feeling like they'd burst. (Hence the wobbliness afterwards) I thought I was going to ejaculate, blowing the whole load.

    I stopped, though, primarily under awkwardness over my noisy moaning. What a bummer! But it's possible that given where people are sleeping, relative to where my bedroom is, they can't hear me. (Or hear much, at least) I didn't want to risk being heard, though. Later that night, when getting aroused again, I let loose a little more and briefly felt this odd out-of-body experience.

  • MattpMattp
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    I had a superO last night and it was with my new Maximus. I've used my Helix and Progasm for about 11 months now and just bought the Maximus during the Thanksgiving Sale. It immediately felt pleasurable and very different from any other ride I've experienced. From the moment I put the Maximus in, I could tell it would happen. The pleasure I was feeling was intense and it kept getting stronger. I felt tingles all over my body including my face. I could feel waves of pleasure sweep over my body crashing against me over and over trying to knock me over. The sensations were getting stronger and well beyond anything I have felt before. Then I started to see lights pass over my head. They were moving fast and I sensed a strobe light flashing before my eyes. (At this point I knew something special was going to happen). The next sensation I felt was as if I was plunging off the top of a super tall water slide, moving fast straight down ultimately landing and arriving in a blissful pool of ecstasy.

    They say you know when you reach a superO and there is no doubt that I finally reached it.
  • xyz123xyz123
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    After two failed attempts, I finally had my first Super Orgasm last night using the Aneros Helix Syn.

    My first two attempts failed probably because I couldn't resist touching my dick. I was worried that maybe the Helix Syn was too thin and too short. I'm a gay bottom, so I'm used to longer, thicker dicks.

    Last night, however, I was exhausted from a long day and a cold. So I took some Nyquil, which normally doesn't make me very drowsy, and relaxed naked in bed on my right side with my Helix Syn inside and knees bent slightly. I never felt it touch some sweet spot; in fact, I was sort of worried that it wasn't staying inside but sliding out, which wasn't the case. But I kept relaxing, almost falling asleep. I also tried to contract my anal muscles (not sure which exactly) but not too hard.

    Every now and then, my arm would twitch. I wasn't sure if this was due to the Aneros because twitches like that normally occur while I'm sleeping, but the twitches increased in strength and also began in my abdomen. They would cause my knees to move closer to my chest. They were very quick. Next thing I know, after about 50 minutes of relaxing, I fall into an intense orgasm, with my legs shaking, my body thrashing around, my cock growing hard and rubbing against my bed. It was a whole new type of pleasure, completely different from stimulating my cock.

    The orgasm would calm down but start again not too long after. It sometimes felt as though I could trigger the next orgasm by voluntarily twitching my leg. My orgasms lasted about 15 minutes. I probably could have gone longer, but it was getting late and I wanted to jerk off.

    I was surprised that I experienced such an intense orgasm after only two other attempts. I am very pleased with the Helix Syn and cannot wait to use it again. Maybe I'll upgrade to a thicker Aneros.
  • grootgroot
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    Before this I have had a number of sessions where I have dry orgasms one after another for a while until it stopped. It has been very nice... :)

    This time it started as usual. I had a dry orgasm efter maybe 5 minutes and a couple more 5 minutes apart after which the session sort of stopped. I ran out of lust. I felt that I wanted one more dry orgasm however so I decided to jump-start the session with some nipple stimulation. I also read some KSMO threads to I decided to throw some of that into the jump-start as well.

    So I did some nipple stim, when it felt good I stopped and did a silent key sound. Breathed some and started over. It did not take long until I felt the eupho start moving during the breaths between the nipple stim. When it moved the pleassure intesified, and intensified until next dry orgasm was in full progress. I rememebered about relaxing into the pleassure and tried to do that and make myself relaxed and not trembling. I did that and with the relaxation the pleassure intensified even more and when on and on. Sometimes I felt peaks of intense lust beeing transformed to intense pleassure and vive versa. At the end I had a hard time to not make vocal sounds. As a family man I did not want to wake anyone in the house so managed to switch to strong whispering groans instead. Finally in a valley I decided I did not want to climb another peak and stopped.

    This is the most intense session yet and the most intense orgasm in my life!
    I think this qualifies as a super-O...!!!

    As I write this I am still affected by a wonderful afterglow. :)
  • ricehouzricehouz
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    Considering how I couldn't stop contracting, was receiving pleasure from the prostate, produced a decent amount of precum, and just couldn't stop my entire body from quivering, I'm 99% sure that I just had my first Super-O. It happened without my Aneros, too. Even here as I sit, I get an occasional minigasm.

    I've had a total of 4 Aneros sessions since I bought it, which was three months ago. The first two didn't amount to much. The third session started producing a very faint but pleasurable sensation in the prostate, but nothing else came of it. The fourth session, which was about a week ago, yielded what someone described as a prostate orgasm. Initially, there was a very faint sensation with my Progasm in, and I focused on it and built it up. Eventually, my muscles were contracting barely on their own, and the more I did it, the more my muscles started to quiver. Then, my muscles started seriously contracting as if I had an orgasm, though there wasn't really much pleasure outside of that. After maybe half a minute, it stopped and never came back. Fast forward to today, I was in my bed and I hadn't masturbated for the last few days. Feeling a little horny while drifting off, I started contracting my muscles. I started noticing a distinct and persistent sensation forming at my prostate, so I pushed forward and did some controlled contractions. The same thing that happened in my last session was happening then, and I let it happen. At first I thought, "Oh great, a prostate orgasm, not going to feel much," but this time the pleasurable sensation in my prostate was still there. As the orgasm progressed, it started feeling better and better, and eventually my whole body started spazzing out for the next 15 or so minutes. It was only that short because I forcibly calmed myself down instead of letting it take me again.

    So yeah. Very interesting experience to say the least.
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    It has been about two months since I started reading these forums and over five years owning a prostate "toy", which I thought was going to enhance jack off sessions.  It barely did.  I stopped using it because I didn't know how.  I'd concentrate on my dick, and screw up a masturbation session with a push at orgasm that sent the thing flying out of my ass.

    Reading these forums changed all that.  I bought a helix-like after reading here and - wow.  I have spent the past couple months with short sessions that resulted in great pleasure.  As a guy who loves orgasms, I'd spend about a half hour of prostate shivers and then oil up my dick and go for the O.  I had more than a few incredible orgasms, much enhanced by the extra stimulation.

    Then today, when I had the day off and no one was around, I realized I had 4 hours to myself.  I opened the freezer and grabbed a coconut suppository I'd learned to make on this forum - pouring warm coconut oil into a modified lip balm applicator and tossing it into the freezer.

    I played no music, and committed total focus to what was happening with my prostate, anus and perineum.  I had very pleasurable feelings, which I embraced as I had before.  But today I had time.  I waited and went through the waves of pleasure I had experienced before concentrating on only three things - breathe, relax your sphincter and ignore your pre-cum soaked dick.

    Then something new happened.  My thighs started contracting while my ass was relaxed.  The energy was insane, but I just relaxed and let it go.  It was much better than previous experiences, which had all been good.  I let my thighs go crazy for what must have been 10-15 minutes and then, with my entire lower body in a state of pure ecstasy I pinched my nipples,

    Dear God.  My nipples have always been sensitive, and I thought they were wired to my dick.  No - they are wired to my prostate.  As soon as I pinched them, the flood of pleasure immediately rose above my abdomen and kicked my ass in such a good way.

    I had to consciously take it down so I could breathe.  I drank some water as my anus felt like it was turning inside out and right side in and I thought - "Wow - I have a clit".

    I relaxed again very soon and had another, which was even more intense.

    This has been an amazing experience.  Having the most intense orgasms of my life without shooting has been incredible.  I'm 50, but I feel like I'm 15.

    Thanks again, guys, for your help.  I couldn't have gotten here without you.

  • rrunnzrrunnz
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    Last Friday morning I had a very active session with my Eupho, the first thing that happened was my flaccid penis began to pulse in and out  and have slight tingle.  This was soon followed by the Eupho beginning to move upward harder and back off and repeat giving my prostate a wonderful sharp bolt of lightening.  this lasted for a mere 5 minutes and subsided. All in all the whole thing lasted about 15 minutes.  About 5 hours later I decided to try again, it was a repeat of the mornings session, it would slowly subside and begin allover again and again and again for an hour.  Never had I experienced this in the many years I have had my devices.  During the hour I thrashed, writhed, twisted, thrusted and felt the wet precum ooze from  me on to the bed, at times my ankles would be lock together while enjoying this bliss.  There will be more of theae since having found the key to unlocking the backdoor pleasures with my Aneros.
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    Recently bought an Aneros Helix. Entirely new to the game, not familiar with all the "terminology", so I may have a hard time describing things.

    First time I used it I didn't really feel much of anything. Some pleasure, I guess. Second time, even more, but it didn't quite meet my expectations. Third time I didn't really get anything at all.

    The fourth time, though.... I don't know what it was, but something seemed to "click" inside of me and I began to really get into it. I kind of writhed my hips back and forth, and then went onto my back and lightly rocked on it while also contracted my muscles. Next thing I knew, I had lost control. It felt as if my anus muscles just took over and began to pulse and throb and the next thing I knew all I felt was a complete loss of control and being filled with pleasure. I was flipping and flopping around, twitching, convulsing, the whole deal. It was definitely an eye opener, and I continued on with the session, experiencing multiple orgasms, the last of which must have lasted a good 30 seconds of me flipping and flopping every which way (I can't tell for sure as my concept of time was the last thing on my mind).

    I finished up my session and went about my business, but several hours later it was as if I could feel my prostate throbbing and I felt so incredibly horny that I just had to go and use my Aneros again for another short session.

    It was a few days until my next session and this time the feelings were even stronger. On just the initial insertion of the Aneros, I experienced what I would call a "mini-orgasm" I guess and it wasn't too long after that that I started down the path of the multiple orgasms again. A lot quicker than the last time. A lot quicker.

    Once I had finished up that session, it was again a bit later when I could feel my prostate throbbing and myself become horny.... but this time I didn't want to go through the process of getting the Aneros again. So I just shut my eyes and focused on the feeling and contracted my muscles and writhed around like I did have the Aneros in me. To my surprise, this was actually working and I began to feel the same waves of pleasure and increasing loss of control until I experienced what I would classify as a small orgasm. Nowhere near as intense as with the Aneros actually in use, but seeing as how it was done from nothing, it was pretty surreal.

    Anyways.... long story, short.... satisfied customer, no regrets.
  • Well after a year and 1/2 it has finally happened my first Super O. And it was amazing.

    Lying on my bed with my progasm inserted I began to drift into a light sleep. As I did my dream started as the progasm started it regular activity of making my ass quiver. This happens all the time as I use it, but this time as I began to dream about having a hot lady in stockings beside me whispering that I needed to take it  all the way this time the intensity started to build.

    As I was lying on my stomach I began to imagine my nipples were being played with. Each time as they were touched, and I was actually doing this, my ass began to quiver even more. Slowly as my ass started to quiver faster my hard member was getting herder as I was humping the bed.

    As I dreaming I was being pulled to have my ass higher in the air for deeper penetration, the intensity started to build even higher. Soon I was having my ass fucked hard and at the same time me now hard penis was sending out liquid like it has many times before. This time however the intensity in my penis was so much more stronger.

    Deeper into the the experience I went and soon I started to moan softly, but as the intensity grew so did my loud moans...   and as they got louder my mind became blank like as I never wanted ti to stop. I seamed to last for long time, as my ass and prostate wanted to give me more of a ride.

    It slowed down and as it did I felt I could do it again but had to stop to get some work completed.

    Needed to say where I was lying was absolutely soaked, so much more than ever before.

    I look forward to the next trip and the visit from from hot imaginary lady friend in those hot stockings and great ass which as she help me to move along the journey was was incredibly firm and round.

    The year and a 1/2 was long but as I learned to start to relax more and more I could feel the journey start to increase and was not expecting anything to happen but just let in happen naturally.

  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
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    Hi guys,

    I think this morning I had one of the best Aneros sessions ever, and I may have experienced my first Super-O!

    I rose about 5 a.m., intending to spend the day with some of my translation projects. First I took a walk outdoors in my immediate neighborhood, getting some groceries from the 7-Eleven a block away. Then I hopped on the Internet reading the news and surveying the weather forecast. Of course here in the USA, today is the Fourth of July, a major holiday. For many years living here in DC, I have observed the Fourth of July in somber reflection, forgoing the fireworks on the National Mall, a couple miles away. It is too much a mob scene, closely akin to Halloween. So I stay close to my apartment on such holidays. But this year, my observance of our nation's birthday seemed even more somber. I was beginning to get really depressed.

    However, my body was telling me that today is absolutely free, no obligations, Georgetown where I live is quiet and calm. My body told me that it was hungry, even horny for an Aneros session. So I quickly set up my session by pulling out my Aneros best buddies in the following order: Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus.

    This morning, I decided to surrender to the pleasure these four good buddies give me, and I believe that I was rewarded with my first Super-O, albeit a subtle one, but the energy of which grows and grows and grows in Aless!!!

    This morning I focused on Helix Classic in which it hit all the pleasure spots of my prostate and anal musculature. It was even more so with Progasm Classic. I couldn't get enough of my Progasm Classic hitting all those pleasure spots big man fashion. This action continued with Tempo in its own way. I think it is possible to get a Super-O with Tempo. Do you think so? I ended with Maximus which hits those pleasure spots in its own direct way.

    When I surrendered to Aneros pleasure today, I was rewarded with the electric energy of pleasure pervading my whole body. Right now as I type this it feels like I am riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. I can cream my camo shorts if I wish! Just also beautiful is for me in today's session and in Aless to stimulate so lightly my nipples, chest, abs, pubes, the corona of my glans penis, etc. My Super-O was subtle at best, but powerful, and continues in Aless! I hope in future sessions to replicate and explore this new territory that I have embarked upon!