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I would like to apologize to all the women out there...
  • ...who have been so damn frustratingly close to orgasm but just couldn't quite reach it!!! I'll never leave you hanging ever again!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,257

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  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,672
    LMAO!  Yeah, this journey does open your eyes in ways you never expected.
  • i had to read it twice.

    got me hard.

  • isvara
    Posts: 580
    I would add my voice to this. I think what is advocated as the 'money shot' in porn videos (where most young people get their sex instruction) is really bad news. It implies the male is not fully satisfied with the vaginal stimulation, with his partner, so he has to take it out and finish by hand. (Why stick it in in the first place!) What about her!
    I do not have the reference but several years ago an article in the New Scientist journal referred to a study where students who came/were cum inside were more confident in themselves the next day than those who weren't, the indication being that in the absorption of 'juices' by both parties had a positive effect with both. My post has nothing to do with self pleasure but with presenting 'pull out' and jerking off as the norm. What impression does this leave the girl with regarding her value and her need for pleasure. Who cares if she is left hanging out for completion!
    So cum-inside creampies really are the ultimate, unless of course the girl really does not want him in her at all. Oh dear, what have I said!!
  • You have said one of the most important thing I can imagine. I too hate the porn trend of taking it out to finish. It suggests that the woman is just a toy. A woman's orgasm with the penis in and pumping is the ultimate joy for her. Let her have this pleasure every time. She deserves it.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,077
    The old expression walk a mile in my shoes seems apropos here.  Interesting how having a true understanding of the struggles opens our eyes....and our hearts!

    BF Mayfield
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 570
    As with the videos you see of Aneros in action, when you're doing it right all the action is internal and there's very little to see except a little shaking, changes in body position and facial expressions. Such a video would be boring to watch.

    Similarly, a "take it out to finish" shot is spectacle.
  • Cuming inside is the best part. It is a moment of truth where both trully do become one! After all it is the ultimate goal!
    In porn there is always a double standard.
    How is it said? Bros before hoes! typical male crap! IMHO. 
  • I think the reason they take it out in porn is to prove that the guy really came, I think.  I love to watch cream pies where the guy is really into it and sinks it deep and takes a few more deep afterthrusts at the end of his ejaculation. 
  • I agree that cumming inside is the ultimate turn on from personal experience. it's hard to describe and I imagine straight men probably don't want to hear about it so I'll leave it at that. But don't all the porn players that you watch use condoms in the AIDS era? So even if they did cum inside her, she wouldn't feel much and the body fluids wouldn't mingle. I agree that she would miss the ecstatic thrusting which is part of the turn on. I used to volunteer for support for people with AIDS so I know how horrible it is first hand. So I'm glad that sex workers are finally required to wear condoms.

    That being said the original point as I read it is one of the man being aware of and sensitive to his partners arousal and being understanding and patient. Prostate massage is a great introduction to understanding others level of arousal and learning to hold back longer with climaxing. This brings up the problem that Electrified talked about recently, no matter how long you hold out, your partner may continue to have orgasms. I think it's important to stay close with the partner after it seems to be over to share the joy if only vicariously.

    I'm not entirely guessing about heterosexual sexual practices here, I'm speaking from the bottom where I like to be and getting f@@ked. I think bottoms have a different experience from the tops, (correct me if I'm wrong) but it can be very hot while it's going on but not in a penis/ejaculation/climax way, more in a prostate calm seas trance way. So I know it's important for my partner to stay with me after he's finished and finish me off. Of course if both partners are switching positions, it makes things easier.

    I had the experience of actually breaking through the barrier between myself and women on an emotional level using the emotional discharge technique. it's a powerful transpersonal opening to be immersed in a woman's experience. This was not a sexual experience but again, I can sort of empathize with women there too.
  • Although that's a noble goal it has as much or more to do with what's going on b/t her ears as anything your doing. If she's uncomfortable or preoccupied you could grind away indefinitely and not hit pay dirt.

    But a guy's gotta put in an honest effort.