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Chat rooms
  • I am looking for some chat rooms that are not pay sites. Just somewhere to have erotic chat. Wondered if anyone here could help. Straight is preferred but bi might be fun too.
  • Not sure on chat sites but for anyone looking for female inspiration here is the bikini contest page for the sexiest bikinis on the planet.

  • td1973td1973
    Posts: 2
    Whoa, thanks for the link braveneworld.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @braveneworld - Oh yeah! Totally forgot to thank you for that link! I've spent many an hour looking at those sexy ladies getting myself primed and aroused for my Aneros sessions. Good stuff! :D
  • Yes i have to admit i have visited the wicked weasel site before and i have browsed through

    their section of bikini's so i can perve on the women. They do have a members section here you pay only $25 a year, not sure if should sign

    up and pay the $25 i dont want people to think i am a pervert. Just looking at woman on the site

    makes my prostate swell and fill with blood, i can already feel the urge to have a session now

    i am very aroused.

    So has anyone paid the $25 to sign up the cummunity area? They have galleries and you can talk

    to the girls. Can anyone tell me what it is like?


    :x :x :D :D
  • I am a cheapskate so no I have never had a membership. I have looked for a password but never found one. However if you spend a certain amount buying their bikinis you get free membership for a year.
    So if you have a hot GF or wife go for it but that does not help us others without a hot one in our lives :(
    What ever did we do without the pornonet whoops I mean internet =))
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @thecritta - I too would be curious what you get for that membership fee that would supposedly make it worth while versuses just looking at the bikini comp.

    @braveneworld - I'm old enough to remember what we did without the Internet. For my younger more sexually repressed self, I had to go through this process of carefully weighing my horniness to see pictures of naked women to masturbate to, versus my shame and guilt that what I was doing was somehow wrong and bad. Once I had finally built up the courage pent up horniness to goto the corner mini-mart, I'd rush to the magazine section and quickly pick out the plastic wrapped three pack of porno mags with the hottest picture on it so that it didn't seem like I was some perv lingering in the porno mag section. And then I would carefully pick out a few other items so that when I put it all down at the cash register, likely with a very red face, the cash register person wouldn't think I was some degenerate loser there just to buy porno mags. Because I somehow thought that they all knew I was just going to go home and immediately bust a nut looking at the mags. And then after a few weeks of wanking to these mags, I'd then have a wave of debilitating shame and guilt. Which I would then burn all of my porno mags so there was no evidence left. And then a few weeks later. Repeat the cycle.  =)) 

    I sure am glad to be past that and view porn from the privacy of my home on the Internet minus the shame and guilt. >:)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @rem7575 - Years ago the Yahoo chat rooms used to have many different types of rooms for erotic chat depending on your interest and sexual orientation. Don't know if that is still the case now. But you could try. And they are free to use.

    Also this post has me thinking...
    Would people be interested in a separate dedicated discussion thread where we can post links to free porn/erotica for Aneros arousal purposes? And would the Aneros company be ok with that sort of thread?
  • @Love_is Good question/idea. Cant see why not lots of threads show links to lots of other websites on this forum, just not to any competing company's sites for toys.

    If you get a membership there are a lot more photos of the same girls and they are better resolution too.
    Umm so there pretty good now so if you pay the money the resolution is so good it burns the image into your retinas.  :D
    Handy if you normally close your eyes and think of someone else. =))

    I was around before the internet too and used to goto the newsagent and buy playboy and nudist mags but lost interest coz they wernt hard core enough so I got a subscription to Penthouse black label. That kept me busy. Its just a pitty I was not sleezy enough to go out and randomly pickup the real thing.
    Now married and at 40 I feel like I missed out. Maybe that is a good thing maybe I missed out (on getting a STD)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @braveneworld - Alright, I'll keep this in mind for when I feel inspired to create a new thread.