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Help on avoiding Wet Orgasms with Aneros. Please!
  • I know it's probably not the norm to ask for advice on avoiding orgasms on here but yeah! 

    I always feel as though my sessions eventually lead to a hands free wet orgasm. Just when things start feeling really good my legs start to shake and my pelvis starts to shake as well. Not so long after this I ejaculate, which kills the session and leaves me feeling slightly cheated. The past few times I've felt this start to happen I've ended the session. I used to think I ejaculated because my penis is being stimulated by the shaking motion of my body, causing it to hit my legs and my stomach. But just now I've had a really nice session - I was about to end it and thought about getting in the bath to relax, (I did end it really, as I went to write a blog post on here) but as I stood up I felt this amazing feeling in my prostate. I got back into bed and laid there on my back with my feet flat on the bed. My legs involuntarily tensed up and straightened out, I was about to move them back to how they were but this adjustment only made the pleasure grow so I left them there. It felt so good and I wasn't feeling anything in my penis, which is usually the tell tale sign. I was completely still (no shaking) when my penis became erect and I could feel very intense orgasmic pleasure there. I tried to relax through it but I was powerless to stop it and after 10-15 seconds or so I ejaculated. Session over! Don't get me wrong the orgasm was absolutely incredible and it left me a quivering mess, but it's not what I'm after. 

    How do I overcome this? It's very frustrating. Is this a common thing? I haven't really seen anything about it.
  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    I'm a relative newbie and haven't had a wet OR dry orgasm, but there's definitely posts about this on the forum if you search it a bit. You aren't the first person trying to avoid a wet orgasm!

    Some people say that its something they were able to overcome ;))  just with time. It seems having legs stretched out straight can contribute to this, definitely try to keep your legs bent if possible. Also any pressure/stretching of your scrotum apparently can cause wet orgasms.

  • I wish I had a handsfree wet orgasm, at least once. Although i came close by nipple massage and then another time by deep sexual fantasies only
  • @zoop Just done a bit more searching and I've found a couple of posts/threads. Thankyou :) I do remember reading about the legs stretched out thing before. Hopefully I can avoid that next time, if there is one!

    @doncejankius They are really good! I'm just concerned that my body will just produce HFWO's every time I use the aneros, instead of the other kinds of orgasms.
    I'll definitely try to relax more next time.

    Thanks for the replies guys.
  • Hello, donce.

    Don't stress yourself over the HFWOs. Instead, next time remain relaxed and flat on the bed after ejac. You may find as I did that after about 10 minutes, the Aneros will re-start itself and you may get to a Super-O in another 20 minutes.



  • BTW Dave's message should have been addressed to nothing1234567, not to me
  • Thanks @ten_s_nut I'll give it a shot
  • Hey there,

    As you may have found in your search, I too have been the "victim" of HFWOs! You may have seen my earlier posts...

    I use the term victim jokingly, of course, but experiences since my last post validate what Dave is saying...

    Last week, during a great session in which I "broke in" a new set of the Peridise model, I slipped in my MGX Classic and soon found my prostate sensations welling up to an orgasm. This time, I don't think I had my legs straight, but rather bent (heels up to butt, on my back). In any case, after reaching a HFWO and mentally accepting this "outcum," I simply mopped up with a T-shirt and then lazily rolled over onto my side to go to sleep. I think about 10 minutes later, my prostate decided it wasn't through and I felt my body building up to another, but smaller, p-wave.

    Nothing materialized beyond that, this time (and I'll admit, I was very physically fatigued from a long day). But the events made me realize that, on prior occasions when I'd mopped up and removed the Aneros for the night, I may have been ending the possibility of additional fun. From now on, I will follow Dave's advice and patiently see what else develops.

  • BootBoot
    Posts: 23
    I have a different experience; only dry O's. There are plenty of good feelings, but my penis seems to retract during sessions. There is no problem with that, because the device is doing its thing plenty. I wonder if that is something that works itself out with experience?
  • I've got pretty much the same problem. My last session didn't even last half an hour before i HFWO'd. I've had dry orgasms before, but no full body ones so i was trying to focus on that, and after 20 mins i started getting dry o's. I enjoyed those for 5 mins i guess and then it got more intense: my hips started bucking automatically and after about 1 minute i ejaculated. I don't think i stimulated my penis at all, not even incidental contact, so i'm left to wonder why this happens to me. One possibility i saw was that i'm still pretty young thus more easily aroused and relatively more virile. But the next time i'll definitely try keeping it in for a little while longer to see if getting that wet orgasm out of the way somehow can lead to a more full body experience. 
  • @Tripjacks I'm also a pretty young guy and I was wondering if my age did have a part in it. It hasn't happened to me for a little while, I've been trying to take it easy with the Aneros to see if this helps. I also try not to get myself too worked up during sessions but sometimes it just happens :D
  • Hello,

    I also had problems with my Aneros sessions ending in wet orgasms. Often when I felt like reaching a new high the session was abruptly ended by an unwanted ejaculation. That may was interesting for the first time but then again this way of ejaculating was not more pleasurable than just using your hands to come to orgasm. It just became annoying. Shortly before coming my PC muscle always started to spasm and I could feel how this had an effect on the glans of my erected penis. I'm not sure whether I do something wrong but using the PC muscle always leads to my Penis being moved and unfortunately also stimulated by this movement. In my eyes this movement lead to the situation that my penile frenulum got stretched and with it the glans of my penis which then got stimulated. This eventually led to orgasm.

    Since the problem lay in the glans of my penis being stimulated I looked for a tolerable way to anesthetize this region and came across a cream which is based on Lidocaine and Prilocaine. By looking through the web I found out that those substances were suitable for preventing premature ejaculation and could be acquired without prescription.  

    So I got myself a cream with those substances and applied it on the glans of my penis before I started my session. During my Aneros session I could finally reach a whole new level of pleasure which would have been prevented by a wet orgasm before. Now I feel like I am much closer to the Super O.

    So I can only advice you to get such a cream but to use it on your own risk as it is with every medical substance.  ;)