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Is an erection necessary for fulfilled aneros usage?
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I ask this question for a couple of reasons.

    I have what I call "really intense" aneros sessions, BUT I rarely get an erection.  If I do get an erection, I often feel that the session is turning away from this pleasure and verging on a normal masturbatory session or sex, with the unintended almost-expectation that this will lead to a wet orgasm.  It is like my mind (and session) has been hijacked by my penis.

    I have noticed that guys sometimes refer to getting a feeling of being "close the the edge" with there aneros use, once an erection has started. Some seem to imply that a session isn't any good if an erection doesn't occur. I wonder whether this apparent need for an erection is sidetracking the process (at least for some), and whether the feelings one experiences are more likely to lead to a wet orgasm in for some guys?  There are others who say that an erection is an inevitable consequence of a good aneros session, complete with dry Os, super-Os or whatever.

    On the other hand, I have my intense sessions without an erection for the most part, and yet despite the evidence of my own experience, I have at times, demoted what I feel, because of the absence of an erection, based largely on the accounts of others on this forum.  My recent revelation is that this is nonsense, but my account of this at least explains where this question is coming from.

    It all seems a little contradictory, but given we all have our own journeys to make here, probably inevitable.

    My own feeling is that for some, an erection is not necessary, and where it is necessary for others, can have the effect of sidetracking their experience, though not always.

    All the best

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    Good question.
    I have ED (no erection without Viagra). It has been my hope that a prostate orgasm will be very satisfying and take me blissfully into my old age.
    So far my journey is slow but there is every indication that without an erection there is something very good ahead for me.
    If an erection is necessary then I should stop my Aneros journey as continuing it will increase frustration and disappointment .
    It is a critical question of so many males who with ED might try an Aneros and find there is life again!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    IMHO and experience, an erection is NOT necessary to enjoy the benefits of Aneros use nor is it necessary to experience Super-O's.

    While different men may certainly have different feelings associated with their erectile states, I don't think we should attach too much importance to them when or if they occur.

    If there is a negative aspect to one's erectile state, IMHO, it is in attaching some significance to it at all, i.e. thinking that it is somehow necessary or important to the pleasure process. This kind of attachment creates an 'expectation' which can act as a blockage to full pleasure fulfillment. We have enough obstacles to overcome as it is, let's not create new ones.

    I believe your statement "My own feeling is that for some, an erection is not necessary, and where it is necessary for others, can have the effect of sidetracking their experience, though not always." is absolutely correct.

    @isavara, I suffer from medication induced ED and can attest to you that successful Aneros use is in no way enhanced by the ability to have erections.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • As a 63 year old man, I would say that I do not have ED, because I still get boners and love to play with them. But like @rumel, when I Aneros, I seldom get an erection, much less a rockhard one. It is comforting to know that the Aneros is always there for my prostate. But a wonderful spin off is how my awakened, Anerosed prostate engages with my penis in such a lively way when I masturbate! :D :D :) 
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Thanks for your comments guys - much appreciated.

    BigGlansDC - I don't have ED either, but as soon as I insert the aneros, my erection (if I had one at the start) subsides.  I am not disappointed however.

    I too appreciate the interaction of my shiny new aneros-inspired skills, with my penis within sex or masturbation.  I would say that these anerosless experiences are getting as good as, though different too, my aneros experiences.  They have made some sexual partners green with envy, although I have to warn them about what is likely to take place - in case they think I am having a fit. :))  I also find that my wet orgasms are even more intense than ever, and last for a LONG time - perhaps up to 20 seconds, with repeated after shocks going on for up to 5 minutes.  ALL PRAISE THE ALMIGHTY ANEROS.

    I suppose that if I had to pinpoint the kind of forum comment that made me feel a little inadequate in the past, it would be the ones where guys describe a dry orgasm as just like a wet orgasm, but without the cum. For me, it is nothing like this - since I don't usually have an erection at all, and the "ejaculation-like pumping" that people describe is not there. There is a single massive contraction of the muscles that make us ejaculate, and the aneros is drawn deep within me, but the rest is just the pure orgasmic feeling - that suffuses every part of my body. There is no repeated pumping, and no edge to go over. My dry orgasms are very intense though.  Whilst I haven't decide this is what is happening, I have in the back of my mind that they are now ramping up to a new level that may well be borderline super-O territory.  It doesn't really bother me what they are to be honest - I know how powerful and enjoyable they are - BUT they ALL generally occur without an erection.

    My motivation for saying this, is that in many posts in the forum, the penis often comes into comments (not surprisingly) and I wanted to state for the record, that it is not necessary to have an erection in order to get immense pleasure from one's aneros sessions. The Penis-NOT thread comes to mind once again.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    I do get erections while using my new progasm ice. It cycles hard soft hard soft, However the more orgasmic feelings happen when there is no erection! I get dry Os that mimic an normal erect ejaculation but with out the ejaculation its self. I also have the single contraction and the aneros is drawn up too. Sorry @Linum. If it makes you feel any better I dont get the uncontrollable shaking fits you get :)

    Anyway I would have to agree that although it is nice to get a erection it is definitely not needed to get to a super O which I am fairly sure I have had many times but now is eluding me once again.
    I am afraid the new progasm ice has upset things. It feels great but now my eupho and helix dont work and the progasm is being illusive with climaxing a little.
    Now to clarify my erections are different to a normal masturbation erection. They almost never become rock hard full lenght! They feel rock hard as part of my body feelings but to the sight and touch they are semi..... Weird brain mumbo-jumbo! What I dont understand is why they are blue /purple colour as if they where a rock hard throbber.

    I am just going to have to wait for my progasm to eventually pop my clutch and hopfuly get everything working again.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    As a long term Aneros user that has not achieved super-O's yet, I feel like when I do get erections during my Aneros sessions, that they are distracting from the prostate and anal pleasure I am feeling. And they often tempt me to stroke it until ejaculatory orgasm. So I'd say no, erections are not necessary. And for guys like me, not helpful in a Aneros session.
  • Personally, I think of an erection as a bonus to my sessions, especially with my MGX and some nipple play.  That little soldier just comes to attention and MGX session goes into high gear.

    So, what I'm saying here, as sort of a compilation of the above it that YMMV...different strokes for different folks, all that stuff. 

    Each of us is going to experience Aneros in his own way.  For me, I love the sensation of an Aneros induced erection, but have many, many more sessions, great sessions, too, without an erection of any kind.

    Enjoy, boys, enjoy.  With or sans, pleasure is what we seek.  Don't worry about it, just take what comes and fly high.

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Thanks guys for all your positive comments.

    In the original post, I was showing my vulnerability.  I have got over those feelings of inadequacy now, and just go with whatever happens.  In general, at the moment, this is without an erection, but who knows about the future?

    In posting, I wanted to restate to those who feel/felt equally inadequate, that it really does not matter if you don't have an erection.  Concentrate instead on the feelings that the aneros catalyses within you, and worry less about achieving exactly the same results as others describe.

    It has been said a million times, but this is a unique journey you are on.  If the pleasure is there - go with that.  Feeling inadequate leads to frustration that will impinge upon your progress.  For this reason alone, I have been guilty of being disappointed with some sessions in the past, when further reflection revealed them to have been REALLY good.

    Be kind and charitable to yourselves