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The Kegels and the Progasm
  • Hi guys,

    Yesterday Monday morning, I made a very important discovery about both the Progasm Classic and his brother, the Progasm Ice. I discovered for sure that the extremely thick stem of these models are built for the Kegel Exercises. I blogged about all this late yesterday afternoon.

    So for a good week or now whenever I work with these two Aneros models, I throw in a periodic Kegel while I breathe rhythmically. This powers the massaging of both my prostate and anal canal. But yesterday morning I also discovered that a strong Kegel clutch held for about ten or fifteen seconds causes the Progasm to insert itself as deep as possible, thus massaging the full length of the prostate. When I do this, a spasm of P-waves occurs suffusing me with pleasure. Thus I have entered upon the range of exploration covered in Stage 2 -- Contraction Exercises in the Aneros Learning Center Instructions. Stage 2 recommends 20-30 anal contractions which I believe are the Kegels. So the Kegels and the Aneros work closely together both within and outside an Aneros session. I find all this exciting and so I record this major discovery as a testimonial of the wonder of the Kegels and both the Progasm Classic and Ice. Has anybody here made this same discovery?

  • Yes, Thom, many times in many ways with any Aneros model.  I am of the theory that anyone with Kegel experience, as I have had for a number of years before discovering Aneros, can get rewired faster.  Also a theory that anyone with dildo or anal intercourse experience can get rewired faster.  Would be nice to hear of the experience of others on this.
  • I have had the same thing happen with my progasm, if I hold the anal contraction for 1 or more minutes

    the anal canal will grip the progasm real tight even after I stop the contraction. This grip lasts for about 1 minute and the feeling is good. This contraction will also pull the progasm in as deep as it will go. This may lead to a super O,But has not happen to me yet , has been real close.I will keep trying. I am new a newbe at using the

    aneros, 1 month now. 


  • I began doing the Kegel Exercises last September/October with the intention of getting firmer erections and more forceful ejaculations. An experienced user of the Aneros on BateWorld contacted me then and interested me in the Aneros. I bought my first models late last December including the Progasm. I also was one of the first guys to order the Helix Syn when it came out on the market last April. But I had to summon the courage to actually use it in early June. The rest is history.

    It was only when I discovered for myself nearly two weeks ago that the Kegels and the Aneros work closely together. I discovered this through the Progasm Ice and its older brother, the Progasm Classic. That is when my Aneros sessions really began to take off. @Grandma_pappy, thank you for corroborating this for me, and for this, you very recently experienced your first Super-O's. Congratulations!!!, I carried my Kegel Exercises over with the Maximus. The Kegels have began to enhance greatly my working with the Maximus! Also a possible fuckbuddy is trying to interest me in dildos and buttplugs which may rewire me faster. :D

  • I have been doing the Kegel and the PC exercises for a couple years now.I do two sets of 25 reps 2 or 3 times a day also I have been holding the contractions for 10 or 20 seconds lately.This really helps with  my  aneros sessions, brings on the super O,s faster. I started doing Kegels exercises 2 years ago to promote good prostate health. You can can do these while driving a car or watching tv.
  • varmintvarmint
    Posts: 94
    I love to bear down on my Pro Ice and hold on for dear life as long as I can!  Pressure on my entire prostate with full feeling and P & K-tabs overwhelms.  45sec is the longest I've been able hold a kegel before I can't take it anymore--can't focus enough to hold on.  Only a few of these focused long contractions before it's involuntaries and Super-O's.

    Best place to practice kegels I've found is highway.  1 mile sign to an exit, contract and hold until off-ramp.  Repeat!  City driving gives a real good workout!
  • Hi @varmint, I have been having similar rides with the Progasm Ice lately. Because of this, I am gradually warming up with big bruiser Progasm Classic as well. I wish to thank @Grandma_pappy for his inspiration in a more concerted program with the Kegel Exercises and Anerosing.

    I live in Georgetown here in Washington, DC where I am spared long commutes of those who live in the DC burbs. But I enjoy Kegeling before my PC here at my apartment and at my favorite coffeehouse.

  • I would like to report that in the last couple weeks my sessions with the Progasm Classic, which I endearingly like to call my big bro or big bruiser, have become increasingly more and more pleasurable!

    Again I wish to thank especially @Grandma_pappy and certainly @varmint on the usefulness of long, sustained 60-second Kegels. I believe I did several sets of such Kegels in sets of five or ten each yesterday morning with both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic. I found such sets with my Progasm Classic really powered free, unhibited massage action of my prostate and anal muscles. I came away thoroughly satisfied. What a session!

    I got really interested in the Aneros last fall with @redbeard2000's You-tube videos with his Progasm Classic. Right now these days I am realizing a major goal with my Progasm Classic!

  • Does anyone think that progression would be achieved sooner if they were coached online via im or cam.. I've been trying this for  a year and think I'm doing something wrong, like not clenching when I should or something.  So I was wondering if anyone had success with being coached.
  • @manplzr, I would think that this would occur if you could hook up with an experienced Aneros user who does the Kegels via im or cam. Would you be sitting at your PC with the Aneros inserted to view im or your cam? And what model of the Aneros do you use? Do you use the Progasm?
  • @bigglansdc, yes i would be at pc with aneros inserted, i have a  progasm
  • Hi @manplzr, Are you able to Aneros easily in that pose at your PC? And do you modify your Progasm?

    Generally I prefer to have all my Aneros sessions on my back with my butt on a pillow. In that pose I can both do the Kegels and Aneros easily.

  • @manplzr,  You should be able to pop into Aneros chat anytime and find someone willing to assist:

    If nothing else they'll give you idea and techniques to help! 
  • Hi @varmint, that is a very good solution to suggest @manplzr to go to Aneros chat where he may find the coaching he is looking for.

    My question to you, or other experienced Progasm users, is: Can you use the Progasm while sitting in a chair?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @BigGlansDC - Progasm is not one of the models you should sit in a chair with if you are into that. Unless you have some sort of dough nut shaped pillow that keeps your weight off of the Progasm, our possibly extremely soft and cushioned chair/couch that doesn't push the Progasm into you very much. Try the Vice without the vibrator inserted, or one of the smaller models with the tail/handle removed for sitting. I personally never got into it as I found it too painful to sit on them. But I know there are other men here who enjoy sitting on the Aneros technique.
  • @BigGlansDC - In can be done with much pleasure, but sitting w/ Progasm is tricky!!  I like to browse/chat when riding at my PC to enhance my sessions...  Took some time to figure out and enjoy!

    Some tips:
    - Have comfy cushiony office chair that tilts.
    - Don't sit normally, this pushes hard on Pro and is painful!!!
    - It's bad for posture, but slouching a bit in the chair or leaning to one side to keep full pressure off Pro is good.
    - I tend to put a leg up on computer desk to help.  Opens me up a bit and gives room for movement.  Sometimes both legs on desk wide with keyboard in lap!!
    - I'll play around with the position too, by leaning back or forward to get more P-tab of K-tab pressure.  I've also found way to get full prostate engagement; very hard to maintain as you can imagine what's happening to me during this!!

      Happy riding!!
  • Hi @Love_is and @varmint

    Thank you for your advice on the Progasm and sitting. When I have my Aneros sessions, I prefer to have them lying on my back with my butt positioned on a pillow. It is better that way. I like that pose because I can focus exclusively on my sessions.
  • I am one of those who uses the Progasm, Helix and MGX models depending on my mood.  I can't sit here and tell you that one is better than the other but I can tell you that the Progasm gives me an erection when I using it but when I use the other models, I don't get one but I still enjoy them totally.

    After lubing up and depositing a goodly amount using a dropper in my ass, I usually lie on my right  side with my left leg extended in the beginning while watching one of my favorite porn movies.  Once the sensations start making me ooze without touching my penis, I turn slightly to my left and this is when the mind boggling orgasms start.  I move my hips just slightly because in this position, the Progasm is hitting my A-spot which is the most erotic feeling in the world.  My penis is rock hard and oozing pre-cum wetting my towel copiously. 

    The orgasms are so deliciously I don't want them to stop but at some point I grab my very hard penis to cum all over my thighs.  I have to lie there to collect myself and I take it out because by this time I am tired.  Usually my sessions last from 3 to 4 hours.  I am amazed that so much time has passed but if you do it right, you do lose all track of time.....
  • That's wonderful, @cobra614! I just got up from a restful night's sleep and am getting ready to have some breakfast and my morning coffee before prepping myself for a Saturday morning session with my Aneros buddies. I am particularly horny for my Progasm Ice (both clear and black) and Progasm Classic big bruisers! :) :D

    @cobra614, can you tell us what your A-spot is? Thank you!

  • @cobra614  - The Pro Erection; same happens to me.  With Pro I always go rock hard during session.  I know a big thing is not to focus on cock, but I do like the extra sensation of throbbing cock while cumming like crazy as Pro autof#$@ my ass.
  • Hi guys,

    I wish I could get a rockhard boner like you guys from my Aneros buddies, especially the Progasm Classic, but I just can't!

    About an hour ago, I had my first session in seven days. Last weekend, I came down with a wicked cold, along with chills and a slight fever. It could have been a minor brush with the flu. My illness finally began going away a couple days ago on Thursday.

    I cannot say how much I enjoy my three Progasm models, especially my Progasm Classic, autof**king my mancunt. My Aneros buddies were so happy to see me again after a short absence!

  • manplzrmanplzr
    Posts: 5

    Hi Thom, where did you find your Aneros buddies?


  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @manplzr you misunderstand . He is talking about his Aneroses (as his buddies)
    Thom is a progasm slut! And proud of it. :D  (takes one to know one hay Thom).
    He has a army of different progasms which take turns at gang banging him one after the other after the other!
    @BigGlansDC Hey buddy I used to get boners from my pro but no longer?
    Last night a new sensation... The progasm feels like it stops and does not move and it feels like my prostate has a tongue and is liking the progasm shaft like a lollypop. Strange but lovely feeling..
    I have just been through a lull where progasm was not working well but I am happy to say that at 3:30am this morning my progasm came back to life and fucked me oh so good,
    All my progasm had to say was "I AM BACK BITCH,TAKE THAT" and I gladly obliged! 
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @braveneworld :D :) ,

    It is true I am a Progasm slut and yes, proud of it. And yes, I am getting to the point that I have a veritable "army" of Progasm models. I know. I have the Progasm Classic in white and blue. Maybe in time for the Fourth of July here in the USA, I should purchase Progasm Classic in Red :) Hey, Red, White, and Blue! Patriotic colors! :D

    I also have the Progasm Ice and Progasm Black Ice models. I just love and adore the Progasm Classic for its raw traction, and the Progasm Ice for its silky, smooth sensation.

    For the last month or so, I have sessions in this following sequence: Helix Syn -- Progasm Ice -- Progasm Classic -- Maximus -- Progasm Black Ice. I use the Aneros Tug-of-War Technique on all these models and am richly rewarded with tons of pleasure!!!

    And @braveneworld, wow!!! Your description of your prostate having an tongue and licking your Progasm like a lollipop is absolutely awesome! I am glad to hear that "your Progasm fucked you real good!" I had that same experience early this morning several times with both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic! :D