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be cumming you AND VaporGenie
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    If you have been on the forum for a long while you know that weed + me = crazy session.   I don't smoke often but when I do I always have great results.

    First, about the weed.  I bought a VaporGenie which is a pipe that vaporizes rather than burns the weed.  You inhale vapor instead of smoke.  I bought it so I can toke after the wife hits the hay without smelling the place up.  Fringe benefits are that it is healthier, it tastes delicious, you don't cough and you can hold the inhale longer getting better absorption.   It costs $55.  I love it.

    Now the crazy session.  (Warning:  homo ahead.)  In my best sessions I enter a virtual world where sex acts in my mind feel real. Weed helps.  This time I was having trouble getting relaxed and into the O-zone.  Then I stumbled on the first crazy thing:

    Crazy thing #1:  I was aneros-less but wanted to experience a virtual aneros so my weedy mind had the idea of "being you."  Yes you.   You use the aneros, right?  You have all kinds of orgasms in your prostate, rectum and anus, right?  To get myself going I imagined feeling what you feel when you are opening yourself to orgasmic pleasure.  I felt your orgasms, your aneros, your hole vibrating.  It was intensely liberating to be you letting go of all inhibitions.  If you allow yourself that pleasure then I can too.  I was be cumming you.  Thanks man!

    This morphed into experiencing getting fucked.  But I wasn't you anymore.  I was this guy:

    What was it like to be him getting fucked by his boyfriend?  I can tell you:  it was intense.  He loved it, letting himself have all the pleasure available.   I experienced him letting go and orgasming over and over.

    Crazy thing #2:  in the middle of this amazing fuck I realized that his boyfriend was uncut, and how it felt to be fucked by a "natural" cock. (I am American, you know what that means).  The head was soft and wet.  Cut cocks (like mine) have a keratinized head.  This uncut one was softer and pinker and felt so inside.  Second, his foreskin stayed in one place inside me, like a plug, in which the head pistoned in and out of.  This is  what happens in natural human copulation (with a foreskin) and leads to reported greater pleasure in women (here is a scientific article describing it:   I won't go into all the details because that would be "erotica" which is not really appropriate in this forum, but I can say it was quite an experience.

    (It seems like condoms would defeat that natural plug-and-piston effect, so it seems they would be a worse downgrade for natural than cut penises.)

    Maybe these crazy ideas will somehow help you.

  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22
    Hi darwin.

    I have read some threads you have written in and also saw a video on Xtube. I believe that you are an experienced user and people respect you, so do I. I think we all respect each others here on Aneros.

    But now I have to comment something, dont take me for a moralitypolice.
    But is it really such a good idea to write positive about weed and encouraging your experiences from it? Weed is a drug that slows and actually damages the brain. I know alot wont agree and think im totally stupid but I also know alot of people will agree cause it actually damaging the brain. Anyway, what im trying to point here is that, by encourage people by your expierence, it might want then to try this and they also might be stuck to it and use it more and more and get addicted to it.

    Im not trying to start an argument or trying to paint the devil on the wall here. I just want to light up that maybe this isnt usch a good idea to talk in such a positive way, considering it can come to be an addiction of smoking weed to others. Everybody have a weaknes for something. Aneros is highly commercial and well known brand and company and it can be bad in the end.

    I dont mean to start someting here, just think it over.

    Kindly Regards
  • Malmo,

      I'm not trying to start an argument either, but you should do a little research on weed before you condemn it, it's not physically addictive as you say, maybe mentally to some but doubtful. But it is illegal in most places, I've been using it off and on for 45 years and I can take it or leave it. But I don't abuse it. As far as Aneros play goes it makes my sessions a wonderful experience, that does not mean that I encourage you or anyone else to do, go with the flow brother.   W.
  • Go watch the documentary, The Union: The Business of Getting High. Its on Netflix. This film shows how our own U.S. government funded 2(at least) research teams to test for the usefulness of marijuana, and both times when the government was handed the report showing it to be a positive AND non life threatening or damaging to the human body, they rejected the findings(and they continue to reject medical facts on the issue).
    The myth that marijuana destroys brain cells is actually from one of the government funded research teams that was using its data to influence the war on drugs. In the experiment scientist used 100% Colombian grade marijuana (reason was it had the highest percentage of THC compared to other strains at the time) and then they force feed marijuana SMOKE through a face mask to monkeys until they either passed out or died. After doing an autopsy they discovered dead brain cells.
    When a person or animal dies from asphyxiation, and scientist or doctors DO an autopsy, they discover DEAD BRAIN CELLS. OMG!(by the way @Malmo, this condescending tone is not directed towards you, I am just fed up with all of the government's BS.)
    And just like @wreckdummm said, its not addictive unless you let in your own mind. Eating fast food can be addictive, or aneros-ing can be addictive and probably easier than most things out there. If weed does anything bad I would say it just makes you lazy or lethargic when consumed in high doses. That being said, how is that any different from alcohol, except for the FACT that it can't kill you?

    (Sorry wasn't trying to jack your post @Darwin, or turn this post into an anti government soap box)
  • @Darwin: I have some common ground with your practice of "becoming someone else" and experiencing their pleasure. This is one of my primary practices. I frequently become a beautiful woman getting fucked, and often that woman is my wife, and it's me who is fucking her. And back and forth I go! It seems like it would get confusing, switching back and forth between these roles, but it feels so good I don't get caught up in confusion...

    I'm going to have to agree here, as well, that a tiny hit of weed has seemed to help me with playing these fantasies out. It seems to allow me to suspend my beliefs and play with these ideas. I also see a strong connection with these fantasies and amygdala clicking. Amygdala clicking seems to work primarily when you enter that magic land of pretend, requiring the frontal lobes to take over. I believe that the more you can play in the land of pretend, the better your brain will let your sessions become.
  • I use a similar device (vaponic) and can only confirm that this makes a session (I use helix syn) a lot more comfortable. The feelings caused by the device are amplified and the "involuntaries" come easier, the body is a lot more relaxed as a whole.
    Also, I find that imagining erotic (or any) scenarios becomes a lot easier and immersion is stronger. This also makes it easier to watch porn and imagine you are the person being fucked, just focus on it and you will clench at the same time as the actor feels it. There are many other advantages in terms of discovering different states of consciousness I didn't mention.
    And while I am in a slightly alrered state now I think I understand by what you mean with "I be coming for YOU!". Since we are probably fractals of consciousness connected to an absolute unity outside time&space, we do everything we do "for other" actually for ourselves, while what we do for ourselves (healing) automatically benefits our environment both on a material and spiritual level.
    Yes, the more you can play petrend, the better you can imagine and let whatever that is take over and create world with sensations for you (can be as real as "mainstream reality frame" I believe)

    And yes, please do extensive research before smoking so you know what you get yourself into. But please also understand the "other" side of the story, one of greed and control... why people should not have access to the myriad of resources/possibilities coming from hemp (including the psychoactives)...
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    Thanks guys for steering this thread back toward the positive aspects of occasional weed and particularly its ability to help us enter imaginary erotic worlds.  really it is just thrilling.

  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22

    I appologize bacause of this, Apparantly this percieved as I was fingerpointing at you. I was'nt. I should have sent you a private message instead about this, bad judgement of me. Sometimes it is hard to explain how I think in another language.

    Guys, I didn't try to make this in to a bad conversation in any way, I should have asked this in private. I hope you dont think im a lame person, im actually very kind and caring, that is all.

    Kindly regards

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I think it is great that some men are able to find the smoking of weed to be helpful with their Aneros sessions. For myself, I find it to have a similar effect upon me as alcohol in that it distances me from the sensations of my body. Thus it is not helpful for me in Aneros sessions. But I still occasionally use weed recreationally.

    I don't buy into the whole government BS about the dangers of weed either. At the very least, it's no worse than legal alcohol which is also a drug. But I strongly suspect it probably has less negative health effects than alcohol.
  • Malmo, I think it's great that you share your concerns, and rightfully so. I think it's just important to regard the experience people have (who don't have official "authority") as equally valid. Proper research on the topic will reveal that THC is a lot less dangerous than alcohol or nicotine, starting with the fact that it is practically impossible to overdose it, whereas an overdose of nicotine/alcohol can easily threaten your life. And yes, there are good reasons why some regions allow the use of it for medicinal purposes. Some drug companies now look into extracting the cannabinoid substances and put them into drugs - which would mean they want to sell the stuff to you while forbidding you to grow it in your own backyard - it's the old game of dependency and control.
    More importantly, for those who didn't try it yet, an altered state of mind isn't just another blockbuster movie. Changing the framings of reality changes everything - not everyone experiences it that explicitly but it is worth a try. I guess the goal is being able to enjoy it and still be able to relate to the "mainstream reality" most people live in, although that's quite a dull one. I think a strong mind can take these perceptions with it into that mainstream world and bring into it more of the thought that the power of our mind is much stronger than most people (including most scientists with a few notable exceptions) would have you believe, having the capacity to both change your inner psychological state as well as the statistical probabilities within the world (Youtube Tom Campbell - My Big TOE for extensive information on that topic).
    In relation to this, I see the aneros as a type of physical "anchor" which makes it easier to imagine these things (due to the nature of the device, especially getting fucked/erotic scenarios).
  • karyonkaryon
    Posts: 34
    I've said it before elsewhere, but given the discussion in this thread, it's worth repeating: oral cannabis is ideal for this sort of exploration. It comes on very gradually, which has a few implications: 1) you can forget you took it, which lets the effect blend nicely into the building effects of the MMO session; 2) the effects increase in parallel to the MMO effects (that it helps to catalyze); and 3) it lasts much longer than other preparations, which can mean hours and hours of fun from a single administration. 

    Just sayin',
  • I have used weed and the Aneros. It's a monumental combination. Not necessary, but WOW! As far as the medical damage from pot? This has be argued to death.