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First insertion and use
  • I received my Helix Syn the week before the writing of this post. The day after it arrived I inserted it for the first time. I have of course been researching the aneros line of products for a while so I knew a few things to expect, mainly that I shouldn't expect anything significant to happen for the first time. So I decided that on that day I would just take the opportunity to experience how it inserts and feels inside before masturbating to orgasm. I felt no P tab discomfort while relaxed or contracted.

    Now just today I tried it properly for the first time and had a session that lasted around 75 minutes, my penis went from being flaccid to a semi erect state for less than a minute about 3-5 times during this. After the initial insertion I tried a few different positions mainly standing at first as well as walking around normally. After a while I went to use a table for support as I tried out a few things such as anal contractions and moving my hips around in circles and also bending over while leaning on the table. All of these produced some sort of very minor "sensations" inside of me.

    Afterwards I wanted to lie down on my bed to try out some other positions while lying down. After I tried a few things suggested on the wiki I noticed from the start of the sessions that I have been getting some slight leakage. So that's when I had the idea of making a challenge for myself to cause myself to produce a full drop of this fluid that looks like pre and cause it to drip. I got onto all fours (basically the position for doggy style) and began alternating between doing nothing and slow contractions. I found that it took a lot of mental focus to keep going the way I was going. The main thing that helped me would have been using sexual fantasies to keep myself in an aroused state, this mainly involved me imagining myself bottoming for multiple men among other scenarios. It took about 20 minutes for me to achieve my goal and watched the drop of fluid fall onto a towel under me.

    After this I decided that I have had enough and wanted to end the session by masturbating so I got my my back with a pillow under me to support my lower back and spread my legs as I masturbated to orgasm.

    So a question for you advanced users. What would you say about the progress that I am making?
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    hmm dont know what to say. Let me put it into perspective for you.
    Lets say you where going to climb a very tall mountain on earth and you were 20 km away from the base of the mountain. "You just put your gear on and took one step out of base camp" only 20km + one big mountain climb to go - 1 step.

    How do you think your going? I would say good so far, you got your gear on and you did not break your leg with the first step :)

    The point is its a long road ahead keep going and keep reading.
    Read the Personal Messages sent to you when you joined the forum they will speed you on your way.

    It is a long road but it is worth it well before the end!
  • Heh, I suppose you're right about the long journey. However, I was thinking more about whether or not I am showing the first signs of prostate awakening as listed by the milestones on the wiki.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    I have read and reread your post.
    You know that the aneros is putting pressure on your prostate as you have had some leakage.

    The milestones is a great way to see how you are going... BUT everyone is different you may not tick these milestones off in the order they are listed and you may even miss some milestones altogether.
    You may go through many steps in a short time and then get stuck on one for ages. There just a rough guide, not a rule.

    Every newbie has the same problem. Me included.
    Its a journey, you cant force it. Sure experiment,read and learn but in the end you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. It may take many months for your prostate to awaken.
    You will feel more and more pleasure as it does. All you have done is give it a poke so far:)
    After 9 months of use which is bugger all really I can look back and say as a newbie I just could not comprehend what the advanced users where saying. But they were right!
    Keep up the good work. Keep practicing those kegel exercises. 
  •  I found early in my journey that I was trying too hard to get there to soon, and if I relaxed and forgot about all the many posts that I read and concentrated on what my prostate was feeling I got better results. The smartest thing I did was got the Rummels cd that is a great help it teaches you to relax.  W.
  • Yeah I guess you are right and I will certainly be looking forward to me next session soon.

    Thanks for the input guys.