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Pogasm ICE first impressions
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    Well after nine months of anerosing with first the Helix and then the Eupho it was time to try out the big gun. The Progasm ICE.

    Of course there was no sale on at the time I wanted to buy it so I paid full price from because I live in Australia.
    I placed the order late Friday and these guys had it here regular post by Tuesday morning. Awesome service. Very happy customer.
    If you have to buy in Australia then this is the place to buy from. Thoroughly recommended. =D>

    When I looked at it for the first time I thought its bigger but not that big. I then got my helix out and put it along side "Hmmm maybe it is a bit bigger but its not huge".
    I had a good clean out  so there would be plenty of room.
    I lubed my butt and injected 2.5 ml of silicone and 2.5ml waterbase up my butt. I then coated the aneros with vasiline and then waterbase over that.

    Then it was time. The head hit my sphincter and I took a deep breath. I met a wall of resistance so I beard down (pushed like I was trying to expel) and it started to go, as my sphincter got to the widest part of the head of the progasm my sphincter started to sting but it kept moving in to the dip between the head and the second hump where it stopped and I took a short breather. 

    I thought "did anything tear? no all good its eased" so I pushed it firmly but carefully and sucked up with my muscles. Once again my sphincter stung for a instant but that was forgotten real quick as the P-tab and K-tab hit home. Oh wow this thing is huge. A way tighter fit than I expected, It felt like I had stuck a log of wood up there. It was a mixture of excitement,a little pain and such a felling of being full. Wow what a rush.
    I would have to say over all it was not really comfortable at all!

    It wasnt long before my body regained its composure and started to work this toy. As soon as that started then a erection grew quickly. It was a intense feeling of blood rushing to my cock head, this just fuelled the fire inside me even more.
    My muscles grabbed the progasm and pulled it in tight, so tight that the k-tab and p-tab hurt.
    It was not long at all before the precum started to dribble out of my cock, it felt amazing.
    My muscles started to pull and push at the progasm and my anal canal and prostate polished every curve of the progasm.
    These feeling were amazing too, I just lay there on my side letting the feeling grow as my cock would cycle from flacid to erect over and over.

    Soon I was in dry O land, one after the other after the other, my dick twitching with every spasm, as these dry Os would happen the aneros was slammed hard up to the hilt in my rectum and then as the spasms would subside for some times 5 to 10 seconds my muscles would relax and the aneros was free to bounce around creating heavenly feeling. These would of course start off the next round of dry O spasms.
    It did not matter how I held or relaxed my muscles, there was intense pleasure being created all the times.

    After a while I felt the build up, rising higher and higher and then wham the aneros was slammed hard into me and my body cramped up tight for 5 or so seconds until it was ready to relax again. As the aneros was slammed in, it felt so good and I could feel warmth and energy flowing from my lower stomach area, radiating out.
    It was not long again until wham again this time I was arching my back and stretching out as hard as I could.
    These are my interpretation of super Os. I dont know how many I had but it was in the double digits.
    As this was happening apart from the ecstasy I was feeling I noticed that all the sensation I normally feel were way more intense.

    The p-waves were awesome just on there own but I notice that there was another set of p-waves of greater pleasure happening out of sync of the normal ones. They where huge waves of rolling pleasure that have to be felt to be believed.

    I usually lay on my left side but I experimented on my back which usually kills sensations but although dulled slightly the feeling continued. 
    tried doggy style and that was fun too but still the best is on my sides.

    All the time I was aware of feeling so full up,  it feels great!

    I started my session at 11pm and by 2:30am I just drifted of to sleep while orgasming and riding p-waves. When I get in this state I feel content in the world, no cares and I just drift off.
    I think it was 4:30am I woke as I was orgasming while lying on my side.
    As I came to, I realised I had gone to sleep and realised I was a bit sore. Not my hole as you might think but my arms, legs and muscles on either side of my anus.
    I was dog tired but a little voice told me to masturbate but dont cum. So I did and it felt great with that tree branch stuck up my butt.
    I got to the beginning of the point of no return and stopped. Well my progasm did not stop it kept going and I thought I blew my load. I spurted out a watery fluid I could not turn the light on but it was not cum. This was followed by a little pain in my penis tube.

    "Ok Time to stop" I pulled the progasm Ice out and as I did so more of this fluid seeped out and trickled down my leg.
    I played with this fluid and had a small taste it was not semen or precum. If it was it was very watery but slightly slippery.

    I lay there wide awake and felt the ghosting feelings going on and on. I rolled over and at the same time touched my sphincter to find it gapping open! Poor thing It had a hard time. I lay on my front and tried to go off to sleep.
    The next thing I knew there was a electric shock which almost launched me off the bed. It was sort of like a tick where all of a sudden your muscles just flinch.  I relaxed and it happen again and again for 5 minutes I guess. 
    It stopped and I was drifting off and then it started again. It soon stopped and I got a few hours sleep.
    I woke as horny as hell, my dick cycling soft to hard but I felt like I had been through a heavy cardio workout, all my arms ,legs muscle were aching.

    I have waited till 12pm and I could not resist I had to put it in again. This time the stinging was worse but even though there is not much happening my butt hole loves its new enormous pacifier.
    I say there is not much happening but my dick tip is hot and the aneros is producing soothing p-waves and my dick just keeps leaking precum.
    I have a new best friend!

    As I reflect the electric shocks I was feeling I put down to the same thing that make some guys bounce around the bed during session. maybe I just have not got there yet and it is just starting. I have felt them before but only one every now and then during a session.

    I would have to say Progasm ICE is a awesome bit of kit but would recommend it to users that have been anerosing for a long while.
    It is huge when it goes in even if it does not look like it. Its going to take a while to get used to and stretch my muscles so it does not sting when inserting and removing.
    Saying that it is a full feeling does not do it justice, I did not know how much until I tried. 
    I have had 9 month experience and if you are somewhere close I recommend you get a progasm of some type. It will blow your mind as it stretches your butt.

  • varmintvarmint
    Posts: 94
    @braveneworld - Awesome post and great to hear Pro Ice was all that and then some!!

    I had almost same first time experience.  Didn't think I could take it at first.  Then, "Oh, my god! Oh my god! Oh my God!  Its so big and in me!"  My cock was so hard it hurt and so did my ass from the stretching.  Once adjusted and relaxed a little, precum starting flowing like never before.  I did a couple of light kegels and BAM! off to the races.  3+ hours of orgasmic bliss!!

    Once difference for me, I became one of those bounce around the bed guys.  Bolts of energy coursing through my body as I spasmed on the bed.  I remember one time thrusting up in the air and just hanging there, cock jutting straight out gushing precum, body and mind frozen in ecstasy.

    During hot and heavy Pro sessions, I get same kind of fluid that's not precum or cum.  Instead of just leaking out, it'll spurt.  I think it's from Cowpers gland going into overdrive from over-stimulation. 

    Try Helix or Eupho now.  It'll be like nothing's there except magical feeling coming from deep inside!!  However, nothing like the take no prisoners Pro, that has you always wanting more!  Happy riding!!
  • I love the Progasm. I had another great session last night though nothing to the intensity of varmint just yet but I am amped that there is still room left to go. Anyway, my technique kind of changed with the Progasm in me. When I got my first super-O I was laying on my stomach with my hips extended to the ceiling. Last night I tried the traditional method of laying on my side with one knee in and the other extended. At first I inserted the device and just lay there and relaxed in a nice bath which felt wonderful. I waited a good 10 minutes of just relaxing before starting my contractions. I started doing light and then deeper contractions for about 15 minutes and as expected nothing happened. Then I decided what if I build my contractions very slowly. So I contracted at very light intensity at first and slowly moved my anal muscles tighter and tighter and then suddenly I was keenly aware of the device hitting my prostate. It felt so good and my body was suddenly aroused. I forced my mind to think about my prostate and the device lightly massaging it. This helped things alot with my mind focused on what was happening inside of me. Then I began to tighten a bit further and then I could feel my prostate "dancing" inside. It was rubbing back and forth on the Progasm, I could feel it. Finally, it happened. My anus began to spasm from holding  the light intensity contraction and I started involuntarily contracting with each contraction about 1 second gap time. It was putting such wonderful pressure on my prostate and then boom. I felt a huge source of pleasure coming from my anus and it just sent waves throughout my body but the pleasure was centered in my ass and not what I felt was the prostate. I think I had my first anal orgasm last night and I was able to replicate the feeling and experience almost at will for 3-4 hours straight at 5 minute intervals of constant involuntaries. One thing I noticed is that I get sooo hard when this happens, its difficult for me to restrain from going for a super T instead of just enjoying it but it feels sooo good and its a great way for me to milk precum too. The involuntaries are the key. Once they start going, the prostate will feel great pleasure. I freaking love this thing! Had no idea what I was missing all this time. lol.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    @varmit Oh gushing sounds good I can only wish! I want to bounce around to but I am not there yet.
    I tried the heilx straight after having the progasm in but my body was spent. No joy.
    Last night though I had a eupho session and the session feelings were different. It all just felt different.
    Saying that the session was short and then stopped. Not normal for me, usually I go on for hours.
    The highlight was in the first 10 minutes I had the most powerful super O I have ever had.
    My body cramped up into a little ball tight as could be but my head almost exploded.

    You know how your head goes red and all the blood is forced in to it as you push too hard on the toilet.
    Like a raging head ache veins pulsing and so much pressure.

    I tell you I thought I was going to bust something in my head and spring a leak for a second there.

    After the session many hours later I woke up with a head ache and had to take some pills :)

    I am looking forward to my next progasm session but at the same time a little hesitant because of the pain.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    My third session was a dud :(
    Insertion was still uncomfortable but once inserted the p&k-tab were fine not like the first time.
    Could of had it in for hours without discomfort.
    I have noticed anerosless feeling are now different than before progasm use.
    I am also not having much anerosless feelings during the day. This is unusual for me as it almost never used to stop!
  • maybe its like taking the red start in a new world, but from the beginning  @-)
  • Hi @braveneworld,

    I am sorry that your third session with the Progasm Ice was a dud. When I began using both the Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic last September, I had to overcome discomfort from using perhaps the largest and thickest of Aneros models. Also it was only in November and December that I began excelling with both models. Just take it easy and keep working with the Progasm. Soon you will be amazed at how easily you can use that model.

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    @hakunamatata does this mean my hair will fall out? Guess I also have to look out for squidies and Mr Smith.. Cant wait to get my hook into Trinity! 

    @BigGlansDC I am not worried. One is used to a dud session here and there. It makes you appreciate the good ones even more.

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    "As you can see, we've had our eye on you for some time now, Mr. Aneros."
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    Think it is about my 6 or 7 session and this time insertion was no longer painful.
    A nice feeling really.
    I have had a good two hour session and now am just laying here as the progasm just slowly fucks me driven by my pulse and constant hardening and the softening cycling of my penis.

    It girth is what makes it so good. It stimulates my whole anal wall all at the same time.
    There are constant little orgasms happening all the time just relaxing here. It is very different to the smaller devices. The others a good to but this just hits the spot for the moment anyway.

    I have a confession to make. While in my moaning orgasmic session today as the aneros was sucked in as hard and as far as it would go there was a moment when I wanted more length! Another inch or so. In hindsight I dont know how much more room there is before it would start to hurt. I have a feeling the the progasm may touch the third sphincter in side  as I feel it is getting more sensitive with every session. I mean I can feel when something passes that spot on its way out quite clearly if you get my drift? With out being to descriptive.
    My brain is doing strange things too through my sessions.
    I have felt this for a while before the progasm but it is intensifying now.
    I lay on my side during sessionss and I can feel precum running down over my thigh from my penis. A constant stream onto the bed as if I was peeing. In reality there is none, just a dribble sitting on my thigh. I wish it was though :(
    The other thing with the progasm is, just when you think the session is finished all of a sudden things heat up again, It like my body realises I am going to take it away and starts up again to stop me from removing it.

    I am at a stage now that the progasm ice satisfies me more. I can last a few days before I have to have a session. My body always craves a session but it used to be unbearable and I would have sessions every 12 to 24 hours, now it is more like 48 hours.

    I have started to walk sort of now after my operation and this aneros satisfaction is a welcome relive because I need to practice walking rather than just laying in bed all day being pleasured by my Icy friend.

    I am going to have to drag myself out of bed as it is 12pm now and the progasm Ice will not relent its pleasure giving until I force the issue. :) :( 
  • Wow! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, @braveneworld!!! :D :D :) I knew you could do it!

    I am glad you are enjoying more and more your Progasm ICE. It took me about a month before I could insert both Progasm ICE and Progasm Classic easily without pain. Very soon insertion became pleasurable in itself. But it took perhaps another two months before I could work with both models with ease. Now they are my very best buddies and both models are mainstays in all my sessions pretty much. :) :D

    Also I am glad you are recovering from your recent surgery and are walking more. Here is a thought for us to ponder: Do you think that a good, pleasurable Aneros session releases endorphins? It has been shown that a good exercise session or good sex releases "feel good" endorphins. Also endorphins help in healing. What do you all think?

    Thom./BigGlansDC who raves about his new Progasm black ICE!