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Just bought my Syn!!!
  • I bought my helix syn after thinking on the idea of a p-spot massager for a while. The syn came in and the next day, I layed on my side and lubed it up (prob not enough but enough to get it in w/o pain) but my butt was extremely tight never having anything penetrate before. No joke, less than 5 minutes later, my fiancĂ© walked in and wanted to have sex. A couple things I noted:

    1. Prob could have used a little more lube.

    2. Didn't achieve "full" erection during sex session

    3. Syn stayed very tight in anus, prob due to never having anything up there before

    4. When I came, I did sustain the "peak" orgasm feel for maybe 15 seconds.

    I'm going to go home tonight and really lube up, insert and just's to hoping this goes well!!!

  • Well didn't get to just relax but had a half hour shower, really lubed it and much better...after 20 mins of relaxing and making and holding contractions water started to get cold so I gave in to masterbating and had another 20 second orgasm. The fiancĂ© and I are into some bondage, so soon she'll tie my hands up so I can't touch myself. Can't wait to see where it'll lead