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Could I be addicted?
  • Well, I've been at my Syn for exactly 6 months now. My journey continues to progress with the constantly progressing baby steps as normal. My sessions have been pretty damn good lately, almost exactly 90 minutes to 2 hours. Still no dry's or supers at least none that fit my definitions but VERY pleasurable. 

    But here's my problem, after my sessions I usually have that horny after glow for a good number of hours, but the next day I'm always in a foul mood, and my head hurts. This is usually relieved with another session, which makes me think, am I "addicted"? It seems the more i do it the more I'm kind of depressed and anxious the next day. I know it causes a spike in dopamine levels, but can it cause adverse effects... or is it all in my head sort o speak? I usually get maybe 3 or 4 aneros sessions a week. Sometimes in successive days others I may have to go 3 days or so between.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    You seem to have enjoyable sessions, that is good.
    Some thoughts:
    You may not be getting enough sleep.
    Your expectations of super 'o' may be making you frustrated.
    It is more likely to be an inner conflict that creating the foul mood. That is an inner confusion about using an Aneros and feeling good and a hidden feeling that it is not right to stick something up your bum!
    It is called 'cognitive dissonance'. It is not easy to overcome as part of it may be hidden in your upbringing. Others may have more wisdom.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Maybe a super-T is needed twice a week.
  • thick75thick75
    Posts: 60
    I know that I am addicted.
    I am trying to get it under control. Been getting unbelievable orgasms, and lots of them. the intensity is overwhelming and I rarely get a sense of satisfaction or release. I have over 50 orgasms a day (really more) and I will do this several times during the day. (I have a home office and can slip over to do this). The reason it is so addictive is that these orgasms are really good.  I argue that anyone who has as many and as good orgasms as I am having would be addicted. The addiction can be a problem and I am working on how to handle it. One way I do not want to do is just quit all of this.  I will not quit. So I have to program myself to deal with this.

    One way i find that works pretty well is that if I have a few sessions during which I have the most intense orgasms and keep them going, I can get a partial sense of satisfaction.  I can function after one of these sessions for several hours.  Then the urges return, but minimal in the beginning but increasing over time to where I now absorbed by this. So, in summary, if I keep up my frequent orgasms I can quiet down. I know this sounds crazy.. do it more so you do it less. 

    I find that the more intense I bring each orgasm up the more inclined I am to be satisfied. My wife complained about the noise I was making during these sessions and I tried to silence my self.  This caused the amount of intensity to decline and I was really hyped up and obsessing on the next session. But I said, screw it (pun intended) let it rip and I did another session with about 15 minutes of continuous spasms and orgasms with unrestrained noises and it really really felt great. Then I found the sense of satisfaction that I am enjoying now even as I type this.

    The point is that I agree that there is the addictive element to all of this, and I think that it can be managed, not sure.  Maybe I can get to the point where I think an orgasm is no more eventful that taking a leak.  I doubt that. I have had so many orgasms in the last 3 months I would have tired of them by now.  No way, each orgasm is as important to me now as before my Aneros journey. Actually to be truthful they are MUCH more important. 

    Another point that was raised by bravemneworld.  I thought I had lost the ability to have a traditional orgasm.  One day I was fucking so hard with my hand that I got a wet orgasm.. cum and all.  I did have a sense of relief after that. In fact it scared me that I may have lost my rewiring.  Not so, I was back in action a few hours later. So no harm done. But I think he is right, if you are able to retain the ability to have a super T and not lose the abiility to have the super O, this might be an answer.  More on this later.  

    In the final analysis I smile when I realize my current solution.  Just have more of them.  Hey...hey... hey. The devil is making me do it. 

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @thick75 WIFE complained! I thought you were single and looking for a women that could keep up with you!
    You naughty man [-X
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    I just love it. I seem to think of sex and my genitals all day and this makes me very happy indeed. It is an addiction but a harmless one. The only problem is that we can neglect other things like work ,chores, kids,partner, my case, dish washing, dusting, ironing all mount up while I try to slide daily into dreamy creamy, oozy pleasure! Ha ha!