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Think I finally figured it out
  • GAguyGAguy
    Posts: 8
    Ok, I'm hardly a newbie as I've been riding for a few years now and have several different devices including the Vice, SGX and the Helix Syn. My current "go to" is my Helix Syn. I was having a session yesterday with some good results then everything just sorta stopped, which I know isn't really that unusual.
    So, during the lull I reached down and tilted the handle down toward the bed thus bringing the P-Tap away making the whole thing pivot up. This brought the Syn in direct contact with my prostate. WOW!! I was having good feelings before but this was amazing!!
    My question is what model of Aneros would normally make contact this way without me having to manually tilt it? I'm thinking something with a more bulbous tip?I realize everyone is built differently. But I have never had such intense sensations as I did yesterday. I need an upgrade!!
  • Well that is not the way it works but if you look at it your vice will have the most contact. If you want the most pressure try a Progasm.
  • GAguyGAguy
    Posts: 8
    I really enjoy my vice too. And yes, it does have more contact. Maybe it was just a different experience. Like any long term Aneros user will tell you, each session can be different from the next.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @GAGuy - You could also just try removing the tail/handle to allow your Helix Syn to press up into your prostate further. Otherwise yes, larger models will generally give more prostate contact. e.g. - Progasm, Maximus, Vice
  • The reason I said its not the way it works is because it works with a pivoting action from the p-tab. If that is not in place then the correct action and resulting feedback loop will not occur. Maybe I misunderstood. If the p-tab is in place but just back further then maybe your sweat spot is just back further toward your anus.
    Some of the Aneros Jedi masters said that once you insert fully you should then pull the p-tab up closer to your ball bag and lock in tight. This is what I have done so far during my journey . I dont argue with a Jedi as the force is strong with them. LOL

    This idea works fine until you get a progasm. I just slams itself in where it wants and tries to split you in half!
    I am sort of looking forward to my 3 insertion of my new progasm but feel hesitant to because the insertion is a little painful. HAHA guess I have a tight virgin progasm ass still! Stretchy stretchy.
  • GAguyGAguy
    Posts: 8
    Never question a Jedi! Haha

    I understand about the program. My vice takes some time and patience to get it where it needs to be. I often start with my SGX or Syn, then change over to my vice.
    I'll try adjusting the p tab on the Syn and see if that's the missing link. Thanks!!