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Alternatives: Nipple, breast, and belly orgasms
  • WuerstchenWuerstchen
    Posts: 208
    A few days ago I had a remarkable experience. I began with a nipple orgasm (which I have written about in earlier posts in this forum), then immediately began working on a second one, as the sensation in my nipples became almost too intense I switched to massaging my breasts and had a wonderful orgasm, then I switched to rubbing my belly--another orgasm, as wonderfully intense as the breast orgasm! Over the next five minutes or so I alternated between breast and belly orgasms, without touching the nipples. It was awesome! I must have had six or seven orgasms in this way, with very little ejaculation. My penis, which was semi-erect for the first orgasm, grew increasingly stiffer with each successive orgasm, till it was 90% erect with the last one.

    The belly orgasm, which I had experienced before, is proof of how the nipple orgasm turns much of the body into an erogenous zone. This doesn't happen with orgasm through direct stimulation of the penis.

    This morning I brought myself close to a nipple orgasm, then instead of massaging my breasts, switched to my belly and had a wonderful orgasm. Strange, I never thought of my belly as an erogenous zone but it seems to be every bit as sensitive as my breasts once I have aroused myself through nipple stimulation. As an experiment I tried the same thing with my thighs, which I normally think of as erogenous, and felt nothing. It seems that this phenomenon applies only to the area between the breasts and prostate.
  • mobilesubmobilesub
    Posts: 77
    Is there a comprehensive "how-to", support website or other forum to learn how to do this? I had no interest in nipple stim until I met my wife. She would always start around my neck and spend a long time on my nipples before moving on, but then returned to my nipples to force a climax.

    I am a believer but have only used my nipples to get things going further South.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Wuerstchen!

    This, to me, is an amazing discovery!

    Nipple and lately breast play is now part of my life! I find this very interesting and can't
    wait to start adding the belly to my erogenous zones!

    Can I ask what part of the belly and what kind of strokes work for you at this point???

    I think you should compile this information and then it should be posted as a "sticky" or something???

    Keep up this fascinating research!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • WuerstchenWuerstchen
    Posts: 208
    hlaser99 said:

    Can I ask what part of the belly and what kind of strokes work for you at this point???

    Keep up this fascinating research!

    Later, Hlaser99

    HI, Hlaser. I find the sides of the belly are the most responsive. If you feel your belly, I think you will find that the sides, a little outside the vertical axis going straight down from the nipples, are more sensitive to the touch. This is the area I rub for a belly orgasm. I use circular strokes with my finger tips. I must admit that I am amazed myself by this discovery!

    As for info on my researches, I post my findings regularly in my Yahoo group, Nipple Orgasms Unlimited. The message on nipple, breast, and belly orgasms was adapted from one I posted there.
  • TantricguyTantricguy
    Posts: 10
    I am thrilled to see this post!! Whenever there is talk of rewiring it seems to only be in the context of differentiating between orgasm and ejaculation and hands free orgasm through prostate stimulation. What wrote about is so important to the rewiring process in that we learn to turn areas of our bodies that we would never think of as eroginous int extreme pleasure zones!! Think of the time you have thought how lucky women are that they can have an orgasm without the worry of a mess and wish you could do the same. Even with the ability to have orgasms with out ejaculation you either have to have penile stimulation or prostate stimulation which, in some circumstances is not possible. However, by turning certain areas of your body into erogenous zones capable of delivering O's, we in many ways are luckier than women. Let me give you a quick illustration:

    I love to get deep tissue massage as well as light Swedish. At 43 and having rewired myself I am no longer interested in the typical "light touch" massages but I do like undraped deep and sensual. I just don't care to have my penis touched. I found a good therapist who is in her late 40's and understands this. She will start out with deep on the back and legs but also do a lighter tough after that, making sure to get up to the groin. Just the light touch on the inner thighs will cause involuntaries. She then flips me on my back and does my feet (more involuntaries) thighs to groin (moer involuntaries and mini O's) and then light stroke on my stomach and chest. She will even do light nipple stimulation. The incredible feelings from this are great. Many times I have several dry Big O' and sometimes a nice ejaculation without any penile stimulation. I prefere this over traditional penile orgasms any day.

    Thanks agian for posting this. Lets hear from others (women included)
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    man, that sounds great great great great!

    yes, rewiring allows me to have orgasms by touching thighs, pressing foot acupressure spots, etc.

  • WuerstchenWuerstchen
    Posts: 208
    I thought you would appreciate my post, Darwin!
  • It's now over four years since my original post (see top of thread), and belly orgasms have become a standard part of my autoerotic repertory. I hope others have discovered this erogenous zone and it's potential for deep, earth-moving orgasms. 
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @Wuerstchen & @darwin Hi guys since starting my aneros journey 9 months ago, at some point I had read enough about nipple play to help my aneros sessions.
    I made a set of nipple supps from some pacifiers and they sort of worked but were temperamental and not very powerful.
    However I have managed to wake my nipples up a little and now can report that during a aneros session I can feel my fingers circling my balls when in actual fact they are circling my nipples.
    Nipple stim enhances my aneros play for sure.

    The other day I joined the yahoo group mentioned above and had a look around.
    I would have to say as a newbie I was lost, maybe its me but there seemed to be no real instruction manual as such.

    Anyway I went through the pictures and some of the video and also the files (pdf) sections.
    The video is amazing! Play with nipples and then blow your load without touching your penis. wow!

    After reading the pdf files page I decided to have a solo session without the aneros.

    There must be something to it as you guys would not be practicing it for no reason!

    Well it seemed like 30 minutes but it most likely was only 5 or so but my prostate got aroused and I think I had a number of orgasms. I leaked precum twice and also had a small dry O nothing powerful but pleasant all the same.

    The way I look at it anyone that is serous about reaching their super O would be mad not to practice nipple play to help them get there.
    I for one would like to improve my nipple play and awaken my nipples, breasts & belly more to help with anerosing and also for my sexual growth as well. After all I have proved to my self it is possible to masturbate trough only my nipples by having the dry Os.

    If you could spare the time I would like to be pointed in the right direction.
    Is there some thing I missed on the yahoo site or do I just need to get engrossed in it like I have done with the Aneros site?
    Do you recommend getting real nipple supps to start with to really awaken the nipples?
    Is it just a case of setting aside time to play with the nipples each day to awaken them?

    Your wisdom would be appreciated.

  • tairytairy
    Posts: 51
    I could use some advice here as well. I've been using Supple Nipps in the lead-up and sometimes during sessions lately. The sensation is pleasant sometimes, painful others. My nipples are huge after I take the Nipps off, but not very sensitive. Just kind of sore, or desensitized.

    I also think my nipples are still mostly wired to my penis - when I play with them during a session, it certainly increases my arousal, but it seems to route it back into more of a penis/ejaculatory direction. I find it difficult to resist the temptation to go for a Super T once I've been playing with my nipples for a few minutes. However if I leave my nipples alone I can let my prostate sensations just keep building - not quite to super O levels (I haven't had the pleasure yet) but still very enjoyable.

    Anyway, just wondering if you guys can share any tips on how to get more out of the Supple Nipps, how long they should be worn for, how many times a week, etc, as well as ways I can go about trying to rewire myself so that I feel nipple stim more in my prostate than in my penis.
  • Yes playing with nipples enhances the aneros sessions I have noticed too. I had a couple mini Os last night doing that with the Aneros in and it enhanced the feelings of the O. When I had my first super-O I started playing with my nipples right before and while it was happening and o man it felt soooo good. Probably should have mentioned that in my description of the experience. Just relax instead of playing with your nipples if it gets you more amped for ejaculation. The super-O will come if you just relax and then when the feeling feels like its about to hit, you can start playing with your nipples to set you over the edge. mmm, I feel like having a session right now anyways. lol. :)
  • Late last May just before Memorial Day weekend, I met for a mutual masturbation session a bate buddy who was visiting from out of town. He was really into nipple stimulation which really impressed me. That happened just before I began my Aneros sessions in early June with the Helix Syn.

    About a month later when I began experiencing P-waves, walkinggasms, and chairgasms. I began to stimulate and tease my nipples which fueled my Anerosing. That is when my sessions really began to take off.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Braveneworld - Just start playing with your nipples consistently and regularly during each of your Aneros sessions. That's how I woke mine up a number of years ago. Before then I thought it was just something that was either a load of bull, or something that would not work for me. As like many men, I thought my nipples were a useless vestigial piece of flesh on my body. If I remember correctly, it took me about a month of playing with my nipples during Aneros sessions before they woke up. But when they did, boy was I ever glad I tried doing so. It added a whole other dimension of stimulation and arousal to my Aneros and no-Aneros sessions.

    @tairy - If you're getting pain or soreness in your nipples...  Check to be sure that the fingers you are using to stimulate them do not have any sharps projectiles or edges of skin and/or fingernail. It doesn't take much. It's a very sensitive and tender skin area of the body. I use the file on my fingernail clipper to smooth those areas on my fingers that I use.