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  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    Hi, a while back l noticed a modification to an aneros related to estim.. l was wondering if anyone had tried it.. l know there are other companies that make a specific device that does the job but they dont have the shape aneros has..

    now l was wondering if anyone had some experience of a modified estim aneros or similar device.. my assumption would be that the added estim may in addition to the usual contractions actually cause some of their own with regards to the e-stimulation.. so l was wondering if anyone had interesting success with such modified devices.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    "  ...that the added estim may in addition to the usual contractions actually cause some of their own with regards to the e-stimulation.. "

    Yes.  I adopted the same line of thinking using a Tempo, a modified Progasm and a MGX as an anal 'trode.'  

    I never achieved a good balance or background level of estim where it would nicely "add" to the usual Aneros physical stimulus.  I terminated my efforts when a Tens pad on my perineum loosened and a painful burn between my sweet spot and prostate took almost a month to heal.  Three years later, no permanent injury or scaring has emerged so I was either lucky or tough.

    Thoughts & experiences:

    --remember to never touch any electrode, pad or connector when the power is on.  Sending current through your arm (and heart muscle) isn't good.

    --as with scuba diving, for your first efforts, have a buddy around should you make a mistake and need help .

    --I didn't maintain an appropriate journal or "lab notebook."  Many variables interact in the estim game.  Plan sessions and keep some notes so that you don't repeat configurations or settings that were not productive.

    --Electro triggered ejaculation as shown in the popular videos and estim advertising is fairly easy.  The Veteran's Administration hospitals have refined that art to a solid science.  At least one formal report is in the public domain. < > .  Remember, the VA's work is aimed at an hfwo rather than a dry orgasm.

    --All the water-based lubes I tried had similar electrical conductivity (Maximus, K-Y Jelly, Slippery Stuff (Gel), Slippery Stuff, ID-Glide, Astroglide Natural).  Pick your lube based on how it feels in a conventional Aneros session and stick with it (reduce the variables).

    --I tried an Aneros Tempo as a unipolar probe and modified both a Progasm (bi-polar -- see attached foto) and a MGX (unipolar) with adhesive copper strips (check for these on ebay -- the foil is sold for EMI shielding in electric guitars.)  The Tempo failed as electrical tape wouldn't insulate it from my anus. 

    Late edit:   here's a site with some specific suggestions for modifying an Aneros:

    --If you are using a generous amount of conductive lube you are distributing the electrical field throughout the rectum and electrode configuration isn't all that critical.  Ten_s_nut has made some comments on bi-polar versus unipolar probes.

    --I had difficulty in insulating my anal sphincter from my rectum so my major current path and stim was anal rather than rectal-prostate.  In retrospect, a generous pre-lube of my anal canal with a less conductive lube (vaseline, albolene crisco, etc.) then deeper injection of a water based lube might have turned the trick on this problem.

    --I stuck with an inexpensive Tens 7000 for excitation.  It lacked output regulation or limiting of voltage and current so voltage soared when an electrode would loosen.  Ask more guys about the more sophisticated boxes (like the ErosTek ET-232).

    --for home made electrode ideas check out <;ox=display;topic=59739.0 >

    --the smaller the area, the more intense the sensation.  If something loosens up you will feel pain, no pleasure!

    --place any stick-on electrode onto clean skin that's hair-free or freshly shaved.  

    --conductive rubber tubing tied around my penis shaft provided a more stable frontal connection than either a metal cockring, conductive jockstrap or cup.

    --pads on ankles or behind the knees offered had a good ratio of pain to pleasure but still distracted from the physical aspects of the Aneros session.

    --I was too much of a coward to attempt a sound or glans cap. Remember to sterilize any sound if you choose that route or use an electrified catheter !

    --I tried mp3 (analog sound signal) files but didn't have a good limiter on the amplifier I was using.  (check the website and research <skybear -N Florida>'s posts regarding suitable amplifiers.
    enjoy... hope you have better luck than did I.   blessings... rook
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