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Sting and frequent urination after sessions.
  • DesmonDesmon
    Posts: 15
    I'm using Aneros since 2 months, i'm 40 years old. No real orgasms yet, but it feels like each session is a little step forward.
    I have the following problem: A couple hours after session i always start feeling kind of a sting inside my pelvis, and the day after i urinate much more than usual, actually it feels like i have a constant urge. It's just like my prostate is sore and hypersensitive.
    This lasts 24-36 hours after sessions, then everything is normal again. Since i use Aneros my urination seems to be much better in normal situation, not that it was bad before, but now the stream is stronger and i don't wake up anymore in the middle of the night to pee as i did. I jut have this problem after using the massager.
    I don't use to do strong contractions, i do very slight ones instead since they seem to be more effective, but maybe my session last too long... 2 hours at least, sometimes more than 3h, but I've had that issue after rather brief sessions too.
    Maybe i should ask a doctor, it's just that as you can imagine it's a bit embarassing... any suggestion?
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,099
    Have you ever had a prostate check by the doctor? Maybe you have a enlarged prostate or urinary tract problem.
    Who knows I am no doctor and have not had the stinging you describe.
    I am 40 and all the improvements you have noticed I have had too.
    Are you using enough lube. 5ml up the butt and a light covering of Vaseline over the aneros will make sure.
    I have not noticed a constant urge to pee, I have noticed that if my bladder is full, I do have the urge to go but it is different than it was before I used aneros. Cant explain the difference it just feel different so how.
    I can now ignore it for a long period. 

    Just though maybe your body does not like your lube? Anther thing to try....
    Cant hurt to see a doctor I guess but I do agree it is embarrassing.
    Maybe tell him the symptoms but neglect to tell him about the aneros bit and see what transpires. 
    Good luck hope all goes well.