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New discovery with old school device
  • dingding
    Posts: 16
    I have been an Aneros user for about 3 years now. I guess I am sort of a collector, owning the MGX, Helix, Peradise, Vice, Progasm. Each have their own special attributes, and I use all of them. I combine Aneros use with nipple stimulation and get wonderful pleasure from this combination. It exceeds anything I have ever gotten from traditional partner sex. More recently I have been visiting the Aneros site and eyeing the Maximus. It seems like old school and has maybe been replaced by the progasm. i don't know, but it seemed interesting to me. Sort of shaped like the Helix but larger. Anyway, I got out the old credit card and decided to give it a try. Funny how your prostate seems to know that something new is in the mail.
    I have been having involuntary orgasms throughout the day anticipating the new arrival.
    So yesterday it did. I had a short window of time late in the day but couldn't wait to try it. It doesn't seem particularly large, certainly smaller than the Progasm but with a much larger abutmant tab. It is also pretty easy to insert.
    So I laid on my side on the couch with my legs tucked in like the fetal position.
    Within seconds I began getting powerful orgasmic waves passing through my body like I have never gotten before. PreCum began flowing with every pulsation. The whole experience, about 10 minutes, left me breathless and shaking. I frankly had to stop, getting up and removing the Maximus, to regain my composure. 
    I never dreamed I could get such results from this new device. 
    There doesn't seem like there have been many posts about the Maximus, but I feel like a little kid with a new toy. 
    I'll keep you up to date as my experiences continue.
  • VicVic
    Posts: 99
    Funny, I've been considering doing the same thing and picking up an old Max and you've pushed me to the telephone. Also, your account of your first session out of the box on the sofa was what I experienced the day my Tempo arrived. KEEP IT UP
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @ding - Great post! But actually if you do a search in the forums, you'll find there are a few posts from other users that say much the same regarding the Maximus. From what you've all said, it works just as well as any of the other models, it's either just not talked about as much, or not as popular.