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tricks for milking precum from cock?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    A long time ago had this Reader Tip:

    Excellent "Edging" Technique: Gimme A Pearl

    From JackinForum: Start after you are aroused enough to produce some pre-ejaculate. [Note: Not every male is able to produce pre-ejaculate fluid.] The aim is to deliberately elicit pre-ejaculate without having an orgasm, thereby cultivating and controlling near-orgasmic sensations. When you first emit a small droplet of pre-ejaculate, do not wipe or smear it around. Instead, keep it balanced on the head of your penis and concentrate on growing it into a big pearly bead. Stare at it and use gentle motions to avoid disturbing it, rather than heavy stroking. Learn to recognize the sensation of pre-ejaculate welling up from deep inside. As you become successful, pre-ejaculate will dribble down the side of your penis. Again, do not disturb it; rather, continue and concentrate on producing more pre-ejaculate. If you are especially aroused, you may even get an actual spurt. The sensation of emitting each droplet is like a mini-orgasm. If you feel an impending orgasm, back off for a few moments. When you finally climax, the pleasure will be indescribable. This technique is especially good when you give yourself the "green light" to climax after a few very close near-orgasm experiences, or after hovering continuously on the brink for as many seconds as you can stand. It's very liberating to explore the delicious near-orgasm sensations and then letting go.

    I gave that a try (again) today, and it is really quite cool to try to milk precum.  I am not a big leaker, so for me getting precum is cherished.  It was very sexy and felt really good to gently touch my cock in ways I thought would produce precum.  Like it says above it feels like a mild ongoing orgasm.

    I am wondering... do any of you have tricks for reliably producing precum (without prostate stimulation)?

    One of the fantasies I tried while I did it was to imagine being in the hands of a nurse who wanted --for some purpose-- to harvest my precum, and so she had all kinds of "medical" tricks to stimulate me just the right way to make it well up.

    What would those ways be (without prostate stimulation)?

  • Hi @darwin,

    That is a very hot "meditation" for "milking" precum from one's cock. I have been always a big oozer of precum since at least age 12. Just thinking about sex or being horny, I ooze precum. But I have noticed over the years that whenever I edge during masturbation for a long while, I get a delicious, burning sensation that starts in my glans, moves down my cockshaft (especially my urethra) to my prostate. Whenever that happens, I am priming myself for an ejaculatory orgasm.

    But while we have hands for masturbation and the Aneros for prostate stimulation, we have minds to get the "juices rolling." Like what they said, the brain is the greatest sex organ.

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Sounds like fun. However your nurse fantasies wont always work in the real world.
    I have spent a lot of time in hospital lately and yes some nurses made my cock drible precum but others made him srivle up! I even had a midnight visit by an nurse who played with my cock!
    Alas it was only to put in a tube so I could pee because I could not use the bottle for some reason and I was about to explode.
    Oh well I would like to try your suggestion for milking. I know the feeling you mean if I could control it then maybe I can increase it. Not sure how this would help me but it would be a real turn on I think.
    Lets face it sperting is always fun