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Experienced users of Aneros and contemporary methods for multiple male orgasms: A question for you.
  • How do the "Full-body Multiple Orgasms" described in books such as The Multi-Orgasmic Man compare to the Super-O's, Dry-O's, and Super-T's that we can get from the Aneros? 

    In reading the book The Multi-Orgasmic Man, they describe multiple orgasms from penile stimulation. They even talk about full body orgasms from that method. Is that true? Have any of you had truly multiple orgasms or had full body orgasms from those techniques?

    Please tell of your experiences!
  • Hi @MMO_RPGlol,

    I am like you, still new to using the Aneros. But this I know. When working with the Aneros, you are to refrain from having any contact with your penis as much as possible. Otherwise, contact with your penis would short-circuit the effect of your Aneros massaging your prostate.

    The Aneros enables you to rewire yourself in having orgasms centered in your prostate, away from your penis, at least initially. Dry O's, Super-O's, SuperT's and other Aneros blessings follow naturally in due course.

  • @BigGlansDC yeah I am aware of all that sort of stuff. I mostly wanted to just know how good the orgasms from that technique in that book are. I was hoping to here from someone who "mastered" that technique and also has gotten results with the aneros. I just have a hard time believing that it would be possible to have a full body penile orgasm.
  • I've had this happen from penile stimulation. I used to edge a lot. When you get good at edging, your using your PC muscles to shut off the flow of semen and you can feel an orgasm come on and hold off the normal squirting and then repeat this over and over. The more and longer you sustain this, the more intense the orgasms become. It takes practices and restrain but it's a fun thing to do. I used to be able to go for over an hour edging like this and having numerous multiple orgasms. As a married guy with lots of kids, I don't have the opportunity now unless I travel and to be honest, the Aneros orgasms are just as good...maybe even better than the edging orgasms. 

    If you're interested in the subject, and who wouldn't be, here's a guide/tutorial I created from a couple of good website references I've found.

    Multiple Male Orgasms.pdf
  • PM me if you have problems with accessing that pdf. When I am signed in an click on it, it works. But, when I'm not signed in, I couldn't get the pdf to download. 
  • thick75thick75
    Posts: 60
    I just scanned your manual very quickly.  It looks like some good stuff. I will read it closely and get back to you. I used to edge.  But I think you have taken this to another level. THANKS ALOT.

    BTW I am tremendously successful with my Aneros journey.  I am almost afraid of reading something else that may confuse me.  But I am so curious about all of this I am compelled to explore more. I do not know if I could stand any improvements over what I have now. I am addicted to this and trying to get myself under control. Having said that I can not wait until I really get into your material.
  • Thick75...glad it worked for you. And, remember, I just compiled that material, I didn't originate it. Sorry I didn't preserve the original links in the documents. I thought I saved them to Instapaper but I have some many digital accounts and so much archived stuff on all the things that interest me...I can't keep it straight anymore. 

    But, what fascinates me about male sexuality is that it's so much more than the "jerk, jerk, squirt, squirt" we've all been raised to think it is. Edging,'s amazing to me how our bodies are made to feel such pleasure but that it take some discovery. 

    I've said it before, I'll keep saying is the ONLY major activity in our lives that we receive no training in. Forget porn. That's not real. 

    As a dad, I really want to help my sons in this area...but it's more embarrassing for them than it is for me to discuss these topics. There are really only one or two friends who I trust enough to even broach such subjects with. It's sad really. 

    But on the bright side, it's nice that the internet and the anonymity it confers upon us has allowed men from all different backgrounds and experiences to get together here and share with one another some of the most intimate and personal things in a do I put this...un-porn like way? I truly enjoy helping other guys learn to experience the pleasure their bodies were designed to experience in a very matter-of-fact and helpful manner. I'm here to learn, as I think a lot of guys are. I'm not here to get aroused by someone else's erotica. 

    In any case, I hope you have a lot of fun and can share what you discover along the way!

  • Hi @newguy8762, I am really impressed by your pdf document. I have to find a way to print out a copy for my reference, perhaps at the public library in my neighborhood.

  • Hello BigG,
    If you have an iPad you could download it to iBooks and view it on your iPad. Of course, you'd have to wipe your screen clean after a practice session ;)
  • That is an awesome link! Thank you so much! I will PM you when I have further questions:)
  • Hi @newguy8762,

    I have put that pdf document in a special file in my personal e-mail which I can refer to at any time. And like @MMO_RPGlol, I think it's real awesome!
  • Glad you all liked it. There's lots of good stuff in there and it's well worth the practice time. 
  • thick75thick75
    Posts: 60
    You are a god guy and I like your attitude about teaching our sons. I started a thread about teaching our sons the various MMO techniques , Kama Sutra, tantric etc. even penile enlargement is a consideration when thhey are still in puberty. Al controversial. A lot of comments. You might want to check this out.

    What is going to be interesting is the information I am gathering from women on the LPSG.lcom site kind am busy over there and have not time to read your manual. I bet it is good. Yeah I downloaded it on my iPad., but the iPad is not very friendly in doing things we are use to e.g. Storing files not created by an iPad app. I think I used my android to get your file and that file can be storedandtransferred to a PC. And my iPad keyboard is driving me crazy. I am a work in progress.

    Bottom line.. Your question is great and I will follow this.

    Note: I am able to have super O's with strong penile stimulation. Apparently I am unusual and if I make a big deal out of this I might screw up the other anerosean users. I think I may have stumbled on to the best of two worlds. Not. Sure. Of course, in my usual style, thinking I am a genius, I pontificate like I am an expert or sage from yesteryear. In fact I may totally misunderstand all of. this. But one thing I do understand, pontificate or otherwise is that I am having 100 extraordinary orgasms every day. So I am doing something right. It is just that I may not be able to tell the story correctly. To this point I posted a copy of some postings to the LPSG forum. I describe things that I think are interesting to us here. Again I pontificate as the wise man, and again I ask others to straighten me out and tell me where I am going wrong. But I may have accidents said something of value. So if you have time on your hands, read my rumblings.
  • think75, you are my f****** hero. I hope some day I will enjoy more than a 5 second orgasm. Its sort of sad really. It doesnt even feel that good. 
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Well  @MMO_RPGlol  @thick75 Is having so many orgasms you would think he would share them around!
    Oiy thick75 send some this way mate!

    Maybe hes got the right idea, here we are all talking to each other and he is off chatting up the women.
    Way to go Thick75 :D