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Postings at Large Penis Support Group (LPSG.Com) dealing with the Aneros Prostate Massage.
  • thick75thick75
    Posts: 60
    On there is a blog entitled "Ask A Women" on which only women can answer.  I made a few postings  and thought you might have an interest. First let me say that in your opinion I may have a lot of this wrong. I think I am right, but I need the peer review to keep me honest and accurate. So tell me where I am wrong.

    What I have gotten from this is that women do not really know what we are accomplishing. We are a new breed. You can not simply say "I am multi-orgasmic" and they understand. Good to know.

    Background. LPSG is what it suggests. The subscribers are interested in the penis and generally obsessed over size.  I certainly was. There are literally thousands of subscribers world wide. There are a few women lurking about and I would probably describe them as women who think that dick size is a big deal.  Not that they think they want a big cock in them, just that they know that the men on this site are really cock possessed. So you have to take this into consideration when reading their response.  But I wanted to get a woman's reaction to my newly acquired skills. So the following are various segments of this discussion that is still underway as I write this. I thought about putting each in its own discussion. But thought this might clog up this forum and knock other people's comments to the next page. So I am going to put all of them into one comment which will be quite lengthy.

    Fist my opening post to start the discussion:

    Is it a problem if the man is truly multi-orgasmic?


    making a joke. Suppose the man has the very rare ability to have long
    continuous orgasms that could last minutes or an hour without going to the next
    orgasm. Just one long session of continuous thrashing, thrusting, moaning.. the
    full body orgasm that never ends. 


    course this would be great in the beginning, But would you ever get tire of
    this and wish he would just stop? Also, are you multi-orgasmic yourself to the
    point that you could "match" him? In short could you handle or even
    put up with a man that placed such demands on you?


    don't think this is a stupid question. I have just become a truly
    multi-orgasmic man that can do what I just described. I have not had sex with a
    woman while I have this new ability, but I am getting ready to hit the online
    dating scene where I have been successful in the past. But I am worried that I
    might be turning women off. Let me emphasize this... a thrusting, screaming,
    moaning, in full orgasm for a very long time. Can I assume that the normal
    woman would like this or have I created a monster with my
    "re-wiring"? If so, I am not sure how to undo the re-wiring and
    return to normal. So what do I have in store for me? I promise you that this is
    a sincere question.


    from <

    THEN another post by me in the same discussion:

    then a woman asked what would a woman have to do to the man .. My answer..

    You don't have to do
    anything. and the man does not even need the device once he is re-wired. Think
    of the device as a training device. Pretty neat huh? The man will insert the
    device from time to time to "arouse his prostate". This is no problem
    because it feels good. But can take out and be capable for a long time. When
    you re-wire you are telling your brain what you like and what to associate your
    pleasure with. E.g. Some re-wire their brain to link their nipples with an
    orgasm. Hence forth, rub you nipple and have an orgasm. When the adolescent
    goes thru puberty and masturbates for the first time, he will excite his
    prostate as well as his penis. Do that a few times and the brain is told that
    when the boy is going to orgasm a signal should be sent to the prostate to
    start the emission process. Thus the cum. But the boy ( or man) can retrain the
    brain to say here is the pleasure of your orgasm, but I am not going to sent a
    signal to your prostate to cum. A good comparison is when a person loses a leg.
    The brain may tell you that you still have a leg I.e. phantom pain. But over
    time the brain re-wires to accept fact that the leg is missing. Likewise the
    male can unhook the ejaculation from the orgasm. Result.. I can fire off many
    orgasms and never go thru a refractory period. I can, and almost every night
    have more than a 100 orgasms. and the best part is that they are much more
    intense. You can decide to take one orgasm and just adjust the level of
    intensity meaning I am having literally hundreds of spasms rather  than the usual 4 to 10 spasms with a
    traditional wet orgasm. Or you can decide to have consecutive orgasm..e.g. Say
    15 spasms and let it die down for a few seconds and start another one. Obviously
    this takes a lot of training and not all men will be able to do all. But he
    will be able to do a lot. What some evidence? Google aneros videos. You will
    see men writhing in continuous orgasm. A real eye opener. Fake video? No. Go to
    aneros site and read comments from hundreds of men. 


    OK. I have done my
    job. Either buy into this or blow it off. You have to do your own research. I
    am now an exceptional lover with a perpetual erection and almost unquenchable
    desire. Add in my study of Taoist and Tantric sex and the Kama Sutra and I come
    to bed prepared. If you  like me in other
    respects you will get all you can handle. I say this not to hit on you. I am
    only illustrating what a man can do if he chooses to make this a priority. If I
    were a woman I would jump at the chance to see what this is like.


    Small point. I used
    to tell women how big my dick is etc. I now realize a smart woman does not care
    about dick size, rather the stamina. This is another way to talk about
    "it's how you rock the boat". Actually women get this, it's the men
    who need to get this. I spent three years making my dick bigger. I'm glad I did
    this but I would have spent my time better working on my endless orgasm. OK
    guys you got the message. Do something about it.


    from <>

    then later on a guy posed a question about what is takes to "fill up " the woman which led to the expression the "perfect dick".  This is another post by me. You notice that I will take an issue and expand on it and probably take the discussion of to the side etc.  Not good, but I can not help it. Ahyway..

    First, I want to
    thank you girls for putting in so much time on this forum. I am getting more
    from it than five years of reading post from men who generally are just making
    false claims etc. I think you all are trying to say it like it is for you
    individually. I wish that more women were involved. Keep it up.


    I am interested in
    your replies to "being filled up". Obviously another attempt by men
    seeking reassurance that they are big enough to satisfy you. I want to expand
    my question to bring in a comparison between a man's size to his stamina and passion.


    If you had to make a
    choice between a man who really had the "perfect" size and a man with
    just an average sized penis but was extremely multi-orgasmic with high stamina,
    which one would you choose. Assume that the "perfect" dick guy was a
    one and done guy good for about 10 minutes at most and then rollover etc.
    restated. What is more important stamina and high sexual drive versus the guy
    with the dream dick?


    (Just a disclaimer
    to head off sarcasm etc. I personally have an above average penis that is
    extremely thick. I do not have a dog in this fight. I can live with any answer.
    But what excites me is that any man can develop his stamina and passion even
    though he may not ever be able to get his dream dick. This should be a
    "YAHOO!" moment for mankind. My goal is to tell billions of males
    "you too can be a stud irrespective of your size and shape of your
    dick". Again, I do not get a nickel out of this nor even recognition. So
    this is not a selfish endeavor. And I think any man would do the same thing for
    his fellow man. OK band leader you can tone down the patriotic music in the
    background, I am finished with the sermon.


    Having said all off
    this, it is obvious what answer I want. But what is really important here is
    the truth. So let me have it (I could say between the eyes, but it can be
    between my balls.. Ouch!). 


    So please girls make
    this comparison and choice. Let us know what we really need to know.


    from <

     THEN the question 0f edging came up.  Was I really speaking about edging when I referred to being multi-orgasmic? It shows again that women may not really have an idea of what we are doing.  My post..

    Thanks for reply.


    First.. I am not edging. Been there and done that
    before my re-wiring. I mean the genuine orgasm, without ejaculation, with
    uncountable spasms with much stronger intensity than a traditional wet orgasm.
    Whereas the traditional orgasm might have from 4 to 10 spasms, I can have as
    many as I want if I concentrate and assist with pelvic contractions. It seems
    it is much like the female orgasm. You can have as many as you really want,
    just as I can. The difference is that you can have female ejaculation, whereas
    I have trained myself to not ejaculate. Otherwise I think we are the same. You
    are able to have long uninterrupted spasms in a one continuous orgasm OR you
    can have a series of consecutive orgasms with no limits. I understand that your
    own limits are really set by your male partner. When he is finished you are
    finished. But if your partner has no limits you have no limits and both of you
    can fire off mutual orgasms "forever".c


    It gets even better. It is possible for a couple to
    have "shared whole body orgasms" where it seems that you are having
    the same orgasm.


    I want to point out that this is different from
    tantric concept of managing the man's orgasm by timing one,s orgasm around the
    point of no return. As a general rule, a man may have from 2 to 15 orgasms
    Following those practices. What I am experiencing involves re-wiring the brain
    to have truly unlimited and much more intense orgasms that the Tantric or KSMO
    systems. There are so few men with this ability I doubt seriously you have
    encountered such a man. In a population of one million you would be lucky to
    find ONE man like this.


    But you have confirmed my fears. If the roles were
    reversed and I was fucking a truly multi-orgasmic woman who had repeated and
    uninterrupted orgasms, assuming I was able to stay hard (just as I was before
    my re-wiring) I would probably want to call a halt after sometime. So I think I
    may be answering my own question. So long las BOTH are experiencing
    multi-orgasms they will want to kjhcontinue with out stopping even though we
    may be talking about hours. But when one can not continue with their own orgasm
    the session will come to an end. As I type this I realize that this is a
    "DA" comment.. A "no shit dick Tracey" statement.


    But what I am learning is that if I can tone down my
    convulsions, moaning, gibberish etc. I can be more acceptable to the woman.
    Last night after posting my first question I tried this. It is like fucking a
    girl in my parent's house while they are home. You try to go quiet.


    the last thing I got from your replies is that you
    two really do not understand what I am talking about, if no other reason than
    you never had a man like this. This is understandable. But you reinforce the
    obvious. Everybody loves an orgasm and loves to have their partner have them
    also. In conclusion, I am over analyzing and worried about false concerns.
    Advice to myself? Go forth and bring joy to myself and my partner. Stop the
    questioning. I am very unique and I deserve it because I really work at
    least 50 nights of intense re-wiring with more than 100 orgasms each night,
    worn out in the AM and deprived of sleep. So I think I am ready to "come
    out" (not in the homosexual sense). If you know anybody in my area (New
    Orleans) who might like to try me out, have them call me. Send me a PM.


    from <

  • thick75thick75
    Posts: 60
    All of the above is the body. Why is "body is required?"
  • thick75thick75
    Posts: 60
    Excuse me I was responding to an error message I did not understand.  Pleas ignore.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @thick75 - You might want to browse the forums over at

    This is the web site for KSMO which is mentioned here in these forums quite a bit as a complimentary technique to prostate massage. And their technique works for both genders. So I'd guess a question similar to yours has been asked before. If not, buy Jack's technique so you can join the forum and ask away.

    It occurs to me that what you are asking may not be much different than a man who is not multi-orgasmic having sex with a multi-orgasmic woman. I've had sex with two women who were multi-orgasmic and could keep right on orgasming from penetrative sex. It was very hot and made me all that more aroused! But at some point after many many orgasms, likely just like a man that can do that, they would tire and have to stop. But it was amazing to observe, be a part of, and to make her keep orgasming after I was done having my single ejaculatory orgasm.

    You also might want to read some of the posts here by user zaneblue. She is a highly multi-orgasmic woman.  Her posts regarding her orgasmic ability are very interesting reading and may give you a different perspective, new information, and/or confirmation about what you are asking.
  • thick75thick75
    Posts: 60
    Thanks. I will check her out. I might want to quote you verbatim in site. I will block out your name if you want. Would this be OK?
  • @thick75

    Just be aware that the KSMO forum does not allow for Guest participation, such as creating threads or posting comments in existing threads.  Registration on that forum requires the purchase of one of the seminars.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @thick75 - Go ahead. Don't worry about the name. It's not my real one. LOL
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but I would bet that the overwhelming majority of poster on a forum for guys with large cocks do not belong to the group.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @hula - I would suspect not if you are talking about the KSMO forum. But this is how you spread information and wake people up to new ideas and possibilities that they never knew or even considered.