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Who wants a copy of "The Multi-orgasmic Man"?
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,095
    Hi all, through my blundering around on the internet I have come across a active torrent which has a excellent PDF copy of The Multi-orgasmic Man
    This book has been a recommended read by some of the aneros gurus on this forum.
    I thought I would share this link with all on the forum.
    Torrenting of files is free but... [-X

    Torrenting of data and copy right material has legal implications but that is your affair. The only thing I have done is to show you where the file is available. If you dont know how to torrent then (google it). I will not help you!
    Make up your own mind.

    I am sure the book is available at any good book store to purchace too you can google it and buy it on line as well.

    Hope this helps my aneros friends 

    Those of you that recommend the book might like to post on the reasons that the book is a good read for everyones benefit.
    And do we have to read all of it? I hate reading! I suspect I already know the answer to that.

    P.S. Hurry up dont leave it too long as torrents only have a short life time before they go dead.
  • I have been curious of this for a while. I may download this at some point to see for myself what they say. 
  • can you upload this to a one-click-hoster like and rename the file? file upload wont die so fast.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    It is such a good read, that I went through all I needed to read in 2 days!  If you are heterosexual, then there are 2 or 3 extra chapters that deal with women's multiple sexuality, and this would be a must if you wish to take your new found skills into the bedroom.  There is a short chapter on how Taoist ideas are relevant to gay men, and you can read, or leave this out as applicable.

    For me, the book gave me access to multiple dry-orgasms from a different route than the aneros.  They are complimentary practices however.  The aneros sensitised me to dry orgasmic possibilities, and the Taoist practises showed me that I was already having dry orgasms with my aneros, but hadn't realised it until I'd recognised them from this different approach.  Once the skills in the book were mastered, dry orgasms then began to appear rather frequently in sex, and at other times, and it seems as though these practices have bridged the gap between my own personal aneros experiences, and sex.

    There is a good background to sex and sexuality in the book.  For instance I learnt how the PC muscle wraps around the prostate, and when it contracts it does a slight massage of the prostate.  This explains why going for a pee is now an incredibly pleasurable experience for me, with multiple p-waves and sometimes even dry-Os.  It also explains why guys say some light PC muscle contractions with the aneros inserted, spark off Dry-Os or more.

    Don't let Taoism put you off.  This is a religion that valued sex and sexuality as a source of spirituality, and more to the point, has experimented with enhancing sexual pleasure for 3000 years.  Although religious aspects are referred to a few times, it is not a major part of the book, that concentrates more on techniques rather than the beliefs.

    I got my relatively inexpensive copy of the book from Amazon, and if all else fails this may be an option for others.

    Happy reading
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,095
    @hakunamatata Sorry! While I am happy to download things off the net that are copyright I am not willing to upload copy right material. I value my freedom and would not take the risk even if small.
    They might not take to kindly to aneros use in jail! ;) 
  • i asked cause torrent is already uploading and sharing data to over the other leechers.

    no problem, im sure i will find it somewhere else.

    edit: found it

    google for the multi orgasmic man download -torrent

    you'll find several direct download ftp-pages. googles search result is marked with [pdf]