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2013 - New Year: New You! What are your 2013 goals?
  • I had a great chat session last night with a few guys who were getting excited about the new year because of the chance for meeting some personal goals.  We set up an accountability chain so that we can report in to one another and encourage each other to maintain our discipline in order to reach our goals.  The focus of last night's goals were centered around working out more and becoming more physically in shape.

    Why limit the experience though?

    I have a few goals for 2013 myself.

    Currently I weight 185.  That's the most I've ever weighed my whole life.  As I turn 31 in February, I can begin to feel my strength leave.  I have a hard time carrying things for a long period of time.  This was never the case before.  Just a few years ago I was able to practically  move the entire house all by myself when we moved out.  Now, I can barely carry things up and down the stairs.  I hate that feeling of loosing strength.  One of my biggest 2013 goals is to shed some of this sedentary lifestyle that I've gotten used to and loose some pounds as well as regain strength.

    A second goal of mine is to become more flexible.  I've always had tight tendons which makes life uncomfortable at times.  I want to be more loose and limber to be more relaxed.  To this end I want to invest in some yoga and pilates courses.  I have a local YMCA down the road that should be able to help meet both goals.

    I also want to be more active in my overall health.  I have yet to see the doctor about my blood pressure, cholesterol, and my low T that I know I have.  As a male beginning his 30s, I know my body will start to encounter all the classic signs of aging, and I want to step in and control my health, not let it slip further away from me.  To this end, I plan on scheduling an appointment with my physician soon so we can get a baseline understanding of where my health is now.

    Now, it's easy to say what my goals are.  The challenge is creating the plan for success and even harder still is maintaining that plan.  So, I want to create what my detailed workout plan will be and post it here.  This will allow me to refer back to it, adjust it as need be, and report when I'm not sticking to it.  I have plenty of free weights at my apartment, my own body to use push ups/chest dips/etc.. and also the local YMCA that I can join and take my conditioning to the next level.

    To start, I simply what to put down my base vitals and statistics.  This will give me the starting point that I need.  I'll post this info later.

    The biggest question some may have at this point is, why post all that junk on this site?  Why not use a fitness site?  First of all, I don't know those people.  I know my Anerosian brothers.  I know where my support is.  Second of all, think about how this ties into our sexuality and our journey.  I am setting a personal goal.  I am making myself accountable by sharing that goal.  We share our progress and success with Aneros all the time.  We often share our frustrations too.  Sharing frustrations allows for others to make suggestions, comments, and support.  

    This is an idea I would like to try.  It may work, it may not.  If someone is serious about wanting to change their life, then let's get serious.  What are we waiting for?  Life creates no excuses in giving us hardships.  They occur sometimes.  Let's not give excuses ourselves and get to a point where we want to be.  Let's work hard, stay focused, and meet the goals we know we can meet.  Let's find happiness and excitement in the fact that we control our lives and ourselves.  I might not be able to control what happens to me today, but I can control what I put into my body and what I do to my body.  If others are on board, this idea and topic will take off.  If not, it will fade and disappear.  At any rate, I leave it up to everyone to decide for themselves what they want to achieve this year.

    Happy New Year to everyone!  Let the possibilities remain endless!

  • rikaaim are you talking about pounds or kilograms?
    to slim down is all about mental strengh. just dont reward yourself with delicious food, when celebrating any personal achievement. when i did quit smoking i thought about "the last one" for weeks. stay strong. keep a diary - this helped me a lot.

    i for myself have a lot of new years resolutions.

    i do sports about 3 times a week, but after about 2 months i get bored and start being a couchpotatoe again. my challenge fot this year will be climbing a wall with dufficulty level 8 and eat much healthier.

    i want to get into photography for money (invested into gear and do this as a hobby) and start with a small goal: taking party pics at clubs and discos.

    i (24) am a porn addict and have erection issues sometimes when having real intercourse. i try to avoid porn everyday, but when the arousal is omnipresent i just cant. i think i might better see a doc next year to get my body checked. so a happy and joyful sex life would be my biggest goal.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great idea and beginnings friend rikaaim and hakunamatata!!


    1. Return to my injuries rehab routine at YMCA and build further on good early results,

    2. Deepen my yoga, core strength, and meditation practices,

    3. Extend, without expectations, my prostate, erotic and overall integral whole male health via my BPH therapy Aneros sessions, and

    4. Extend, without expectations, my explorations and experiments with body/mind expansion via mmo and mmmo (mutual male multiple orgasms) through orgasmic energies sharing at the spiritual and healing levels and beyond...


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Learn to walk correctly again, build muscle and balance.
    Thats enough if I exceed that then great, but do not want to set my self up for a fall! (excuse the pun)
    One step at a time just like aneros rewiring training.


    No matter where you go, there you are! ;)
  • @hakunamatata:  I was referring to pounds in my case.  I also have going to the doctor more on my list!  LOL  I don't want to be one of these guys that I see that never get a regular check up as they age and always avoid their problems.  Other than that, I want to slim down about 30 pounds and regain the strength that I am loosing.  Now is the time in my life to push my body to maintain itself.  I have to push my mind first.  I encourage all to achieve the goals they have in this new year and for us to support one another and share with one another.
  • 83 kilograms/185 pounds are not that bad and dont make a guy (regular height) look fat.

    @braveneworld: may i ask what has happened to your legs? 
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @hakunamatata my legs stopped working after a aneros session where I had the biggest orgasm ever!

    No not really, I fell six meters onto cement and broken my heals. One into 20 pieces. A lot of screws, plates being put in and then taken out over 14 months now. I am in bed 24/7 while the wound heals until physio to teach my muscles to work again. The pain at times was overwhelming I could be heard screaming down the corridors of the hospital. I am not usually a whimp either, it takes a lot if you know what I mean.
    The doctors can not believe I am not a para or quadriplegic, they dont know how I did not do more damage.
    It will be approximately two years out of my life that I will never get back. I just hope alls well by the end of it.

    I too have put on weight while lying around, about 15 kg hope to loose it when I am able to walk again but I have to get there first.
  • GoodVibGoodVib
    Posts: 28
    Just heard podcast by dr. Charles Runels on Benifits of walking, 3 miles a day or even better 3 1 mile walks/day. It's worth a listen, search it in iTunes. "Sex energy doctor". I can see this might not work for Braveneworld yet, I hope your well enough soon.
  • My 2013 goals lie mainly in (1) getting a rewarding, well-paying job, and (2) having consistent good emotional and mental health. I have been living in early retirement since early January 2011. So it is essential that I have an upbeat, positive frame-of-mind in these economic hard times for many Americans.

    The Aneros has been a source of overall good health for me, mostly in toning my physique. The Aneros has even enhanced my daily walks. But the major spin off of my Aneros sessions is that they have been confidence building exercises and very affirm in the last several months.

    Yet, I wish the same physical well being for my fellow travelers on the Aneros journey here on this Forum. I am sure you too have experienced good health from using the Aneros.

  • @bravenworld I certainly wish you nothing but the best my friend.  Miracles do occur as the doctors have already said about your condition.  Surprise them once more and meet your goal.  :)  Whatever encouragement and support you need, seek it here.

    @GoodVib  I'm actually keeping this in mind.  It may be freezing cold right now, but that's not an excuse to ignore this valuable information.  I like the breaking the walk down into three 1 mile walks per day.  This is a seriously good idea.

    @BigGlansDC I hope your retirement is rewarding for you.  Good luck in finding a job too.  You certainly have positive and upbeat thoughts from me.  I'm also glad to see that Aneros has enhanced your walks.  Perhaps you can use the method described by GoodVib

    @artform  I certainly share your desire to strengthen the core.  My lower lumbars and sacral plexus still act up from time to time.  I desperately want to increase my core strength and flexibility.  If you find some particular exercises or routines useful, let me know.  I'm also always interested in increasing orgasmic energy and expanding energy.  Have the next eight months to myself, I'm sure I'll have lots of opportunities.

  • I need to make some money and then finish up college. The only thing i really want is some aneros progress tho:) Its happenin, I can feel it
  • To anyone wanting access to free and informative exercises to do at home or tips and tricks on diet and meal plans, please check out  It's free.  They have 30 day get in shape programs to full blown 90 day warrior ripped programs.  All the information is provided and free.  They have low impact cardio workouts to full blown free weight and MMA routines.  I've been trying this the last two days and can really feel the change.  This is just for those who are motivated, ready to make the change, and want to know what resources are out there.  Best luck to all wanting to meet their 2013 goals!