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Along For The Ride
  • sskerrsskerr
    Posts: 16

    The constant theme in most of the
    posts are just go along for the ride. I am a nu-bee and the first
    session was a thrill ride, a number of small O's and a warm fuzzy
    feeling. By the second time I was ready for a ride I had read a lot
    of the post's and lot of miss interpret information. Started the 2nd
    session with a hot shower and made sure I was empty. Got the CD
    player in a loop of surf sounds in the background. Got the nest
    ready, lube up and got into the sack. Got the reading light on and
    enjoying a book, did some nipple play and pelvic moves to warm
    things up. By now I was aroused and worked my MGX in 1/2 way and
    waited for it to finish up seating up like it did the first time
    -----------Nothing! Waited a bit but still no movement. Did a little
    more foreplay and tried again, 1/2 way no auto pilot, so now I worked
    it in and seated it. Layed still for awhile waiting for some thing
    to happened like the first time. Nadia! Started to do some deep
    breathing and on a exhale the MGX popped out! Tried several times
    more but all with the same results.

    Several nights latter I tried again
    this time with much lower expectations. This time I had no
    preconceived notions about the session, I was there to see what would
    happen and it did WOW! Was along for the ride for about 2 hrs and
    fell a sleep about 1:30am. Had one pee call about 3am. And MGX was
    still with me. Reveille call came about 6am and the ride started
    again WOW WOW!

    I have had a number of sessions since
    and they all have been a fantastic ride. If you notice I use the
    word ride as I let the Aneros do the driving, empty your mind, Think
    of good things or times that have happened or just let your mind
    wander, feel a twitch don't respond, think around it, let it build,
    let it happen DON”T try to take control! Enjoy the ride!

    At 76 I had given up on sex as ED,
    Enlarged prostrate and all the other urinary tract problems have
    taken their toll. Things are improving and what a fantastic ride!

  • sskerrsskerr
    Posts: 16

    Some more travel notes

    I had a Super O Wow! I started to do the regimen that High Island Health recommends and was on step 6 quote from HIH

    “6. Once your body has accommodated to the presence of the device, contract and relax the sphincter muscle (Figure 2) as slowly as possible at least (30) times for good blood circulation and toning. During this exercise, stay relaxed and synchronize your breathing to facilitate oxygen flow to the area. Work your way up to 20 to 30 minutes of exercise per session.”

    I haven't gotten beyond 10 reps with out losing count and this time as I was hitting rep 4 When I found my self doubled up in a fetal position sucking my thumb. I lost sense of time and the waves of contractions kept sweeping all over me- WOW. I had started the session about 11pm and at 3AM (what happened to the time?) I had to shut things down as I couldn’t take any more. So much for the routine!

  • sskerrsskerr
    Posts: 16
    Side Trip
    Started a session last night late.  Was just enjoying the ride but not getting any where.  About 1AM I pulled over and parked the Aneros.  I still had a deep contraction going on after I removed the Aneros, but was able to get to sleep.  Had the mistress call at 5 AM and started the ride again, the deep contraction was still there.  Had a number of O's then the bladder called for attention, got up to relieve my self and the deep contraction still there. As the stream started the feel of passing urine changed to a silky smooth feeling and at that point the deep contraction exploded and subsided. It was as if I had ejaculated but I didn't have an erection ( that hasn’t happened for several years).  I finished up the nature call as the stream returned to the normal urine feel.  Back to bed and enjoyed a little more joy ridding.

    Any thoughts anyone?
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    @sskerr haha more often than not my pee stream pulses like the twitch of the aneros. It is because my but muscles are always moving to make the aneros move, even when it is not in there. :)
  • sskerrsskerr
    Posts: 16
    A Road trip.

    Last night as Aneros was taking me for a ride the thought came to during a quiet time of how similar riding the Aneros and riding a motor cycle are.  Think about it when you mount the bike a phallic symbol!
    Some of the best trips have been in the mountains of PA and New York. True they are not the Rockies and if they were I don't think the analogy would work.  Ridding on tine twisting back roads swaying to the curves and enjoying the stomach lift of sudden rises and dips in the road, the change in temperature coming from deep Forrest to an open glade, the perfume of the cut hay or ripe apples is a experience that defies description.  

    The pineal route to organism is much like a bike trip I took from Montreal Canada to Erie PA. in one  day. The pressure kept mounting as the miles went by, It was a hot summer day with a vicious head wind that I fought all the way. I was tensed up and hot as I had leathers on.   The release came at the end of the trip but I was wiped out.  Did I enjoy the trip?  Yes I did, I saw a lot and I made a personal conquest in doing the trip in one day.

    Ask me winch of the trips come back to me and it be the back road trips with out any anticipation of conquest but rather sensual input of the trip.

    Quote from B Mayfield in "B's Best of the BEE-Line" in section labled Exploration sums up my analogy.

     "Here’s the key; pleasurable sensations trump all. If you learn to generate pleasurable sensations through anal, rectal, and abdominal contractions and rhythmic breathing and learn to magnify and center these sensations through mental focus, you will find the Super O. In this way, creating the Super O is much less a mechanical process of thrusting or slamming yourself to an orgasm (penile centered mindset), as it is a dance between mind and body. For this reason I usually encourage newbies to explore and have fun with it, and be a little less directed in the beginning."
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    @ssker: I've considered this analogy as well after 40+ years of riding. Usually in the fall I would take off for 2-3 weeks without a destination, just possibilities. My roads for the day would be which ever looked like fun. I would sometimes spend an entire afternoon on one mountain pass for the fun of it. Sometimes I'd ride a 1000 miles in one day for ice cream at a favorite spot. These trips were very meditative experiences, no expectations, no destination.

    The Aneros journey is similar as you have stated. The best rides for the same reason.

    Keep the shiny side up!

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    I feel your comparison to motorbike riding too.
    No destination just ride as long as you can for the fun of it.

    Side note.
    I tried to do both aneros and ride my quad bike at the same time. Ok but nothing special  
    Looking back maybe it was a little dangerous but there where the excitement enters the arena!
  • sskerrsskerr
    Posts: 16
    Braveneworld,  Are we talking about a pucker event???
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    @sskerr No just around the back paddock over all the bumps and rocks and see what the vibration brought to the party. :)
  • sskerrsskerr
    Posts: 16
    Hover Craft
    During one of my sessions between O,s I very lightly put my hand on my butt and moved it around slowly, that was interesting.  When my life partner and I used to have sex she enjoyed the almost touch off my hand moving on her body, it would drive her nuts.  As a penis centered man I had no idea why she liked so much until last nights Aneros session.  By Hover Craft touch I mean it is the lightest touch you can make. The hand just grazes the skin and hairs. I think that the skin it;s self can sense a close presences with out actually touching. All I know that it kicked off another series of O,s

  • sskerrsskerr
    Posts: 16
    Docking the tail
    From day one the pig tail gave me problems.  With bad disc's in my back I can't put any thing under by back with out causing problems.  Flat on my back the pig tail was in contact with the mattress (slab with a pad ;-) ) and swamped out the subtle feelings from Mistress A.  About the only way my old body is comfy is flat on my back or on either side until the arms go to sleep. As I have been at this a little over a month I wasn't sure that I wanted to butcher up my rides (Mgx and Helix- the sisters; I'm glad I don't have to take them on at the same time :-).  After reading some post's I felt safe  at least to dock the pig tail down to about 2", 50mm from the center line of the rides.  I felt that at this point I was still learning and needed all the guidance she could give me. No change on my side except no tail sticking out to touch and flat on my back much much better.  I found out the less touching of her the better the ride.