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A Journal of Sorts
  • bbarlowbbarlow
    Posts: 30
    Where to begin? Last year, or the year before, I bought an Aneros Helix and had very limited success with it. I basically threw it away, then pulled it out of the trash and tried again. I modified it to see if that changed anything, but it didn't, so I threw it away. Since then, I've tried a couple different things, but no mentionable progress. I'm about 5' 6", so I bought an SGX clone off eBay, but was again met with limited success and got rid of it.

    A while ago, I started wondering about it again, so I started doing some reading. One thing I read was, "About 95% of the journey to the Super-O can be done without the Aneros." After reading that, I've spent numerous hours just laying on my bed trying different combinations of contractions. I'll admit that right now I'm feeling kind of horny, and I decided to come to this site. Then I read some of the testimonials and one caught my attention:

    "New to anal play, I started with the SGX model, even though I am slightly taller than the 5'7" height limit. I must say, it took me over 30 minutes just to get it inserted. I used the SGX a couple of times a week for a month, but never had any results other than some pre-cum. I decided to try the Eupho model (even though it is listed for advanced users) as the dimensions were thinner and may be easier to insert.

    After lying on my back for an hour I had plenty of pre-cum and what must be called small pleasure waves, but nothing more. I decided to change positions and put a pillow under my head and another pillow under the small of my back. After about 15 minutes of pure relaxation, my left leg started to twitch. Then my head started moving side to side. Before long my heart was beating fast and my whole body was moving like I was having some out of body experience. I was flopping around my bed like a fish out of water! When it ended, I just relaxed and enjoyed the moment. I thought to myself, WOW, is this what I've been reading about? After about 5 minutes, the process started again. This time, I just concentrated on what was feeling good and my hips started thrusting as the Eupho was taking me to places that I have never been before."

    I've been thinking about buying a Eupho, and the person who wrote this had an SGX and also felt very little. The reason I've been thinking about it is because I too put a pillow under my lower back and tried some contractions. I think I was contracting my pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, then relaxing it and arching my hips forward and contracting the muscle that raises my testes. Repeating this resulted in involuntary spasm in that area, and my body "flopped" around uncontrollably while my hips thrust forwards. I seriously felt like a rag doll. Keep in mind, this is entirely without the aid of an Aneros.

    As my body jerked around, every twitch seemed to generate a "poke" of pleasure in my prostate region; just between the navel and penis. I actually got an partial erection from it. Since then, I've wondered if that whole process combined with an Aneros would produce more intense results.

  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, barlow.

    Thoughts? Well, the fact that you had no success with helix and SGX-clone does not bode well for another attempt with Eupho.

    On the other hand, you've made great progress with the Tantric Yoga approach all by itself. Perhaps your body and mind are now primed for a better Aneros experience? You could hit a home run right off the bat or it might take you months to achieve your goals. As long as you're willing to give it a shot while keeping your expectations within reason, I'd say go for it.

    Best Regards,

  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    I love my SGX, which was my first one, and then I got a Progasm and it took awhile to "adjust" to it....when I did, it was unbelieveable, and I warmed up with my little SGX beforehand. I still enjoy the SGX a lot as a go to prostrate wonderful feeling while sitting or just doing nothing....
  • bbarlowbbarlow
    Posts: 30
    I was just reading and found this:

    The physical sensations leading up to the Super-O can be quite varied. The may include:

    • a build-up starting with waves of anal quivering and the abutment tab creating a strong tingling sensation in the perineum, anus, prostate and rectum simultaneously.
    • A tickling excited sensation in your abdomen and finding yourself contracting your abdominal muscles.
    • A paradoxical sensation of your anus pushing outward while the Aneros seems to be drawn inward.
    • Engorgement of the penis, producing a very stiff erection, and swelling of the glans or head of the penis. Often this swelling may cause the glans to change hue and take on a shiny appearance with the corona becoming larger and more red in color.
    • Internal or external anal contractions.
    • Skeletal muscle contraction and rigidity.
    • Emissions (a flow or oozing) of "precum" (Cowper's fluid) before, during and after.

    What happens next can only be described as blissful waves that may encompass the whole body,(an endorphin cascade).

    I had this happen when I owned one of these. My way of describing it would be hands-free stimulation that leads to an orgasm, but relaxing just before the orgasm occurs. In my experience, what followed was a feeling similar to having an orgasm, but to a lesser degree and without the spasm. In that experience, I was unable to duplicate the feeling in the same session. Later sessions passed that point and resulted in a wet orgasm. I dismissed the device as a glorified and time consuming way to "edge" or have a normal orgasm (Super-T?).

    Perhaps I'm missing something.
  • Now I am wondering if mine fits. I have a helix. I made it go a few times after an excessively long 'training period'.

    Twice I've had what I would call an anal orgasm, and once one of those fist-of-god-clenching-around-your-prostate situations going on. Both are good, but the former is just electrifying.

    Anyway, the point is, I still get a lot of discomfort. From feeling raw on the inside to feeling like i've beat myself up a little bit on the inside. Nothing major, mind you. I'm not trying to impress anyone with feats of rectal expansion or anything. And that is the real point... is my helix too big? I was all gung-ho about the vice (cuz I want that vibrator!), but am I going to be torturing myself?

    I am 6' tall and quite slim. I figure, anatomically speaking, shit is where it's supposed to be. And I try to use plenty of lube. I made it go a few times, after all.
  • I randomly picked up a book on orgasms for a minute while in a book store and read something to the effect of, "the PC muscle 'surrounds' the anal sphyncter," which to me suggests that the anal sphyncter must be contracted to be able to contract the PC. Other things I've read also make sense now, such as, "base level anal contraction," etc.

    This morning, just as I was waking up, I started contracting. I found that with a very slight anal contraction, there was another muscle very close to it that I was able to contract independently. However, with no anal contraction, it was impossible to contract the other muscle. I almost got out of bed just to make this post.
  • Note to self:

    "If one becomes too cognitively engaged, one ends up ignoring what’s happening on a sensory level and then all of a sudden…you’re lost."
    -B Mayfield
  • Bought an MGX about a month ago. Used it once, then had to go out of town. When I came back, I hadn't ejaculated for almost two days. I was extremely horny, and added to it with some visual aids before getting in the shower. I brought it and some Vaseline with me, did my routine, then lubed up and inserted it. I began feeling subtle, yet intense feelings I had never felt before. Ended up on my knees in the tub, then realized I was using all the hot water. Took it out, got out of the shower, then talked to someone for about 10 minutes. By that point, my arousal had faded, but I went into my room, put a towel on my bed and started over. I was kind of cold, which I don't imagine was helping, and didn't feel the same subtle sensations as earlier. The session lasted for about 2 hours, the whole time bouncing on the edge of orgasm. Finally, I curled into a ball and began contracting and thrusting, ending with a Super-T. I started to grow frustrated by being so close to something big, and not reaching that point.

    The thing is, every session I have ends with a Super-T. What's the deal with that?
  • You like a good wank at the end. You get good relief from it. There is nothing wrong with that! You are actually connecting your prostate with pleasure this way still. This is being programmed into your brain.
    Your brain thinks "Aneros in, aneros twitching, good feelings, give me more aneros" :)
    I still do it often and I have been going about 9 months its coz you are aroused and well its just sitting there begging to be loved! So people say abstinence makes you hornier but it does the opposite to me.
    Keep going I say but try not to do it every session mix it up.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @bbarlow - Unless you are consciously making the decision to stimulate/stroke your penis to a super-T...  Make sure there is absolutely nothing touching or even slightly grazing your penis during the session.
  • bbarlowbbarlow
    Posts: 30
    That's the thing, I'm not touching it.
  • thick75thick75
    Posts: 60
    I have a question: Is the main reason for not touching your penis is discourage ejaculation? For me I do everything with my penis. My fleshlight, grinding against the bed sheets, pressing on the perineum, everything. I still do not ejaculate. Then, alternatively, will go hands free and get great results.  It seems that I can weave the two approaches in and still not have an ejaculation.  But great intense orgasms for each. So for me, is there any reason to change my approach and do only the hands free? 

    I suspect that the hands free approach is for training and re-wiring purposes. Once re-wired do you suppose you can let your penis out of jail i.e. use the hell out of it?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @bbarlow - I'm not sure what to tell you at this point. The only thing that comes to mind is to try making sure you relax your anal, rectal, and PC muscles as you start to orgasm to see if this keeps the ejaculation from happening. Everyone is so different on how this journey effects them and at what rate progress happens. Case in point, thick75's post above that is atypical from what I read here in the forum and from my own experience. Usually only the more advanced and experienced users can have super-O's with penile stimulation. Perhaps other users will have some other suggestions for you.

    @thick75 - Yes, that is the main reason. But also to allow the man to sense and focus on the more subtle sensations of the prostate, anus, and perineum via the P-tab.

    "So for me, is there any reason to change my approach and do only the hands free?"

    Unless your not achieving intense multiple dry orgasms that keep occurring over and over that we label the super-O. Then maybe not. Your approach is quite different than the norm for most men to achieve this.

    "I suspect
    that the hands free approach is for training and re-wiring purposes.
    Once re-wired do you suppose you can let your penis out of jail i.e. use
    the hell out of it?"

    I suspect this to. As I've read a few posts from advanced users here that have eventually learned to super-O with penile stimulation once they re-wired and had a lot of practice doing it with the Aneros. Perhaps you just progressed faster than some other men have.

  • thick75thick75
    Posts: 60
    I really thank you for your comment.
    If I have accurately described my situation, we are on to something here. I think I am correct, but I am going to try to describe my new abilities more clearly to make sure I am not throwing us a curve ball. If I have been accurate it seems I have reached a very unusual high level of pleasure. If so then others will want to know how I did this. I have kept notes and I might be able to recreate my journey.

    But first, let me restate what I now experience. My device is in and I am awakened by a strong urge in lower abdomen. I do a strong anal and rectal contraction combined with deep breathing. The orgasm hits me hard and I am on my way. I am usually in the fetal position. my penis is hard and is probably being rubbed by my legs. I am responding exactly like you see in the videos. By holding the orgasm "in place" I bring the intensity higher and higher by contracting harder and mentally "bringing" the orgasm from the base of my spine to my brain. I feel the orgasm peak with energy jolts emitting from my glans. (this is a new technique I have learned from Chia). I try to hold this feeling as long as I can. If the intensity lowers I bring it back up and hold it again. The orgasm seems continuous but the intensity varies. If I lose the orgasm I can start another one immediately.

    Now I roll over on my stomach and bend my penis up toward my navel.I settle down to the bed and let my penis rub against the sheets. This really feels good. I continue just as described above. More orgasms. I keep this up for a long time.

    I worry about rubbing my dick raw. (it does not happen but I think about it.

    Then I want the feeling of fucking. I insert into my fleshlight
  • thick75thick75
    Posts: 60
    AmContinuing from above....

    Things change now. I have all the feeling of fucking. I can hold the flashlight in my hand or I can my missionary holder that has my fleshlight in it. I thrust, screw etc. just like fucking a real woman.

    Now the difference between the no hands or no fleshlight approach: with the no hands approach I control every thing with my brain or by strength of contractions. But the fucking introduces the third dimension: the feeling of a vagina. So I have to get all three working together. A challenge, but fun.

    Important note. When I stop the fucking I can not just pick up d where I left off with no hands. I need to get the involuntaries started some how. Usually by this time I have had as many as 25 to 50 orgasms of incredible intensity. I am generally looking for a break. I will generally roll over to my fetal position and try to get some sleep. Then the process starts over.

    During the day, usually about three to five times, I will stop what I am doing and go directly to my fleshlight and fuck this for about ten minutes. Usually about 5 to 10 orgasms. These are really huge and I make a lot of noise, and I don't recognize the guy in the mirror. Body shaking, face contorted etc.

    OK..this is my best description. Do you still think that this is unusual?.

    Is this worth trying to document my journey? I am hoping this is the norm and I have little to contribute. I am less than two months into this experience and still consider myself as a beginner. But I must admit I am really happy with my results. Now I am concentrating on n going out into the world and finding a woman with enough sex drive to match my endless orgasms. More important I need to manage my new addiction.

    There is ray of hope for me. If I have enough orgasms I can have a sense of relief for a few hours. Don't laugh..this is progress.

    Please comment. This took a lot of time to type on my Android.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @thick75 - I think it is amazing what you are experiencing. And ultimately you don't need to compare yourself and your experience with other guys. It sounds like you are having much fun and pleasure. I think the amount of penis stimulation you use to achieve these multiple orgasms is unusual. But certainly not wrong considering the results you get. I'd say that you are one of the lucky ones that have progressed much quicker than most. Enjoy what you have! :)
  • bbarlowbbarlow
    Posts: 30
    I think I realized what a 'super-O' is. I may have just had a mild one with no Aneros (chairgasm?). I may have had many in the past as a kid, climbing ropes and poles in playgrounds. I haven't used an Aneros one in months.

    My verbalization of it is 'a traditional orgasm at a much lower/deeper level, centered in the area between your navel and your dick, that is non-ejaculatory except for the Cowper's fluid. I achieved it by half-voluntarily, half-involuntarily contracting my anal and prostate (PC?) muscles on and off for about 10 or 20 minutes while looking at porn.

    Have no shame in what you're looking at. If it arouses you, it arouses you. If it's a picture or a video, that's all it is. You're not actually doing those things, so let your mind go where it wants to. Look at whatever you want. Your focus should be on what you're feeling, not on the porn. If you feel the need to close your eyes, close them. The porn is auxiliary. YOU are the one creating the feelings you're experiencing.

    When I say voluntarily and involuntarily, I mean I'm contracting at such a low level, maybe 20% of pinching as hard as I can, that sometimes, my body will take over and it will start spasming on it's own with no decernable pattern. It's when that happens that you just have to relax and let your body do it's thing. You just have to play around with it, and not actually touch your dick. It's 'too' stimulating and breaks the subtle contractions. I've had it happen a lot, but it never went anywhere. Until a few minutes ago, when I just relaxed completely and closed my eyes while my ass and prostate muscles quivered randomly, until I felt this strong warm throbbing on a specific spot about half-way into my body, just at the waist line.

    It instantly reminded me of when I used to climb poles at recess at my school. I would climb them until I reached the top, then I would pretend to struggle as I reached the top of the pole to increase the amount of time I spent hanging from it. No one ever noticed or asked what I was doing because I would slide down and take a break, never lingering long. I would keep going back and climbing until I felt my anal muscles twitching by themselves, then I would just shuffle my legs up and down slowly until my eyes rolled into my head and I had a body crushing non-ejaculatory and sometimes erectionless orgasm. I've heard this referred to as a polegasm, doorgasm, and climbing orgasm. I did this frequently at school, and on a rope swing at home, and I recently discovered (don't ask how), that I could still generate the feelings building up to that point.

    Anyways, I've given up a few times along the way. I ordered a Helix, tried it, wrecked it trying to modify it because I didn't think it fit properly. Bought an SGX clone on eBay, destroyed it modifying it. Bought an MGX clone, and threw it away before even using it. Bought ANOTHER MGX clone, used it for a while, never had a super-O, but always ended with a hands-free traditional orgasm, eventually dismissing the possibility of a super-O and throwing the thing away. But I'm starting to believe that what I felt tonight could be repeated with INTENSE results, and if combined with an Aneros, who fucking knows what would happen.

    I wouldn't waste my time writing all of this if it was bullshit.

    If anyone is interested in what kind of porn I look at while doing this, go to:

    motherless (dot) com/m/bbarlow
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    i say if your doing well without an aneros and having good aneroless sessions, then stick with what works.  
  • bbarlowbbarlow
    Posts: 30
    Kind of a waste of money.

    The first three steps here are pretty good info:
  • bbarlowbbarlow
    Posts: 30
    I think I just had a chairgasm. Baked. Looking at gifporntube. Prostate is just buzzing. I have a few days of built-up tension.
  • bbarlowbbarlow
    Posts: 30
    I definitely just had another one, except WAY more intense than the first one. I think being stoned/relaxed and sexually tense has a lot to do with it; also the pressure of my boxers on my glans. Some contact at the base with my hand.