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more questions (see last post)
  • im an once-a-week aneros user since mid november. 
    its difficult to do breathing techniques and contractions properly to get some positive prostate response (aneros sliding back and forth over prostate bump and there is a warm feeling around my anal canal) AND staying aroused, so i decided to start with deep breathing and contractions and switch to "do nothing" after about half an hour. as expected nothing happened. i was totally relaxed and it already felt like the aneros wasnt even there, which was a bit boring. i decided to stay in this position for about an hour - it must have been an hour. but then some sporadic contractions began to happen (overall, about 10)...i woke up and realized that i was actually dreaming to be awake all the time. have these been involuntaries or not? i really cant tell. cause it was already past midnight i removed the aneros and went back to bed.

    i was asleep for four hours!

    my last session was pretty much the same. just a few good sensations, nothing big, but i dont want to oversleep my first involuntaries. i definitly want more of these.

    should i go for early afternoon sessions and just be patient, use my aneros more often, or switch back to contractions and position changes?
  • Keep experimenting and practising it will start to work with time. The more often you use it the faster the results will happen.
    Despite some old threads saying not to sleep with the aneros a lot of us do it now and it is safe enough.
    You wont miss out on involuntaries your body may practice these in your waking slumber. Aneros does its thing when you are in between awake and asleep. Once it gets the idea of how to pleasure its self it just keeps on learning and does it at its own pace. YOU can NOT TEACH it! It will not be forced.
    YOU are just along for THE RIDE! its called rewiring.
    If you use it every second night or day it will most likely take several months before anything good starts to happen, so be patient. 
    Your no different most people have to go through the same thing to begin with.
  • thanks for the quick response. i only used the aneros on weekends, because i often come home late and i'm not in the mood after work or too exhausted after doing sports.

    im going to give it a try - as long as it takes. :)

    >sleeping with aneros and safety: i mostly wake up on the side i fell asleep in the same position. i just tend to do lots of barrel rolls when not being the only one in bed. :(
  • Depending on your build and the model of your aneros will depend on if you would need to modify your aneros.
    If the tail sticks out then you will have to dock the tail if not then just use it the way it is to see how you go. 
    Anyway as long as you are not jumping up and down on it you wont do any damage. If its a progasm you might not want to sleep with it, I just assumed it to be a regular size. :)
    Lite coating of Vaseline over the aneros the lite coating of you lube over that and best a shot up your bum of your lube too. I started with 5ml of waterbase up my bum only but it can get sore as t drys out. If it encounters a brown bogie  up there at night it gets stuck to the aneros. Not very nice needles to say.
    The Vaseline stops anything sticking to the aneros and keeps the lube up if all else fails. It seem to clean up in the shower quite easy too.
    Silicone is very slippery but is thin and leaks out during the night.

    If all goes well over time, you will get home and all you want to do to relax is lay down and massage you prostate. The problem you then face is establishing a balance of aneros and life :) 
  • good point.
    i have a helix.
    as DarkEngine already mentioned in his thread. accidental penile stimulation from lying on my side is too much distraction to focus on my prostate, except when i am in the one comfort and relaxation mode which makes me falling asleep. a position change could probably help.
    the advice of you experienced guys is way better than reading the wiki, tho i read all of it.

    i need to be totally clean to feel comfortable and already found out that lubing my anus and coating the aneros with vaseline and lube isnt enough. pre-lubing is more important than i thought.

    all i do becomes part of my life. accepting the joys of prostate stimulation was a big, but just the first step - i hope so.
  • Here is a link to a picture of my modified helix held over the top of my eupho, note the tail is cut right off.
    It works great not problems at all but if I had my time again I would leave 10mm of tail for extra safty.
    I am going to do the same to the eupho soon too.

  • Hi, Haku, an welcome to the forum.  You will find a lot of help and a lot of understanding here...but ultimately, it'll be up to you to follow up on the help.  So, with that in mind, OK, maybe a little "tough love" here, haku.

    First of all, you have only had your Helix for less than 60 days.  In the vast majority of cases, new users seldom find much "joy" in the first month or two of use.  Your prostate simply is not yet awakened to this new stimulus that is Aneros.  If you have not heard it before, I'll say it now, it take TIME and persistence to awaken your prostate, the process we call "rewiring".  Yes, you'll feel little or nothing for a while.  Don't be discouraged, we've all been where you are. Every session gets you closer, believe me.  By the way, I would not recommend, at your point of rewiring, sleeping with your Aneros inserted.

    Second, you have, by my calculations, used your Helix a total (assuming every week) of about 6 to 8 times.  And you use it when you're admittedly weary and or tired. No wonder your body is not responding, if fact, I can see where it's not responding at all.  Your too bloody tired to play, and your body is telling you that.  The reason the sex act between partners is so often lousy is that we don't give it enough attention and time. We so often slap sex on at the end of the day rather than making it an event of great importance and one that we plan for and anticipate.  So it is with Aneros.  You need to do this when your body is rested and refreshed, or, at least, not bone-weary from sports or other daily activities. 

     Third, and perhaps most importantly, as I already said, this takes time and practice.  You've only just begun, haku, only just begun.  Most of us here had multiple sessions per week, still do in some cases, before anything substantive began to happen.  But happen it will, but you cannot expect it to happen on your schedule.  The worst thing you can do is, in effect, demand results.  Anticipation ruins reality.  You're expectations are too high for where you are in the process, so relax, put in your Helix and KNOW that every time you do, you'll get closer to the goal of prostate enjoyment...but not yet.

    So, here are my suggestions for you.  First and foremost, don't use your Helix when you're tired.  Try using in in the morning, when you're refreshed.  Set your alarm for 90 minute prior to when you usually arise.  Make sure you've cleaned your rectum before bed so you're still clean in the morning.  Insert your Helix and lie down. Lie on your back, arms at your side and relax into the warmth of your bed.  Do nothing, just relax.  No contractions, no contortions, no hip thrusting...relax and be patient, even if you think nothing is happening.  It is.

    Remember, this is not about you, physically.  This is about you, spiritually.  This is about you surrendering to something you've never experienced before, so how can you know what to expect.

    And finally, because the rewiring process is different for each of us, be aware that the initial responses from your prostate may be very subtle.  That's why you have to relax, be quiet and allow your body to respond to the gentle ministrations of your Helix.  Those first stirrings may not be all that stunning, rather, slight and quiet.  Be listening for it.

    This is good advice, my friend.  Trust us.


  • seems legit.

    okay im going to use the aneros when rested only and let it happen - whatever happens. :)

    i want to stay on the right path, why wouldnt i trust you?
    so thanks for your good advice!!!

    excited greetings
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Hi haku,
    cockadoodle advice above is very, very good.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    Very good advice.

    I have found my morning sessions are best. In the evening I have too much mind noise left over from my day to contend with. I'm also more likely to be stressed in the evenings. Stress can really put cold water on a session.

  • Cockadoodles advice is sound This is why most people have their best session in the morning.
    Sleeping with the aneros worked for me but that does not say it will work for you.
    However it did mean that it was in for the morning ready, however you may not get a good nights sleep because it is in so defeats the purpose. My situation is different in the fact that I am in bed almost 24/7 because of  a major foot injury so my being tired is not the same as yours. The same rules apply I guess but I can practice whenever I want. :)
    My first posts was along the same lines as it is just to soon to expect anything. It took months for it to work and you do get frustrated so you need to stop the frustration, this is best done by reading the forum and experimenting with different ideas so you dont get board.

  • Kaki,

    My n'e
  • Hi Kaki

    After 4 years and several month to rewire I m a real aneros addict.

    even today I sometimes it doesn't work because I simply don't follow common sense.

    Cockadoodles December 2012 guidance is a great reference .

    Success for me came after trying and trying again and again

    Today, I believed and I really enjoy each session and still I keep reading and learning.

    Good luck

  • update: ^:)^

    i just had a one hour and 30 minute session and it was great, but lets start at the beginning.
    i found the erotic audio challenge tracks from p3rv on the board and didnt give them much attention in the first place, cause i've already tried one of these erotic moan-ish sounds and the only thing i could think of was penetration. my penis was rock hard and i wanted to jerk off really bad. this happened before i started this thread.
    okay so i found the audio challenge and downloaded the autopilot. i like minimal music, and thought this is going to be a big build up, but after i zapped through it i realized the whole track was just that simple. i gave it a second try, sat in fronf of my pc, reading online news then it made click in my brain. i cant describe it but those who have listened to the whole track will know what i mean.
    i decided to download "just relax and concentrate" and "leak" as well. i put them in the music player in this order and prepared myself. (i was so excited i had a firm erection even before the helix touched my butt cheeks).

    i laid down at my back, set the aneros in place, put the earphones in and pressed play. my pelvis was pulsating in the rythm of my heartbeat, then i relaxed and the aneros seemed to disappear. a few more minutes later i felt it for the first the helix was touching the prostate, without doing any deep-breathing or contraction. "autopilot" was over and "just relax and concentrate" started. i turned the volume a bit up and tried to relax as much as possible and concentrate on my anal area only - well the voice was telling me to :D
    everytime i reached this point of relaxation the sensation of prostate-aneros contact came again and again and i started to do very slight contractions. i actually didnt want to, but it was like an icecube in the neck and pulling up the shoulders or hitting a knee followed by a kicking leg.
    when the last track started i changed position and laid at my side with one leg up at my chest. all the good sensations were gone, but at least the new position was comfortable. as i predicted the moaning and kissing sounds turned me on instantly and it was hard to focus on anything, so i gave up trying and suddenly there it was again. :\">

    big thanks to you all again!
  • today i tried a morning session, which means i had to get up at 4:30. it didnt please me at all and i stopped half an hour later. i can imagine to do this on weekends, when im not waiting for the alarm to ring again.

    so i gave it a secong try right after work. the first few minutes remembered me of the session of the update above. as the good feelings began to fade and i realized i was exhausted from having a bad night and getting up too early i began to experiment a bit, which included changing position and kegels. the last thing i tried was to hold a slight contraction for over 15 minutes, which kind of switched on the aneros and it began to move on its own. when i relaxed my muscles everything was normal again, but switching it on again seemed to be a better choice instead of falling asleep. so i did what had to be done and a few minutes later i was kneeling beside my bed, chest on the blankets. my whole body was vibrating and...i cant describe it, ive never felt such sexual energy inside of me. after relaxing i started again and again. all i know is that this must have been just a part of the iceberg.

    im glad i bought this pale little beauty and found this forum.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @hakunamatata Good on you! See its getting easier. Perfect timing is everything too but with a busy life style it makes it hard.
    Simple give up your day job for aneros play!  Umm maybe not :( 
    I assume you are using head phones. You should to get the right affect.
  • @braveneworld im trying to respond to both of your posts. this one and the one in @inhope s thread.

    since porn isnt the best idea for me to arouse myself i tried out erotic audiobooks as well. they do arouse and allow me to imagine, what i want to "see". on the other hand its distracting and hard to focus on both, my body and my inner eye. binaural beat tunes work best for me. im trying to collect the best of the best i can find, maybe ill post some links of my favourites when i have a decent amount of good tunes. :D
    and yes i use in-ear headphones - they cancel all unwanted noise.

    as @Cockadoodle already predicted "do nothing" actually did something important and will for my further sessions as well, but after ~ 30 minutes i am feeling ready for more but im all like "wtf am i doing, why did this feel so good and why wont this exact sensation come again, even if i reproduce everything ive done". this is like playing pacman - a labyrinth full of expectations and rewards.

    what could i do to come closer to involuntaries instead of involuntaries through contraction holding first?

    (im not going to buy another aneros before i know, what my helix really does), but i am curious about the different movement types. i mean, they all slide over the prostate when doing a contraction, or is there a difference?

    when i had a conventional orgasm with my aneros inside the first time i noticed that there are a lot more muscles...not only the pc. is it possible to control these at will or is advanced anerousing aall about pulling some strings here and there to stimulate these muscles so they will contract as some sort of reflex?
  • i have a few more questions which cannot be answered with the wiki or research on the net.

    please also see the post from 12th jan.

    a few days ago i had a session everyday - which was way too much and i think my prostate was "overstimulated" so i took a few days off and read on the forum. today i was happy to try out new techniques.

    nipple stimulation: in my anerosless afternoons i tried this out and it was odd for the first three days, but my right one tends to get reeeeally sensitive. when i am aroused it even hurts if my (dry) fingertip barely touches my nipple. is this normal? my left one seems to be more insensitive. i dont know if i like it or not...yet. i just wonder they can get so hard.

    finding sweet spot / and with p-tab: i dont know if this is my sweet spot, but if i press the area with my finger there is a "pain-but-doesnt-hurt-feels-weird-and-good-electric-rush" trough my penis. is this it? the p-tab only reaches that area, when i place it 1cm closer to my scrotum. can this be?

    different body responses: in my 8th jan entry i described a post-orgasmic feeling throughout the whole session, but today it felt more pre-orgasmic...ish  (like a building wet orgasm). in every session something unexpected happens. does this stop, or is just everything so new to me?
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
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    @hakunamatata nipples. yes one can be more sensitive than the other. It can take a long time to wake them up too, just like the prostate. Mine are waking but not fully awake yet either.

    I have never found my sweet spot. I just assume its there and the p-tab is doing its job.

    Yes every session will be different in some way. some times good, sometimes better, some times shit, sometimes out of your mind crazy. You can not pick it it just happens! or not. Improvements can happen fast or can stop altogether, you just have to go with the flow.
    Its a unpredictable beast. 
  • Love_isLove_is
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    @hakunamatata -

    "nipple stimulation: in my anerosless afternoons i tried this out and it
    was odd for the first three days, but my right one tends to get
    reeeeally sensitive. when i am aroused it even hurts if my (dry)
    fingertip barely touches my nipple. is this normal? my left one seems to
    be more insensitive. i dont know if i like it or not...yet. i just
    wonder they can get so hard."

    I had this problem in the past, and found that I was actually unintentionally making small cuts in my nipples. Check to make sure that the finger(s) you are using to stimulate your nipples to not have any sharp protruding edges of skin or fingernail. Use the file on your nail clipper to smooth them out.
  • @braveneworld: reading between the lines. did anyone ever notice that anerousing is like loving a borderline person, which gets better over months and years. @-)

    @nipples: how to work on 'waking' those, just play with them?
    i am very ticklish, but only when my body is waiting for being touched. same with my nipples - when my fingertip just makes the slightest contact the feedback is pretty extreme as i said. when i pinch them it 'hurts' less than barely touching them.
  • Over the last year my nipples have gotten so sensitive I now where a silk undershirt for my sessions. During colder weather I even add a soft wool scarf over that. I still get plenty of sensation, but with much less abrasion, if any.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
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    @hakunamatata I suspect being very ticklish is a good sign. Just tred carefully. Who is this nipples bloke you started talking to? Or are talking to you own nipples! :)
    Yes each aneros I own is basically another women and I love to make love to them each .
    Progasm Ice is loving me so good lately. She looks like the lady that is made out of ice at the start of the james bond movie. If my lovely wife looked like that we would never make it out of the bedroom.

    @SaddleUp Silk sounds real nice. Ever tried silk undies they feel great if you are shaved bald down there! I love the more manly looking underwear from here 
    Good service and great feeling underwear. Dont get me wrong I am not into frills! Some of it is hetro enough for me, sexy and a little kinky. Wear it during the day and get all worked up for your aneros session that night. ;)
  • Love_isLove_is
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    @hakunamatata - Yup, just play with them and experiment with different ways of stimulating them to see what you like. They will wake up. If I remember correctly it took me about a month of doing so during Aneros sessions before they woke. Your experience may vary.
  • @braveneworld: i just wanted to highlighten the topic cause i wnted to reply to both of you. still would be interesting to be able to talk to ones own body. "hi anus how are you today" "stop talkin, drink dat coffee and we both can do our jobs"  ~O)

    being ticklish can be an issue. i like being touched, but when my body is full on its ticklish masochist mode i might look like im in full pain, which might be a bit scary. still love it. :\">

    @Love_is: did you do a daily "workout"/ do you get positive response also without the aneros or would you recommend to combine nipple stimulation only with an aneros session, so those know their job when im aroused.
    this question goes hand in hand with the previous: can they be a decent arousal source on their own or are nipples more an arousal support?
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @hakunamatata I know I was just teasing like normal.
    Tickling I know I made my sister pee her pants on more than one occasion and also gave her a few asma attacks!

    Your nipples are a orogenies zone they can both be a decent arousal source and a arousal amplifier.

    Try it next session you will notice a difference.
    I tried it without the aneros and after about 20 minutes had a dry O.
    I do it while in a aneros session to make things heat up more.
    The more you do it the more feelings you will get from them. Its part of rewiring if you want it!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @hakunamatata - I don't believe my practice was daily at that point. Maybe two or three times a week. Yes, positive pleasurable response from my nipples regardless of Aneros inserted or not. Matter of fact, I have an arousal habit/ritual where I look at porn prior to my Aneros sessions while only playing with my nipples to build arousal. It gets me all fired up without having any distracting sensations from any penis stimulation. So yes, they can be a decent source of arousal in addition to arousal support. But only as much as your mind is willing and wanting to be aroused.