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New to Aneros
  • AsoloAsolo
    Posts: 17
    Hey, I just ordered two Aneros products a couple days ago and thought I'd join the board.

    Basically my story is this. About four years ago I underwent a trauma. As a result of this trauma, I developed this tension and stress that basically has not left me since then. I've tried a lot of things: travel, time off, exercise, hot baths, natural medicine. I've managed to ease myself to an extent, but I still am more or less unable to relax. Also since this time I've experienced an increasing difficulty in holding an erection(I'm in my 20s and in decent shape), have excessive amounts of precum and need to urinate way too much.

    Recently the latter problems seem to be getting worse, and so I was doing some research about my symptoms. I came across prostatitis(inflamed prostate) and was surprised to see how well it fit. I have an aversion to antibiotics and other types of pharmaceuticals and also an aversion to putting things in my ass. Apparently the latter was the "lesser evil" to me, so I researched how to give a prostate massage(I avoid doctors when possible).

    With some patience and coconut oil, I managed to get my finger in. I found the situation extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant. I was able to make contact with my prostate, but it was far from being the sort of feeling I read about. All it felt like was a burning itch, which I think confirmed that it was inflamed. That day I made three attempts to massage my prostate, each time felt a little more comfortable and a little better. I was not able to make much progress except that I knew that I was onto something. As my pelvic muscles were being intruded on, and my sore prostate touched, I felt like I was reaching the center of where my stress was hiding out. I could tell my body and mind were both adapting in what seemed like a positive way. I had trouble making consistent contact with my prostate, though.

    Motivated by the notion that I had finally identified a long standing problem, I was looking for better ways to massage my prostate and preparing myself to make an appointment. Instead, I came across multiple recommendations of Aneros in my searches, and looking at the products I became confident that this was the best possible way to massage my prostate. I bought a helix, as the standard model, and it appears to be designed based on a finger. I also bought a progasm however, as I was somewhat worried the helix didn't have the length I needed and because it seemed to have higher reviews on amazon.

    My theory is that stress brought on an over tensing of a lot of my muscles, particularly in the pelvic region. This tension, perhaps combined with excessive ejaculations caused my prostate to become inflamed over time. I have hopes that the Aneros products will bring relief to my prostate, and if I'm really lucky, help relieve this terrible tension that has haunted me for so long. I have high hopes from the progress I made attempting the massage with my finger. I plan on starting with the helix.

    I will update this thread as I go. Hell, maybe I'll make a blog of it. *EDIT* Oh, it looks this is a blog.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 947
    I think you need to take" baby steps". Perhaps see a doctor to check out your base line. If that is clear then you can move forward confidently. The first huge step is get the body comfortable with the Helix in place. The inserting end of the Helix is rather blunt so that may be a hurdle. Your lube sounds okay. Don't worry about the depth of penetration at the stage. As being a fairly new to Aneros person myself it can take a bit of time for the prostate to make a peaceful contact with the Aneros. Because the trauma there may be a lot to undo first. Others will have suggestions also.
  • AsoloAsolo
    Posts: 17
    Thanks for the reply. I suppose it does sound as though I'm thinking too far in advance at this stage, so I will be careful not to push myself too hard, too fast.
  • AsoloAsolo
    Posts: 17
    Been awhile since I started this topic.

    I received my helix and progasm about two weeks ago. As planned, I started out with the helix. I had 3 or 4 sessions with the helix. My method has been to start out with an enema, try to get comfortable, work on my kegal exercises, leave it in for about an hour and when I get uncomfortable, take it out.

    With the helix, I have not had much success yet. During my second session, I did seem to hit the "sweet spot" for a few second soon after insertion and got a pretty hard erection from it. I haven't been able to get that sensation again, though.

    I also have tried the progasm twice. Both times, upon insertion, I got very strong erections that faded quickly. There was more pressure, but still not much luck in terms of P waves and the like. I have almost no ability as of yet to appreciate anal stimulation. I am not totally discouraged, however, as I somewhat expected this.

    I will say, though, while I have not been able to experience more than a few seconds of significant pleasure from anal stimulation alone, I have noticed it is helping me get more fuller erections than I am normally able to. My ejaculations seem to have a bit more volume, as well.

    I plan on leaving the helix in over night, to see if that helps my body acclimate.
  • Hi, Asolo, and welcome to the forum.  You'll be getting a PM (private message) from one of our senior members, rumel, which will give you some great information as you begin your Aneros journey.

    I pulled a couple things from your two posts above.  You have now been able to insert both your models.  This is good.  Please let me encourage you to use just your Helix for a while, as the Progasm is a more advanced model.  It's much larger, as you know, and may actually cause some discomfort if you're not accustomed to anal play. 

    Second, at your point of your journey here (the rewiring journey) I would highly suggest that you DO NOT sleep with your Helix in over night. 

    Finally, please let me encourage you to proceed with a bit more patience.  The prostate does not respond to our demands for response.  I encourage you to avoid kegels, contractions, pushing, pulling or whatever.  Your prostate simply needs to be coaxed to awareness.  The process is one of caresses and petting, not bulldozing and pummeling. 

    Please, Asolo, take it a bit easier.  Relax, be rested when you have your sessions.  Insert your Helix and lie down and relax.  Don't bang around on the bed, relax, listen for the response from your body and your prostate.  This is a love affair with your body, not rape. 

    It take some time, patience and practice to allow yourself to surrender to a power within you...but you cannot demand it or force it to happen.  Patience, man...patience.

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 947
    Asolo, be patient. I have been using an Aneros for 11 months. I guess in that time I have used one on about 300 days ( many days twice). That is a minimum of 300 sessions. It was only after about 30 sessions that my prostate began to respond. I still have 'miles' to go but the journey is great. I still find it very difficult to surrender to the prostate, I still interfere and that slows it all down for me. cockadoodle's advice is very good.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 384

    @Asolo: @Cockadoodle has offered some sage advise about relaxing, gentleness, and patience. Very well stated. For most men it takes time for the body to learn and accept the pleasure. You've started something that will likely surprise you in the months ahead.

    Many men on this forum have dicussed the relaxing effect Aneros sessions can generate - if you let it without forcing it. If you can accept not starting a session with an expectation, you may have better sessions. If you let go of the expectaions and go wherever the sensations take you, no matter how subtle, you may also find your sessions taking on a meditative effect rather than disappointment. I can personally attest how this benefited me during a very stressful year. It sounds like you may also enjoy the relaxing aspect of Aneros use.

    I agree with the suggestion to use the Helix and to not sleep with it until you have more experiance. Your Helix is a good choice to get started with and will likely remain a favorite in the future.

    You have some very experienced people interested in your well being. Congratulations on joining, this is an exceptionally caring group. Keep us up to date!

  • AsoloAsolo
    Posts: 17
    I appreciate the advice, and it rings true.

    I have the sense that I'm beating my body up a bit, certainly being too forceful.

    How often would you recommend having sessions at my stage?
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 384
    You are off to a good start!

    Giving your prostate at least a day or more in between sessions to rest seems to be an accepted practice. If you are getting strong sensations during the time off, that is the rewiring kicking in and is a good sign. As time goes by, you'll figure out your own pattern.

  • AsoloAsolo
    Posts: 17
    Thanks. Again, I appreciate the advice and am taking it aboard.
  • @Asolo: i cant give you any aneros advice - i got mine just a few weeks ago.

    i still have sth to tell you. the reason why i did come here is the same as yours - kind of.
    first of all, go and see a doctor to get checked. its always uncertain if the real problem is physical, mental or both. to be sure about that is important and doesnt leave any space for lame excuses to yourself.

    confidence, you already mentioned that in your first post. i think it all starts with self confidence and not the confidence to stick something up your ass. you have to think about what the real sources of your problems are. face them and accept it. its a part of who you are, but not who you have to be in the future. i also did a lot of research on the net and there are plenty of other ways to gain (sexual) energy to walk around with a smile on your face after a session full of pleasure. :) aneros and the techniques of advanced usage seemed to be the best for me, to complement the attempt of changing my life for a happier future-me. what i want to say is that aneros-es are powerful tools but they most certainly wont change your whole life. its your call if a day or an aneros session was a successor not. i decided to have good days only. :)
  • AsoloAsolo
    Posts: 17
    Figured I would post an update, as I have been using the Aneros now for around 8 months. Typically ranging from three times a week to twice a month.

    I will say first off that I feel the Aneros devices I have been using have significantly impacted my stress level. I notice that I am more calm than I have been in years, and basically everything from erections to urinating feel much more healthy and at ease.

    As for the pleasure aspect, still a work in progress. I feel that generally each session is progress, but I am still far from the prize. I am happy with the progress I have achieved so far, and excited about what still remains to be accomplished.
  • AsoloAsolo
    Posts: 17
    Naturally, the first day after writing "I am still far from the prize" I experience the most intense feeling of pleasure I've probably felt in my life. It lasted about 30 seconds, and I'm not sure I'd call it an orgasm, but it slowed my heart-rate, made me feel warm and felt better than just about any traditional orgasm I have had. Apparently I'm not so far off after all.
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    @Asolo Congratulations! I hope to get there some day too!

    all I know is that all of us who haven't experienced much yet are in for a hell of a ride!:) I am pretty excited about that!
  • AsoloAsolo
    Posts: 17
    Thanks. Don't get discouraged. It really is best to enjoy a session for what it is without burdening yourself with too much expectation.

    It really is in large part mental. I have been using aneros for over a year(with a few months inactivity), and the furthest I have gotten in pleasure is a singular P-wave, which I described in my last post. In truth, I may have given up long ago except for the fact that I genuinely find sessions, whether significantly pleasurable or not(they are always at least comfortable now), to be very therapeutic. My stress, which at one point was strangling the life out of me, has ebbed away and I feel relaxed in my pelvic region where most of my tension seemed focused. This has helped me keep on the path which I feel comfortable being on regardless of where it leads. I am feeling better physically and mentally, and I believe my sessions with aneros during this time has a lot to do with it.

    The P-wave I had months ago was a one-off, but I sense that I am building up to the point of being able to have them regularly. I have been getting close lately and have just begun feeling frequent spasms in my anus as well as tingling in my scrotum and anus when aroused. My sessions now tend to be generally pleasurable as long as I don't do them too frequently. My progress has been very slow, but steady and I feel like I am about to turn a corner any day(although I have been taking the last 3 weeks off). I would say that I had a substantial mental block which I am beginning to get around, and that really is the key to the pleasurable side of using the Aneros to me.

    To those who are having an extremely slow start like me, don't give up. Try to stay persistent with sessions(a comfortable rate) without expecting too much. As long as you work on relaxation, breathing techniques, contraction techniques, mental imagery, and becoming more mindful/receptive of the stimulation that is going on, I think you will eventually find what works for you.

    That is my take. Good luck.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 784
    @Asolo --- Thanks for the update! Your comments should be encouraging to those who are struggling with similar issues! I wish you all the best for continued success and future experiences!

  • mktsmkts
    Posts: 10
    Wanted to update a couple things

    First This is Asolo. I forgot password and lost access to the email account that this was registered to(oops). I didn't mind making a new account and it seemed easier than going through the hassle of trying to recover mine without much to go on(sorry to register twice, admins).

    Second— I am about due to update this blog.

    It has been almost two years since I started using Aneros and seemed like a good time to take a look back. Reading my original post really woke me up as to how much my Aneros products has helped my health and stress level. Reading my description of my tension and discomfort at the time reminds me where I was and makes me feel really fortunate to be where I am now.

    For anyone who has symptoms like I was describing in my original post, Aneros has worked AMAZINGLY well in my case. I don't know if I am 100% healthy in that region, but I feel like I am becoming more so all the time, and I am certainly past the worst of it.

    As for the pleasure— I bought the Aneros primarily for health reasons, and the amazing pleasure that could be derived was a curiosity. In these two years, I have made a lot of progress with the main objective, but still relatively undeveloped in terms of "rewiring" for pleasure. I think I have not been totally open to rewiring in a sense. I was getting prostate massages that were helping me out, and a small amount of pleasure(and one transient P wave), and I think I was comfortable with that. I wasn't really pushing myself or trying to change, I was getting relief, and it felt good enough for what I was doing.

    I think now I am beginning to realize what it takes to get to the next level, and that next level is now becoming a stronger objective than it was in the past. Typically, I would not hold back on transitioning into masturbation when I was aroused during a session. I would go for awhile without, then when "enough was enough" I would just finish myself off. Once I got to the stage of sessions feeling generally, but mildly pleasurable, I would never deny myself finishing off with my hands. I think my stubborness and lack of patience in this sense has kept me at the same level for quite some time, and I am finally thinking to break out of it.

    Last night I approached the process much more mindfully and patiently. I took several breaks and was much less forceful with the whole process. I had a few moments of good pleasure— at one point I had the beginnings of a P wave, but I wasn't able to let the rush take me. I stayed on the outer ridge of that sensation for a bit and brought on a noticeably quickened heartbeat followed by a hazy warmth that I felt particularly in my head. I felt really close, but it wasn't there yet. After a couple minutes dancing around this sensation, I lost track of it. I may have gotten a little too forceful in chasing it after it faded, and starting feeling a bit of discomfort. At this point I stopped, and notably for me, I did not yield to the temptation to finish myself off the old fashioned way.

    I know that I can move forward if I am in the right state of mind, but I also feel that I need to be more active to help my body warm up to this. I think I will probably have another session tonight if my body is up for it.
  • mktsmkts
    Posts: 10
    I can't believe it has been 6 months since I last updated my blog. Time is flying fast...

    I was not wrong in my last post believing that I had turned a corner. Over the last few months my sessions have become consistently better than they had been before. I added in proper PC muscle exercise which has really transformed my sessions from mildly pleasurable and therapeutic to bordering just on the outskirts of intense, building pleasure. Pleasure waves have become somewhat regular, and I am starting to hit new milestones.

    About 2 or 3 sessions ago, a strong pleasure wave hit me as I was gently bearing down on the progasm and made me feel almost drunk with pleasure. I could feel blood rushing to me my head, and in the midst of that feeling (as I was holding the progasm in slight contact with my prostate) I started spasming. The pleasure was intense, maybe a mini-o? There were some involuntary spasms, and it felt amazing.

    Since then, I have been very busy and occupied mentally, so my sessions have been few and relatively shallow. Despite that, I still manage to incur the onset of minor p-waves in each session.

    I can tell this is a transformative process. It feels like each taste of pleasure slowly emboldens you to go deeper into it without reservation. It can be hard to get everything lined up for a good session, but they are getting to be so good that I feel all the more addicted to having them.