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Progasm Standard or ICE?
  • Hi guys I want to get a progasm next but am undecided as to which to buy,  the ICE or the Standard.

    I have only heard good things about the ice but have read that the standard progasm has had a tendency to break the p tab some times.

    Those in the know can you give me the low down please?
    The dimensions are the same I am led to believe but the Ice is more slippery. Is this true? I assume this makes it more mobile.
    Is there a great difference in feel or negligible?

  • Very good questions, @braveneworld!

    I too have heard about the standard progasm's susceptibility to breakage, so I am very careful how I handle this absolutely hot Aneros tool!

    Well perhaps the major achievement of my seven month journey with the Aneros was learning how to use both the ICE and standard progasm with great facility and confidence. I consider both these two guys as my very best buddies in Anerosing because they have taught me so much! In fact, I get a rockhard boner just thinking about them!

    It is true that the ICE and standard progasm have the same dimensions, but I think the standard progasm is a little heavier than the ICE. The ICE has a sleeker, more slippery feel. So it may be easier for you to start with ICE first. Then both these guys have tremendous girth. So that takes some time getting used to but once you do, you will reap many rewards in Anerosing with both models of the Progasm. You will find that ICE has been made for the Kegel Exercises. It will enable to do the Kegels much better which in turn will enhance your Aneros sessions a great deal. I have used the ICE to introduce me to the standard progasm which in the last couple months has also become a mainstay in Anerosing. The standard progasm has enabled me to carry my Kegels and Anerosing to progressively newer and better levels. I am now very fond of ICE and standard progasm and just love how they complement each other. I work with both these models in all my sessions. They have enabled me to enjoy the other small Aneros models as well.

    You will enjoy the sleek, slippery feel of ICE. You will grow to love the heavy duty feel of the standard progasm. If I were you, I'd purchase both models. You can get both of them relatively cheaply on Amazon.

    Thom./BigGlans, a Progasm slut!
  • Thanks @BigGlansDC great reply I have eupho and helix. The helix massages more area at a time so is more intense, so I want to try the pro coz I think that will max me out a bit and think this will be fun.
    I am in Australia so freight will be the killer from amazon. I have never bought from amazon before either, is it safeish? (as far as internet buying is)
    At this rate by the end of 5 years I will own a fleet of aneroes. Its so hard to choose which one to get next.

    Anyone else have a different point of view?
  • @braveneworld:

    amazon ist probably the safest way to buy stuff online. shipping is free here if purchase is over 20€, so i buy everything from amazon, except food. well i actually bought food from amazon. :D

    there are also third-party suppiers, which may increase the total shipping fee. youll find the fees on the third-party suppliers page on amazon as well.

    there must be online sex toy stores in australia as well. :-/
  • @hakunamatata Yes online stores are here but everything in Australia is three times the price of buying from america. Its cheaper to buy from oversea mostly and ship it here with the exception of England.
    America is the same price roughly dollar for dollar but a item cost three times less. Someone is lining their pockets.
    Only a couple of places in the whole of Australia sell anero gear and the cheapest one is the same price plus freight as from aneros America.
    I will look into amazon thanks.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    I am not sure if I am reading you correctly. In Australia we have an Australian on line store that is only marginally more expensive than US prices. The postage in Australia is free. e.g. Ice massager is $65 and that includes registered mail.
    If I have misunderstood your post I apologise
  • @isvara Thanks I do know of the store you talk of. Stay clear of ripoff.
    We are talking below normal cost with amazon really but thanks for that anyway. 
    Happy new year to you :)
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    I think there is none, if very little price difference between the two; if I had my drothers, I'd get the Ice.  It's made out of ABS plastic, I believe, which is structurally superior to Polystyrene, which I believe the regular Progasm is made from.  Polystyrene is what the plastic models you assembled as a kid were made from.

    I've had two P-tabs break off: The first was all my fault, and the second one broke unexpectedly, but Aneros was generous enough to replace it with a new one.  I bought one of those headlight polishing kits to use on a cordless drill to buff it smooth, and it's much better polished to a shiny finish.