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How Good Can It Get?
  • I've had an Aneros for about two years now and have had some great times, even though I don't use it that regularly. On my last session I got to thinking about how good the feelings could actually get and whether I'd already reached my maximum orgasmic potential.

    After an hour or so of relaxing and contracting I enter a state where the device works itself and my prostate becomes wonderfully sensitive to its every move. Eventually it feels like my prostate is twitching and coming (accompanied by plenty precum) constantly, which feels amazing. In this state I occasionally have peaks where the pleasure grows before subsiding again back to the, still great, base level.

    I guess my question is how high I can realistically expect to push the peaks in this state? The orgasmic feeling is centered round my prostate and occasionally into the small of my back but I'd love to push it higher and to my whole body, arms and legs. Has anyone achieved this and been able to sustain it or am I just being greedy? :) Any tips on what I should try next?
  • @aneros_user43836 - As far and as high as you want!  It took me a lot of practice, but I am able to channel the energy from deep inside out to varying degrees (working on this!).  K-tab on progasm has helped me with this.  It seems to act as a tab into my spine and way to spread the feeling (or it's just my mind....).

      There are a number of users colloquially called 'Energy guys' who are experts at using tantric, tao, or meditative techniques at taking Aneros experience to whole new level!!  I was coached one time in chat and it was amazing.  You can find out more in Adv. Aneros thread on the wiki:  Adv Aneros.

      Many posts in forums too under tantric, meditation, tao, KSMO....  Happy Riding!!

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    This is a gradual and deliberate journey.

    I've not 'pushed' the sensations but have found that peripheral stim (arms legs fingers etc.) has 'attracted' the orgasmic warmth.  Each 'major' orgasm seems to reveal itself a bit further up in my chest.  Then build longer and linger there before it makes the jump outward to my extremities and to my hearing and visual centers.

    It's a slow evolution and seems to depend upon my noticing new sensations and then acknowledging them with a small thankful blessing.  
  • Thanks - sounds exciting! Can't wait for my next session. Anyone know anyone users who could coach me? Will get checking that wiki...
  • How good can it get???? Oh, man, let me tell you, it can get reeeeeeeealy good.

    The point is, though, that it only gets better though practice and the belief that it can and does get better and better.  Every time I have an absolutely wonderful session, thinking it just simply can't get any always does.  Time after time, wonderful sessions with some even better than before.  It does get better.

    Second, I'm not sure if you've experienced different models of Aneros or not, but each on has its own characteristic pleasures, and "hits" the prostate a bit differently.  Be sure to get more than one...hell, get 'em all...and experience even better and different Aneros highs.

    Remember, it's all about relaxation and not "trying" that gets the best results.  Your prostate will dictate the outcome, so let it happen.

    Better and better...the Aneros promise.

  • A simple answer to your question:  there is no limit to the pleasure you can feel.
  • Awesome. Anyone around on 30th December for a session?
  • By the way, 43836, how about changing your handle?  It's so nice to relate to a user by a reflective moniker than the klunky aneros_userXXXXX thing.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.

    Let the pleasure begin and go on, and on, and on.......and on.

  • Point taken re my handle - how do I change it?

    I'm planning my next session on Sunday and would welcome some advice:

    - After reading postings here I was going to try syringing some lube inside myself beforehand, then use Vaseline and lube on my aneros. Does that sound about right? Any other tips or comments on preparation?

    - I have an Aneros MGX and a Nexus Vibe although tend to use the Aneros most of the time as the Nexus isn't that comfortable. Has anyone got any experience of using the Nexus on how to make it feel better? The vibe function is great so it seems a shame not to use it!

    - I quite enjoyed the Hypnaerosession CD but have got a bit bored of it now. Does anyone have any other mp3s or similar to share? Alternatively, has anyone even tried a live chat/call/Skype with another Aneroser during a session? It seems like that might be quite productive and fun for mutual coaching!

  • @aneros_user43836 try all these audio tracks they are very good.

     You cant go wrong with the lube prep you have described above.

    Try using a number of comdoms over the NV, maybe that might soften the blow.
    You should not be mentioning that brand on this forum by the way. (just a heads up)
    They are enemies as I understand it. 
    Maybe use it for a vibrating paper weight! :)

    To change your handle click on your handle in the black bar at the top of the page.
    Then choose edit my account in the grey bars on the left side.
    And change your user name.

    Hope all this helps
  • Editing the username does not work, at least not for me. It is greyed out and not accessible. :-((
  • Me too.
  • You'll have to "re-join" the group, only this time choose a user name rather than default to the system.
    @43836 you only have 6 posts so it's no big deal. 

    Log out and then start over as if you'd never joined before.  Be sure to let us know your new moniker, and if you like, you can choose an Avatar as well.

    See you on the other side!

  • Sorry for the miss info obviously this is something @CT may need to look at. It just seemed logical to me but I have never actually tried it.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I'm pretty sure people have contacted Aneros Support in the past to help them change their user name rather than create a new account. But if the user could do it from the "edit your account" section, that would certainly be easier. It shows as grayed out and not possible to edit for me to.
  • @Cockadoodle Nope, re-joining the group doesn't work either, you get a duplicate email type error.  I tried that one previously as well; also, there is no way to delete your own account.  

    So we seem to be stuck with our weird handles and there is no easy way around it (although this late in the 21st Century there is no technological reason for us not to be able to control our own usernames, nor is it a security concern because we are clearly, uniquely identified via our email addresses).  I guess we just have to live with it 
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I think the restriction to avoid users changing their names easily makes sense as it promotes continuity and recognition of individuals. If people keep changing their names then confusion is encouraged.

    I would advise that you contact Aneros Support and request that your username be changed to whatever you'd like, they have the ability to do that, so you are NOT stuck with your present moniker.

    You may contact Support via U.S. mail, fax, phone or email (
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • Yawn :) Can we get back to talking about my Super Os? :)
  • OK, my post above still stands.  Yes, changing monikers can involve Support, like if rumel or I wanted to change, as we have an online history here tied to our monikers.

    But in his case aneros_user43836 has only seven posts, and will lose nothing by just letting this identity dissolve into the mists of digital space and time.

    -43836, go and register again with a new moniker and let us know it's you when you post again.

    Nuff said...let's get back to talking about how good it gets. 

    I'm just sayin'.

  • Braveneworld - I tried those sound files out today and they are awesome! Probably the best O I've had with the Aneros. Completely take you away into ecstacy. I can definitely recommend them!

    Got any more? :)
  • @aneros_user43836 There is about 12 of them from the same bloke. Did you get all of them?
    Another one that is not bad is Llewellyn - Tantric Sexuality [1999] available at itunes but you can download as a torrent if you know how. for free. Not legal  it is copy righted.
    I also like Llewellyn - Reiki Gold [2005] it does not have the rhythmic effect but is very relaxing. If I ride the aneros with this I usually go off to sleep but have a good time along the way.
    These are more musical that tones. I have been lax lately at looking for more. I can not stand the hypoaneros session cd for some reason it just narks me some how. You cant please everyone. :)

    If you find something good please always post it as they are very helpful for sessions especially if you suffer from mind noise.
  • Ok theres more than 12 but not sure they are all for aneros use but that does not stop you trying!
    If they have a beat your good to go!
    See full list from this author.

  • Ah - brilliant. Hadn't realised there were so many. Looking forward to many more hours of fun... :)
  • I have started downloading a lot more torrents to night I will try them out over time and report.:)
  • Cheers! They really got me going... Will be online tomorrow (New Year's Day) if you want to compare notes!
  • Well done on your SuperO progress recently too! Just read your postings!