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Body or mind?
  • This is a question for members that have been lucky enough to 'cross over':

    Do you think the super O is induced by muscular contractions or is it manifested from the mind?  I'm being to think the latter.  What's your opinion?

    This is my first post and thought i'd give a brief intro.... 

    I started my aneros journey a little over a month ago and have made some good progress thanks in no small part to the postings on this website and the information and testimonials of other members. I've quickly grown my collection, starting with an SGX then MGX when i realised that the SGX was actually intended for guys below 5 10.  2 weeks later I bought a eupho which seemed to give really encouraging results and most recently a progasm and full peridise set! Not sure how it happened but I think I went slightly overboard. 

     My best sensations so far have come from inside my head, a kind of fuzzy dizziness that makes my eyes sockets contract and my eye balls roll around. For a brief moment I see flashes of color and occasionally a slight ringing sound. I think i psych myself out at this point as just as my heart starts to beat hard and I get a sense of my body being lifted but usually this subsides as I haven't been able to maintain it. 

    It's true that a super O seems to be a combination of the mind and body. It's really hard to let your mind and body go without trying to take control in some way. I think slow steady breathing brings on and amplifies the good feeling. I've been an advocate of the 'do nothing' technique so far which seems to be quite effective in slowly building up pleasurable feelings. 

    It's a fun journey and a real eye opener for me.   

  • rumelrumel
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    Welcome to the Aneros Forums !

    I have long maintained that the Aneros journey toward the Super-O is more than 90% a mental exercise. For a few lucky men it is 100% mental, for they can achieve Super-O's without an Aneros present at all (see 'B Mayfield's post).

    "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become" - Buddha

    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • XilehXileh
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    I think it is a bit of both. Your mental state can drive your physical responses, which then intensify your mental responses in a feedback loop. It's really fun if you can get the feedback loop responding so quickly that your sensations seemingly cascade out of control.

    I certainly subscribe to sessions being mentally driven. During the inevitable dud session, I've been able to conjure up a fantasy or two and turn things around very quickly. As @rumel mentioned, it's possible to have a pretty good session without the Aneros just by thinking about the sensations you get during an actual session. I'm at the point where even a stray, unprovoked, brief thought, will set things off. I've found it more challenging to shut things down than start them up!

    I had light flashes early on, but they have since stopped. I found them to be very entertaining and miss them. It reminds me of those wonderful 1960's.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • NeuroNeuro
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    The body mind relationship is indeed a feedback loop.  Without going into a long drawn out science report I will tell you that the body effects the mind more than we may realize.  For example, the thoughts we think, trigger chemicals so that we may experience an emotion.  Over time if we find ourselves chronically thinking a certain way, our bodies cell receptor sites change to better accept those chemicals that are being released.  So if you find yourself trying to break out of a habit or a way of thinking, the body quickly says "hey send me more or emotion X, I have built myself around that emotion or trait"  Thus, the body can literally tell the mind how to think.  Thoughts are so important...think carefully :) 
  • Like many men, I look upon my Aneros sessions in an intensely sexual way. So my mind primes me for my sessions through "sexual" arousal. I even have sexualized all the Aneros models I have in my collection.

    Mind also enables me to have the focus for good Anerosing. But as my sessions progress, my body begins to take over. That is when my sessions become intensely pleasurable.

    So in my case, body or mind, or body vs mind is replaced by body and mind, a synergy which drives my sessions. But somehow someday my body may take over absolutely and I may experience my very first Super-O right of the blue, in very much the same way I experienced by accident my very first orgasm and ejaculation of semen all out of the blue!

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I suspect mostly mind and some body. Although this ratio may vary between different men. What I've noticed is that if I insert an Aneros without being aroused, most of the time absolutely nothing happens. No pleasurable responses or sensations. There are those rare occasions when I can make myself aroused after insertion. But generally I never go into an Aneros session without having at least some arousal.

    I have to wonder though if the process of re-wiring is merely making a sexual and arousing association with an area being pressed and stimulated, the prostate and anus, while being aroused. In the sense that perhaps one could do the same by massaging a different part of their body while being aroused. It reminds me of people who willingly learn to orgasm from a command word or phrase. Or learn to associate sexual arousal and pleasure with pain applied to their bodies as in BDSM type play. Are we merely making a mental association of prostate and anal stimulation equals dry multiple orgasms?
  • artformartform
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    Both/And all above and add "Above and Beyond"!!!~~~~~~~ great quote rumel, many thanks :D :D


    ... rewire
  • isvaraisvara
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    The profound answer to the question is yes and no. It seems for some it is an alternative to normal sexual pleasure. For others there is a profound shift in life experience. It seems as if the stimulation is awakening a deeper energy. This deeper energy is referred to as kundalini or base energy. It is the foundation energy of life. It seems as if the prostate stimulation is a short cut to it. From there it depends upon the individual as to what they do with it - as in most things - growth in perception or go for the fun of it. The energy itself does not judge the action. This base energy is "sexual" but not in the way we have come to understand it. This "sexual" energy is the foundation of health, wealth and happiness. Most cultures are so confused about this primal energy (sin and all that), that in most of us is it dysfunctional. It may be in its readjustment we have so many different reactions to it awakening. What is encouraging is that so many Aneros users speak of a positive creative shift in their personality. We have really limited this wholesome energy for procreation, were in actual fact that is a by product of an abundant life.
    So I am going as I usually do, have my session without generating arousal. I certainly get a good response so we will see if it goes anywhere.
    This is a most thought provoking topic.
  • I suggest we change the question. Is the super O mental or physical? The mind clearly controls the body, our thoughts, desires, fears, etc. Some even believe the world is simply a play or movie created by the mind, and each individual lives entirely in their own reality.

    If this is even remotely the cases, the O's are clearly developed in the mind. But, are they mental or physical manifestations of our mind?
  • Mind, at least for me.
    I haven't experienced a Super-O yet, but a lot of what ultimately drives my Aneros and body is my imagination and concentration. However nipple stimulation and focus on breathing does push things along as well - but the mind is still the motor for sessions and outside.