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Still no luck
  • Hi everyone,

    I have the had the MGX model for five years now and only had one positive result.
    I am just wondering out of - contracting exercises, using a certain brand of lube, lube applicator vs without and using a douche or not, is the most important (or are they all just as important as each other)?

    I don't use an applicator and do not use a douche, how essential are these to achieving the super O?

    Hope someone can help.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I am somewhat disheartened you have had little apparent success after five years of practice. It seems there are a small number of men whose bodies just don't seem to respond readily to Aneros prostate massagers.

    I will give my opinions In response to your questions however. While I believe lubrication is very important (a 9.5 on a 0-10 scale) the method of delivery is not. Whether you use a 'lube shooter', a medicine syringe, an eyedropper, suppositories, your finger or whatever?, how you apply your lube of choice makes little difference as long as it is comfortable, pain free and delivers an adequate amount.

    The rectum is usually empty of fecal matter, as such, performing a rectal flush (douche) is not really necessary. However, many men feel such flushing provides a psychologically positive aspect to the start of an Anerosession, it also may be mildly erotically stimulating in its own right as part of Anerosession preparations (foreplay), but it is still not an essential act leading to the Super-O zone.

    There are two general theories regarding contraction exercises. One theory advocates conscious exercises to the point of muscle fatigue thus inducing involuntary spasms which drive the motion of the massager eventually leading to an orgasmic response. The other theory, 'do nothing', would argue contraction exercises are NOT essential, while those advocating the use of contraction exercises would argue such exercises ARE essential. This is an example of one of the paradoxes of Aneros practice and why there is no one formula for success. The fact you reported at least one positive Anerosession in your period of use gives me hope that you will find a path through all those Obstacles to Progress
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  • A douche is not needed if the part of your bowl is empty that the aneros will be put into.
    Its nice to be clean but it can take away some of the feeling too.
    Through experimenting I have found a light covering of Vaseline over the aneros is best.
    A number of the aneros gurus do this too.
    I would say 5ml of lube if waterbased up your butt is a good idea.
    If for some reason you do not have enough lube you can get very sore. 
    A perforated bowl could kill you but that would be extreme. 
    Lube applicator, just use a ordinary 5ml syringe without the needle.How the lube gets there is not really important.
    The brand of lube is not really important especially if you use vasoline over the aneros. Just find the safest and slipperiest for you in your area.
    When you say no positive result I hope you just mean no super O. One would expect that you would not have persisted for 5 years if you were not getting some pleasure out of it.
    If you are getting nothing out of it the I would strongly suggest a different position would make all the difference.
    Everyone says on your back is great but it does bugger all for me. Lying on my left side with legs bent as if sitting in a chair is great but on the right side is soso. Position really makes a difference! 

    Maybe you should try a different model? Say maybe a helix as it puts more pressure on the prostate.
    From the general consensus on this forum if something is not working "change it up" seems to get things going.
  • Thanks for all your comments.
    I think changing to the Helix is probably the best change.